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Nucturnal Emissions

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Let’s be real, most of these stories start out with some hot mother or father, or some Adonis son or vogue model daughter. Sorry to disappoint you, none of that here. My life would scream normal from ten miles away.

I am six foot tall and weigh, on my good days, about two hundred. Yep, that mid—life gut has started attacking me what can I say. I drive a six year old focus to my mundane job as a manager at a lumber yard. By the way, my name is Kyle Huff, just for the record.

My wife Kelly is a cute little blonde who stands five foot and weighs about oh around one hundred and ten soaking wet. She is a beautician, and a damn good one I like to think. Between the two of us we have the usual four bedroom suburban house with the two stall garage you drive by every day. The one where half the garage is full of junk so one of us has to park in the driveway.

We have the usual two point one kids. Our son Kevin who is now twenty-three and I swear to God I am never getting out of my house. I think the day he does move I will change the locks so he can’t come back.

Our daughter Krista was born twenty years ago next month and takes a lot after her mother. Barely over five foot two I don’t think the girl broke a hundred and twenty her entire life. Sorry guys, no huge tits, no bubble butts. Just your normal 36 C’s bouncing around the house hidden by sweat shirts and hoodies.

The men meet the national average to I am afraid. I measure maybe eight inches on a very hard day. No foot long schlongs to our knees in this house.

So, as you can see, normal is not even the word for our world. We go to block parties, my wife loves her mushy Hallmark Channel, and I hate mowing the lawn as much as my son does.

The sex? Oh it’s good. Not the porn movie swinging or threesomes, but good. We make love once or twice a week; nothing kinky like bondage or anything. We do the usual little roleplay now and then; we even spice it up by fucking in the afternoon just before the kids get home, just for a “thrill”.

To answer your question, yes I watch porn. I am male after all, and honestly I may be pushing fifty but my dick works just fine thank you. When Kelly isn’t in the mood, or it’s that time of the month, a little internet show fits the bill. Like every other male out there I like a variety of things, it depends on the mood. So, yes, I’ve seen gangbangs, light bondage, and even a few of the fake incest clips on the internet.

That doesn’t mean I would do it, come on, it’s fucking porn. We all know how fake that shit is. That it gets my nuts off is my private business, it’s not something either Kelly or I would dream of doing. Or so I thought.

Less than a week ago, my entire concept of our normal life, got thrown into the garbage. I swear to God, I didn’t start this, but I am sure not going to get off the ride just yet either.

It started on a Tuesday night; I remember even seeing the glowing red numbers on the alarm clock by the bed, telling me it was just a bit after midnight. Kelly and I had gone to bed at our usual eleven, after the nightly news.

Normally, I just pass out when we hit the sack. Late night fun is not on our usual agenda except weekends. But that night my legs were jumpy and aching. I had spent most of the day unloading lumber, and age was catching up to me.

I had just drifted off, when I felt the sheet covering me shift. At first I thought maybe Kelly had turned and pulled it, and then a warm palm rested on my right thigh. In my sleep fuzzed mind I thought it was Kelly.

Slowly that hand slid up and down my bare thigh, each swipe rising just a bit higher and higher. I was just about to tell Kelly tonight wouldn’t be good, because of my legs, when a thought occurred to me.

I sleep on the right side of the bed, that put the bare thigh and stroking hand on the outside, while my loving wife slept snuggled on my left side.

I started to open my mouth to ask what the hell was going on, when that small hand gently cupped my balls. My body spasmed at the touch, while my mouth slammed shut. I could feel blood rushing into my cock, thickening it along the whole length.

I hadn’t been able to get any porn time in this evening, as Krista had been bugging me most of the night. Krista, I realized. It couldn’t be her, I had to be dreaming, I thought.

I opened my mouth once again to speak, when the shock of my life came. Two fingers gently pressed over my lips, silencing me. This time, the hand came from my left, which meant my wife.

I could feel that small hand grazing up and down my shaft so gently. Fuck was I hard right then. I could feel my cock pulse against the touch, just as my wife slowly lowered her fingers. My wife gently caressed down my arm, until her fingers entwined with mine.

Not only did my wife know, she was approving. OK, this had to be a dream. Talk about living in a porn dream, this was it. Your daughter stroking your cock while your wife lies beside taksim rus escort you, it doesn’t get any hotter.

