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On The Street

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Dianne looked at herself in the mirror and found a strawberry blonde face staring back at her. She repaired her makeup, accentuating her lips and eyes, to make sure she would look far more alluring then her present demeanor demanded. She felt tired and used up. She couldn’t remember a time when she had slept for eight hours straight and woke up feeling decent. In fact, it had been a long time since she felt decent. In any respect of the word or thought she felt like trash. Her dress reflected that. She had on a ratty pair of fishnet thigh high stockings and a tight red skirt which barley covered her well worn black panties. She had on a halter top which did not completely cover her ample breast. The bottom edge of the halter seemed to just flounder in the air just about at the lowest portion of her bra that tightly strangled her bosoms. The black bra straps seemed independent of her halter and were clearly visible at fifteen feet away. She studied the cumulative result and with a sigh, left the hovel she called home.

On the street, it was just the beginning of rush hour and commuters were making their way home through heavily traveled, crowded city streets. She took her position on the street and began to eye the cars as they made their way, looking for someone who was looking back. Mary and Crystal were there working as well. Mary was semi good looking but Crystal was just seventeen and she would be hard to beat. Dianne knew she had a great figure and men liked her a lot, but if they had a choice between her or the seventeen year old, she would loose every time. A car slowed down and all three of the girls went to the passenger side as the man inside leaned over his seat to speak to the girls through the open window.

A chorus of “hi baby,” “whatyadoing,” “needs a date”, came out of the girls mouths.

“How much,” the man demanded? He was a construction worker and he had just come from the construction site down the street where they were building a twenty story office building. He must be a concrete man for the Portland cement dust seemed to hover in the air all around him.

“Which you want, baby,” Mary chirped up quickly?

“I wanna get my dick sucked, how much?” He was in a hurry, probably late for dinner with the wife and kids.

“Twenty,” Crystal replied before the other girls could say anything.

“Great, hop in,” the man pointed at Crystal and she opened his car door and hopped right in, spiting the chewing gum she had into the street. The car disappeared around the corner and into an alley nearby.

With Crystal out of the way, things would be a little easier for Dianne. This was her sixth time out of the house today and she needed at least ten more before she was done for the day. Her hovel cost her a hundred and fifty a week to rent from a guy who did not take anything but cash. The plus side is that she could bring her johns there without to much trouble. The last place she had rented, through her ass out after she had been picked up the last time for trying to do an undercover vice cop. Not only did she get busted, but she lost what little possessions she had when she was unduly evicted. She was out of jail and had a court date for next week and she needed money to pay for her place, something to eat and a lawyer. She didn’t trust the PD’s office, the last time she had she wasn’t on the street for six months and the girls in prison are a little different that the girls on the street. She knew she was going to do some time, but she was hoping it would be a bullet, (one year), or less. She smiled at the possibility of asking the judge for community service for a reduced sentence.

Mary had the shakes. She needed to get enough money to get her heroin for both her and her boyfriend tonight. They had a healthy habit of approximately a hundred dollars a day for each of them. She turned tricks and he would steal or rob anyone he could, anywhere he could to get what he needed for the day. It was going to istanbul escort be an easy day for Dianne. Mary would have to leave soon and it would be her and Crystal. Crystal never stood around too long before some guy three times her age whipped out his dick for her.

A car slowed down and Mary didn’t even bother to make a move, she was hurting and she was about to bail. Dianne leaned into the open window, “Hey baby,” she said with a big smile on her face.

“What’s your name.” inquired the driver. He had come from the same construction site and looked like he was a plumber. In the back seat of his car bits and pieces of copper pipe and fittings littered the floor. He had a pock marked face and was about thirty five years old. He had an overweight frame and looked to be about two hundred pounds on a short frame of maybe five foot seven tall. He smelled like solder and dust.

“Does it matter,” she answered sweetly still engaging her overly big smile. The smile hardly reflected how she felt. She just wanted to lie down and go to sleep for a couple of days and rest her bones, and her tired pussy. She was sore and she wanted to rest and recoup but she had obligations to meet.

“Suppose not,” the man chuckled a bit, “I like to get a knob job and some straight sex.”

“Sounds good, baby,” her mind was disappointed at the thought of another dick insider her but she maintained a big smile, “a hundred ought to cover the whole package.”

