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Our First Time with Others

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Ava Adams

“Can we go naked here?” Jamie asked.

For a moment it seemed time slowed way down. No one spoke, and hesitated in whatever they were doing. We had just finished anchoring and were tidying up the lines in preparation for going ashore.

“Yes, we can get naked here”, my husband Bob replied. “There are no other boats here and I’ve never heard of the caretakers over on this side of the island.”

He waved his arm out towards the shore, his palm up as if presenting this fabulous spot, with sandstone cliffs behind the wide sandy beach with a rocky point at either end.

This side of Santa Cruise Island faced south and blocked the prevailing North Westerlies and the cool marine air it brought around Pt Conception. Sheltered from the wind on this first sunny day of our trip was an invitation to fulfill our original desire, which was to get naked with others and enjoy the natural beauty of life without the constraints of having to wear clothes.

Jamie and John had been a bit disappointed that after three days and one aborted attempt we still hadn’t had a chance to go nude. That’s what prompted them to ask about nude beaches and nude hiking and sailing naked in the first place. They were, as Jamie said, “naturists, which is a little different than nudists, if you know what I mean.” I had no idea what she meant but assured them that we could get naked pretty much anytime we wanted once we left the harbor.

But of course it was cool and overcast and with the wind-chill we knew there’d be no nudity until the weather permitted, unless we just got naked down in the cabin during the evening or something. But, I didn’t think that was part of the plan. We were just getting to know this couple. I think we all assumed this little outing wasn’t about sex it was about being comfortably naked with friends.

“We can strip off any time we want,” Bob continued, “It’s warm and sunny, finally, and with the beach facing south it’ll be almost toasty. Be sure to take your sandals and some water. Oh, yeah, and your permits just in case an island caretaker comes by, like last time.”

That’s my captain, always looking out for his crew. I smiled up at him from where I was stashing the coiled lines in the lazarette.

Jamie and John went below and as I bent over to close the lid I gave him a good look down my top. I was braless as we’d all been going without underwear even if we did have to bundle up when we got cold. But today we’d all gotten down to shorts and shirts. With my loose oversized low-cut top now hanging open for viewing I swung my boobs from side to side a couple times then rose and stepped up to kiss him.

I pulled off his shirt and had him pull off mine. Then I slowly brought my boobs to his chest and we sort of melded into each other as we hugged and kissed with more than our usual passion. I was having fun already.

Jamie came up the companionway first, with nothing on, holding a small fanny pack and her water shoes. She was in her early thirty’s, maybe ten years younger than me and in way better shape. She was trim with great tits and a flat stomach that only those that haven’t given birth can take for granted.. No stretch marks either, just a nice all over tan, and a few more tats exposed.

“I’m ready,” she announced.

“Me too,” said John, also coming up to the cockpit without a stitch of clothes on.

“So Mandy, you and Bob are coining too, aren’t you?”

Jamie looked concerned that maybe we weren’t into this and maybe they were being a little too forward. She even casually brought her hands holding her pack around to cover her pubic area. I noticed she was shaved clean.

“Oh, I’m coming,” I said.

“How about you, Bob?” John asked.

“Well to tell the truth, this is not considered a safe anchorage as it’s entirely open to the East, South and Southwest. I’m not sure if I can leave the boat un-attended just yet.”

I was getting nervous. I thought we would take the dingy to shore then strip out of our clothes, but having the two of them standing there naked forced me to just do it. I went below and took off my shorts. I put a water bottle and an apple into my insulated lunch bag.. I grabbed my sandals, put on my hat and sunglasses then climbed up the steps exposing myself to the three of them.

“You’re looking mighty fine there, honey” Bob said, staring at my tits, now as naked as the rest of us as he tossed his shorts onto the cabin top.

They were all staring at my tits. They have always been the first thing people notice when they meet me, but not Bob. The first time he saw me I could tell he forced himself not to stare. He looked me in the eyes and said, “I love your eyes, almost as much as your, smile. What a sweetheart he was, and still is.

Jamie broke the silence and said. “Mandy, I have to say, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before but you have a really nice rack. Can I ask how big they are?”

“Sure. But let me just say I envy your body, so young and firm and nice tits too. Do you work out?”

She smiled, “Thanks. Beylikdüzü escort We have a membership at a gym but don’t go all that often anymore. We do tend to be fairly active though. Thanks,” she said looking right at my boobs.

