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Our Date Together

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This is what we are going to do one night when I get back.

We will have a family day and take the kids out and have some fun. Maybe we’ll go to the batting cages or go swimming or something else. When we get back we shower and wait for the baby sitter to arrive. When the baby sitter arrives we tell the kids to behave themselves and give the baby sitter instructions to have all the kids in bed at 2130.

We start our date off by going to the mall and just walking around and taking our time without kids. We walk hands and joking around with each other. By the time we leave the mall it is 1800 and we are hungry. We head to the restaurant, either Ruby Tuesday’s or the Japanese Steak House, since this is your “treat” night you can chose. Once we arrive at the restaurant we order drinks, since you are the guest of honor I drink soda and you order a strawberry daiquiri. Your drink arrives and we order our food, while we wait to eat we engage in our natural banter that we usually have been doing over the computer. We talk about all kinds of things, from the kid’s schools to sex. Soon we start eating and we order you another drink.

We continue talking, just enjoying the uninterrupted conversation and the excellent food. Finally we decide to leave at about 2000, and head towards the Player’s Club so we can shoot some pool and play darts. As we head to the van we start playing around with each other again, by the time we reach the van we are getting extremely sexual with each other. The parking lot is empty and as I go to open your door for you I reach up the shorts that you are wearing and stick a couple of fingers up your pussy. Added to the two drinks you have had, this causes a very enjoyable feeling for you. You turn and give me a deep kiss with lots off tongue as your hand travels down to my dick and works it to a hard state. We continue teasing each other ’til headlights in the parking lot causs us to get in the van and head out.

As we head back to Melbourne we continue to talk and have a nice relaxed evening. All of a sudden you unhook your seat belt and lean over to me. You undo my button to my shorts and pull down the zipper. You work my shorts down a little exposing my dick and balls. As I try to concentrate on my driving you start giving me a hand job. My dick instantly goes hard and I start to enjoy the feeling. As you continue you start to alternate between stroking me and rubbing my balls and the area between them and my ass hole. You continue this all the way back to Melbourne, slowing down each time you feel I’m about to cum. Once we reach Player’s, I park near the end of the parking lot and scan the area for any people. Finding none, you continue to rub me as you raise the arm rest of both seats. You then lean over closer and start stroking harder and faster as I press my hips up against you. Once you think I am only a minute or so away from cumming you lean over completely and take me in your mouth and start sucking on me. It doesn’t take long till I tell you I am ready to cum, but you continue sucking until I cum in your mouth. You swallow me until I am done and then sit back up as I put my shorts back on. Before we leave you lean over and give me a kiss making sure I know that you had just swallowed me.

We go inside and order some drinks, mine is coke, of course, because I am driving. We then spend the next two hours playing pool, shooting darts, flirting with each other, and just having a good conversation. Once it turns about 2300 we decide we need to head home so the baby sitter can go home and we can continue our night together. When we get home the baby sitter informs us that all the kids are sound asleep and none of them are in our bed. She leaves as you start to make us some strawberry shortcake drinks and I go into the bedroom to set up some stuff for the night. When I get back, kadıköy escort you hand me my drink and we sit down and start playing a couple hands of cards. This is your fourth or fifth drink for the night and you are definitely feeling a buzz. After we finish our drinks I invite you to take a shower with me, so we abandon our game of cards, lock up the house, and head into the shower together.

In the bathroom, we undress each other and start kissing and petting again. I reach in and turn the water on getting it as warm as we can stand it. I tell you to get in and that I will be right back, and then I wrap a towel around me and head out the door, returning a few minutes later. You ask me what I was doing and I tell you that you will find out soon enough. I step in the shower with you and tell you to step back while I wash myself real quick. You want to help but I tell you no and do it myself. I take a couple minutes to wish myself completely and then I tell you to change positions with me.