“How about fifty,” the man was in a bargaining mood?

“How about seventy five,” she countered?

“Well,” he seemed to hem and haw, but she knew he would go for it. He had money in his pocket and nowhere to spend it except in the local bar.

“Maybe I’ll through in this,” she cupped her tits and squeezed them a little more compressed than they were, “while I’m sucking you off. Would you like to fuck my tits?”

“Would I,” his eyes brightened up at the thought of that and he waved her into the car, “hop in.”

She opened the car door and hoped in and out of the corner of her eye she saw Crystal walking up from the alley way shoving a new piece of gum into her mouth.

The man pulled away from the curb and started heading down the street.

“Take a left here and go down to the William Tell Motel about a half a block down,” she instructed.

“Hey listen, I don’t want to pay for a room I just wanna get laid,” he said.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s my place and the rent’s paid, OK?”

“Sounds good to me,” he glanced at her sitting in the passenger seat. He skirt rode up and revealed her dark panties and the thigh between the stocking and her hip. She noticed him looking and she let him look as she spread her legs just a bit for a better view for him.

“You like,” she asked? As she looked him over, she found him to be greatly lacking in anything a women would want out of a man. In fact, he was repugnant and hard to look at for any length of time. His belly hung over his pants and it smelled as though he hadn’t taken a shower this week. There was a coating of grime on his forearms that looked as if it covered his whole torso. She was hopping he would be one of those prone to ejaculating quickly so she could get back out and find another John. The thought of his massive frame and dirty cock inside of her was sickening. She was going to need a lot of lube for this guy and she was thinking about eating a shit load of aspirin, he was giving her a headache. Outwardly, though, she was all smiles and a willing sex partner.

“What’s not to like,” he was drooling. Literally drooling, a thin stream of saliva was working it’s way out of the corner of his mouth and she noticed that beneath the mound of flesh that hung over his belt loop, he had a hard on. She began to pray that this guy would pop his rock quick and get this shit over with.

They pulled into the motel and parked in front of her room. She avcılar escort hopped out and noticed the watchful eye of the day manager nod his head in her direction. He didn’t mind her taking her work home with her, it meant that he would get paid and that’s all he was concerned about.
The John hauled himself out of his car and on short fat legs, followed her into her room. She closed and locked the door behind her and offered him a seat on the only furniture the room offered, the bed.

The bed was a sorry affair. For working purposes she had striped the bed of its sheets and covers and had a beach towel in their place. Under the beach towel countless cum and urine stains from former occupants offered their aroma to all those who used it. In fact, the room smelled musty and had a heavy humid smell of human sweat permanently imbedded into the walls of the place.

The man sat heavily onto the edge of the mattress and his weight caused a deep depression and put a strain on the spindly legs that held it off the floor. He kicked his work boots off and lay back onto the mattress and unzipped his fly. He pulled out his thick swollen cock and began to masturbate, “Get naked for me baby, I like to watch,” he commanded.

“Sure thing, hon,” she said with a smile as she went into the bathroom and fetched a bottle of lube and about five aspirins that she swallowed dry. “But first I want you to put the money on the dresser for me, OK babe?”

He grunted a reply and shoved a meaty hand into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and found the necessary bills and tossed them onto the dilapidated dresser at the foot of the bed. Unseen, this movement caused several cockroaches to seek shelter elsewhere. He lay back onto the bed and resumed taking his penis in hand and vigorously engaged in self stimulation.

She picked up the bills and rolled them into a small roll and stashed them in drawer in the dresser. She had a small one pound coffee can that she put the days cash in and today it was starting to fill up nicely.

She turned to face her trick and stifling a choke reflex; she smiled and began to move rhythmically to some unheard music, while she removed her halter. She jiggled her tits for him while still contained in the bra and he let out an “Oh Yeah, baby”. Next she turned her back to him and like so many striptease artists, skillfully removed her short skirt as she waged her ass for him. She glanced over her shoulder in a coy smile and noticed that he had succeeded in getting himself fully erect. She turned to him and got on her knees and pulled at the edges of his pants. He had to lift his mass up so that she could use most of her strength to pull his pants down and off his thick meaty legs. She placed herself between his legs and inserted his stiff cock underneath her bra, between her breasts, the head of his dick hitting her chin. She angled her head and put her mouth onto his cock and took as much of him in as she could. The bra kept her tits tightly around his cock and the saliva from her mouth lubed its movement between them. She massaged his balls as she was sucking him off and he began to pump his pelvis at her, fucking her mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s what I like,” he had his meaty hands on her head and was forcing her down onto him. His dick was plummeting into her throat and fortunately her tits prevented her from choking to death as this guy would apparently like. She tried to look at him but all she could see of his face was blocked by a wall of belie that was better not seen.

