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Our Private Little Cove Ch. 03

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Sure enough, that hour was long, instead of hanging out alone and naked I slipped some boxers on and went to the media room. I put on some crime drama show and watched an episode where some hottie in the lab solved the by some magic machine that tested for chemical makeup of stuff. Totally believable, NOT!

Slowly the hour ticked away, I swear the clock hands seemed to go backwards. Sure Chole and I have had sex already, once. But it was quick, and it kinda made her sore because of popping her cherry. So If things work out tonight will be better for both of us. I google a few things on the internet, worthless by the way really.

When the hour was up and I hadn’t heard from her, I started to her room and met her at her door as she was coming to get me. She said, “Give me about 2 minutes and come in.”

This waiting was killing me, but I waited. I opened the door very slowly as if expecting a herd of wild animals to burst out. Needless to say, it didn’t. Instead, the room was lit in a lite warm glow almost like the setting sun. Her room was transfigured into our private cove almost. I don’t mean just a few decorations, I mean it was like most of the cove wound kaynarca escort up in her room. Okay, she’s no witch or anything. She had pulled in a rug that was tan and looks like the sand of the beach, Her sheets had a sunset them on them, her walls were lit up by a couple of small projectors. In the center of the bed in a purple lingerie thing (it wasn’t a teddy or whatever) that displayed her breast and other womanly parts like flowers on a plant was Chole. Her skin looked radiant and she just looked so delectable (the only word I can think to describe her) I was in awe looking at my sister and didn’t have a clue as what to do.

I mumbled something like, “Chole, you look so beautiful.”

She took my hand and somewhere my boxers disappeared and I stood naked infront of her like a deer caught in the headlight of an oncoming car, except she threw me a lifeline, her hand was soft and tender in mine and just her touch slowly brought be back to where I could think again.

“You are beautiful! I love you!” I said.

She chuckled a little but not much, “You’ve already said that you are not too bad yourself my lovely brother. Our first time was so hot and orhanlı escort just pure sex, I wanted us to be able to relax and make real love for the first time.”

She pulled me down to the bed with her, saying, “I’ve wanted a long time for this moment. Make love to me my brother.”

I pulled her to me, her lingerie was thin and light and almost felt like she was naked, and she mostly was with having all the fun bit’s exposed. Her breasts were each bare, the material around them making them look like some yellow tropical flower with stems going town to meet at the top of her pubic mound where the fabric has the ring of the sun around her womanhood. It was beautiful.

we kissed passionately by hands wondered to the flowers of her breasts, and then my cock found the Sun. The center of the universe was there also. She was hot, wet and very willing to take me places no sister should ever take her brother, and we went there. I brought the women in her to the surface, and she fired up the man in me as our bodies rose and fell with the rhythm of the ocean that was playing in her room. We both came, several times, and somehow we fell even more in love.

When tepeören escort I woke up in the morning we were spooning, me holding her in my arms, my cock hard against her ass. I moved to adjust it a little and just let it slide into her sleeping pussy. That produced a little “Umpf” from here and she pressed back against me. Somewhere, somehow I fell asleep like that and woke up (had to be a minute tops of sleeping) with her bucking back and forth on my cock. I reached around found her clit with my finger and used that to help bring her off, expelling what cum I had left in me from the night before into her waiting body. She turned causing me to slip out of her, kissing me she said, “That’s one hell of a way to wake up little brother.”

We got up and got moving, actually getting dressed as we expected our parents home in the early afternoon. We went out for breakfast picked up some stuff to grill for when the parents came home and hung by the pool.

They arrived and looked rested up themselves, Chole and I set up lunch, I got the grill going, she did the sides, and we ate in the shade of the patio. Dad brought out his tablet, I was assuming we were going to get a rundown of their trip.

Dad started, “Kids you guys have a good time while we were gone?”

We chimed in together, “Pretty good to be honest.”

Note: *** I have a working 4th chapter. I wasn’t happy with the it so I’m redoing it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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