As you get under the water I tell you all you are allowed to do is stand there and that I will do all the washing and work. I start by grabbing the soap and working up a lather on your shoulders. I then go all the way down and lather your entire body before I put the soap down. Once you are lathered up I move you to make sure it doesn’t rinse off yet. Starting at your neck and shoulders I start using the soap to massage you. I take my time at each little spot and massage the tension out of every muscle, we have no where to be so I just stop at ever little point working my way down. After your neck and shoulders I do your arms from fingertip to the shoulder. Then I start on the back working the top to the sides. By this time you are standing near the back of the shower with your arms against the wall leaning into it.

Once again I spend a very long time working on your back, and then I move lower to your hips and butt. I start kneading your muscles in the butt as you press it back against me; I work all around the butt to the out side of your hips and then start working on your thighs. I rub up and down repeatedly on the outside and the slowly move to the inside of your thighs. Once there you squat a little in order to try to get my fingers inside your pussy. But I tell you that I am not going to do anything sexual right now and start massage the areas all around your lips. You moan out loud and practical beg me to fuck you, but I won’t give into you. By now I’m on my knees and working my way down you thighs and to your calves. It has taken me 40 minutes to finish your massage and we are both horny as hell. But now its cleaning time, I grab the soap again and lather up some more. This time I start again at your shoulders but just staying long enough to clean you.

The other difference is I will touch you sexually this time. I take some time to clean and play with you nipples, then move down to clean your lower body. I run my soapy fingers through your pussy and start moving them in and out while pausing to play with you clit. You start moving with my fingers and I sense you are about to cum, so I stop doing it against your protest. I then soap up my fingers and start cleaning the crack of your ass. I run them up and down and over your hole five times before I stop on the hole during the sixth pass by. I slowly work a finger around the rim a few times and the slowly stick my finger into you hole. After a few seconds your muscles relax and I work my finger in further and the back out. After the third time in I hesitate and probe around ’til you look like you are starting to enjoy it and once again I stop. I have you rinse off all the soap and wet your hair down while I grab the shampoo. I then wash your hair for you and tell you that once I am üsküdar escort done there is one more thing that I want to do and then we can move into the bedroom.

I have you face the water and put your right leg on the edge of the tub so that I have access to your pussy. I wet it down real good and then grab a can of shaving cream from the side. I foam up the hair on your pubic area and grab a razor. I then slowly shave you from the top to around your lips, ’til you are bare. After rinsing you off I turn off the water and grab a towel for you. I tell you dry off and go lay down on your belly and I would be there in a few seconds.

When I come into the bedroom you start to raise up on the bed and I tell you to lie back down. As you lay there you hear me open something and then you feel a warm liquid on your back. Its baby oil and I start massaging you again. The warm oil penetrates your skin and you enjoy the feeling of my fingers working your skin and muscles. I work your neck and shoulders and work my way to your arms. From there I add more oil to your back and start working your back putting all my weight and strength into it. I crack your back a couple times as I continue and rub continuously as I reach the start of your butt. Once there I add more oil on your butt and start working your butt checks and thighs. I work the insides of your thighs and brush your pussy and occasionally stick a finger or two up there. After getting done with your ass and thighs, I finish up the massage by working your legs and feet, spending a lot of time with your feet. Finally I am done with the massage and I start wiping off the excess oil with a towel. I ask you if you are ready to have some wild sex and you laugh and say you have been ready since I came in your mouth earlier. I tell you to continue lying there and that we were going to get started.

As you lay there you feel some liquid hit the crack of your ass and I tell you it is the motion lotion that you bought at Victoria Secret when I was on leave. I let the oil run down your crack and spread your cheeks so the oil runs down to your butt hole and continues down to your pussy. I then use a finger to make sure everything is well coated and lubed. Starting at the top of the crack of your ass I run my tongue down slowly breathing warm breath on it to warm up the oil. As I reach your asshole I start licking around the rim and blowing warm breath to heat it up. I continue flicking my tongue around your hole as I reach down and rub your pussy with my fingers. It starts to feel good to you and you press you butt back to my face and I slowly insert my tongue a little into your rim and move it around. You give a slight moan as I remove my fingers from your pussy because you want them back in, but soon you realize why I removed them, I have BOB (battery operated boyfriend, IE a vibrator) in my hand and I start him up and slowly move him into you. I do all this while I am still using my tongue on your rim. I take my time and work on you for ten minutes ’til I know you are excited and both your pussy and ass are dripping wet. When I finally stop I tell you to reach down below you and take control of Bob but to leave him in there.

