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Older Sister To The Rescue

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The tears had started to build up in my eyes and suddenly my cell phone started to vibrate as it was laying on my lap. It was a text message from my sister, Katie.

“Hey girl, what’s going on?” She asked.

Normally I wouldn’t respond back until after my shift is over, but since I was feeling upset I wrote her saying “my life sucks!”

Immediately Katie’s personalized ring tone “Only Girl” by Rhiana starts to go off as she is calling me in curiosity in response to my message.

I have always liked my older sister. We have got along so good and our relationship has grown so much over the years. She is absolutely gorgeous with long brown hair and has a body I would die for. Mainly because she doesn’t have kids yet like me. She is married to a wonderful guy who serves in the Marines. And right now, he is over in Iraq serving our country.

“Hello” I answered to Katie.

“Hey are you ok?” She asked me with concern in her raspy voice.

“Yea, I am fine. Just a bit down from all this work and it never seems like it will get any better” I responded with a teary voice.

“Well girl, you have been through a lot and it will get better, I promise” she said with the intent to cheer me up.

“Why don’t you come over after work” she went on to say.

“Yeah I can probably grab some clothes from the house really quick” I said taking up on her invite.

“Then we can talk more about this life of yours over some Vodka” she added.

“Sounds like a night for me that I need” I said.

“Hey, I gotta get back in to work but I will call you when we are on our way” I told her.

“Ok hun” she said as we got off the phone.

I finished up my shift around 10pm and headed home to get Chelsea, my daughter. She was wide awake waiting for me as I walked in to the living room. Her face displayed a biggest smile causing my heart to warm so much. I was so thankful for her and by far, she is the reason I want to live. I would be lost in the world she something dramatically happen to my baby girl.

“Mom” I shouted.

“Yes sweetie?” She answered

“I am going to take Chelsea and stay the night over with Katie. She invited us. I just have to get some things and we will be out of here till tomorrow sometime” I informed her.

“Well have a fun night and we will see you guys later” She said to me as I ran upstairs to get our things ready.

I ran through my bedroom door ripping off my work uniform and shredding it to the floor. I had to change into more suitable attire for a cozy evening.

I searched through my drawers to find a pair of white Victoria Secret lounge paints that were very long on me, and a t-shirt that stopped just shy of the waist line of my pants. I reached down and grabbed a pair of flip flops from my shoe rack and headed down the hall to Chelsea’s room.

On the way to her room, I stopped in and scooped up all my bathroom gear anticipating I would shower at Katie’s house.

I headed out the door with my bag full of our belongings in one arm and my baby girl in the other. As soon as I pulled out the drive way I dialed Katie to inform her that I was on my way.

On the way over I thought about how it had been a few months since I have had sex. “I was in need” I thought to myself as I glanced in the rear view mirror to fix my contact.

I pulled in to her drive a little bit before 11 and she was standing at her glass screen door to open it. Her hair was wet as she had just finished taking a shower.

“You look really cute” I said as I approached her in the doorway.

“Ha thanks” she said with a smile.

Chelsea had fallen asleep on the way over so I went and laid her down in Katie’s spare bedroom and walked back out to the kitchen.

“Want a drink?” I heard Katie ask.

“What are you making me?” I said.

“Oh just something to get the night going good” She replied.

After handing me my drink, Katie made her way into the living room and I followed behind her. Out of nowhere I found myself checking out her butt through her shorts. I was so jealous.

“Katie, your butt is freaking hot, and mine is all skinny and gross” I smirked at her.

She looked back at me as she sat down on the couch with one leg sitting under neath her and I sat down beside her.

She smelled fresh and clean and I had a sensual feeling escort bayan starting to come over me that I had never felt before. For some weird reason I felt aroused just by Katie’s presence. I guess it has been to long for me I kept thinking.

I leaned in and snuggled my body up close to hers as we sat there sipping our drinks. Our thighs were resting against each other. I stretched out my right leg and started to flex my ankle in the air and Katie did the same and pushed my foot around with her foot. I pushed back causing us to have a slight foot battle ending with me giving up and setting my foot down on the floor as hers came to a rest directly on top of mine.

“So what’s been going on?” She asked me.

“Nothing much, just trying to figure out what to do with my life and work. I want to go back to school but I have no time. I feel like I’m going nowhere Katie” I started to tell her.

“Well don’t give up, you are gorgeous, and smart, and have a good mind, and you can do whatever you put your mind to, as long as you want to do it” she said in reply.

We talked a little more about my troubles, and so on, and I started to yawn.

“You ready to go lay down?” She started to ask me.

“Yeah, but I think I’m gonna take a shower first though” I responded back as I continued to yawn.

I got up and made my way to her bathroom and started to slip my shirt off and slide my pants down when the door popped open. Katie stood there looking at me and smiling.

