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Office Orifice Ch. 01

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Public Sex

Chapter 01: The Journey

The close jostling of the commuters as the train blasts back into its tunnels, the roar of the underground winds and the washed out faces in the train rushing by all add to an air of intimate strangeness. Packed amongst other forgettable nonentities, her sight filled with an endless mirage of sameness, hearing the murmur, the whoosh, the squeal of the brakes. Her nerve endings tingling, her boundaries defined by touch and feel against this tide of humanity.

The press of her shoulder against that man’s chest as he towers above swaying against his handhold high up, the firmness of that leg pressed against hers, the sharpness of the briefcase pushing into her calf. Small details link her to the scene. The back of a hand brushing against her ass draws her attention.

She closes her eyes and pushes into the knuckle pressed against her, swaying with the train as if by accident, embracing and focussing on this moment of contact amongst so many. Her hip sways slightly as the folds of her skirt fall over his fingers and the fleshier, firmer content connects more closely.

The hand turns, the fingers opening out and his palm is now flat against her cheek with just a layer of loose cotton between them. There is no mistaking this for an accidental touch as this small intimacy adds a thrill to the journey both unexpected and welcome.

His hand is now firmer against her, cupping her ass as his fingers start to kurtköy escort stroke slightly against the folds of material in exploration. Butterflies seem to take flight at the tips of his fingers and blaze trails of electrified nerve endings shooting into her bare and panty free crotch. Her cunt contracts slightly against the pleasure and she knows that she would soon be slippery to the touch and a soggy danger to her skirt.

The skirt starts to gather as he inches it up a little to run his thumb lightly between her ass cheeks. She guesses at his excitement to discover the freedom of movement he has, the lack of extra material hiding the deep crevice, instead free to explore through the looser material of her skirt. Her breath catches slightly and she leans her head back a little to where she guesses his shoulder to be. Her eyes still closed she sinks into the extra support and creates a cavern between them filled with hidden possibilities.

His fingers spread and flex as they caress and push at her, her skirt riding against them as it gathers higher until his fingers slide onto her bare skin, the hem finally riding free of him falls around his wrist. His hand is warm, dry and firm with the slight roughness of activity. His palm is cupped hard against her ass and he digs his fingers into her soft flesh in greedy possession as he pushes his thumb more firmly between her cheeks to press onto her filthiest and most private entrance.

Fingers malatya escort now pivot around her ass and push between her legs as her cunt aches to feel them. Slippery juices are already spreading waiting for him to encounter and use. His thumb is pressing firmly against her rosebud and it starts to soften against him as he pushes into her ass slowly in a crude and tight possession guaranteed to keep her still against his questing fingers.

His hand is now held firmly between her legs, his thumb gradually working further into her as she sways against him with the movement of the train, his fingers splaying over her cunt now hot, slippery and aching. He squeezes her cunt and pushes up a little, the tips of his fingers pressing against her clit through the top of her lips and the palm of his hand taking some of her weight so that she thinks that she can feel the pulse of the train through it.

She throws her head back slightly and presses more firmly into his shoulder to support herself as she tries to push harder onto his fingers. She is desperate now for relief from the throbbing and for the feel of his fingers against her slippery and hot crevices. Finally he relents. His fingers slide, almost helplessly against her juices, between her lips and firmly he fingers her clit, simultaneously sliding two fingers gloriously into her cunt.

He starts to fuck her relentlessly with his fingers, his thumb in her ass holding her steady and open kayseri escort against him in this packed space, her skirt hiding all but his busy wrist. His fingers push hard inside her, spiralling against her sensitive entrance, pushing her open and punching deep inside. His index finger alone still curled against her clit rubbing hard and fast in her slick and oily juices as they continue to be jostled by the train.

Her breath is ragged and her knees unsteady from this onslaught of lust hazing through her body and raging at her cunt. His thumb bent up her ass as his fingers curl up inside her now fucking her hard from the wrist, both entrances smashing into his knuckles, helpless in the face of this pounding.

She comes hard, tensed into his shoulder, her muscles clench and pound back against him as her orgasm shoots through her, tightening her ass mercilessly around him and pulsing on his fingers in terrifying surrender. For those long seconds she is only aware of his fingers as her flesh quivers and melts around them given over utterly to him.

Her orgasm slowly subsides and she becomes aware of his fingers still deep inside her, supporting her but now still as her breathing slows and her flesh starts to settle. Slowly she is inched forward slightly as his thumb draws tightly out of her ass, every sensation amplified by her exhausted nerve endings. He draws out of her cunt and gently squeezes and pats her before withdrawing altogether. Her skirt is finally pulled down and she feels his absence as he disappears into the carriage once more. Now she feels sated and ready, wet and slippery in her surrender, open to the world around her and ready to join the melee.

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