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Paper Doll 02: Bath

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I arrived at my apartment late that night. It was raining outside and the wind was beating on the windows. I could barely hear the tinny mechanical music box in the bedroom. She was standing in the middle of the room. The room was spotless save for a small puddle that had formed at her small bare feet.

“Sir, your doll was caught in the rain. She is afraid she may be malfunctioning. Apologies, sir.” Her fanciful maid costume was a bit wilted from the rain. Her usually bouncy strawberry red curls were flaccid and dripping. Her hands seemed tiny as she wrung them in a ball in front of herself. She looked away from me worriedly.

“Let me see…” I approached her and placed a hand on her cheek. Bringing my face very close to hers she sighed and nuzzled with her eyes closed. I brought my other hand down on her shoulder and slowly ran it down from her throat to her arms. I let my hands gently go over her freckled skin. As if looking for flaws or imperfections. Finding none I placed a thumb just below her bottom lip. She was careful to look straight ahead avoiding my gaze.

“Perfect… I whispered to her. Today would be a gentle day.

My fingers moved along the flesh of her arm softly. I took her hand and brought it up to my face. My lips brush on her hand. She hesitantly pressed her body into mine. Her breast stressed her maid costume.

She went to rest her head on my shoulder. I placed a hand on the small of her back. Kissing her on her throat just beneath her right ear caused her to make a happy little noise. With my face next to hers I found her cold to the touch. She must have been standing in the middle of the room for almost an hour.

“Let’s warm you up.”

“Thank you sir, your doll would like that very much.” Her voice was a tiny mechanical whisper.

Taking her by the hand, I led her to the bathroom. Gently closing the door behind her I had her wait as I began running a bath for sarıyer escort her. I poured in a bottle of bubbles for her and a drop or two of rose water. The steam from the water coiled up as the room slowly began to warm.

I took her hands and raised them above her head. I kissed her once gently as i slowly began to undress her. There was the hushed sound of the zipper. Her sighs as I moved my hands over her shoulders and back were quiet and inviting. Warming her with my hands was already bringing a blush to her skin and heavier breathing. The dress came down, peeled from her body.

The room was subtly warmer now. I pressed my body close behind her, running my hands over her stomach, breasts and arms. Her white tights were pulled from her long slender legs. Pausing to kissing her stomach, I allowed my warm breath to comfort her. Another lingering sigh followed.

Finally nude, she crossed her arms just in front of the small well groomed tuft of soft red hair, seemingly unconscious of my eyes. Still a perfect doll she stood at attention. Her body showing the smallest uncontrollable signs of arousal. Her lips and cheeks were flushed. Her nipples erect at my touch and the scent of her betraying her lust.

My perfect doll.

“Get in the water.”

“Yes, sir”

Obediently she slipped into the water. Her toe gently breaking the tension of the bubbled water. Then her legs followed and slowly her smooth round bottom sank beneath the water. She sighed contentedly.

“Thank you sir.”

I brought a pink loofah to the water and then to her breast. I began to massage her with the warm soapy water. She sighed again turning her face to me; her small mouth opened gently.

She was well behaved and didn’t let her hands or body move other than how I manipulated her. Her knees dipped toward each other.

I moved the esenyurt escort loofah to her stomach and legs. Feeling the warmth from her body rise. She leaned close placing her head against my chest. I let the loofah float away as my hand reached her sex. Another sigh.

I felt her small teeth as she gently nibbled my arm as my fingers began to massage her lips. Spreading her open and eagerly fingering her clitoriis. She made a small squeak and looked up at me. her eyes focusing and defocusing on my lips.

Two fingers found their way into her and she moaned. Our lips pressed together. I urged her to give in and she did briefly moving her tongue against mine.

“Take over.” I whispered.

She did as she was told. Leaving one hand on the lip of the bath she brought a hand beneath the water to her self. She quickly started to grind against her hand in the tub. I began to undress paying particular attention to her pace which incrementally sped up. I watched the slight shivers of her body as she became more and more aroused.

I stepped into the tub just behind her. She adjusted to allow me to press myself close to her.

“Are you feeling beter?

“Yes…” she moaned as she let her head fall back against my chest.

My hands moved to her thigh and mimicked her pace as I reached her again. She ran her nails along my legs wrapped around her. She writhed against my growing presence. She sighed again, this time her voice was less mechanical. My left hand massaged her breast as my right moved slowly against her pussy. She was moaning now. She move her hips against my hand, riding my fingers she threw her head back against my shoulder and shuddered. Her ass began to move against my cock in slow circles.

“That was very nice. Did you enjoy that?”

“I- yes sir.” She purred.

“I want you to wash me now.”

She immediately obeyed. She avrupa yakası escort slowly rolled over so that only her ass barely broke the surface of the water. On her stomach she quickly started to run her hands on my shaft. They were so small but expertly working on me. She moved slowly massaging the soap into my skin. Her lips at the head pulled me in slowly. She didn’t take my full length yet. Instead she ran her hands up and her mouth barely kissed the head. When she moved her mouth down my shaft she placed both hands on my thighs. She moved achingly slow. When her lips rested at the base she moved her hands up and down my thighs. She took a long slow retreat from it.

Again slowly she lowered her head then forcefully drove her mouth down on my cock. She began to suck in earnest. Her hand moved beneath the water and started working on herself again. She started moaning and writhing beneath the water. I placed a hand her head and pulled her forward. She resisted for a moment forgetting herself. Her body was slippery against mine as I had her get on top of me and drove my dick into her into her a sudden thrust.

“Sir!” She yelped and clung to me. Her long legs flanking me in the tub. She quickly started riding me, bouncing her body against mine. Her breasts heaved as she started breathing hard. Her moans became small cries of pleasure. She started to whimper, biting her lower lip, as she brought herself closer to her second orgasm. As I approached my own I held her by her hips, guiding her, raising her only to slam her back onto me. Finally she exploded her voice peaked as she failed to contain a scream. She stopped bouncing with her arms wrapped around me. Her body shaking her pussy squeezing me. Her ass shuddering in my lap. I kept driving into her as she held on. Inevitably I couldn’t hold on any longer. I squeezed her hard as I forced myself deep in her and came hard. We wrapped our bodies and began kissing each other and clinging to each other. She placed her forehead against mine as we locked eyes and were quiet. After a moment as we both calmed I could still hear the tinkling music from the other room coming to an end.

“Thank you sir. You make your doll very happy.”

As the music came to an end she smiled and stuck her tongue out at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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