It might have been a dream, but I was damned if I wanted to wake up right now. I felt those small fingers wrap around cock, and slowly lift it from my belly. It took every ounce of will power to not moan right then.

I could feel my veins on my cock rubbing along that soft palm with every stroke. When she reached the head, small fingers would gently squeeze the crown.

I could feel my balls pinch with growing excitement, as I felt the sheet gently pulled down my body, bringing my cock free into the darkness. I wanted to arch my hips in time to that wonderful hand, but held back afraid I would ruin the dream

I couldn’t suppress the small moan when my Kelly moved her hand from mine, sliding slowly up my bare chest. I wanted to scream in sheer lust as my daughter continued to stroke my cock while my wife teased a hard nipple.

I felt the explosion mounting in my balls, digging my head back in my pillow as I gritted my teeth. This may be a dream but my nuts were about to fucking explode all over my belly.

My cock pulsed in the grip of that small hand, and I heard a soft hiss from that side of the bed. Krista had to know what was about to happen, but she never slowed her stroking.

With a soft grunt, I gave in to the dream. My cock pulsed again, only this time as a rope of my thick cum arched from the tip to splash against my chest and belly.

The small hand stopped moving, and just gently held me as I pumped out a second rope. I dimly felt the other hand leave my chest as my orgasm rippled through me. Fuck this was hot, my daughter making me cum while my wife was aware.

As the last of my hot cum dribbled from my cock head, I heard a satisfied sigh from that side of the bed. The small hand rested my still pulsing cock against my belly, and then withdrew. I heard some rustle, then soft footsteps head for the bedroom door. The sheet pulled back up by a hand from my left, and just as sleep claimed me, I heard a soft “thank you” from Kelly’s side of the bed.

I had been so nervous going into their bedroom that I thought I would throw up my stomach churned so much. OMG! I had actually touched it. It took a bit to work up my nerve, but once I had actually felt it in my hand, I felt this gush of wetness between my thighs I couldn’t explain.

Mom was right, there was no way you could describe what it felt like. It was hard and throbbing, yet soft and sensual. Every time I had slid my hand up or down, I could feel it flex and pulse in my grip.

When he came, I thought my heart would stop beating. To realize I had done that to him. I had made him feel that good…so good he squirted his stuff all over his belly.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night now. I knew I wouldn’t hesitate to go in now. In fact, the reverse had hit when I had felt him cum. I wanted to SEE it. Time for another visit with Mom, I thought

The next couple of days were bizarre to say the least. During the day, not a single word was mentioned about the night before. Yet, each night for two more nights, the ritual was repeated.

While I might have been able to pass the first night off as some erotic dream, I couldn’t explain away two more nights in a row. Each night was identical to the first. I would just drift to sleep, when I would feel that hand on my thigh. Kelly would interlock fingers with me while I tried to lie quietly. That soft hand with its persistent stroking, bringing my thick cum out in a steady stream to splatter on my belly and chest. My wife’s soft voice telling me thanks you just as we fell asleep.

Then, tonight, things changed. As I felt my balls starting to pinch, and my cock pulsed if that small hand, I heard a rustling from that side of the bed.

I wanted to know what Krista was doing, but my on rushing orgasm took the thoughts from my brain at that moment. I could only grunt and grip the sheets tightly in balled fists, as I felt my cock jerk. Krista had picked up the pace of her pumping hand

“Cum on her” the whispered voice of my wife filled my left ear.

Did she say on her? Oh my God, I instantly got a mental picture of Krista leaned over my trembling body, my white cream dripping off her pert tits. I felt my mind explode in white light.

“Oh fuck” I groaned as my cock erupted.

I felt my sticky cum shoot straight into the air, but nothing came back to land on my belly this time. I could hear a soft moan from the right side of my bed, and I knew I was spraying my seed all over my daughters’ bare chest.

As my cock was once again gently lowered to rest against my heaving belly, I knew things were escalating, but I didn’t give a damn right then. The only thought in my mind, was I had to see what was happening.

Oh my God! I can’t believe I just did that. I lay in my bed panting, even as I could feel the hot sticky taksim türbanlı escort fluids drying on my chest. It was like I was possessed when I felt him thicken and start to pulse. Normally I would kneel at the side of their bed, but I suddenly found myself standing, bent over the edge. I had jerked my night shirt up and in the dark aimed as best I could.

