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Panty Sniffer Ch. 01

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Note: The story below deals with that for which I crave most of all a woman to totally dominate me sexually. The philosophy of the story is let me sniff your panties and I’ll be your virtual slave in bed. I am submitting this in incest as it is all in the family but could easily fit into fetish or bdsm categories.


My name is Joe and I am a successful middle aged man. I function very well in the world and get things done through every means possible including being demanding and abrasive when it is called for. But, I have a secret that the people who deal with me day to day don’t know. I am a total wimp.

That is right I am a wimp where women are concerned. The bigger a woman’s tits are the bigger wimp I seem to become. I am lucky that I got married as my throat got dry every time I approached the girl I would eventually married. She and I have a very good marriage sharing the chores and responsibilities equally. Our sex life is normal and active. The unusual thing is that generally I sniff her panties before I remove them. As a result Glenda, my wife, has a pet name for me she calls me her ‘panty sniffer.’ Let me explain why bigger boobs make me wimpier. When a woman stands over me looking down at me her eyes make me nervous, making me squirm in my chair. If she has small breasts it is not too bad. But, if the woman has big boobs it is like a second pair of eyes staring at me and I turn to mush. My cock gets hard and I can’t speak an understandable sentence. I get even more afraid that she will see the seven inch bulge in my trousers. And, if she puts her hands on her hips I totally shut down.

Luckily for me my wife, for some unknown reason, doesn’t make me feel that way as she has perfect D cup boobs and a figure to die for. The problem is the rest of my household as my daughter, Monica, and my mother also live with us. I noticed the older my daughter got and the bigger her boobs got the less I said to her as a lump developed in my throat and pants.

This was especially true when she would come into see me when I was sitting around and ask for something. I would look at her standing there her eyes and boobs staring at me and I would give her almost anything she wanted unless Glenda was there to stop me from being foolish. She is now 20 and attending the local college and is the spitting image of her mother with the same long brown hair and sultry green eyes.

About three months ago my world was forever turned upside down. I was alone in the house and didn’t hear Monica come in. I was in the bathroom and had spotted a pair of cotton briefs on top of the hamper. I knew these were Monica’s undies as she was the only one who used this hamper. Curiosity got the best of me and I picked them up and brought the cotton crotch to my nose.

Pure heaven was the only way to describe the scent that emitted from the garment. The cum stain was large and smelled so sweet. I inhaled and began rubbing myself through my pants. I would do anything to be able to inhale this sweetness forever. I smiled in pure ecstasy at what someone could make me do just for a little sniff of heaven.

Suddenly my enjoyment was shattered as I heard someone clear their throat. I hoped it was Glenda as she, at least, would forgive me and we would still likely even have sex that night. Even my mom would write it off to unfulfilled lust. But, it was Monica who spoke, “Daddy what the hell are you doing sniffing my panties? Are you getting your jollies?”

“Um, ah, I, I don’t, uh know,” I stammered as I looked at her staring at me eyes wide and nipples pushing hard against her blouse.

“You like what you smell? Do you lust the smell of your little girls cunt?” Monica now totally dominated the scene as she had grabbed the panties and was rubbing them very roughly against my nose.

“Oh gawd yes,” I stammered out almost incoherently. Suddenly I wanted her more than anything else in the world. My cock was harder than I could ever remember.

“They are my panties and that is my juice and no one sniffs my panties unless I say they can. Do you understand me fucker?” Monica’s voice was raspy as she was now excited herself. She yanked the panties away and held them up in front of us.

“Yes, Monica I understand,” I mumbled.

“Good, now I have to piss which is why I came in here in the first place. But, we must talk so get on your knees while I blind fold you and figure this out.” She slid the hip hole of the panties over my head covering my eyes being careful not to let any part get near my nose. She made sure I was facing the toilet. I heard her unzip and pull down her pants and panties. Her urine splashed into the water as she spoke again.

“I already know you like my panties and my smell. But, the question is what will you do in order to play with my dirty panties and smell my honey?”

With the crotch of her panties so close and the knowledge that her naked pussy was only five feet away I was on fire. I was already a beat man as I answered, “Honey, I will do anything you wish.”

