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Nursie Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Well, dear readers, so many of you emailed me and encouraged me to, how should I put it, ‘develop’ my relationship with Simon, that I decided to do just that.

Mind you, it didn’t take much persuading.

I was constantly day-dreaming about his impossibly large cock and the fact that I had actually had it inside me (well, part of it).

The orgasm I had experienced crouched over him on his hospital bed had been the most intense of my young life.

I had been stretched so wide and crammed so full that after my duty had finished and I got home, I stripped off, got a mirror, lay on my bed and inspected myself.

My vaginal area was still tremendously engorged, but I am thankful to report that no damage seemed to have been done!

I was still so turned on that I could not resist stroking my clit.

Usually it takes me quite a time to make myself come but as I surveyed my bruised and ravaged pussy and cast my mind over the amazing events that had occurred I found myself coming almost immediately!

The next few days passed by and I behaved myself.

I stopped and chatted with Simon quite often and found that he had a lot more to him than just an enormous cock.

He was quite charming and his sense of humour made my chats with him most enjoyable.

I had to help him feed himself and I had to wash him and look after all his needs.

This brought us very close – when you have wiped a man’s bottom for him you do feel that you know him quite well!

I must confess though that the part I enjoyed most was when Simon had to take a pee.

Holding his heavy penis while he pissed noisily into the bottle was desperately exciting.

I had never been into watersports before but this was so different.

His cock always swelled when I touched it and when he peed I could feel the liquid rushing through his shaft – it was like holding a firehose!

After Simon had been in the ward for about a week the doctors said that it was OK for him to get out of bed and walk about.

The exercise would do him good.

He still could not use his arms but I could sit him at a table to feed him which was much more convenient and it also boosted his self-respect.

He hated being so helpless and tried to do as much for himself as he could.

One afternoon Simon asked istanbul escort me if I could help him get to the toilet because he needed to pee and wanted to try using the toilet properly.

I got him into a toilet cubicle and tried to help him sit down but he laughed at me.

‘I don’t sit down to pee!’ he chided me, “that’s for girls.”

I lifted the seat and he stood in front of the toilet while I opened the front of his pyjama bottoms.

I stood slightly behind him and held his penis, aiming it for him as best as I could.

He didn’t pee immediately and I felt him swelling and stiffening in my hand.

Just as I began to suspect that the wicked boy had other things on his mind he peed in a huge stream that completely missed the bowl.

I quickly readjusted my aim and watched as he poured a vast flood into the water.

The noise was spectacular! I found myself breathing heavily and I could feel that my panties were beginning to get soaked!

Simon peed happily and when he had finished I gave his penis a few squeezes and pulls and shakes to get the last drops out.

This was a mistake!

When I pulled on him his penis immediately started to swell.

He went from semi-erect to almost full erection in seconds.

I found myself standing by his side, holding onto the end of a huge erection.

I didn’t know what to do or say. “Ooops!” said Simon.

It was very obvious that I could not escort him back to the ward like that.

Picture a patient with both arms in plaster casts being led by a nurse.

The patient has nearly 12 inches of rampant cock sticking out of his pyjamas.

No, something had to be done, now didn’t it?

I began to massage him, gripping my hand tight on his shaft, pulling and working on the thick pole.

Simon sighed and closed his eyes, “Oooh, that feels good!”

It felt good for me too.

The first time I had administered to him he had come very quickly, but he was not so impatient now.

I worked on him for several minutes before he spoke.

“Sue, can I ask a favour?”

(We were on first name terms by now).

I nodded and he rather hesitantly asked, “Can I see your breasts? It would, avcılar escort ah.. help me.”

This seemed like a perfectly reasonable request, after all I was standing there tugging on the guy’s prick!

I let go of him and unbuttoned the front of my uniform.

I was wearing a delicate lacy bra.

“Do you want me to take my bra off?” I whispered.

He nodded rapidly.

I slipped my arms out of my uniform and undid my bra, hanging it on a hook on the door.

The uniform hung inelegantly around my hips so I decided to take it completely off and it joined my bra on the hook.

I checked the lock on the door and turned to stand in front of Simon, wearing only my panties. “My God!” he said, “You’re so beautiful.”

I told you he could be charming. I decide to change tactics.

Standing by his side and masturbating him did not give him the opportunity to see my breasts so I sat on the toilet seat, took hold of his still rigid penis and pulled him gently towards me.

I could now use both hands on him and afforded him what must have been a truly splendid sight for a horny young man, if I say so myself.

He certainly enjoyed it because he groaned and his cock hardened even more, the glans swelling up to prodigious proportions.

The view I had was fantastic, the tip of his cock was inches from my breasts which bobbed up and down as I pulled on him.

The clear juice oozing from him dripped copiously, wetting my breasts and running down to my stomach.

Simon edged closer to me, his arms by his sides. I could sense that he ached to reach out and fondle my breasts.

There was no way I could see how to position his hands to touch my breasts so I decide on the next best thing, I leaned towards him and brushed my left nipple against the tip of his cock.

My nipple hardened instantly as the smear of his juice touched it.

Simon gasped and I saw his knees trembling.

I touched my right nipple to him and then trailed his swollen glans from nipple to nipple, sliding smoothly between my breasts.

It was delicious and I felt wonderful throbbing sensations in my pussy.

If only I had had a third hand to touch myself I would have come instantly.

The sight and smell of his huge organ so close to my face began şirinevler escort to intoxicate me.

I could not stop myself and quickly lifted his cock up and kissed the very tip.

The feel of that huge, rubbery helmet against my lips was overwhelming and I panted like an animal in heat, opened my mouth wide and descended over his glans.

Simon moaned and groaned like a man possessed as I sucked on his glans while both my hands pumped vigorously on his shaft.

I could get only the tip in my mouth, it was quite impossible to reach the broad, flaring ridge with my lips.

Try and put a tennis ball in your mouth, girls, if you want to see what I mean!

Simon was trying hard to stifle his groans but there was still enough noise coming out of our cubicle to be alarming.

I prayed that no one would hear us and jerked and sucked harder.

Simon’s knees shook even more.

“Sue, Sue, its coming!”

I felt his glans swell to rock hardness and had a moment of panic, what if it swelled even more and got lodged in my mouth, or dislocated my jaw?

I slipped my mouth from him just as he ejaculated – semen spurted thickly into my open mouth and I quickly pulled his cock downwards, aiming him between my breasts.

Spurt after creamy spurt splashed my breasts, I bent my head and let the semen run out of my mouth to join the gallons of it that was coating me like icing on a cake.

Simon was astounding, there must have been ten full spurts or more before his orgasm eased off.

I slowly milked the last from him, and both of us surveyed the scene.

He had covered me from my neck to my crotch and rivulets of come were sliding down my body.

I could hear heavy drops plopping into the bowl.

Thank goodness I had taken my uniform off!

Simon staggered back to lean against the door.

His cock slowly softened, till it hung between his legs.

The glans almost reached to his knees! I was so turned on I desperately wanted to whip my soaking knickers off and plunge my hand into my yearning pussy but I came to my senses – I had to cleanup!

It took almost a whole roll of toilet paper to dry myself, sperm was everywhere.

My knickers were too soaked to keep wearing them and had to be flushed.

I put my bra back on and slipped on my uniform. I pulled Simon’s pyjama bottoms back up and after a few minutes we were reasonably presentable.

I opened the toilet door, half expecting to see a crowd of people waiting to see who would emerge after all that commotion that was going on but thankfully there was no one there.

Simon appeared to be in shock, he never spoke a word as I led him back to his bed…..

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