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Of Sex , Sky Diving

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The sound of a phone ringing in the background slowly pulled me from sleep. I let it ring for a few seconds before deciding they weren’t going away.

“This better be an emergency… ” I grumbled into the phone. I had just returned from a trip overseas and was suffering from a serious case of jet lag.

“Get your lazy butt out of bed you shit. It’s time to go hit the clouds. The plane is at the airport and it’s almost dawn. ” A seductive voice purred from the phone. It was Sarah, my sky diving partner and close friend. Sarah has the voice of a phone sex operator and can wake up a man three days dead.

“Are you out of your mind? I just flew 14 hrs, I am beat, it’s raining out and my bed is way to warm to get out of so go away. ” I grumbled.

“I am on way to your house right now so you better get your ass up. ” Click, the phone went dead.

Well, there was no way I was getting out of bed, none, I was exhausted. So I curled back into my covers and buried my head under my pillows and quickly fell back asleep.

A few minutes later a I was awaken by a blinding flash of light, and a extremely cold dosing of freezing water. I jumped out of bed stark naked and look up to see Sarah with a now empty bucket of water and a smirk on her face.

“Glad to see your awake, lets go. ” Sarah said with a chuckle and tossed me my gear bag.

Sarah turned on her heels and headed to the door. I instantly regretted giving her my spare key and started looking for a towel and some clothes.

Finding my pants and a shirt I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. As I got into the car she handed me a hot latte and threw her truck into gear. Away we went.

When we arrived at the air field in Everett we pulled up to the plane and got out. Under the plane the ground crew was fueling up her wing tanks and loading the extra chutes, air bottles and packs.

I struggled into my into my chute and strapped on the oxygen bottle to my leg. Sarah climbed into the plane, a former Washington Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane, and yelled for me to hurry the hell up.

As I walked up the back ramp, now weighing about 40 pounds heavier, I peered out over the tarmac and saw a it would be dawn soon. Between the wind, rain and clouds it was hard to tell but there appeared to be some light on the horizon. It might just be a nice day after all I thought to myself.

The pilot started up the engines and the crew chief raised the ramp sealing us in for the ride up to 30,000 feet. The ride usually takes about 20 minutes and gives us time to get our helmets, oxygen masks and gear on. You have to pre-breath oxygen before the ramp is lowered so we hooked up almost immediately.

As the plane taxied into take off position Sarah leaned over and patted my thigh, squeezing my cock through my jump suit. “I have got a surprise for you this morning. ” She purred through our headsets.

“Oh really? You mean besides the bucket of water?” I asked.

“Oh, I think you will warm up soon enough. ” Sarah said bahis siteleri with a laugh.

Getting genuinely concerned now, I looked at her thru my pre-breather and raised an eye brow. This girl is a wild one I have to tell you. At 5 ft 8 she is a bundle of dynamite in stark red hair. She has an extremely slender body that hides a wonderful pair of 34 c’s and an ass you could bounce quarters off.

We soon arrived at our altitude and was given the sign by the crew chief that we were almost over the drop field. In night or pre dawn jumps we use night vision goggles to see the strobes on the ground that guide us and the glowing strips on our helmets and shoes to see each other.

We walked to the back of the plane and grabbed on to the straps hanging from the ceiling as the crew chief started to lower the back ramp. As the back ramp came down I looked out over the horizon and saw the sun starting to make an appearance. Cresting over the mountains in the distance the sun let off an amazing display of it beauty.

Colors ranging from red to orange to an almost purple sparkled off the snow covered peaks. I was once again in total awe of the beauty of it all.

“Ready to go babe?” Sarah asked through our headsets. I nodded and grasped her hand. Taking five steps we walked straight off the ramp and into the wind and roar of the planes prop wash.

We were flung sideways and down away from the plane as we held on tight to each others hands. I could hear her heavy breathing from the struggle of holding on and felt myself start to grow hard. I have always gotten an extremely big rush from sky diving and it was always evident in the bulge of my pants.

As we dove for the ground I glanced at the altimeter on my wrist and watched the numbers scream by. 29,000, 28,000, 27,000, 26,000. We were going to have to slow down soon or risk hitting that steel wall called terminal velocity. If we went too fast we risked serious injury or death from anything from wind shear snapping our necks to our hearts stopping from the shear pounding of blood thru our arteries.

Spreading our legs and arms out we split apart and flattened our bodies to decrease our speed. Slowing rapidly, but still falling at tremendous speed, we drifted further apart. At a distance of a 1/4 mile we could still see each other clearly in our night vision goggles.

“Last one down is on top. ” I heard Sarah scream over the radio.

I looked over and saw Sarah dive for the earth. Tucking her arms to her sides and bringing her legs together she rocketed off to the ground.

There was no way I was gonna miss out on the chance of beating her to the ground. She had won every race we ever had and it was starting to get embarrassing. So I pulled my legs together and gripped my body with my arms and chased her disappearing form to the ground.

At 10,000 ft my dive computer screamed a warning that I was surpassing safety limits and that I needed to slow down. Another 2,000 ft roared by as I finally passed Sarah with a flash as canlı bahis siteleri she received the same warning.

Sarah cried out as her computer determined injury was imminent and deployed her drone chute to slow her down. I watched as her drone chute unfurled and deployed and ripped her main chute out of her back and into full canopy.

