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Out For A Walk Ch. 03

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Thinking back, Jack could easily remember the first time he had looked at his younger step-sister as someone to lust over. It had been Kate’s eighteenth birthday and their parents had taken them on holiday to a private villa in Spain. On the big day Jack was lying by the pool, their parents were inside the villa preparing a massive feast for later and Kate was still to appear.

They had arrived a few days earlier and since then both of them had spent most of their time either in the pool or sunbathing beside it. Jack hadn’t really given Kate much notice other than to note that she always wore a very unflattering black one-piece swimsuit. Today, however, was to prove much different.

Kate looked down on the pool from her bedroom window and smiled to herself. “This is sure to get a reaction from him,” she thought, turning to check her reflection in the full-length mirror one last time. She was wearing her new bikini and she knew she would have to pass their parents on the way to the pool so she pulled on a pair of shorts and white cotton t-shirt. She smiled again as she thought how even those simple garments were part of her plan to seduce her older brother. She was eighteen now and determined to show him that she was all woman.

Jack was lying on the sun lounger facing the villa so he saw Kate as soon as she stepped out of the patio doors. He had to look twice to make sure it was his younger step-sister as he had never seen her dressed as she was now. The shorts she had pulled on upstairs had to be the shortest shorts that Jack had ever seen and he was glad he was wearing his sunglasses or she would have accused him of staring at her. While her shorts barely kept her decent below her waist at least her t-shirt covered her top half, Jack thought to himself. If only he knew.

Kate sauntered over to the pool and sat down, pulling a chair round to face her brother. She wasted no time in putting her plan into action and, while innocently talking about her birthday and the plans their parents had for the rest of the day, she pretended to stretch, raising her arms above her head. As she arched her back and pushed her chest forward, Jack couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of her breasts pressing against her t-shirt. He noticed for the first time how pert and round they were but it was her nipples that almost took his breath away. He could hardly talk to her as he feasted on the vision that was his younger sister’s large nipples, standing high on her breasts, pointing upwards and poking through her t-shirt. Surely she was wearing something underneath, he thought.

Kate knew she had him hooked and decided to move her plan to the next level. Leaning back in her chair, she raised one foot to rest it on the chair, her knee falling to the side. With her other leg still on the ground, this had the effect of pulling her short shorts up into her crotch and Jack got a flash of her white swimsuit beneath them. At least he presumed it was a white swimsuit. He hadn’t seen her wear anything like that before but he suddenly realised he was staring at his sister’s crotch and, even with his sunglasses on, she would soon notice if he stared any longer.

“Fancy a swim, Jack?” she asked.

Kate had broken her spell on purpose because she was about to bewitch her brother with a much more potent one. Staring straight at him, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and Jack was shocked to see that she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit after all but the tiniest white bikini top he had ever seen. Trying hard not to smile, she could see that her brother was just as aroused as she was. She hadn’t gone near the water yet but already her bikini bottom was soaking wet and she was pleased to see her tactics had worked as there was a growing bulge in Jack’s shorts. Just one last step to take.

Kate stood up and, turning round so that her back was to her brother, she opened the button on her shorts and bent forward, her legs straight. It could have been a totally innocent move but she knew that it was not and the thoughts running through Jack’s mind were anything but innocent. As his sister lowered her shorts slowly down her smooth legs, Jack’s vision was filled with the image of her plump arse only inches from his face.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when Kate’s shorts slipped over her cheeks, Jack could only gasp at her choice of swimwear. It wasn’t the normal bikini bottom he was expecting; instead she was wearing the tiniest g-string stylebikini bottom that he had ever seen. He stared at her flawless cheeks, perfect and built for sin. As she bent even further forward to lower her shorts to the ground, those gorgeous cheeks parted and the back of her g-string slipped between her cheeks.

Jack stared and his cock strained for release but worse was to come when she turned round. His sister’s pussy was now inches from his face and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the wondrous sight, hidden only by the smallest piece of fabric imaginable. He could almost feel the heat coming from between escort bostancı her legs and all he wanted to do at that moment was push his face between those legs and feed on the desire and passion that was radiating from his younger sister’s cunt.