He sat up and the wall of belie forced her head down onto his penis and she gagged. She put her hands into the soft belie and pried herself loose of him, having to unsnap her bra to do so. “Woa, big fella, let me know when you gonna move like that, would ya,” she asked with a girlish lilt in her voice? She maintained his erection by running her hand along his shaft and with the other hand holding back some şirinevler escort of the belie she was able to suck the head of his dick. While she worked this way he removed his dirty t shirt and tossed it to one side. He had almost no hair on his body, just ripples of fat that jiggled as he moved. His pudgy cheeks were flushed red from the heat inside and his breathing sounded like something strained through a thick filter. She was hoping he wouldn’t have a fucking hear attack on her. A guy this big would take hours to move out of here.

He reached down and partly pulling her hair and lifting her by her chin raised her to her feet. She put her hands on his shoulders and shoved him back onto the bed falling on top of him. She did this with a girlish giggle reserved for her ugliest clients, it always made them feel special, kind of like she actually liked them. He began to slobber all over her tits, biting and sucking her nipples like a starving man at a banquet. She cradled his head and let him go to town while she reached behind her to find his penis and stroke it.

She found him and grabbed him and pulled on his cock a bit. Then she placed a hand on his chest and laid him flat while she used the head of his dick to slide along the outside of her panties and give him an idea of where he was going next. She got off of him and retrieved the bottle of lube and liberally coated his erection with it. “Thank God for lube” she thought. She slid her panties off and tossed them onto the top of the dresser and crawled onto the bed straddling him. She had to still work him inside her sore pussy but thanks to the slickness of the lube it was a lot easier on her. She started to move herself along his shaft as he bucked himself into her with all his might. She could not lay on top of him due to his belie and had to sit on him in a squat and rise and lower herself using her legs. He had a tight grip on her left breast which caused her a little pain and he also had a hold on her right knee cap as she moved on him. He was grunting with his own pleasure making sounds resembling hogs at feeding time. He began to dig himself into her with a vengeance and the slapping sound of her lubed pussy smacking against his abdomen became fast and furious.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me,” she encouraged him.

His sounds increased in intensity and she could see his face contorted and reddened from his effort. She held herself in mid squat as he pounded himself into her pussy. Every lunge inside of her a spike of pain to her already sore pussy. He reached a fevered pitch and she thought that the aspirin was not working very well. Then he pulled her to one side by her left tit and tossed her onto the mattress. He got to his knees and took hold of each leg and dropped her sore pussy onto his stiff cock and rutted her.

“Oh Yeah, cum for me baby, cum for me,” she wished he would blow his shit already.

He made a gurgling sound and she felt a stream of cum inside of her. He pulled himself out of her and with the aid of his hand shot the rest of his cum from clit to tit.

“You did good, baby,” she said. They always like to hear that.

“Oh what a cunt,” came his reply. “Your one nice bitch, you know that.” He asked her.

“Why thank you,” she said sweetly, “cum again, anytime.”

He got off the bed and retrieved his clothes and dressed in less than two minutes.

“I may see ya next pay day, you gonna be around,” he asked her.

“Just look for me on the street, If I’m here, I’m there.” She advised him.

“Great, see ya then,” and with that he let himself out and she heard the car start up and drive away.

She rolled off the bed, cum running down her tits and stomach, and walked into the bathroom. She found the only towel there and it had been used a lot today. It was crusty with dried semen and she wiped herself down with it. She carefully wiped between her legs because she was a lot sorer now then when she had started. She smoked a cigarette and rested for a few minutes. Rush hour did not last for ever and she had to get herself together for another John.

She dressed herself and stared in the mirror and repaired her makeup once again and headed for the door.

“God I hope the next fucker just wants his cock sucked,” she thought.

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