“Girl your body is awesome, I don’t know what you are talking about when you say your body is gross” she said smiling.

I started to blush a little as I continued to strip in front of her. She walked in and reached down under the sink and pulled out a towel for me saying “I figured you would need this when you are done” and she set the towel on the rack on the wall.

“Yeah I believe so” I joked back at her, sliding my panties down over my feet revealing my stubby pubic hairs.

I climbed in the shower, cleaned off with my body wash, and started to shave my legs and my pussy. My mind was spinning so quickly from the strange thoughts of erotica I had been having of my own sister. I kept imagining Katie in between my legs kissing my thighs and my stomach and eating me out. It was driving me wild but I didn’t care and my pussy started to juice up a little.

I reached down with my fingers and started to circle my clit around and around as the warm water trickled down from my tits towards my pussy. I started to finger myself slowly wishing I wasn’t alone in the shower. I imagined her tongue tracing across my pussy and licking it forcefully up and down and in circles. I could see her eyes staring up at me while she tasted my juices. Just then I started to feel myself cumming and I pressed my other hand against the wall to keep my balance. Once I was finished, I washed and rinsed myself once again and shut the water off. I pushed the shower curtain aside and grabbed the towel she had set out for me. I began to dry my face when I started to smell her scent on the towel. I got a quick thrill smelling her scent and began to dry my hair.

I glanced at my naked body looking back at me through the mirror above the sink. My nipples were hard and red from the water and my body felt calm from my orgasm just minutes earlier.

I finished up preparing for bed with brushing my teeth and taking out my contacts. I set my lense container back on the counter put on my shorts and t-shirt and opened the door leading to her bedroom. Katie was sitting with her back against her headboard with a book propped up on her knees. She had changed into her bedtime attire of shorts and a tank top. She took one look at me and asked “All clean?”

“Indeed I am” I said back to her with a little smile.

I turned out the lights and we climbed under her covers. We laid there for a bit watching TV until I started to drift to sleep.

I woke throughout the night around 1AM, and then again around 2AM, every time thinking about my thoughts of Katie, and every time getting a bit more aroused.

I rolled myself up next to Katie. I could feel her body warmth under the covers and threw my arm over her as to hold her. She didn’t budge. She seemed very out of it. My hand came to rest on her abdomen and with my finger tips, I could feel her bare tuzla genç escort skin where it was exposed above her shorts. By now my heart was pounding and my nerves were tensing up. I imagined myself starting to caress her stomach and rubbing her. I hadn’t seen my sister naked in a long time and to my understanding through sisterly conversations, she is shaved, but I wanted to find out for sure I thought to myself.

I lifted my hand from her abs and placed it on the top of her shorts just below her waist causing her to stir around, but didn’t acknowledge the location of my hand. I waited a few minutes and slowly started to rub her waist and to find the tip of her shorts where I slid my finger tip under neath and continued to rub side to side across her lower abdomen.

“That feels so good, Lindsay” I heard her say all of a sudden.

I paused for a moment as I got scared and knew I was busted red handed.

“Keep rubbing there. I haven’t had someone do that and I forgot how good it feels” she said.

I responded with “OK sweetie.”

I commenced rubbing back and forth slowly like she requested and each time I would rub across her body, I would purposely lower my fingers further down until I reached her freshly shaven region. A very intense feeling had consumed my body and I could feel my legs and hands begin to tremble as I stroked gently across her skin. I wanted to just reach down and grab hold of Katie’s pussy and massage like there was no tomorrow, but I couldn’t make myself do it. In the back of my mind, I kept telling myself that she wants this as much as I do, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure yet. And my nerves we’re getting the best of me. My fingers were nearly a few inches away from her clit and I was to scared to make that final reach downward.

I slowly removed my hand from her shorts and placed it on her hip. My heart was pounding and I was trying to slow it down from a few deep and slow inhaled of breath.

I laid there a few minutes closing my eyes thinking about how close I was. I had never fingered another girl before, and I had the opportunity to finger Katie but I felt the nerves inside of me and they were to much.

Approximately ten minutes drifted by as I slowly kept eye balling the clock on the night stand. I brushed the hair out of my eye and I glanced towards Katie. She laid there stiff as if she had drifted to sleep. I felt myself become tired from the nervousness inside of me, but I wouldn’t let myself fall asleep. I wanted to try again. My pussy had become slightly wet from the moment and I needed more satisfying and nothing was going to stop me.

I rolled back over on my side facing Katie. Her back a few inches away from my breasts. I adjusted my body to get more close to her and pressed my breasts against her back while throwing my arm back over onto her hip. This causes a stir from Katie as her body seemed to welcome mine against hers. She reached down with her hand and inter locked her fingers through mine and she gave quite a squeeze. It felt very nice and sensual to lay there in her bed, smelling her soft hair, and holding her hand.