“Jack! Kate! Lunch!” their mother cried from the villa and the spell was instantly broken. Kate hurried to cover her almost naked body with her t-shirt and shorts while Jack dived into the pool to try to conceal his raging cock before anyone noticed it. Kate, of course, had noticed it. “Later, big brother; later,” she promised herself.

Forcing his mind back to the present, thinking that he shouldn’t push his luck any further, Jack rolled off his naked sister. He had just fucked her in their parents’ bed but he had one more fantasy to fulfil before they came home and found their naked offspring having the time of their lives. Understanding as they were, somehow he doubted that they would understand this.

As his softening cock slipped out of his sister’s well-fucked pussy, he knew he would need some help before he was ready to go again. Rolling off her soft body, he turned to her and tried to sound masterful with his next command.

“Clean me.”

Kate didn’t even try to pretend that she didn’t understand but she wanted her step-brother to believe that she was an unwilling participant in their debauchery and grimaced in mock disgust. In actual fact, the thought of tasting her own pussy on her brother’s cock sent tingles through her pussy all over again.

Pushing her exhausted body up and raising her head from her mother’s pillow, she moved down the bed and took Jack’s soft cock into her eager mouth. Wanting to tease him some more, she moved down the bed so that her head was resting on his lap but her feet were by his head. “Maybe he’ll pull me on top of him and we can clean each other,” she thought to herself.

But Jack had other ideas.

Watching as his younger sister wrapped her lips around the head, he smiled in pure pleasure as she slid down the shaft of his cock until she had it all in her mouth. Although it was much softer than it had been moments earlier, it was reacting to her warm mouth enough to allow her slide her soft lips up and down, caressing the head with her tongue each time she reached it. For a few moments he watched and wondered how his supposedly innocent sister had learned such advanced techniques but then his lust took over. He stopped wondering and simply enjoyed everything she was doing to him. When she started to suck his balls, however, and lick their combined juices off them, he knew he was ready to take an active part again.

He lifted her body on top of his, just as Kate had hoped he would do, but he wasn’t intending to use his tongue on her leaking pussy. He lifted her legs so that they were positioned on each side of his head and looked down at her plump backside; scooping up some of their combined cum from between her lips, he used his other hand to part her cheeks. Smearing it on her dirtiest hole, he was surprised when her cheeks clenched and tried to prevent him from going any further.

Kate knew what he was going to do and, much as she wanted her brother to be the one to take her anal virginity, she was still genuinely more than a little afraid about the pain her girlfriends had told about.

“No, Jack,” she pleaded as she tried to escape his strong hands. “I’ve never done that before. No-one has ever touched me there.”

Jack found that a little difficult to believe given the way he had seen old Mr Banks fucking her in the hills yesterday but conceded that maybe she had never been taken it up the arse. He had intended to use their cum as lubricant but realised, if she was still an anal virgin, that she would need something more. Pulling Kate off his cock, he sat up and ordered her to get onto her hands and knees.

“It’s finally going to happen,” she thought. “I’m finally going to have a cock up my tight arse.” Kate trembled slightly in anticipation and nervousness and hoped that her brother would be gentle with her this time.

Taking a firm grip of her hips, Jack crouched behind her on the bed to stop her from escaping and plunged his tongue into her tightest hole. At that Kate relaxed, safe in the knowledge that her brother’s tongue wasn’t going to cause her any pain. Instead, Jack was using his tongue to practically bathe her anus and he didn’t stop there. He moved his tongue all over her cheeks, and lower, giving special attention to that small area between her pussy and her arse.

Looking up once more at Kate’s reflection in the mirror, he could see her look of pure lust and began to take things to the next level, returning his tongue to the crack between his sister’s cheeks and running it up and down. Slowly his actions grew more and more concentrated on her tight hole and Kate couldn’t help but moan as her brother filled her with the most divine sensations, all the way from her dirtiest hole to her brain.

“Play with ümraniye escort yourself, Kate. Let me see you rubbing your pussy.”

