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Nurse Roxy

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Special thanks to Sexylilmissy for her help in editing this story.


Tom lay on the bed as Nurse Roxy entered the room. She was dressed for their little game and had gone all out to make this night something to remember.

She had fixed her hair in a way that showed off her beautiful face. The makeup was applied in that conservative way that enhanced her natural beauty. Her full lips were lightly colored in an earthy tone of lipstick. A gentle coloring of rouse highlighted her cheeks in a natural blush. Mascara darkened her eyelashes and eyeliner was applied just enough to enhance her sexy eyes.

She was dressed in a little costume that Tom had bought just for a special occasion when she felt adventurous and wanted to play-act.

Tom’s heart beat faster as he surveyed his beautiful wife standing within the room. He noticed the way she had applied her makeup and had remembered that it was done almost like a picture that she had taken for him a few years before. The picture showed her with just a little bit of cleavage in long blue gloves, tugging at a blue bow tie that circled her lithe neck. He had often looked at this picture, admiring her gorgeous features as he slowly stroked his hard cock. Thinking just how lucky he was to have snagged such a beautiful women to share the remainder of his life with.

The nurse’s costume clung to her body. The thin material, struggling to contain her large breasts, was stretched tight across her chest showing off a deep sexy cleavage. The hem of the short suit barely covered her hips and if she wasn’t careful, showed off her treasure box that nestled between her thighs.

She had added to this practically non-existent piece of clothing, a pair of white thigh high stockings and a garter belt that sexily framed her bare thighs. This get-up made her feel extremely sexy and adventurous standing at the foot of the bed looking at her husband.

Getting into the role-play mode, she picked up a clipboard that she had prepared for the fun and began looking at it as if reading from the doctor’s instructions.

“I see here that the doctor has diagnosed a lack of intimate activity on your part and has recommended an immediate regimen to get you back on your feet”, she stated putting a finger to her lips as if thinking of a solution. “His instructions indicate that some rather nasty interactions must be applied if a full recovery is to be expected”.

She walked slowly back and forth as she looked at the clipboard. After a few minutes of deep thought, she put the clipboard away and sauntered around to his side of the bed picking up some medications that she had prepared.

“You must take these in order for the regimen to work”, she said as she placed the make believe medicine to his lips.

Tom lay still in the bed and looked at her dumbfounded, as he usually did during their make believe sessions. “Come on now, take your medicine like a good little boy”, Roxy said coaxingly. “Besides, I have to prepare you for the first session of therapy”.

Tom opened his mouth and accepted the offered medication, swallowing them as Roxy held a glass of water to his lips.

“Now lets get started, shall we”? Roxy exited the room and soon returned with a bowl of steaming water, a bar of soap, and several hand towels setting them on the bedside table nearest Tom.

Pulling back the sheet that was covering his body, she discovered he still had his boxers on. “Oh No, this will never do, we have to have you completely undressed”, she told him, taking the boxers and slowly pulling them down and off his legs. Playing the role of nurse completely, she never even glanced at his nakedness as she took one of the towels and soaked it in the hot water.

“I think you will like what the doctor has ordered for you this evening”, she said huskily as she soaped up the towel, “First a complete bath and then onto the therapy”.

Tom lay watching as Nurse Roxy began washing his feet. Being particularly sensitive in that area, he couldn’t help but flinch and pull away.

“Am I going to have to strap you down for this, or can I continue?” she threatened.

“I can be still” Tom sighed.

Roxy continued as Tom bahis şirketleri held as still as he possibly could until she was satisfied his feet were clean. She continued up both legs but never touched his steadily growing cock.

When Roxy had finished washing and drying his legs, she moved to his chest and slowly washed his torso.

Making sure she had thoroughly cleaned his front, she easily rolled him over onto his stomach. When she had washed and dried his backside, she put the cleaning equipment away and picked up the clipboard.

“Hmmm, it says here that your temperature should be checked to ensure that you are not getting over heated”, she muttered. Moving to her side of the bed, she opened her nightstand and pulled out one of her toys, a four-inch butt plug.

Tom was still on his stomach and couldn’t tell what she was getting, but knew what ever it was, was going into his ass.

“On your knees”, she told him.

Tom was apprehensive about what she was going to do and hesitated in complying with her instructions. Giving him a quick swat on the ass, she helped him to his knees.

“Come on now, this isn’t going to hurt”, she teased him, “I would bet when we are finished you are going to be grateful for all my attention”.

Tom flinched as he felt her spread his cheeks. The cold lubricant trickled along his crack and he felt it gather at his tiny puckered hole. Roxy, unceremoniously, placed the tip of the plug at his entrance and shoved it home.

Roxy toyed with the plug, twisting and tugging slightly, making sure it was firmly seated, soliciting muffled groans from Tom.

