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Our One Year Anniversary

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Tonight is our one-year anniversary. And I’m excited because I have big plans. Jeff proposed to me two weeks ago, and it amazes me when I look down at my finger to see the huge rock. He surprised me, and that night, we had amazing sex. Now, I plan to outdo him.

Tonight, I’ve planned something I’m sure he’ll never forget. As I get out at the mall, I head for Victoria Secret’s. I know exactly what I want. I head straight for it. I pay the man at the counter, and when he raises his eyebrows, I grin sheepishly and tell him it’s for a special occasion. Heading out the door, I start for my car. Driving home, I can’t keep the huge smile off of my face. I know that it’s going to be fun.

At home, I set up the bedroom. After I put on the new dark red silk sheets, I scatter rose petals on the bed. I look around, satisfied. I move to the kitchen, starting on dinner. I make the chicken parmesan and slide the bread pan into the oven. As my rolls bake, I take a quick glance at the clock. I call Jeff on his cell phone.

“Hello beautiful.”

“Hey sexy. You still getting off at 6?” I ask him, trying to keep my voice normal.

“As far as I know. What’s for dinner?”

“Your favorite. And, I should tell you that I have a surprise for you.”


“A good surprise.” I add.

“Goodie. Well, I guess I’ll see you in about an hour.”

“Yeah, see you when you get home. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Hanging up the phone, I head into the kitchen to finish fixing supper. With a little over 10 minutes to go, I head into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I already shaved my legs last night. As I slip into my new outfit, I quickly blow dry my short dark hair. Candles, vanilla and peppermint, are lit one by one. They cover the dresser and night stands. Grabbing my knee length black silk sarıyer escort robe, I pad back into the kitchen barefoot. I pour 2 glasses of wine, and sitting seductively on the couch that faces the door, waited to hear Jeff’s truck. I don’t have to wait long.

As he walks into the living room, he smiles. I smile back and get up to hand him the glass. He takes it with one hand, and with the other, he reaches around me, pulling me close to him, kissing me long and hard. We’re both panting as he pulls away.

“I love coming home to you like this. I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me too. Hungry?”

“‘Bout to starve. Hope you got plenty.”

As we sit down to eat, we chat about his day and mine. He keeps trying to ask me what’s under my robe. I just smile and tell him to wait. He has terrible willpower. As we finish, I clear the table. Turning back to him, I tell him the dishes can wait. Grabbing his hand, and leading him to the bedroom down the hall, he starts to chuckle.

“Are you trying to outdo me from the night I proposed to you?” Competition was just part of our relationship.

“Yep. And I think I did.”

As I opened our bedroom door, I hear his gasp. Letting go of his hand, and instructing him to stay by the door, I climb onto the bed. As he watches, I undo the belt to my robe and let it slide down my arms. Looking straight in his eyes, I watch his reaction. His eyes shine as he takes in what’s before him.

“You like what you see?” I ask him, already knowing the answer. My body is barely covered by a sheer pink baby doll. It has thin straps and plunges into my cleavage, created by my 36C breasts. It looks good against my skin. It flows to the middle of my thighs, and flares out slightly. I also am wearing a matching thong. esenyurt escort I smile as he starts towards me.

“I agree. I think you win. This, all of this, is amazing. But you, of course, are my favorite part. Damn, you’ve been planning this haven’t you?”

I just grin as he stands at the edge of the bed. I ask him to strip to his boxer briefs. He’s out of his clothes in a flash. I grin; he can’t keep his eyes off of me. As he reaches out for me, I moan, knowing that his hands are going to feel amazing. The simple fact that I’ve planned this, and have been looking forward to it all day, drives me nuts. I can’t wait.

“I haven’t even touched you yet, and already you’re moaning. Crazy girl . . ..” He smiles as runs his fingers down the side of my face, his look of lust and love making me wetter than I already was. As he leans in to kiss me, we moan together. I put my arms around his neck, and we press close together. As our bodies melt together, I know this is the man I’m supposed to be with the rest of my life.

He pulls me onto the bed, on top of him. He runs his hands up and down my arms, giving me chill bumps. I whimper as he slides his hands over my sides. Coming back up, he goes around to my front and cups my tits. I smile as he starts to lightly squeeze my nipples. He knows what I like. His hands are amazing. I cry out loud as he leans up and takes one of my nipples into his mouth through the sheer material.

I feel his hard dick beneath me, and as he starts to suck and nibble on my nipple, I grind down on his cock. I can hear his sharp intake of breath, and I watch him as he sucks on my tits. Looking up, I smile down at him. He groans and flips me over. I giggle as I struggle to get back on top. Finally, I win and straddle him again. Looking at the face I avrupa yakası escort love so much, I ask him to take off my top. He just smiles and obeys. Leaning back down, I kiss his chest. I make small circles on his upper body, and slowly make my way to his nipples. He groans and I can feel him throbbing beneath me. I lightly push my wet pussy down on him. By now, I’ve soaked my thongs and I’ve started to get his black boxer’s wet.

I kiss my way down his chest, and the closer I get to his throbbing cock, the louder he moans. I slide my hands under his waistband and pull them down and off. I kiss the tip of his dick. He sighs my name and places his hands on my shoulders. Getting a few pillows, he props up his upper body and watches me. I slowly suck on his hard prick. I play with his low-hanging nuts, loving the way it made his cock throb. When it’s wet with my saliva, I pull away and just stroke him in low slow strokes. Looking at his face, his head thrown back, I feel my cunt getting wetter.

After a few more strokes, I stand and take off my thongs. Afterwards, I slowly mount his hard dick. I face away from him, knowing how deep he can go in me. I almost scream as he slowly slides into me. Rocking a little, I feel him pulsing inside of me. I sigh loudly as I feel him stretching and filling me. With his instructions, and his hands on my hips, I start to fuck his rigid cock. Before long, I’m bouncing on his stiff prick.

“Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck. Your cock feels so good. Oh yeah fuck me. Shit. I wanna cum. Make me cum baby. Fuck!” he flips me over and throws my legs over his shoulder. I know I’m in for it now. As he fucks me, hard and quick, I look up into his face and he starts to grunt. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” I start to cum all over his prick, and I know he isn’t far behind me. As he slams his hard prick into my wet pussy, he starts to cum.

“Fuck, your tight pussy’s gonna make me cum. Oh shit . . .here I cum!” He grunts as he fills me with hot and thick cum. I cum quickly again, feeling him pulse with me. As he kisses my forehead then collapses on me, I know for a fact that this is the man I’m supposed to marry.

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