I was finding it easier escort bostancı to speak now that I couldn’t see her. She snapped, “I bet you want to fuck me. Come on tell me, do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh gawd yes, let me fuck you,” I gasped somehow not expecting her to be bringing up fucking. A small moan escaped from my daughter as I waited for her to speak again.

“You look like such a wimp sitting there like that. But, I’ll tell you what maybe if you agree to be a good boy you can enjoy my treats and I won’t tell mom what you are doing in here with me. Would you like that?”

“Yes ma’am I’ll do anything you say.”

She had taken over, “If you want access to my panties and my pussy then you must be a slave to my body. Is that clear?”

She could have told me to commit a crime and I would have agreed, “Yes, ma’am I agree. How long will this last?”

She giggled a bit amused at my question, “It will be for the rest of your life unless you disappoint me. You will kiss, lick, suck, caress, and fuck my body whenever it suits my fancy and however it suits my fancy. Any other concerns you have slave?”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. But, if we are I have three things I hope you’ll agree too. First, I won’t eat your shit. Second, outside of sex and paying appropriate homage to your sexy body I will still be your father in every way and there will be no change in normal house rules. And finally, this cannot come between me and your mom. Is that ok Miss Monica?” I sat there anticipating an angry reaction.

Instead I heard her pull up her panties and reach over and pull the panties from my head and toss them toward the hamper. Calmly she replied, “Actually, that sounds perfectly and well thought out. But, remember, part of being a slave to my body is that I get to do anything I wish to your you that doesn’t leave marks. Ok, you are officially my Daddy Slave so get over here and take off my shoes, socks and pants.”

“Ah, yes Monica,” I said stammering again as I had become the complete wimp that she had accused me of being. She was wearing pastel pink briefs with a large wet spot in the crotch. Timidly I removed her clothing and sat back. She stood up with her ass inches from my face and wiggled it slightly. I wanted to reach out but knew better.

“On your hands and knees bastard and put your nose right here and follow me wherever I go,” she ordered as she pointed to the bottom of her ass crack where it meets her thighs. Obediently I followed her all around the house my nose at her crotch as she walked from room to room. I took every opportunity to inhale her musky smell.

My knees were aching from all of the crawling around by the time she led me into her bedroom. She stopped near her bed and lightly rubbed her ass against my face. Then turning around she grabbed my head and drew it into her crotch and said coolly, “Here slave have a quick sniff then stand up and take off all of your clothes.”

“Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am,” I answered as I invited her sweet odor into my nose. Monica pushed my head away and I hurriedly stood up and began stripping. She sat on the edge of the bed watching me. She licked her lips seductively when my erection came into full view. I stood there like an idiot not knowing what to do.

“Not a bad cock for a little wimp; now stroke it until I am ready for you shithead; but don’t you dare cum.” My daughter proceeded to slowly take off her blouse and then her bra. The quarter sized areolas were topped off by erect pink nipples that looked like cherries. Then teasing me she caressed her breasts and held them up toward my face.

Getting up she walked around me as if inspecting a slab of beef. When she reached my backside she gave me a hard swat on my ass causing me to let out a moan. Sensing that I was game for this treatment she swatted me even harder three more times before getting in front of me and grabbing my balls in her hand and giving them a squeeze that caused my knees to buckle.

“Oh gawd, fuck yes, Monica,” I whispered in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Grabbing my wrist she spun me around and shoved me hard to her bed. My cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling as she put my hands behind my head. Within seconds the bed bounced as my daughter hopped in. I looked up to see nothing but the pink of her briefs.

“Keep your fucking hands behind your head and I’ll let you sniff me but one lick or touch with your hands and I’m gone. Now to make your cock mine, daddy!” Her ass slammed down on my face and she began grinding it from side to side. For a minute I thought I might suffocate. Just as I caught my breath Monica wrapped both hands around my member and used it to yanked my ass off the mattress.

My senses were full as she continued. Depending on her position I alternated between smelling her ass odor and her sweet pussy juice. The crotch of her panties seemed to be getting wetter and wetter. When I could see something it was only the pink undies.

Roughly she tortured my cock yanking and twisting on it as if ümraniye escort it were a piece of rope. She paused only to squeeze my balls. Seemingly she knew just how hard to play without causing me to pass out. Her attention to my cock seemed like it lasted an hour or more when in reality it was just a few wonderful minutes. I wanted so bad to stick out my tongue and give her crotch a little lick but resisted the very strong temptation.