She didn’t need to be told twice and, resting her head back down on the bed, she began to stroke her still sensitive pussy lips. Her juices were already running but that didn’t stop her enjoying what her brother was doing to her. Jack slowly and gently began to force his tongue deeper and deeper inside of her. Rubbing, and occasionally slapping her cheeks to stop her from squirming away, it felt as if Jack would devour her there and then. She felt more submissive than she had ever felt but, somehow, it was as if all her final inhibitions had been washed away by her brother’s wet tongue. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take.

Jack had a lot more in mind.

He decided it was time to bring his fingers into the action and, removing his tongue for a moment, he began to circle her still-tight hole with just one digit. He felt Kate tremble as they both knew what was coming. He was about to be the first to enter her virgin arse and neither of them had ever wanted it more.

Watching as she continued to play with her pussy, Jack slid his finger in. Slowly working it in, he noticed that Kate was gripping the sheets with her other hand and realised that maybe he would need some more lubrication. Knowing that Kate’s mother kept a tube at the back of the drawer in her bedside table, he reached over and, after a brief search, found it. How he knew it was there was another story for another time.

For now he was only interested in his step-sister and her upturned arse. Squeezing the tube at the top of her crack, he allowed it to drip down between her cheeks so that she could savour every single second. As it reached her hole he massaged it in. Once he was satisfied she was ready, he replaced one finger with two. He could feel her stretching around them and wondered if it was pain or pleasure that was causing her to writhe around the bed before him.

He decided it must be the latter because her pussy juices were pouring from her cunt. As Kate began to tremble in that unmistakeable way he knew she was about to cum. He started to bang his fingers in and out of her. Her breathing became even more ragged and the sheet between her fingers was in danger of being ripped apart.

To finish her off he pushed her hand away from her pussy and replaced it with his own. Plunging two fingers into that hole too, he wondered if this was his younger sister’s first double-penetration but, whether it was or not, it wasn’t doing anything to stop her being the slut he already knew she was.

“Cum for me, Kate. Cum with my fingers in your arse and your pussy. Cum on your brother’s fingers.”

Jack’s words were enough to send her over the edge and Kate slammed her body back onto his fingers as she was hit by the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her head was spinning, her body wracked with pleasure and she thought she would never recover.

Jack’s cock was standing to full attention and he decided his younger sister would need to be stretched just a little more if she was going to accommodate his erection. Once she had recovered from her mind-blowing orgasm, he added a third finger to her crinkled hole and felt her body stiffen again, the noises coming from her some sort of mix between purring and moaning.

Kate was enjoying losing her final virginity more than she could ever have imagined. It was obvious her brother was being very careful, stretching her, preparing her, and it was not overly painful. She had been turned on all day but now she realised that what Jack was doing to her backside was arousing a deeper lust than she had ever known. Suddenly it hit her that she wanted this. She wanted to be fucked up the arse. She wanted her brother to fuck her up the arse. She wanted to feel his cum filling her once again. All she had to do was make sure Jack didn’t know it was exactly what she wanted.

Everything about what they were doing seemed so wrong, so dirty, her brother finger fucking her tightest hole on their parents’ bed, it was all she could do not to beg him to take her now. She needed it, she wanted it, and she pushed back against her brother’s fingers, trying to force them even deeper.

Jack didn’t know if this was an involuntary movement or just another sign of how depraved his younger sister was but it was all the encouragement he needed. Without any hesitation, Jack got into position and placed his eager cock at the entrance to her slightly stretched hole. As he slowly inched forward, her arsehole stretched around the head of his cock and he was delighted when he heard her moan. It may have been caused by pain but he was sure that it was even more evidence of how dirty his sister could be.

Clutching the bedding tight in her tiny grasp, Kate felt her brother slide one inch after another into her willing backside. Her breathing was laboured and she could hear herself moaning in pleasure but kartal escort bayan she could only hope that Jack thought she was in pain as he invaded her body. But what an amazing pain it was. Feeling him sliding in and out, she pushed back once more until he was fully buried deep within her.

