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Offering Solace

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Having just finished her shower and barely gotten dressed in her night attire of boxer shorts and T-shirt, she suddenly heard a knocking on her front door. Curious about who would be knocking on her door so late at night, she flicked on the porch light and peered through the peephole. Of all the things she expected, it wasn’t to see him standing there, arms wrapped around his chest and tears glistening in his eyes. Quickly snatching the door open, no words spoken, she reached and grabbed his arm and pulled him into her house, closing the door behind him.

She led him to the couch and gently pushed him to sit. She had the house to herself this weekend so she didn’t worry about waking anyone. She walked to the fridge and grabbed two bottles of beer that were left over from some friends visiting a few nights ago. Twisting the top off of one as she walked back and handed it to him as she curled onto the couch beside him, placing the other on the side table. She let him drink the beer in silence, letting him get control of himself a bit in the process.

When he had consumed all the beer, she took the empty bottle from him and set it aside with the other. Sitting back against the arm of the couch, she pulled at him until he stretched out, his head resting in her lap, her fingers lightly stroking through his hair. Her soft sapphire eyes glowed with love and concern as she looked down upon him, seeing the pain and hurt shining in his. She listened quietly as he began to tell her the whole story. As he talked, she slowly slide her bare legs up to wrap around his hips, her ankles crossing over his thighs. Remaining silent she let her hands wander from his hair to slowly slide down over his shoulders and begin to lightly roam over his chest, her touch soft and caressing through his shirt.

She leaned down at one point and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, that action pressing her breasts against the top of his head. He kept talking, quietly, telling her of how another woman had broken his heart. She didn’t know the words to say to make it better and so she continued offering comfort the only way she knew. Her fingers began to slide the buttons of his shirt free from their holes one by one… baring his chest to their soothing touch. Spreading the shirt wide open, she stroked her palms over his exposed flesh as he kept talking.

When he grew quiet before finishing, she reached behind her to grab the second bottle, the action causing her back to arch and her hips to press against his back. Handing him the opened bottle, her hands slide back down over his chest as he begin to sip at the beer and resume telling her of his misery. At one point she maneuvered him that she could slide the shirt off of one arm… and then the other as he switched the bottle to the other hand. Tugging it from beneath him, she let it fall to the side out of the way. Her hands moving to his shoulders and beginning a nice soothing massage as he kept talking. She couldn’t help a lil grin as his tail began to become interspersed with lil moans of pleasure at her touch.

Looking down at his face again, she noticed a single tear streaking down his cheek. She bent her head once more and flicked the tear away with her tongue. Her breasts pressed against his head once more as she did this. As he told the last of bostancı escort the story and then grew silent, her heart was aching for him. Her ankles uncrossed and then her legs slide back down to rest aside him once more. She gently pushed at his shoulders to make him sit up once more and then slid off the couch to stand in front of it. As his lips parted to ask her why, she pressed her finger to her softly smiling lips to signal not to speak.

Her eyes locking with his, she slowly slid her hands down her sides and then back up… catching the hem of her T-shirt as she did. Pulling it up over her breasts, and then over her head and tossing it to the floor carelessly. Still wearing that soft smile, her hands slid to her breasts, gently kneading them, teasing her nipples into aching excitement. Not bothering to stifle her soft gasps and moans of pleasure that she knew he liked hearing, she teased her breasts for a few moments longer and then let her hands slide to her waist. Hooking her pointer fingers into the waistband of the boxers, she began to tug them down over her hips. Those hips swaying back and forth just a bit, she pulled the shorts down, bending at the waist as she slowly glided the boxers down her legs. Her breasts dangled, jiggling a bit at her movements as she stepped from the shorts, then slowly rose back up to toss the shorts atop her shirt.

Standing before him completely unclothed, she let him drink her in with his warm gaze, and then slowly she took the few steps that drew her right up in front of him. Bending again, her breasts dangling not all that far from him, her hands slid down his bare chest to rest at his pants. Her fingertips teasing with their touches, she slowly began to open the fastening of his pants, then pulling the zipper down slowly. Twinkling eyes lifting to his, her gaze asked him silent for what she wanted. He responded by lifting his hips so that she could pull his pants and boxers them and then as he lowered back down, she slowly turned, stepping over his leg to straddle it as she began to push his pants down that leg. Her ass wiggled in the air before his face as she slowly pushed the pants down and over his foot. And then she straddled the other leg the same way and removed the pants completely.

Coming to stand between his spread legs once more, she turned back to face him and slowly lowered to her knees. Her eyes remained on his as her hand slid up his thigh and her fingers curled around his by now hardened cock. Her tongue slowly, teasingly dragging over first her lower lip and then the upper, her hand began to stroke up and down on his rigid flesh as he’d taught her years ago. She continued in this way until she wrung a moan of pleasure from him. Only then did she lower her head and begin to trace the head of his cock with her tongue as her hand continued to stroke his shaft. When she encountered the tiny droplet of moisture, she prrred and licked it up before she opened her mouth and took him inside.

She felt the twitch of his body as she slowly began to suck him the way he liked, each time her mouth lowered taking more of his cock into her hot, wet mouth. Moaning softly, she let her hand fall away as she took him all the way, feeling the head pressing against the back of her mouth. Setting sancaktepe escort a slow pace, she began to fuck him with her mouth, listening for every sound of pleasure he made. His hands fell into her hair, pushing lightly at her head to speed her movements and groaned as she did so. She continued in this manner until she felt him began to throb within her mouth.