Without warning her ass was suddenly removed from my face and Monica was straddling my hips. Carefully she pulled the crotch of the panties aside letting my cock in between her cunt lips without showing me her treasure. She growled huskily, “Bastard you have to earn the right to see or touch my pussy. Now fuck your mistress; give me your fucking seed! Wimp slide that thing deep inside of my twat you little prick.”

Hands still behind my head I thrust my hips against my daughter’s tight pussy. We both groaned as she bottomed out on me. Furiously she began riding my pole with her boobs bouncing. I couldn’t help but stare at them and whispered, “Oh my fucking gawd.”

“You want to play with and squeeze my boobies do you? Monica moaned as her pussy convulsed around my cock.

“Fuck yes,” I gasped.

“Then beg you piece of shit,” she smiled.

“Oh my sweet Mistress Monica please, please let me touch your wonderful breasts. Please let me play with those sweet titties of yours. I am nothing but your undeserving servant.” Evidently she heard enough groveling as she reached down and grabbed my wrist and lifted my hand to her swollen melon.

After I lightly caressed both tits for a minute or so she took my other hand and allowed it into place on her boobs. As I squeezed and fondled her boobs Monica picked up her speed and reached down to her clit and frigged herself as she gave me the ride of my life. Her orbs felt so heavy in my hand as my blood began to boil.

Monica was now lost in the sensations sweeping over our bodies. I felt her body shudder several times. Our hips were slamming together violently with each thrust of our bodies. My hands clasped her boobs probably harder then she would have allowed had she not been cumming then I yelled a warning, “Mistress I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Oh yes daddy, cum in your bitch girl’s cunt! Fill me up with your seed right fucking now!” Ropes of semen began filling her pussy as I shot load after load of spunk inside of her. Monica was gasping as her body convulsed one last time and my hands fell in total exhaustion from her chest.

Calmly she slipped off of me and proceeded to get dressed. I watched this beautiful woman utterly transfixed in the knowledge that she was my daughter but also now my mistress. I was snapped out of my reverie by Monica demanding, “Well slave that is all for now. Get dressed and get your ass out of my room.”

Hurriedly I threw my clothes on and ran out of there like a scared puppy. Ten minutes later we passed in the hallway and it was as if nothing had happened. Testing our new relationship I asked her if she had done the dishes yet. She told me that she hadn’t but promised to go do them in an hour or so if that was ok; I agreed.

I was half dozing on the couch as my daughter obediently did the dishes. Then her voice rang out asking me to come to the kitchen for a second. Groggily I got up and went to see what she needed, not even thinking of anything sexual. She had changed out of her pants into a skirt which struck me as odd until she spoke.

“On your knees slave and worship my body,” she demanded.

“Yes, mistress,” I obediently replied as I scrambled to the floor. There was nothing saying that she couldn’t be my responsible daughter at the same time she had fun being my mistress. I placed my hands on my knees waiting for her next instruction.

“You are such a wimp! Get over here and pull my panties off of my ass and show me how much you love my ass with your mouth and hands. I mean right now!” I scurried over and lifted up her skirt as she continued washing the dishes. I yanked down her panties but she was quick to stop my progress as soon as both of her full round ass cheeks were uncovered.

Monica pushed her ass back toward my face a few inches causing the cheeks to part showing off her entire crack. I gulped hard and gingerly lifted my hands to her beautiful rump. However, it didn’t take long for me to get into it as my hands were soon kneading and mauling her ass flesh.

My tongue worked systematically over the entire surface before exploring her crack. Pulling her cheeks far apart I tongue fucked my baby girl’s ass hole earnestly. It wasn’t long before I didn’t hear the splash of water as she had grabbed the counter and forgot about the dishes. I moaned, “Thank you for allowing me to touch your ass mistress.”

“Shut up and lick out my asshole fuck head,” she snarled as she lifted up her foot and kicked with her heel in my balls. Her touch was the perfect mix of pain and pleasure and I moaned my approval. She ground her ass in my face as she approached kartal escort bayan orgasm kicking me a couple of more times.