When it first splashed onto my skin I wanted to scream. Not from fear or revulsion, but because of the ripples that tore through my tummy, and that river that started leaking down my thighs.

Did I just cum tonight? I couldn’t have. I reached down a finger and swirled it in the hot fluids clinging to my small breasts. Without even thinking, I brought the finger to my lips, I could smell him, and taste the saltiness as my tongue sucked on that finger.

This is bullshit, I thought. I need to SEE it. God no…I need…I WANT…to taste it.

The next day was Saturday, and I spent a large part of it trying to find a way to get a light into that damn bedroom. It was all to no avail. During the early afternoon, my wife asked me to help hang a new shower curtain in our bathroom. While working, the frisky minx unzipped my jeans right there in our bathroom, and with both kids still in the house, gave me the hottest blowjob I could ever remember.

The simple act blew my mind, it was more than evident what was happening at night was having an effect on her too. I could only stare down into my wife’s eyes as she swallowed every drop of my hot seed that day.

As I prepared for bed later that evening, while my balls had been delightfully emptied by my wife earlier, I was still a little frustrated I had not come up with a way to bring a little light on what was happening at night. I should have known my wife better, because when I entered the bathroom to undress and prepare, I noticed a small plug in next to the sink.

Holy Shit! I thought, a night light. The answer was so simple, why hadn’t I thought of it before. Wait, then who put it there? I wondered. Oh my God, Kelly must have, that meant she wanted me to see what Krista was doing. I could feel my cock hardening at the thought.

I left the pale light glowing, and deliberately left the bathroom door open just a bit. This cast a pale glow over just a sliver of my side of the bed. Kelly just ignored this sudden addition to our once dark bedroom.

As I lay in bed, anxiously waiting; the thought of the night light kept turning over in my mind. Kelly had made no comments of the nocturnal visits of our daughter, yet she seemed totally aware.

Kelly had made it clear I was to lay quiet, and let Krista be the one to explore. That meant, the night light may not be for me after all, I realized. Then, with a sudden realization, I felt the sheet slowly being lowered over my body.

As my lower torso slid into the pale light, I heard a small gasp. Just as I opened my eyes to small slits, I again felt my wife’s hand wrap into mine, commanding me to lay still. I peeked through half lids at the figure of my daughter as she bent over the bed.

“Oh God” I heard Krista softly moan. Then she used both hands to almost reverently lift my already hard cock from my belly, holding it upright. The thick, mushroom head was clearly evident in the pale light.

I turned my head to the left, my eyes locking with Kelly as she lay on her side watching me. Her eyes bright in the pale light as her fingers laced with mine.

“Mmmmmmm” a soft mewling sound came from the other side of the bed. Then moist warmth caressed the shaft of my cock. I shuddered at the contact. Dear God, she couldn’t, I thought.

As my wife lay watching, I slowly turned my head back to the right. My vision filled with the shadowy form of Krista, bent at the waist over the bed. Her lips only inches from my throbbing cock. I could feel her warm breath as if wafted over my flesh, causing goose bumps to rise on my arms.

This was hotter than any porn movie I could ever find on the internet. Once again Krista gave a soft mewling sound as her lips left a trail of soft kisses along my shaft. My whole body screamed inside of raw lust and passion as Krista bathed my cock in her warm saliva. My body shuddered, and small pants could be heard as Kelly continued to hold my hand throughout.

Krista gave a soft sigh, and then I heard one word softly whispered. “Daddy”.

I didn’t know what I would do if Krista…oh my God, I felt her lips parting near the ridged head, then a warmth envelope the swollen glands. Oh fuck…oh shit…she was…sucking my cock.

The sensation was so different from earlier in the day. While Kelly had been aggressive, almost hungry in how she attacked my cock in the bathroom; Krista was softer, more hesitant. It was clear she had no idea how to proceed.

Finally, I just couldn’t stand it any longer. My right hand rose, my fingers tangling in my daughters soft blonde taksim ucuz escort curls. I gently pressed on the back of her head, pushing her lips slowly down my cock. Only an inch or two and then I eased the pressure, letting her lips slide back up.

