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On the Way to Vegas Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation of “On the Way to Vegas Chapter 1”.


I had no fear as I followed my police officer down the highway. We took the first exit, went through a light, and pulled into small motel. As the officer got out of his car and got us a room, I had called my friends to tell them that I was tired and was going to stop somewhere for the night. Now, while still tired, I was more curious and eager to explore, and being less than two hours away from Vegas, I could take my time.

I finished with my phone call and moved over to the small exterior office just in time to see the night manager slide a key and a receipt through an opening in the window.

“You’re ready to go, sir,” he said. “Just sign here.” I leaned against him, seeing that him scrawl the name ‘Jack Donovan’ on the dotted line. We bid the sleepy man a good night and headed down the outside corridor to our room. We were silent the whole way, and it wasn’t until we were inside a first floor room and the door was shut behind us, that Officer Jack even looked at me. I was concerned that he was regretting his decision, especially being seen in uniform with a woman at a shady motel. I shouldn’t have worried.

Jack pinned me against the door, rubbing the length of his body against me as he kissed me deeply. I could feel something pressing against me; thinking it was his utility belt, I wiggled my hand in between our bodies to unlatch it. It wasn’t his belt, though. It was his semi-hard erection, and I marveled that he had recovered so quickly.

Breathing hard, he pulled back, staring down at me with a naughty expression on his face, a finger tracing the outline of my lips.

“I don’t think I had the proper time and light to fully examine you. I’m concerned that I wasn’t thinking with the right head when I was trying to do my civic duty.” My tongue snuck out of my mouth to lick at his finger before I slid away from him, walking to the window to pull the curtain. I made sure to wiggle my hips as I bent towards a table lamp to switch it on. I walked to the other side of the room to turn the floor lamp on as well. Finally, I faced him, smiling.

“I don’t want to stand in the way of any search. I know it’s best to cooperate with our boys in blue. So, you let me know what I need to do to comply with your…search, Officer Donovan, and I’ll do it.”

He grinned at me and took a moment to slip his shoes off and drop his keys and hat on the table by the door. He perched on the edge of the bed, and gazed at me, sizing me up.

“First,” he said, signaling me to come closer to him, “I need to check you for any weapons.”

Once I stood in between his legs, his hands rose to untie my shirt, slowly pulling it open, and sliding it down my arms. I kaçak iddaa shivered at his dawdling, goose bumps rising along my skin. Officer Jack, I noticed, had piercing blue eyes, eyes that seemed to consume every inch of exposed flesh; it was a thrilling feeling.

Once my shirt was tossed carelessly aside, his fingers hooked into the waistband of my skirt and tugged it down. I let it fall, then kicked it away as well, and stood there, in my skimpy bra and panties. My breath caught as he smoothed his finger on the lace edge of my demi-cup bra ever so delicately. He traced along the edges, along the one side, dipping into my cleavage, then the other. His finger then slithered under the material and under-wire to tease the bottoms of my breasts.

“These are pretty,” he murmured as his fingers ran up the thin straps. “I didn’t get a chance to really see them earlier.”

“Which?” I asked, smiling. “My breasts or my lingerie?” He laughed, a low, throaty sound.

“Both,” he replied, tugging the straps off my shoulders, reaching around me to undo the clasp. “By sight, this area looks clean, but sight can be deceiving.” He then leaned forward, capturing one nipple, nibbling on it lightly, his hand cupping and massaging the other. I groaned, pushing my breast closer to his mouth, my hand running through his hair, pulling him closer as well.

“No, Lana,” he said, his hands placing my hands behind my back, “I have to complete my search uninterrupted.” He grinned up at me, one hand easily holding my wrists behind my back. My giggle quickly turned to a soft moan as he turned his attention to my other nipple, thoroughly tonguing it, rolling it around. I got it; he wanted to torture the hell out of me. But as he rained kisses along my breasts, all over the top, his tongue darting out to lick the underside, I figured I could withstand this torture, at least for a little while.

“Keep your hands here,” he instructed, so I held my hands at the small of my back. His hands, both now free, stroked my flat belly, my hips, my ass, before he gripped the sides and tugged my panties completely off. He held my hips as I stepped out of those as well, helping me balance before turning me around. “Bend over slightly.”

I did as he asked, knowing I was exposing my bare pussy and ass to him, and was rewarded with his groan. His hands stroked me everywhere; over my ass cheeks and in between. Down between my legs and over my wet lips. Over my thighs and legs, paying special attention to my inner thighs and behind my knees. In no time, he had me quivering all over.

“This area also looks just fine, but I’m going to need you to lie down on the bed and spread your legs.” He guided me into just the position he wanted me in, half propped up on the pillows, my legs kaçak bahis spread wide for him. He had me hold my ankles, and smiled as he took in this sight. I could not remember being this spread open for a lover before; it was fairly humbling, as nothing was left to the imagination, but I felt myself grow warmer under his gaze.