I replied, “Well I have two favorite bras, one’s a 40 FF and the other is a 42 FF. It depends on what I’m wearing or if I’ve put on a few pounds, you know? But then again I’m a fairly big girl. In our family we referred to ourselves as “big boned.”

“So how big are you? You look fantastic.”

“Thanks, and yeah I know what you mean about the extra pounds. I wear a 36 D when I wear a bra, but that’s not often.”

The boys were taking this all in without saying a word, just looking at our tits and smiling. At my age I appreciated the attention and to have a young woman tell me I still looked good helped ease my anxiety.

“So, you had two kids and nursed them both?” She asked.

“Yeah, and Bob too.” That got a smile from all three of them.

Later, we beached the dingy, pulling it up onto the beach far enough to keep a rogue wave from taking it back into the water. We walked from one end of the beach to the other, checking out sea shells and driftwood and lots of kelp that had washed up on the shore. Then we headed over the rocks to the place Bob said there was a trail. John picked a path through the rocks and turned to watch us safely through to the dirt and gravel trail. It seemed he was always a little head of us then stopping, turning and watching us catch up. I made sure to bounce a little. Once on the trail, there was less wind and it got pretty warm pretty quickly. It felt good to be naked.

“So, Mandy, how’s it feel to just traipse around naked with two people you hardly know? Are you ok with this? Is Bob? I mean, maybe he wasn’t comfortable going on our little nature walk.”

“Thanks for asking but he’s fine. If anything he’s more of a nudist or naturist than I am. But he always puts the boat first. And I’m fine. We’ve been nude around others before, you know hot springs and hot tubs with friends, that sort of thing. And we really like you guys and feel comfortable with you.”

“Thanks, we feel the same and have really enjoyed sailing with you. When you asked about our naturist habits, our nude camping and hiking and such we couldn’t help but ask about sailing in the nude. That’s always been one of our dreams. Thank you for setting this up and now for actually letting us be who we are. I hope this isn’t too scary for you.”

“Well, we really haven’t had a chance to sail naked yet, maybe this afternoon, but just being out here in the open with nothing on, this is different. I like it. The freedom, and sensual feelings of the warm sun on places that don’t get it often, even slight breezes blowing kisses all over me. I love it. And I couldn’t just do it without someone to kind of show me the way.”

We crested another little hill and walked along the far side of it to a little arroyo with a few small trees here and there. We stopped and had some water and I was about to suggest we head back when I noticed John staring at my tits again. He thought by looking off the side a little bit, with his sunglasses and hat on I wouldn’t notice, but it was pretty obvious. Jamie noticed too.

“You’re sure fascinated with her tits, aren’t you?”

“Well, Yeah. Well, they are pretty nice you know,” he offered, lamely.

Do you want to check em out” I asked.

I lifted them, holding one in each hand, hefting their weight.

“Can I?” He asked.

“Sure” I said and he cautiously scooped up my left boob in his right hand.

I nodded to Jamie and said, “You too. You want to hold em?”

She reached in and took the other.

“You want to suck em?” I heard myself ask.

What was I doing? I don’t talk like that.

Although I was speaking to John they both responded and soon latched onto my tits with tentative lust. I was in heaven but knew I was leading us down a slippery slope I might be sorry we took.

“Ok, that’s enough”, I said, “I’m having too much fun”.

They got up off their knees and smiled, then leaned in for a group hug. That’s when I noticed John had a hardon sticking out like a whisker pole. “Uh Oh,” I said, “look what I’ve done now,” while looking down at the most beautiful sight I could have imagined.

“I guess I’ll have to take care of this,” said Jamie who went to her knees and took him into her mouth.

I’d never seen an erect uncircumcised penis before and I was mesmerized. As her head and mouth stroked up and down and I got an occasional sight of the tip as she swirled her tongue around on it, I noticed I was getting wet. I wanted to suck that cock. I wanted it bad.

I wouldn’t do that, I couldn’t do it, not now, not yet.

“Cum on my tits,” I heard myself say. Shoot your hot cum onto my tits.”

“Who was this?” I asked myself. I was not behaving like myself at all.