Jack could only marvel at how well his slutty sister was coping with the first cock in her arse and he was delighted that it was his cock that was in her. She had been the tightest he had ever taken but not now and he leaned forward, laying his body over her back. He reached under her, found her nipples, pinched them and Kate seemed to revel in this new painful sensation, pushing herself back up onto her hands and knees so that her could have easy access to her breasts. Or anything else he wanted, for that matter.

Gritting her teeth, she began to meet his thrusts with backward pushes of her own as more and more waves of pleasure began to wash over her. Jack responded in kind by releasing one of her nipples and moving his right hand down to her pussy. He rubbed her clit, stroked it, before burying two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Kate cried out, overcome with all the sensations that were attacking her overheated body at the same time. As she began to cum yet again, she could no longer control herself.

“Oh God, Jack! Fuck me! Fuck my arse! Fuck me hard! I’m cumming, Jack! I’m cumming with your cock up my arse! Fuck me!”

So Jack did. No longer caring if she wanted it or not; no longer caring if she was in pain or not, he pummelled her soft arse time and again until he too was cumming, filling his step-sister with yet another load. Now he too was groaning as he completely drained his balls into her before they both collapsed onto their parent’s bed.

If Jack was finished, however, his slutty sister wasn’t.

She wriggled out from beneath her brother, knowing that her movements were allowing his softening cock to slip out of her no-longer virgin arse but she had other plans for it now. Getting on to her knees, she pushed Jack round onto his back. Taking a deep breath, she opened her lips and took him straight into her mouth.

If ever Jack had doubted that his step-sister was a slut, he had no doubts now. He couldn’t have known that she would never have done this for any of her other lovers but, for her brother, it was simply the right thing to do as far as Kate was concerned.

She sucked on his tip, enjoying the shock on her brother’s face and enjoying proving to him that she was no longer a little girl. She was a slut and she was proud to be a slut. Guiding his cock all the way to the back of her mouth, she forced him down her throat, tasting every inch of him.

She began to finger herself, running one hand along her dripping slit while the other held her brother’s cock, the dick that had just been up her arse, swirling her tongue around it, bathing every inch. Miraculously, she could feel him starting to stiffen again but, given what she was doing to it, she couldn’t blame his cock for getting hard again. She had one final fantasy to fulfil, however, before she let Jack escape from their parents’ bed.

Kneeling between his outstretched legs, she wrapped her full breasts around his cock and began to move them up and down his length. Jack knew now what she intended and, looking at the hunger in her eyes, he decided to give it to her. But he decided to show her who was in charge.

Throwing her off him, he got up and pushed her back down on to her mother’s pillow. Climbing on top of her young body, he knelt down, his legs on either side of her chest, and wrapped her delicious tits around his cock. The only question now was whether she took his final load on her face or on her breasts.

Kate was glad that her big brother had taken charge, the more they did together, the more submissive she became. It was a new sensation for her but one she realised that she liked more and more. Looking down, she smiled as she saw Jack’s cock scissoring up and down between her breasts and knew it had been worth the wait.

“Do you want my cum, Kate?” asked Jack as he momentarily stopped what he was doing.

“Yes, Jack. You know I do.”

“Then beg me for it, slut. Beg me like the slut you are. Beg your brother to fuck your tits.”

“Please, Jack, please fuck my tits. Please shoot your cum all over them. Make me yours, Jack. Make me your slut.”

Her brother didn’t need to be asked twice. Grabbing her breasts once again, he squeezed them around his stiff cock and began to thrust up and down between them. He smiled to himself as he noticed Kate had reached down and was now stroking her clit again. “How much can this girl take?” he asked himself, wondering whatever had become of the innocent girl their whole family believed her to be.

Despite having cum a few times already, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to take too much of his sister’s tit-stimulation so he squeezed her breasts tighter around his cock and thrust even harder.

“Look at you, you slut. Lying on our parents’ bed, your head on your mother’s pillow, lying on the very spot where my father fucks your mother, your finger in your pussy, your tits wrapped around your brother’s cock. Has there ever been a dirtier slut than you?”

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