I move up behind you with my thighs straddling your hips and slowly insert my dick into your ass while BOB is still in your pussy. I take it slow at first so I don’t hurt you, but as you loosen up I move in further and start to pick up a steady pace of moving in and out of you. You raise up a little in the bed in order to get a better hold of BOB and also to get me a little further inside of you after a few minute you take BOB out in order to use your hand to rub your clit. This causes a really good feeling for you and after a few moments you start begging me to fuck your pussy because you want me inside of you when tuzla escort you cum. I pull out making you think that I am going to follow your instructions and as I straighten up I give you asshole one final kiss.

But………….right now I have no intentions of entering your pussy and I grab your hips and help turn you around to you are laying on your back. Once you are in the position I want you in, I take control of BOB and start licking the outside of your pussy lips. I do this to tease you and make you want me to put my mouth and tongue all over your pussy. Once I have teased you enough and made sure that you are soaking wet I start in on the real thing and stick my tongue as deep in your pussy as I can. I move it in and out as fast as I can in order to fuck you with my tongue, and then I start to suck on you with my lips at the same time. I then move up to your clit and use my tongue to start flicking it. As it gets harder I move my tongue harder and harder against your clit and stick a couple fingers deep inside your pussy, this way I am finger fucking you at the same time I am eating you. As you get closer to cumming you start to push your pussy into my face, so I slow down on your clit in order to keep you from cumming. At the same time I push my fingers deep inside you and also stick one into your ass and concentrate on giving you a good finger fuck.

Once I know you have calmed down some I start back on your clit with my tongue, this time I go as hard as I can while I finger you rapidly and deeply. Within a few seconds you are pushing you pussy hard into my face as I bring you to orgasm. I keep going ’til you touch the back of my head as you do when you are getting sensitive.

Without hesitation I move up and stick my dick in you and start fucking as hard as I can. The aim here is to use your feeling at the time to make you cum again as soon as possible. You bring your legs up to your chest in order to allow me to penetrate as far as I can and I move up on you to allow the top of my dick to rub against your clit. I lean down and kiss you and you get a good taste of yourself from all the juices that cover my face. I start to slow down, but you dig in you fingernails into my shoulders and ask me to move harder because you are about to cum again. Within a few seconds you really dig your nails into me and whisper to me that you are cumming again, so I try to go faster and harder, bringing my pelvis hard and violently into yours. Once you are done I stop thrusting and roll on my back.

You move up to straddle me and mount me from the top as you face me. You start moving like you did during my leave and before long I am getting close to cumming as you slowly move on me. You alternate between movements so that I won’t cum to soon and after about 10 minutes of this you move off of me in order to put me in your ass from above. You slowly sit on me as I enter your ass and we pick up the motion of each other. I tell you to lean back as we move together, this way I can rub your clit while I am in your ass. Five minutes later I am ready to cum and you stop and get off me. You lay on your back as I straddle your chest. I stick my dick between your tits as you push them together tightly in order to make a little friction tunnel. I start sliding in and out of your tits and as I come up to the top of the stroke you lick the head of my dick.

Soon I start to feel the tightening in my balls as I get ready to cum and I move faster. Finally I let loose and cum all over your tits and chest and throat. I stop my motion but you continue to move your tits against my dick using my cum as lube. I lean over you and we kiss for a few minutes before I move off of you. I grab a towel that I had placed in the room earlier and we take a few minutes to clean each other off. You then roll over on your left side as I move behind you to lie right next to you. When I get as close as I can to you I reach down and spread your ass cheeks apart and slide my dick between them and lay next to you like that. Soon we both fall asleep next to each other, but we are already positioned right to start all over when we wake up.

This will happen when I get back, I LOVE YOU.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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