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Our First Night

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I look toward you. The sight takes my breath away. The moonlight flowing through the window over your flowing hair and across your lovely face gives you an angelic glow. There is a distinct sparkle in your eyes. Your black gown is hugging your curves in such a magical embrace. You are the most beautiful sight that I have ever been blessed to see. Nothing could have prepared me for this.

Your eyes meet mine as I cross the room toward you. The corners of your lips slope upward in a warm and inviting smile. When I reach you, I am afraid to touch you. I cannot believe that you are real. Will you disappear if I touch you? Is this all just a dream?

Finally, I summon the courage to reach toward you. I am so relieved that you are real! I run my fingers through your hair. I love the way it frames your beautiful face. I can see desire in your eyes. I know you see passion in mine. Gently I trace the lines of your face, hoping you can feel my desire for you. Moving my hands behind your neck, I draw your face to mine. I feel a spark as our lips touch. We take if slow, giving innocent little kisses, our lips barely touching. I trace my tongue over your perfect lips, As your lips part, I gently suck your lower lip. Finally, our mouths come together fully, our lips slightly open. We begin playfully dueling with our tongues, each darting quickly between the other’s lips and drawing back. As we breathe each other’s breath, our passion starts rising slowly. Our tongues begin earnestly battling and exploring. I gently rub and scratch your back, starting at the shoulders and going down. I grip your sexy buttocks tightly, pulling our bodies together.

I begin lightly kissing your lovely face, starting with your forehead, moving to your cheeks, chin, nose, and eyelids. While loving on your neck with little nibbles, my hand slides up your back and begins to lower your zipper slowly. Finger tips are dancing on velvet skin as it is exposed. I slowly pull the gown from your shoulders and down your arms. It slides over your hips, down your legs, and lands in a pile on the floor.

I feel the electrical energy of your passion as you start kissing my neck. Your lovely fingers start unbuttoning my shirt. I stop you for a minute. Looking deeply into your eyes, and suck the index and middle fingers of your right hand deeply into my mouth, running my tongue their length and between them. I back my mouth off while gently nibbling and sucking the whole way. This is repeated with your right hand. I kiss and suck your palms, while massaging your hands gently. Finally, I release your hands and you finish opening the buttons of my shirt. You slide it off my shoulders and it falls to the floor beside your gown.

The feeling of your skin on mine puts me in total ecstasy. I have wanted this for so long. Resuming kissing and nibbling your neck, I hold you tight, as if to not let you slip away. Finding the clasp of your bra, it is unfastened quickly and releases your lovely breasts. I feel the weight of them as they settle against my chest. Backing away, I watch as your bra slides off, falling to the floor, revealing your magnificent breasts to my sight.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I pull you to me. Taking your breasts in my hands, I am filled with wonder at how beautiful they are. I trace them, squeeze them, and lower my mouth. Kissing each nipple gently, I can feel the texture. My tongue traces the areolas. I suck the left nipple deep in my mouth. With continual suction, I anadolu yakası escort draw back while flicking the tip, rolling my tongue around it, and lightly nibbling. Feeling it draw tight and harden, I continue teasing it for several minutes. I love hearing you groan and catch your breath. I move to the right nipple, repeating the process. Your body is shaking and your groans are getting louder.

Lowering my head, I kiss, lick, and nibble your belly. I slowly cover it in kisses, moving from side to side. My hands are stroking up and down your back, gripping your buttocks and reaching up to pinch your hardened and sensitive nipples. Slowly, I lower your panties. You step out of them and they fall to the floor. Your glorious nakedness is finally open for me to see. What a heavenly sight for my eyes! I stand up and take you into my arms, wanting to get to know every inch of your sexy body.

