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Office Flirting and Affair

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I began a journal of all of the women that have been in my life, from girlfriends and loves to those I only flirted with. No matter how short the relationship or encounter. I have tried to journal all the women I have flirted with, gone out with, made love to, or fell in love with. This entry into my journal is the story of two of those women from the same office.

Becky was a cute girl who worked in the purchasing department of the same company that I was working for. She was slender and kind of mousey but she had a flirtatious, fun side. We went to lunch a few times and when I asked her out on a real date she turned me down. She said she really wanted to go out with me but that her family were very strict Mormons and she wasn’t allowed to date a non-Mormon. We finally managed to go out though. She got her girlfriend in on the deception and told her folks she would be at her girlfriend’s house. What she didn’t tell them is that she was meeting me first. We went to dinner and istanbul escort a movie and managed a very nice make out session with some nice petting. After our date she went to her girlfriend’s place and spent the night there. Not long after our date, I was about to ask her if she wanted to do it again when she showed up wearing a large engagement ring. It seems her parents found a nice Mormon boy for her and they were now engaged. I wished her the best but I didn’t go to the wedding reception even though I was invited.

Leslie worked in the same purchasing department as Becky and we flirted a lot but Leslie was already engaged when she started working there. She was tall with a nice ass and big tits. She had long hair that fell to her waist but she wore very thick glasses to correct her vision and help straighten her slightly crossed eyes. Even so, she was fun to flirt and joke with and being engaged there was nothing avcılar escort going on between us. One day she asked me if I’d like to come to her place for dinner. Her fiancé was out of town and she had bought a table that needed to be assembled. It would be dinner for work. I agreed and showed up at her place after work with my tools. We went to a little Italian place around the corner and had a nice meal. They thought we were a couple and seated us at a very private table for two. At one point, the waiter noticed her ring and told us we looked like a very happy couple and wished us a happy life together.

After dinner we went back to her place to assemble the table. At one point I had the top of the table laying face down on the floor while I tried to attach some brackets for the legs. Leslie was holding the table leg for me and as I leaned in to attach it I kissed her gently. She blushed and we kissed some more as we finished the table. Soon the şirinevler escort table was done and we were sitting on the couch making out. As my hand unbuttoned her shirt she began to tell me to stop. I told her “Look, you’re getting married in two months. This is probably the only time you and I will ever have together. Let’s not regret what it could have been.” Her shirt and bra came off and I licked and sucked her large tits. Pretty soon she said “Follow me.” We went to her room, took off our clothes and she climbed on top of me and rode my cock until I erupted in her. Then she slid my wet throbbing cock out and just rubbed her clit on the head of it. My cock was drenched with my cum and her juice as she came on me. It was the first time a woman had cum on me and I was very turned on. She collapsed next to me on the bed and I climbed on top and screwed her some more. It’s a good thing I was young and horny. I was able to come inside her again. By this time we were both whispering “I love you” as I filled her again. We laid there for a while kissing and cuddling.

Back at work we would exchange glances and kept things as normal as possible. Some months later, after she was married, I asked her if she regretted our time together and she said she would have regretted if we hadn’t done it at all.

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