And then she suddenly let him slide free of her mouth. Rising to her feet, she almost roughly pushed him to lie back on the couch once more, and then climbed up as well. Turning so that she laid the opposite way over his body, her legs parting on either side of his head and her body wiggled into the position she wanted. She groaned as she took his rigid cock back into her mouth at the same time his hands clamped onto her thighs and his tongue delved into her hot cunt. The more his tongue stroked and teased her, the faster she suckled his cock deeply into her mouth. As his tongue, and then his teeth, found her clit, her moans vibrated against his hard flesh as she nearly swallowed him again and again.

When his tongue flicked against her ass, she jerked only slightly, but did not try to stop him. This was his night, his pleasure, and his comfort. Hungrily she kept up the fast pace upon his cock, wanting to taste his passion. Her body writhed atop his as his lips returned to her wet cunt, his tongue thrusting deeply into her repeatedly. She fought to hold her orgasm off, wanting him to find his own. She sucked faster, deeper, swallowing against the head of his cock… and then she felt him begin to twitch within her mouth. Pulling back half way, angling him just the way she wanted him, she swallowed eagerly as he began to shoot his hot cum into her mouth. At the same time he bit down onto her clit and she came hard against his mouth. Her pleasure coated his tongue as his slid down her throat.

As soon as they had both begun to calm down a bit, she slid her glistening body off of his, her eyes dancing as she looked upon his still erect flesh. Grabbing his hands and pulling him to sit up once more, she straddled his lap, locking her legs around his back as her still tingling pussy cradled his hard cock. She curled her fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him deeply. As their tongues mated within his mouth, she lifted her hips and moved until the head of his hardened shaft pressed against her moist opening and slowly lowered herself, taking him into her fully. Their groans mingled as she sat there for a few moments, kissing him hungrily, each tasting themselves on the others lips, as his cock throbbed deep within her body.

Soon enough though they began to need more, and his hands fell to her hips and begin to lift her up and then pull her back down. She easily found the pace and began to ride him as they both craved. He broke the kiss and her head fell back, offering up her breasts invitingly. His mouth fell to her chest and began to tease her nipples, laving over one and then the other until both were hard, tingling nubs. She shuddered against him as his teeth suddenly sunk into her nipple, and she heard his soft, wicked laughter as he enjoyed her reaction. He began to thrust into her each time he pulled her down upon his cock, his own soft moans of pleasure zeytinburnu escort echoing against her breast.

When she began to move herself faster over him, he suddenly gripped her hips tightly and twisted them both, tossing her back down onto the couch as he loomed above her. Her eyes widening in surprise, she noticed the look in his eye and knew that the power had shifted. Now he would take his own comfort. She prrrrred like a wanton woman as he began to thrust hard and deep into her. His hands left her hips, reaching behind him to pull her legs up and over his shoulders, hooking her knees over them. His cock rammed into her cunt like a battering ram assaulting a castle door. He took her lips in a crushing kiss, swallowing her moans and cries as he fucked her harshly.

Her nails raked down his back, her ankles pressing into it as her hips lifted into his thrusts. They both knew how much the other loved it like this and held nothing back. She gave of herself completely and he took, venting his frustration and anger and hurt on her willing body. Breaking the kiss he lifted up, arching his back as he slammed his cock into her again and again. Turning his head, he bit into her sensitive thigh, grinning wickedly as she cried out from the pain and then shuddered from the closely following pleasure. He felt her shuddering, her cunt clenching at his cock and knew that she was close to cumming again.

But he wasn’t going to let her off this easily this time. He still had a lot to work off yet. Roughly pulling from her cunt, ignoring her groans of emptiness. He let her legs fall away and then sat back down upon the couch, pulling her roughly over his lap, her ass in perfect spanking position. He began to slap her ass, lightly at first and then growing in intensity as he watched her ass turn from ivory to bright pink and then red. He could feel her wetness dripping onto his thighs, hear her cries of pleasure and pain as she writhed upon his lap. Spreading her legs wide, his hand began to fall to her swollen cunt instead. He slapped harder and harder until she came hard, her cries echoing off the walls as she shuddered violently over his lap.

She could feel his throbbing cock jutting against her belly, but her senses were haywire. She felt like a wild animal as she shuddered and moaned through her orgasm. Before her breath even began to return to normal, she found herself pushed to the floor, hearing his rough command for her to rise to all fours. No sooner had she complied then she felt his cock thrusting into her cunt once again. Fully buried into her, he drenched himself in her juices and then withdrew. The realization of what he was about to do had barely even sunken in when she felt his cock pressing against her asshole.

Slowly, he inched deeper and deeper into what had always been taboo for her before. He felt her wince, knowing of her fear, but he did not stop. He thrust two fingers deep into her cunt, pumping them into her until she moaned in pleasure again. And then he began again to slowly fuck her ass with his cock. He almost came the first time his cock was buried fully in her tight ass. Deciding this was enough for her first time, he played with her cunt, teasing her clit, until she came again. Her writhing, gasps and moans of pleasure and the contractions of her inner muscles against his fingers were enough and he shot his cum deep into her until then virgin ass.

After they’d both calmed down, her lifted her limp body and carried her to her bed, tucked her in and let himself out the front door quietly, to go back to the woman who’d caused him so much pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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