Roxy turned him onto his back, “I see the medication has taken affect”, she said while looking at his hard throbbing cock. Roxy put one high-heeled foot onto the bed and spread her thighs. “This treatment plan is making me hot too, see how wet I am”.

She spread her outer lips with the fingers of one hand and slide two of her other fingers deep into her slippery wet pussy, bringing them out glistening with her excretions and showed them to Tom.

Tom watched Roxy fingering her pussy. He wanted to run his tongue between those juicy wet lips but knew he would have to wait. He took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it. Roxy stopped him and reminded him that she was to conduct the therapy since he was the patient. Reluctantly he removed his hand and layback watching her.

Roxy slipped her wet fingers over the growing bud of her clit and began in earnest to bring her-self off. Tom watched as her pink lips separated to accept her slick fingers, he could see them disappear inside her body and come out dripping. She drove them deeper and the sound of them sluicing in and out of her pussy filled the room.

“Do you want this nasty pussy”, she asked, “Do you want me to fuck you”? Roxy knew by talking dirty that she was making him crazy.

Roxy thrust her hips toward his face, spreading the lips of her cunt for him. Looking into Tom’s lust filled eyes, Roxy asked, “Look how wet I am, would you suck my nasty pussy for me”? Tom could only nod his agreement.

Roxy climbed on the bed and straddled his chest. Her little nurse outfit rode higher over her hips, leaving her practically naked from the waist down. She held her pussy open and slid towards his waiting mouth.

Tom snaked out his tongue and slid it between her wet lips, tasting her juices that coated them. Roxy groaned as she felt his tongue and collapsed as she planted her pussy directly onto his mouth.

Tom worked his tongue over her pussy. Plunging it deep inside her hole and flicking it across her clit. Her juices flooded from deep within her cunt and covered his face.

Capturing her throbbing clit gently between his teeth, he sucked and flicked it until Roxy’s body was shaking and she was humping against his face. “Oh my god, you eat pussy so good”, she panted, “I’m going to cum, oh god yes, I’m going to cum all over your face”.

Roxy clamped her thighs against Tom’s head and pushed her pussy harder against his mouth. Her body rocked as the current of her orgasm shocked her body. “Ohhhh god yes, eat my nasty pussy”, she screamed.

She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it bahis firmalar tight against her gushing cunt, as she fucked his face. Tom slurped at her juicy fuckhole causing another jolt to rush through her trembling body and she fell, shaking, against the headboard.

Tom sucked at her pussy as her body quaked against his face. Her juices squirted from around his lips and covered his face. He licked at her delicious pussy until she couldn’t take anymore and pushed him away.

Roxy slipped from the bed to stand beside him. Her knees trembled from the force of her orgasm, weakened to the point that she almost collapsed to the floor. She looked at his face, glistening with her cum and let her eyes trail over his hairy chest to his groin where his throbbing cock stuck straight up and waved in the air with every beat of his heart. She trailed her fingers through his chest hairs and pinched his hard nipples sending needle pricks to his aching groin.

As she alternated between nipples, her other hand slipped over his dick, giving it a quick tug, then slipping lower to the plug imbedded in his ass, giving it a twist and a gentle tug.

As she tugged at the plug, she lowered her face next to his and began licking her juices from his face. When she had cleaned his face of all her nectar, she thrust her tongue between his lips and kissed him deeply, tasting the musky flavor of her cunt within his mouth.

When she broke the kiss, she licked over his chest, taking his hard nipples between her lips and biting them causing him to moan out his approval. She hungrily sucked at his hard buds with her tongue and teeth, watching the expressions of ecstasy contort his face. Leaving his nipples hard and red with desire, Roxy followed the trail of hair over his stomach and to his groin with her tongue.

His prick stood hard before her face and a wanton desire spread through her body as she appraised it. “I don’t think you need the thermometer anymore”, she said. “Should I remove it or leave it in”?

Tom groaned as she pulled on the plug. “Leave it in”, he said pleadingly.

Roxy grinned as she pushed the plug back into place. Her full attention was now given back to the hard cock in front of her face. “Mmmm, what shall I do about this”? She asked.

“Suck it”, Tom exclaimed.

Nurse Roxy just looked at him as she began licking slowly along his throbbing shaft. Like licking a Tootsie pop she licked his cock over and over until finally the tip of her tongue was stroking the head. A huge drop of precum had gathered on the tip and she slid her tongue through it, leaving a thin strand of sticky cum connecting her tongue to his cock.

Tom watched as she sucked the strand into her mouth, following it and engulfing him completely into her throat. He couldn’t help but groan as he felt the warmth of her mouth and throat surrounding him.

Roxy sucked slowly up the length letting the head pop from her mouth, flicking it with her tongue as she did then taking it back between her lips and slowly sliding down until her chin rested against his balls.