I broke away from her grip on my hand brushed the hair away exposing her neck. I slowly leaned towards her and pressed my lips against her skin and kissed her on her neck. I felt Katie take a deep breath and let it out. I reached down and grabbed her hand and she welcomed it warmly. As our fingers intertwined and kissed her once more on the back of her neck.

After I broke my lips free from her skin, Katie rolls her head in my direction all while keeping her eyes closed. I leaned towards her pressing my lips against hers. I slightly open my mouth and she does the same. We pause for a moment with our lips sealed around each other.

My hand loosens from hers and I place back on her abs. As my fingers move across her body, our mouths open wide and I feel her tongue rub across mine. Her breath was warm and her tongue was wet from her saliva. Our kiss got deeper by the second and I was growing more into the moment. My fingers found once again, the elastic band of her shorts and with no hesitation I slid my fingers down her shorts once more.

My fingers moved back across her shaved region and downward until I found her slit. Katie was warm and as I slid my fingers down to massage her, and she had become wet in tuzla kendi evi olan escort the process. Our tongues still tickling each others mouths as I was feeling and massaging my sister’s pussy.

I found her hole and pushed 2 fingers inside her while gripping the rest of her pussy with the palm of my hand. Katie reached down and pushed her shorts down to her knees and opened her legs wide apart. I recognized quickly she was as into this as much as I was. I got on my knees and positioned myself in between her legs and started to suck on her pussy. Katie’s hand fell to the back of my head pulling my face into her. Her juices were beginning to drench my mouth and drip down on to my chin. I pressed my tongue into her, discovering her hole. Her taste was a bit on the sweet side as I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside of her. I kept wiggling it around exploring the inside of her pussy causing Katie’s legs to buckle and twitch.

“Oh my god” she started to moan loudly and I knew she was about to come. I didn’t stop. I pushed harder on to her pussy with my mouth. Her clit had enlarged enough where I could suck on it.

All of a sudden I could feel more juices gushing out of her and onto my chin. She stopped moving and said “ok” to me as her orgasm was over.

I lifted my head and looked at her and our eyes met for the first time since we started this sexual escapade.

I raised up and laid on top of her pressing my breast against feeling hers. I stuck my hand up her shirt and cupped her left breast. Her nipple was hard. I massaged gently while kissing her again and again on her lips.

She rolled me over to my back and she got up off of the bed and headed for her dresser. I laid there looking curiously to what she was doing. She opened one of her drawers and pulled out what looked like a dildo and made her way to the bed.

“Take your shorts off” she said to me.

I didn’t hesitate and slid them off in an instance.

She climbed between my legs, sitting on her knees in front of me. My legs were as open as they could get. I felt one of her fingers slowly caress across my pussy until it found my hole.

“Have you ever had a dildo inside of you” she asked me?

“No I haven’t” I replied.

“Just lay there and relax ok?” She told me.

I began to feel a lot of pressure as she was pressing the dildo into me. This was bigger than any dick I have ever had but my body welcomed it but slowly.

I tried to look down and see, but she told me to “relax” once again.

My head came to rest back down on the pillow and I felt her push upward into me. The dildo was splitting me apart filling me up entirely. It was huge. She pushed more and my pussy engulfed every inch it.

I could feel it in the pit of my stomach hitting against my cervix as she would pull it out and push it back in hard and fast.

“Oh my god, how fucking long is that thing” I asked her.

She just smiled at me and replied “you like it?”

“Yeah a lot” I responded and she kept fucking me intensely with her toy.

She rammed it in and out of me for about 7 or 8 minutes before my body started to tense towards orgasm.

“I want you to cum” she said to me as she knew I was close.

“Oh god” I started to yell and started to cum. My pussy gripped the dildo tightly and chills started to spread down my legs and up my back.

“How does that feel Lindsay” Katie said as I was still in orgasm.

She knew I loved it as she just smiled at me once my orgasm decreased slowly back to my normal state.

“Oh man” I said as total relaxation set in on my body.

“Katie, that rocked” I said to her.

She laid back down beside me as we rolled over to face each other. We both laid there with big smiles showing our white teeth at each other. Her hand was resting on my side as mine was on hers.

“Katie, what now? What happens next? I asked her.

“Nothing” she said as she reached for the remote to turn the TV back on.

We spent the next few minutes staring at each other and chatting about our plan to stay quiet. She told me that she had wondered about this before and I admitted it back to her. We decided that we can spend the night together a lot more whenever we want. We were both ok with the whole incestual situation we were now in.

She was my girl! And now she is my lover. And hopefully for a long time I thought to myself. I was loving my sister more than ever now and it makes me smile.

I turned to Katie once more saying “thanks for making my night better.”

She winked at me and smiled back at me.

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