You sit on the edge of the bed. I feel you unbuckle my belt, unzip, and then unbutton my pants. You lower them to the floor and I step out of them. Pulling me forward by my buttocks, I feel your sweet kisses over my chest. You suck and nibble my nipples, which makes me catch my breath. Now you lower your head and I feel the warm wetness of your mouth enveloping my hardness. I feel as if I may faint from the pleasure you are giving me as I watch my manhood penetrating deeply in your mouth. Your tongue is like magic on my hard shaft. I feel it circling the head, flicking the tip, and stroking down the engorged vein running down the bottom. I am releasing so much precum on your tongue. Removing me from your mouth, you suck each testicle in and run your tongue over them. While sucking my testicles, your lightly gripping hand is stroking me in long, slow strokes. Leaving my testicles, you sink your mouth back down my hardness. Your hand stays on the base. You begin stroking up and down with your mouth and hand. You are driving me to the point of insanity with lust!!!

I pull your head off of me, raise you to your feet and turn you around, I embrace you from behind, nibble your neck, stroke your belly and cup your breasts. Lowering you onto the bed face down, I crawl onto the bed beside you, I lightly stroke your body with my finger tips. I kiss the back of your neck tenderly and gently massage your shoulders as I linger with licks, kisses and nibbles down the sides of your neck and over your shoulders. Light stroking fingers travel down your back and over your buttocks. I gently massage down your back. Everywhere my hands touch, my mouth follows, slowly covering you with kisses, little nibbles, and tiny licks. I take my time, making sure that nothing is neglected.

Finally, I make it to the bottom. I then start massaging your womanly buttocks. I am amazed at how lovely they are. Lowering my head, I lightly nibble them, sucking your cheeks, and flicking my tongue over them. I can hear and feel your responses to my efforts.

I lower myself slowly while gently scratching, kissing, and licking down your thighs. My blood is boiling with desire for you. Reaching the back of your knees, I orally work for a while on this sensitive spot, before working my way down your calves.

I stand and begin massaging your feet. Using my thumbs, I find all of the pressure points and manipulate them. Then I pull and stroke your toes from the top to the tip, working all of the stress from them. Now, it is time to start my journey back up ataşehir escort your body.

I ask you to roll over. Working my way up the front of your legs, I use licks and kisses on your shins and knees. I am running my hands up your thighs, stroking them gently, and following my hands with long, slow kisses and nibbles. Reaching the top, I lick the tender spot where your thighs meet your abdomen and feel your body quivering. Moving back down to your knees, I cover your inner thighs with kisses, slowly moving toward your sweet center. I can see that my efforts are working. Your lovely petals are glistening with moisture and you are using your fingers on yourself. Your fingers are shining with your sweet nectar. I do not remember ever feeling the intense passion that I am feeling at this moment. The whole world is gone to me except for you and your lovely body!

As I reach the top of your thighs, I remove your fingers from their work, taking them in my mouth to clean your juices from them. It is the sweetest taste that I have ever known. My thirst for you intensifies. I am kissing and licking all around your sweet center, under it, between it and your thighs, and on your lower belly. Blowing warm air gently over your sweetness, I feel your body quivering. You release a big sigh and start writhing against the sheets. I tentatively lick lightly from the bottom to the top, barely touching. I run my tongue up your right lip very slowly, then the same with your left. Now, I suck your right lip into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue, repeating with the left. I run my tongue lightly into the bottom of your opening, putting pressure there, and stroking back and forth.

Moving up, I gently open your lips to expose your clit. My tongue does a dance lightly over it. Your right leg is tensing and quivering. My lips close over your clit, sucking it in. I am nibbling, flicking and sucking your sweet center of pleasure. Reaching up to pinch your nipples, I have to move your hands because your are already pinching them. When I remove your hands, they immediately go to the back of my head, pulling my face into you. My face is buried in you! My tongue is stroking deep inside you, trying to collect every drop of your juices. You are so wet!! Inserting a finger, I get it moist and slide it down your crack to stimulate you there. I insert a thumb into you and make circles. It is reaching every corner of your pussy and stroking your g-spot. Your back arches! Your whole body tenses and a loud tortured groan escapes from you. Juices flood over my hand and into my mouth. I am licking and swallowing, trying not to miss any. As your orgasm subsides, I gently lick and kiss your petals until they stop quivering. Wanting you to taste the sweetness that I have found, I give you my fingers to clean. It is so erotic watching you clean your own juices from me!