I went down on my knees next to Jamie and with all the willpower I Beylikdüzü escort bayan could muster I did not go for his cock. I pushed my boobs out as she let go with her mouth. He took over and in a few fevered strokes he started to groan and pant and tremble and then he shot a string of cum that hit my upper lip, across my partially open mouth and down my chin. I grimaced and turned away. I hate cum on my face. I hate cum in my mouth. I hate it.

The next shot ran from the top of my left boob midway down to the nipple. It was pretty much the same for my right boob with the remaining globs on the nipples where he swirled it around in circles with his magic wand. With my head turned away I licked the cum off my lips and used my finger to scoop off what I couldn’t reach with my tongue, then I sucked it into my mouth. I didn’t swallow any of it. I let my tongue play with it as I salivated, swirling it around, savoring the taste.

With his cock resting in the cleavage of my cummy boobs he stroked it up and down a few times as Jamie looked on with her mouth open.. I had us all stand up and then I had Jamie come to me breast to breast to share the cum. God I was hot.

“I don’t have any napkins or anything,” I said.

“That’s ok” she replied. “It’s nature’s best skin cream.”

With that we walked back toward the beach, the boat, and my waiting husband. We didn’t talk a lot but it all felt good. It felt very good, and natural.

“Ahoy there mates,” Bob called to us as we approached. He had been lying on a cushion under the shade of the Bimini and was now coming to the stern to catch our line.

“How was your nature hike?” He asked.

“It was great,” I answered. “We went back maybe a mile or so and found this cool little arroyo. Not much besides a lot of sand and gravel but just hiking in the nude with the birds and bees was really cool. And of course it’s not something I would do by myself so I’m glad to have had the two of them along.”

We lounged in the cockpit eating fruit and crackers, enjoying each other’s stories and experiences all the while comfortably nude. We all seemed at ease with one another.

Eventually we weighed anchor and set sail for our last night out together. By the time we reached the Eastern end of the island the weather and wind forced us to all get dressed again. I think all of us, or at least I myself really enjoyed our time together as naked as the day we were born.

Approaching Pirate’s cove we hit one of those down slope winds that brought us up into the wind. Bob walked us through taking down the sails in a near gale. He’s so cool under fire. From there we could see the anchorage and motored toward and line of boats already there.

We found a half dozen other sailboats and a couple powerboats anchored in a line with an obvious gap near the middle. Bob brought us right into the slot, continued just far enough to windward then gave the command to let go the anchor. He motored back as John and I gave out chain, then told us to cleat it off. The rode tightened and the boat came to a stop. He gave it a good boost in reverse to make sure we were well set then eased off the throttle. We came to rest nearly mid-way between a shiny new Juneau to our port and what looked like a well-travelled ketch to starboard. The Ketch had jerry cans tied to the life lines and noticeable stains on the hull, indicating quite some time at sea.

We were now anchored in the same cove where we anchored our first night. It’s the most protected and spacious and closest anchorage to the harbors on the mainland: Santa Barbara, Ventura and Oxnard, where we had charted this boat for a five day cruise.

Once we were sure we were secure we all went below for a sundowner. We poured ourselves a drink, slipped into something more comfortable and went back up the cock-pit to watch the sky turn from day to evening. Jamie and I presented a platter of smoked salmon with a side of quinoa vegetable salad. John opened a bottle of wine. We had a wonderful last dinner board as the evening began to chill and we gave it up and went below.

“I don’t know about you two,” Bob said, glancing at John, “but Mandy and I are beginning to feel a bit cramped in the quarter berth back there. I say we drop the table and turn the settee into a large bed. It should hold all four of us if we don’t mind getting a little cozy.”

I was speechless. My heart stared to pound. Was my husband suggesting we all sleep together in one bed? My heart raced with visions of what might happen.

“You know Bob”, John replied, “That vee berth isn’t that big. I’d appreciate the chance to stretch my legs.”

The boys set up our communal bed as Jamie and I prepared dessert: One cantaloupe melon cut in half melon with vanilla ice cream scooped into the middle and some very special brandy soaked cherries on top and only one spoon for each melon. Jamie brought out a bottle of champagne I hadn’t seen her bring on board. Each couple shared their half melon, spooning and feeding each Escort beylidüzü other. Then we took turns feeding them as they returned the favor. We made it fun with lots of lip and tongue and sucking action. We enjoyed our yummy desert and the bottle of chilled champagne all together in our evening attire. Jamie had on a long loose sheer top with spaghetti straps and nothing else. I had changed from my gym shorts to my favorite black bikini cut sheer lace panties and Bob’s Hawaiian shirt with the top two buttons undone.