When she had filled the room with the smell of cunt juice she pulled back up her panties and brushed me away like a disposable toy and finished the dishes. Later that afternoon she had me kiss and rub her feet while she read a book. I still hadn’t seen her pussy; the honey pot I craved most of all. Then she crushed my spirit by telling me she had a date that night and she would be back late.

I was disappointed as my wife and mother would be out for the evening and wouldn’t get back until well after midnight. It would have been the perfect time to do my mistress’s bidding. I was happy when she had me brush her hair and roll on her deodorant as at least I got to touch her. Little did I know what she had in store for me.

Taking advantage of the empty house I went to bed early to get a good night’s sleep after the tiring day I had. I was awaken by the feeling of cloth rubbing across my face and the smell of pussy honey. Opening my eyes I could see it was the same pair of panties that I had found and sniffed on the hamper a few hours earlier.

I blinked my eyes several times attempting to focus on what was happening. Looking up I saw Monica standing there naked from the waist up seductively demanding, Slave, get your fucking ass up and get it to my room. You have 45 seconds to move your wimpy ass body from here to my bed.”

In a flash she was gone. For a moment I wondered if I was dreaming before looking over at the clock and discovering it was just after 11:00. I wondered what she was doing home so early. Later she would explain that she had told her date that she needed to be back early but assured him that it would still be a nice evening.

Scampering out of bed I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I ran out of the room and down the hall. Monica had the light on in her room and was lying on her back on the bed playing with her boobs. A devilish smile crossed her lips as she said, “I had a great time tonight. Fred was a great fuck. He laid me over the hood of his car and fucked the hell out of me. He must have came gallons in my pussy and I saved it all for you.”

I walked closer to her and stood at the end of the bed. I stammered out, “I’m glad you had fun Monica.”

“My fun is just beginning! Now take off my panties and eat the special cream pie I prepared just for you slave.” I was apprehensive never having eaten another man’s cum from a pussy before. Figuring the overall reward was worth trying something that might be disgusting I sat down beside her and pulled down my daughter’s panties.

The crotch was soaked with their combined juices. She raised her thighs so that the remaining juices wouldn’t leak out. And, there it was her perfect pussy; it was beautiful a thick forest of wet matted brown hair with a long pink gash running down the middle. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I thought I might have a heart attack.

Gently I climbed between her long legs. Timidly I kissed each of her thighs just below her pussy. She would have none of that as she grabbed my hair and shoved my face right into her steamy twat. Then Monica locked her legs around my back to hold me in place. She ordered, “Eat it; eat my pie you bastard. I want you to eat every damn drop!”

Wrapping my arms around her thighs I dove in. I licked tentatively at first around her lips working up my courage to explore her depth. She moved her hips pushing her dripping snatch right against my lips and soon I was scooping her out like a starving man. To my surprise I loved the taste of cream pie. The sweet taste of her honey was dominant but seemed to be nicely accented by the salty taste of Fred’s semen.

It didn’t take long before my daughter was bucking and grinding her hips against my mouth pouring out copious amounts of juices. Knowing I had gotten all of his spunk out of Monica I flicked my tongue across her clit and then sucked it between my lips she thrashed around as she came over and over again.

Suddenly she smashed her thighs together pushing my head away from her honey pot. Obediently I rolled away and waited to see if she wanted anything else. She came over and lick the cum from my face asking, “Did you like your special cream pie?”

“Oh yes Mistress I did and would be happy to repeat this anytime. But, ma’am I really need to cum myself; how about a blow job or fucking me?” I asked hoping for some kind of relief as my cock was throbbing.

“No, I don’t think so. A good slave has to earn the right to cum inside his mistress. However, I’ll let you borrow these panties to sniff and you have my permission to jack off while playing with them. Now take them and go back to bed.” She gave my cock a squeeze then slapped my ass before rolling onto her side to sleep.

Naturally I did exactly what she suggested and came in no time at all. I stuffed the soaked panties under the mattress and went to sleep myself. Again I was awakened from a sound sleep. This time I felt a tongue flicking around my pee hole. I started to whisper Monica’s name, having said the first two letters, before noticing that it was light outside and seeing my wife’s shaved pussy. I quickly shifted and moaned, “Mother fuck; Glenda suck me babe; fuck yes.”

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