Rising up, I watch as your legs open for me. As I get close, you reach for my hardness and grip it. I gasp at your touch. You stroke me a few times and then pull me to you. I feel you rubbing the head up and down your moist lips. I am dying with anticipation! I push slightly forward and feel you start to open for me. One more little push and the head slips inside. I hold it there for a minute basking in the moment. You are pulling on my buttocks, trying to pull me inside. Reaching down, I take my hardness and move it up and down and from side to side to tease you. Your eyes narrow, your teeth grit, ümraniye escort and you pull at me as you say, “Now!!! Give it to me NOW!!!”

My hips push forward. A groan comes from me as I feel your warm, wet walls surrounding my hardness. I slowly slide deeper and deeper until our lower bellies are touching. I am now completely enveloped in your sweet flower. It’s petals surround me and it’s nectar is flowing out for me. All I feel now is your womanhood surrounding my manhood and our naked bodies touching.

I raise my hips slowly, sliding out and leaving just the head inside. In one long stroke, I sink it back in. I feel the walls milking at me. Pushing in as deeply as possible, I rotate my hips to explore every crevice of your welcoming love nest. I then begin a slow in and out movement, my senses going wild at the immense pleasure that you are giving me. Your juices are flowing constantly. I feel your walls gripping me. When I pull out, I feel them trying to pulling me back in. Your eyes are glazed. Your breathing is labored, and your skin is flushed. Groans and sighs are coming with every breath. You alternate between pinching your nipples and pulling me into you with your hands. Our bodies are moving in unison. Long slow strokes begin to turn into faster strokes. Our eyes are locked on each other. The pace of our dance of love increases until we are feverishly thrusting at each other. Your body tenses, your back arches, and I feel your grip on my manhood tighten. For what seems like minutes you are wracked with spasms as your release flows in wave after wave. I feel your wetness soaking me. It is so hard for me to not finish with your spasming walls sucking on my hardness as if to milk my juices from me.

When your orgasm is over, I pull out of you, stand up, and turn you over. You rise up on your hands and knees. I pull on your hips to bring you back to me. I lower myself to my knees and bury my face in your center. I cover it with my mouth, suck it, and dip my tongue deep inside, drawing the nectar from your orgasms. You bury your face in the bed and groan loudly as my tongue strokes your clit. More of your sweet juices rush into my mouth.

Rising to my feet, I grip your hips again and pull you back toward me. Using my right hand, I push the head of my hardness just inside your lips, stroking it up and down your wet slit. Gripping my manhood firmly, I spank your buttocks with it. Finding my spot, I push the head in again. Suddenly thrusting my hips forward, I slam it all the way in. The bottom of my belly slaps against your buttocks. Grabbing your hips, I start thrusting hard into you, pulling you back as I thrust with my hips. Every time I hit bottom, out bodies quiver. I hear your moans and feel you thrusting back at me. Releasing your hips, I pinch your nipples as your breasts sway with each of our motions. I feel your fingers playing with your clit, and stroking my testicles every time they swing against you with my thrust.

Hearing a loud tortured moan coming from you, I feel your body stiffen and begin quivering. I feel a rush of your juices soaking me, some of it running out and over my testicles. With one big final thrust, I slam into you and hold my manhood deep in your loving womanhood. Extreme passion floods over me. I feel my release rising up my shaft .With a big jerk, my cock releases my passion. It hits the back walls of your love nest, spreading out, and mixing with your juices. It is as if time has stopped. My hardness jerks time after time, each jerk draining more of my passion into you.

Finally, both of our orgasms subside. Rolling you over, I fall into your arms. We hold each other, talk, stroke, and laugh for the longest time. We are looking into each other’s eyes as we slowly drift off into a sweet and satisfied sleep.

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