She slowly fucked him with her mouth until she felt him swelling larger in her throat. “Oh god, don’t stop”, Tom gasped, “I’m going to cum”.

As he radically humped against her face, she sucked harder and slid her mouth on him faster. She could feel his body tense and knew he was about to cum and as he stiffened she buried his cock in her throat and pulled the plug from his ass.

The sensation was more than he could take and his balls released a thick load of cum into her throat. She pulled back until just the head remained inside her mouth and caught the last couple of shots on her tongue. Savoring his silky fluid before swallowing greedily.

Roxy continued licking and sucking his softening cock until it fell from her mouth with a soft plop against his thigh. “There is only one more thing that has to be done before we can end this session”, Roxy said, “Do you think you are ‘up’ for it”, she asked looking at his limp cock, “Maybe I can do a little something to help it along”, she whispered.

Roxy stood beside the bed. Slowly she began lowering the zipper on the front of her uniform. Tom watched as her magnificent kaçak bahis siteleri tits came into view. His mouth watered as he looked at her hard nipples protruding from her crinkled areola. Roxy saw his cock twitch as she took her hard nipples between her fingers and pulled on them, stretching them away from her tits. “You like these big titties”, she asked, “How would you like them wrapped around that big cock”?

Roxy watched as Tom’s cock begin to rise. Squeezing her tits together she lowered her face close and watched it slowly raise into position, soon it was rock hard and standing straight. Roxy slid her lips across the head and covered it with a huge dollop of spit, then lowered her mouth covering it completely. As she released his cock from her mouth, she slid the head between her breasts and began fucking him. “You like fucking my tits”? She asked. “I love the feeling of your hard cock between my tits”.

After a few strokes, Roxy let go of her breasts and crawled on the bed straddling him again. Grasping his cock in her fist she raised her hips and held him against her wet slit. Sliding it back and forth covering him in her glistening nectar.

She positioned him at her entrance and slowly descended. His cock stretched her lips and slid into her velvety soft cunt. Roxy moaned when she felt his bulbous head resting against her cervix.

Slowly Roxy began sliding her pussy up and down his cock. Feeling him stretch her like never before. Soon she was bouncing hard on top of him, slamming his cock deep to the bottom of her hot pussy.

She continued fucking him and soon felt the tingles of an orgasm building. “Oh god, I’m going to cum”, she gasped.

Tom met each of her thrusts and drove his cock hard into her with his own. Her hot cunt squished as it rode up and down his cock, her juices flowed like a river from her pussy covering his groin in her sloppy mess.

He could feel her pussy contract around him and knew she was getting close. He wanted to hold off and make her scream before he flooded her with his own juices. She slammed herself down onto him and stayed there. Her body shook uncontrollably and with a deep groan all her strength left and she collapsed on top of him again. He could feel her pussy spasm as it clinched his cock.

Tom laid with Roxy on top, his cock still twitching inside her pussy. With a slight push he rolled her over onto the bed, she was breathing raggedly and her chest heaved with each breath, her body limp from the tremendous orgasm that had racked her frame.

He gazed at her pussy, red and swollen, covered with her cum. His mouth watered for another taste, and as he spread her thighs wider, he lowered his mouth to her quivering cunt.

Tom lapped at her dripping hole as if it were a melting ice cream bar. Her cum tasted like mountain honey and he sucked at her fountain like a starving man.

He sensed her need for cock and positioned himself between her legs, lifting them to the crooks of his arms; he guided the mushroom shaped head of his cock to the entrance of Roxy’s pussy. Penetrating her pussy, he buried his organ in one slow stroke. Roxy’s pussy was stretched to accept all of his gorgeous cock. Tom fucked her slowly and rhythmically, savoring the pleasure.

Tom bent over Roxy as he fucked her, embracing her and kissing her passionately. He massaged her breasts, pulling on her hard nipples, as he stabbed his tongue between her wet lips adding to their sexual bliss. Roxy’s eyes rolled back in her head, a loud scream escaped her lips as she crested with a sudden extraordinary orgasm. She held him tight as he continued his almost brutal assault on her cunt.

“Oh god, fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” Roxy cried out, her body craving to be completely satisfied.

Tom pounded Roxy’s pussy like a jackhammer out of control, bringing her to one orgasm after another. Roxy cried out as the orgasms consumed her perspiring body.

Tom felt his balls tighten and his own orgasm rushed along his body. He pumped his cock into her pussy several times before forcing it hard into her, holding her butt suspended from the bed. He pumped his hot, thick load of cream into Roxy’s pussy, pulling out and depositing the last of his load onto the swollen abused lips of her cunt.

Tom collapsed, rolling to her side. They held each other in post orgasmic bliss until sleep overtook them and dreams of their next adventure danced within their heads.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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