After two or three times of this, it was like Krista finally got the idea; her head began to slowly move on its own. I could hear a soft slurping in the dark as Krista sucked my throbbing cock into her hot mouth.

I tried to lie still as my body shook and trembled from the intensity. I glanced down, but in the slim light of the bathroom nightlight, all I saw was the back of Krista’s head as she slowly sucked my pulsing cock.

Suddenly, Krista’s head tilted during an upstroke. Her face coming into my view, as her eyes locked with mine. I stared as her cheeks puffed out when she slid down, then sucked in as she rose back up. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen.

Krista neither sped up nor slowed down, even though she knew I was watching her. I could feel my balls tightening at the vision before me. I rolled my head back to the left, seeing the sparkle in Kelly’s eyes.

‘Cum’ my wife silently mouthed to me. That, and the soft mewling sound of our daughter, set off an explosion from deep in my balls.

“Oh fuck…Krista” I softly moaned; even as my eyes rolled back.

If you have ever heard the term earth shattering, this was it. I felt my toes start to curl as my legs drove out straight and rigid. The cheeks of my ass began to clench in time to Krista’s mouth. My head dug back into my pillow as small sparks ignited in my head.

“Unnngggggggg” I softly groaned, as the tidal wave swept over me. I felt my cock jerk inside her mouth, and then the first blast literally rocket out to spray the back of Krista’s throat.

I heard Krista choke softly and then try to swallow as another thick rope filled her mouth. I felt like a gallon of hot seed was pouring out of me as my balls spasmed so hard they almost hurt. I could not remember ever cumming this hard in my entire life.

As the last of my orgasm pulsed through my cock, I realized I was half crushing Kelly’s hand in my grip. I eased up as I felt my wife slide her head to within inches of mine on the pillow

“Good boy” my wife whispered softly.

Good boy! Jesus Christ. I could no more have stopped my orgasm, than if I had stood in the middle of a railroad track and tried to stop a runaway freight train with my bare hands.

Just as I felt Krista’s lips sliding off me, I glanced down in the sliver of light. Oh my God, the sight. My innocent little girl was kneeling at my bedside with my sticky cum dripping from her chin as she still gripped my softening cock.

It was a vision you only see in a porn clip, and one that burned into my mind instantly. Her cheeks were flushed, and a fire blazed in her eyes as she softly laid my cock back on my panting belly. On unsteady feet, she rose and silently walked from the bedroom.

I turned my head to Kelly, so many questions swirling in my brain. All I saw was her peacefully sleeping her eyes closed once more. So, this was how it was going to be, I thought. I let sleep slowly creep over my exhausted body, wondering what was next.

OMG! I just sucked my fathers’ cock. It drove me insane. Mom had said it would happen but I wasn’t sure I believed her. She was right, when the moment came, it just seemed so natural. I could feel the veins pulsing along my palm, and see the swollen head it looked shiny in the light. When I kissed the shaft, it was like the smell and taste of him just invaded my whole body. Before I knew it, I had taken him into my mouth.

The most fantastic thing happened, he came; right there with him in my mouth. Fuck, it was so HOT. The thick goo was sliding down my throat, the saltiness coating my tongue. Fuck, I gushed and came right there. God I need more.

The next day was Sunday, a day we usually spent lounging around the house as a family. Kelly and I were sitting in the living room watching a retro movie, when Krista came in from the backyard. She had been out sunbathing,

Usually she wore her towel around her waist when she was up and about, but this time she carried it in her hand as she walked by. I had an unobstructed view of her tight body barely covered in her bright yellow bikini.

I could only stare as I watched her pert small breasts bounce with her steps, then her tight ass as she swayed out of the room. I wondered what it would be like to drive my cock into her as that tight ass slapped against me. What the fuck was I thinking, I shook my head.

As Krista exited the room, I turned and looked at my wife, who sat staring at me, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Nice ass isn’t it”” Kelly said without preamble.

I could only stare open mouthed at my wife’s boldness. She knew I had been looking, and her statement acknowledged it.

“Well it is” my wife stated as she rose from the couch. “Want a beer?” she asked.

“Yes” was all I could choke out. Right then a cold bottle of alcohol might take the edge off things.

Kelly took a few steps towards the kitchen, and then stopped. She turned and faced me, a look of thoughtfulness on her face. As if she wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure.

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