I, too, had a bit of a show as Officer Jack began to take off his uniform, carefully folding his shirt and pants and setting them on a chair. I watched the muscles in his arms bunch as he moved, and my mouth watered as he faced me fully for the first time, his dick free and hard. In one hand he held his handcuffs; the other his nightstick.

“Am I going to need these, or are you going to be good while I continue my search?” I gasped a little, but gave him a big smile.

“I don’t know, officer. You may want to bring them over just in case.” He returned my grin, setting them right beside me on the bed.

“You’re absolutely right. A policeman is always prepared.” He went to the foot of the bed and looked me over, his hand stroking his cock. It was so erotic watching him jack himself off, but I didn’t want him to waste any of that beautiful cock.

“Save some of that. I want to feel it thrusting in me, fucking me.” His eyes widened playfully, his eyebrows lifting.

“Why, Ms. Lana, are you propositioning an officer?” I paused for effect, then nodded my head decisively.

“Yep.” He laughed, crawling up the bed to me, lying with his face inches from my pussy.

“You know what happens to women that proposition an officer, right?” His tongue flicked out over my clit, and I moaned softly, my eyes closing halfway as I shook my head. “They get exactly what they ask for.”

I watched as his mouth closed over my lips, sucking on them lightly as his tongue slipped between them, teasing my opening by only going in a little bit. He rested his palm on my clit, shifting it back and forth a little, and my hips jerked. He obviously tasted my pleasure because he slid his tongue and two fingers into my wet pussy.

He continued this way for quite some time, until I was writhing under him, whimpering. He paid no heed, moving down to lick at my asshole, dipping his finger back into my pussy then pressing it against my hole. He did this earlier, but now, I was so slick that my juices were sliding down to my ass, and he had no trouble pushing one finger in. Returning to finger my clit again, he pressed his face against me, his tongue stroking against my inner walls.

He didn’t let me cum, though, pulling back before the tension he was building could release. I cried out, surging off the bed, but he held me down, his hands gripping my hips to keep me in place, his mouth moving over mine. I was so stirred up, tasting illegal bahis myself and him on his mouth, I hungrily returned his kiss. Reluctantly, he pulled away and grabbed his nightstick. Lightly, he tapped it against my mound, sliding it in between my lips, then moved it lower.

“Relax for me Lana, and tell me if this is too much.”

“It’s not,” I assured him, holding my legs open wider for him.

He nodded, dipping into my pussy, covering it my fluids, pumping it twice to see me squirm, then placed it against my ass. It was no wider than my dildo at home, so I wasn’t concerned about it hurting; right now, I wanted every hole full.

He eased it in and out, slowly at first, then quicker, his mouth returning to lick and lap at me. I bit my lip, trying to smother my cries, afraid I would start screaming at any moment. The image of him eating me, his arm pumping his black nightstick in and out of my ass was too much, and I started to cum.

Quickly, he moved up my body, sliding that thick beautiful cock of his into my pussy. Still in the throes of my orgasm, my muscles gripped him, nursed his cock deeper into me. He thrusted wildly, his hands gripping my knees as he leaned forward, alternately sucking on my nipples and kissing me. He left the nightstick in my ass, so I had the amazing sensation of being completely filled, and I loved it.

My hands gripped his shoulders, his arms as my hips lifted to meet his, already feeling another orgasm building. I held his face close to mine, nipping at his lips.

“Cum for me, Officer Jack. Let go and cum in me. I want you to.” His piercing gaze met mine, and I could see the lust on his face, the shaky hold he had. He was so close. “I want to feel your cock spasm in my pussy.”

That seemed to be enough for him and I felt the thick ropes coat me deep inside, his cock twitching over and over as it moved in me. I loved that feeling so much, and it was enough to cause my second orgasm, the waves slamming through me, my pussy clenching onto his cock.

Finally, both of our bodies settled enough, and a shaky Jack lifted himself up off of me. I removed the stick and got up to visit the bathroom, when he grabbed me and settled my pussy over his face.

“Let me,” he said. I didn’t have time to resist, as I felt his tongue tenderly moving over my sensitive flesh, cleaning me. God, that was so hot, and if I wasn’t so tired, it would have been enough to set me off again. Instead, I stretched forward, gripping his cock, returning the favor, sliding my tongue along his length. I sucked the last few drops from his head before lifting my head, a satisfied smile on my face.

I sighed as I settled next to him, his arm coming up around me, holding me close. I nudged the cuffs off the bed, and pulled the covers up over us.

“We never got to use the handcuffs,” I murmured drowsily. He kissed my forehead, tucking the covers around me.

“There’s always tomorrow morning,” he replied with a smile.

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