We all sat around on a couple of sleeping bags spread over the settee cushions, telling stories, some getting s bit ribald and others even more suggestive or even a bit raunchy. I think Jamie and I had had enough to drink and were talking a little too loud and leaning on each other and giggling. Bob reached out and cupped my breast. I squealed, then started laughing.

“We generally sleep in the nude,” Bob offered. “I hope that’s ok with you.”

With that he took off his shirt and then his shorts. Well, I gotta tell you we all followed suit and were soon naked on the bed.

I looked down at Bob and saw his dick start to rise. I snuck a peek at John’s and it was growing as well. I reached down for my husband’s prize and said, not all that quietly, “I want to suck your dick.”

That started it. Bob rolled to his back up against the nav station bulkhead while I positioned myself on my knees between his legs. I glanced over at the other two and they were in the same position next to us up against the forward bulkhead between the saloon and the vee berth. We girls started licking and sucking our men like we knew what we were doing. I know what my husband likes and I’m pretty sure Jamie knows how to please her man. Pretty soon Bob started to get really quiet and still, then squirmy.

“Honey, why don’t you get on top and ride me,” he said.

I’m sure he wanted to watch my boobs bounce and give Rob a good view in the process but he was taking a big chance. Once we ladies are on top we have total control. I can make him cum when I want and if I’m hot enough I’m not putting it off much longer. But I did mount him from above, slowly settling down on him while I spread my pussy lips with one hand and guided his shaft up to and into my waiting wet womanhood. Oh God it felt so good going in, an inch at a time, then out a bit and then in again. I finally sat all the way down on him and we both let out a very satisfied breath. It’s good to breathe.

To my left I could see John watching my boobs bounce as I fucked my husband good. His eyes seemed to glaze over. Jamie was taking his cock balls deep and coming all the way off to gasp for breath and drool a mouthful of spit and whatever over the tip of his cock and then suck it all up again, up and down and then way down and holding it. I could never do deep throat. I gag too easily.

“Oh fuck,” John gasped. ” I’m gonna cum baby.”

She just picked up the pace, her head bobbing faster and faster.

“I can’t hold it, I’m cumming.”

And he did. I watched as his face went pale and he closed his eyes and groaned like a wounded animal I saw her cheeks fill up and cum ooze out around her lips and she just kept on pumping and he just kept on cumming.

“Oh No,” groaned Bob, “I can’t, I can’t, Oh shit, honey here it cums. I felt him cum hard, and then another shudder and explosion filled my cavity and I kept on humping and he kept on cumming. Oh my God I had never had an orgasm like that before in my life.

I looked over at the other two and saw that John had fallen back against the cushions looking like he’d died and gone to heaven. Jamie was leaning back against the other settee with cum all around her mouth, and a big smile on her face. Bob was looking into my eyes and smiling his best “I sure do love you” smile. We were all spent. Totally spent and worn out we were.

As I lifted off Bob’s cock to fall back against the settee next to Jamie I could feel the load of stuff ready to flow out of me. I reached down with one hand and scooped up and few fingers’ full and then smeared them on one tit. I reached between my legs and scooped up another batch for my other tit. Then looked down at Bob and said,

“Do you wanna suck my tits?”

His eyes got big and he looked like a kid who’d just seen his first road kill.

“I do,” said John, lying there next to him.

And so I got myself off and leaned over John instead. I lowered my boobs to his face and he started licking and sucking one tit and then the other. I looked over at Bob to see him watching intently. I think he was stroking his dick. When I’d had enough I pulled away and collapsed on my husband’s chest. As I lay there somewhere between this world and the next I noticed some movement and saw Jamie climb up on top of John, chest to chest and they began to kiss. Kiss? Hell they were making out big time and he was licking any cum he could find from her face and chin. Oh My God. I was so horney I wanted to do it all over again.

We all fell asleep like that until I rolled off Bob and flopped into the space next to Jamie, who was also slipping into that space between us. Four naked bodies with barley enough room to turn and our legs pretty much hanging off the edge but we didn’t care. I for one was in the most wonderful space I could remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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