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Orgasmic Chemistry Ch. 01

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Note: In accordance with the rules, all characters are over 18.


Hello there, readers. First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alison Schofield, and I’m a 19-year old student in my first year at Durham University. I’m studying for a BSc in Chemistry. Not going to lie, I’m a science geek – always have been. I was one of those introverted, swotty kids, never one to cause trouble, although higher education has brought me out of my shell somewhat…

I’d opted to stay living at home rather than halls of residence, seeing that uni wasn’t too far from my parents’ house. The cost of tuition fees in the UK being sky-high, I’d recently taken a part-time cleaning job at my old high school. It was only ten hours a week during the evening. It was strange being back at St.Wilfred’s after nearly three years. I felt like I was visiting an old friend. The school hadn’t changed much, though the classrooms seemed so tiny compared with uni.

The other six cleaners on the team are a decent enough lot to work with. All are over 40, sometimes a little outspoken, especially Marjorie, self-styled leader. She smokes like a factory chimney and comes out with language that would make Russell Brand blush. She has a fiery temper and drinks a lot. They treat me like a kid. I don’t mind though. I really need the extra cash right now as I’m desperate for a car.

“Okay we’ve had a reshuffle,” Marjorie said on Monday night. “Alison do you mind moving from the Humanties corridor down to the science block? Some prick put in a complaint saying that the rubbish collection isn’t up to scratch down there, so we need an extra person doing the laboratories at the far end.”

“Sure, no problem.” I replied.

I was actually quite pleased at that. Naturally, the science block was my favourite part istanbul escort of the school when I’d been a student, but not just because science was my favourite subject. I’d had a massive crush on my chemistry teacher Mr. Bibby in Year 11. So what, nothing unusual about that, just like thousands of other students around the world who’ve fancied a teacher. Mr. Bibby wasn’t what one would call a conventional sex-symbol though. A middle-aged, stocky silver-haired guy who didn’t suffer fools gladly, and old enough to be my dad. The stereotypical scientist; he always wore a white labcoat, glasses and sensible suit.

Had I admitted to classmates that I fancied him I would’ve been the laughing stock of the whole school. He wasn’t popular among other students, who branded him old-fashioned and strict. There was nothing metrosexual or hipster about Mr. Bibby. You can’t choose who you’re attracted to though, can you?

I donned my blue tabard and picked up a brush, heading down to SC7, the lab at the far end of the block, which had been Mr. Bibby’s room and presumably still was. He’d probably gone home by now anyway, but as I peered through the glass panel in the door, my stomach jumped. Sitting at his desk and checking his laptop was none other than Mr. Bibby himself! For a moment, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“Get a grip girl,” I told myself. “You’ve moved on now, no excuse for these childish infatuations.”

There were plenty of attractive science teachers at Durham, none of whom currently floated my boat.

He was still wearing the infamous lab coat. He had a manly, chiselled jaw and his grey hair was slightly messy, as though he had just gotten out of bed, this made me think of… well lets not think about that, he’s my old avcılar escort teacher, I reminded myself. I plucked up the courage to knock and enter the lab.

“Come in.”

“Hello,” I mumbled. “I’ve been transferred down here.”

He removed his glasses and smiled. “Alison Schofield?”

I relaxed. “Hello Mr. Bibby.”

“How wonderful to see you again! Are you working here? I thought you’d gone to Durham.”

I filled him in on my current situation.

“I’m so pleased for you. I always knew you’d do well. In all my years I’d never come across a student with such a knack for chemistry.”

“Well I have you to thank for me getting those A* at GCSE,” I mumbled. “You always were my favourite teacher.”

He seemed to blush slightly. “Anyways, I mustn’t get in your way, if you’re trying to clean,” he muttered, gathering up the papers on his desk.

“Oh do you often work late?”

“Yes. So much marking and lesson planning to sort out these days. But it’s not like I need to hurry home soon or anything, so I just stay behind.”

My eyes widened. Was that a way of saying he lived alone? I assumed Mr. Bibby was married. He’d worn a wedding ring when he’d taught me as a student. I furtively stole a glance when he wasn’t looking – that ring was absent now. I smiled to myself and set to work tidying the lab.


That night I lay in bed and masturbated more than I’d done in a long time. I was getting so wet, so hot. I started thinking about a fantasy I had harboured for the past three and a half years and desired so much…being fucked by Mr. Bibby, in the science lab of all places. I started thinking about how it would be…I was in a rush to give myself the release I so desperately needed. I pushed my panties down just a bit, then shoved şirinevler escort my right hand down to my pussy.

I used my left hand to push up my nightshirt and play with my breasts, pinching my nipples hard, making me moan with pleasure. My right hand was busy with my cunt, alternately slipping down between my pussy lips and inside my hot, wet core, fucking myself with my fingers, then pulling out to rub my clit. Back and forth, over and over. I was moaning, fantasising about Mr. Bibby pounding me, begging him to fuck me harder and send me climaxing in ecstasy…and him asking me to recite the elements of the Periodic Table at the same time! My old crush had deepened into a raging lust. My God was so hot for my former teacher! I wanted to cum so bad, but I didn’t want it to end.

I was screaming as quietly as I could. Suddenly my orgasm peaked and hit full force. I stopped all movement with my hands momentarily then began again, at first very fast and hard, then slowing as my orgasm began to subside.

I lay there in the darkness as my breathing slowly returned to normal, a plan forming in my mind. Fantasies were all well and good but at the end of the day they were just that – fantasies. Would I be bold enough to make this dream of mine become a reality? I would be taking a massive risk. If it went in my favour, I would be the happiest girl alive…and not to sound big-headed, but I really wanted to bring some excitement to Mr. Bibby’s life too. I figured he was a man who hadn’t gotten laid in a long time.

On the other hand, if he didn’t welcome my advances I would lose the respect and friendship of my adored teacher. Besides I really didn’t want to jeopardise my job. I kept thinking back to how his face had visibly reddened when I’d complimented him. What would the harm be? I was no longer a schoolgirl, but an adult. I was single. I assumed he was now divorced. We wouldn’t be breaking any laws.

I had always been a shy person, never one to take risks or do outrageous things, but I’d made up my mind. I wanted to seduce Mr. Bibby. Tomorrow I was going to put my plan into action…


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