I had disabled my computer’s ability to do this weeks ago as I didn’t trust it to make life and death choices for me. I speed past 5,000 feet before I knew it and soon 4,000 and then 2,000 had come and gone as well.

At 1,000 ft I deployed my drone chute and the main at the same time and felt my body snap back as the chutes filled with air. I began to slowly drift to the ground using my risers to steer me towards our strobes on the ground.

The sight was amazing as the sun rose and the earth became clearer in my view. I turned off my goggles and pulled them off my eyes and watched as I approached the ground.

With a grunt of pain and energy I hit the ground and tumbled across the landscape. Bashing my knees and arms on rocks that protruded from the ground. “Ok, this is bad. ” I thought to myself in panic.

Something popped in my right knee and a blinding pain shot up my right leg. “Ah, shit that hurt. ” I screamed into my radio. I was hurt, and I was being dragged across the grass, rocks and dirt of the landing zone.

I quickly released my chute and felt it rip away from my body as I skimmed and tumbled across the ground to a stop. Resting in pain on my back I heard Sarah call out and ask if I was ok.

“No, not really. ” I replied.

“Be there in a jiff Jay, hold tight. ” She said with concern.

“Hey, I am not going anywhere. ” I replied with a groan. My right knee was throbbing and painful. I looked down and saw a large tear in my right pant leg near the knee and saw blood beginning to seep through. I tried to stand but the pain that screamed thru me ended that idea quick.

Sarah ran up to me as I collapsed back to the ground and knelt next to me. “You alright Jay?” She asked as she unbuckled my mask and helmet.

“I could use a doc if you don’t mind. ” I mumbled as she pulled my helmet off. There was several large scratches and dings in my helmet, never a good sign.

Sarah got out her radio and put a call thru to the air field and requesting a medical team and an ambulance. “… and hurry the hell up, looks like he blew out his knee. ” She said into the radio.

Patting me down to check for additional injuries Sarah skimmed over my crotch and found my very noticeable bulge. She looked up at me with a smirk. “Your still hard?” She asked.

“Takes more than a knee bang up to put that down Sarah. ” I answered with a grin.

“Oh really? Hmmm, too hurt to play?” Sarah inquired with a wicked grin.

“Never that hurt. ” I responded as I felt her start to unzip my suit pants. “Besides, it’ll take them 30 minutes to get to us. “

“30 minutes huh? We’ll have to rush it then. ” She replied as she pulled canlı bahis my hard cock form my pants. Sarah unzipped her suit and pulled her panties aside. She straddled my hips and gripped my cock in her hands as she leaned forward to kiss me.

“Here’s where it gets hot. ” Sarah said as she kissed me with hunger. I felt myself enter her hot and wet pussy, gripping me like a glove.

“Oh, yes, that’s nice… yes, very nice” She said, sliding down till I was completely inside her.

Sarah began to ride me up and down, pushing harder and harder onto my cock. I could feel her juices dripping down my thighs as she feed herself onto my cock. With a groan I moved my hands to her breasts and circled her nipples with my finger tips.

Sarah increased her pace as I pinched her nipples, pulling and pinching, just as she loves. Sarah moaned loudly as I slipped my lips around her right nipple and nibbled gently. Tasting her nipple as it hardened in my mouth. Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers and I love sucking them into my mouth.

Sarah groaned loudly as she started to slam her body down onto my cock. Harder and harder she rode me, causing my knee to jerk and move in ways that did not feel good. The pain of my knee somehow, amazingly, enhanced the feeling in my cock as she pushed herself to climax.

Off in the distance I could hear the wail of a siren as the ambulance raced to us. “Oh, not yet damn it!” Sarah cried out as she increased the pace.

“Oh god this feels good” She screamed.

“Oh my god your hot Sarah, come on, ride me girl. Make yourself cum. ” I cheered her on. I was so close, but there was no way I was cumming before her.

“Ooooooh god I am gonna cum. Oh yes, right there, there, yes… uuuuuuuuuugh that’s it” Sarah moaned loudly. “Yessssssssssss… I am cumming… ugh.. “

With a rush of juices Sarah came, her cum splashing down my cock and drenching us completely. Sarah cums in gallons when she cums and I love it. The feeling of her pussy clamping down on my cock and her cums running down our thighs sent me over.

“Ugh!” I came. Hard.

My hips jerking up and down as she rode me thru our first mutual orgasm. My mind blanked out and I felt nothing and heard nothing but peer bliss. My brained flashed colors across my eyes and I collapsed to the ground.

Slowly I came back to the world as the sound of the sirens getting closer stopped. I heard doors open and close and feet rushing towards us.

Sarah climbed off of me and slide my cock back into my pants, zipping me closed. “He’s all yours boys, I gave him some emergency medicine, you know, mouth to mouth and all that. “

The paramedics chuckled as they approached me. There I was, laying in the aftermath of a near fatal fall and covered in Sarah’s cum. I felt no pain.

“She’s quite the nurse I got to tell you boys. ” I stated with a grin. “Now how about getting me off the cold ground and fixing my leg huh?”

* * * * *

Note: This is a true story, Sarah was a very close friend of mine who decided she wanted to soar with the eagles and feel the clouds forever. She answered the question I think all sky divers ask themselves at least once. Do I pull the cord or not?

See you in the clouds Sarah.

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