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Paradise Island Ch. 03

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Four become More

Susie came to me, actually we were snuggled in bed one night, about like normal. Sex wasn’t off the table but we just felt good together. Susie told me, “You know I love you more than anything right Sam?”

“Yes, whats up?” Fearing she was breaking up with me or something worse.

“We’ve been having a lot of sex the last month or so”, she stated.

“Okay.” I said Starting to get really worried she was dumping me.

“Well you know what can happen right? I mean I…” she said.

“You what? You are sore agai…” I started, broke off mid-sentence and continued, “… You are pregnant?”

“Yes, please don’t hate me, please”, she cried into my chest.

“Hate you, I could never hate you.” I said with a big smile, “I’m going to be a Dad.”

“You aren’t mad?” she said.

“No, actually scared, and excited.” I said, “but never mad, I thought you wanted to stop being like this. I can’t picture a life with out you.”

“You know we have to tell Mom and Dad right.” She said.

“Oh… Well we are responsible enough to handle it. We have the 400k from the book, and it looks like we will be getting 20k a month in sales for now. I have another one in the works, and Dad said they will advance me 100K on it, and we can always do more.” I said.

“Okay, this is gonna be tough but you are right.” She said.

We held each other, I lay my hand on her stomach thinking about the life we created, wondering if it will be a boy or a girl, what it will become in life. We fell asleep that way, and I woke up with my cock being sucked. I put my hand on her head, and said “Susie, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

“Mmmmmm” was that response I got. The way her red hear draped over my groin was almost too much and at almost the point of no return she stopped. She climbed up onto me my cock slid effortlessly into her, and she just held me tight to her. We lay like this for a long time, “You know I can feel your heart beating through your cock.” I thought you was full of it when you told me that.”

We lay there, each living in the moment, the contact was intense. We started to move a little. I swear I could feel her clit every time it ran the length of my shaft on her down stroke. I took a little bit, I want to say minutes but it could have been hours or seconds until I felt her start to tremble. We kept the same motion for a while she press down hard on me, grinding her crotch against mine and the trembling grew and I knew she was cumming, but so was I. I couldn’t hold out, the tremble was not huge, but at the same time totally electric. When I recovered, she was still on top of me, my spent cock was sliding out of her. Her red hair was all I could see. We got up and showered and went to eat a very quiet breakfast with Mom and Dad.

We went out “Shooting” but really to talk, We talked about the new book deals, we talked about traveling, we talked about baby stuff, and we talked about how to tell Mom and Dad. We came up with a plan.

After dinner that night we broke the news. I started, “Mom, Dad, Susie and I have something to tell you.”

Mom being on top of things, “Hope it’s all good news. Another book?”

I said, “Actually that’s part of it but this is more personal.”

Susie said, “I’m in love with Sam and he loves me!”

Mom said, “We all love kartal escort Sam.”

Susie went on, “I mean really in love, more than just family. We have been lovers for about 1 and a half months now, and I think I’m pregnant. Scratch that, I know I am.”

Dad was silent, We figured we would be killed, buried in the quicksand on the other side of the island never to be seen again. Mom Continued now, “Oh. I thought maybe you guys were up to something, No ones been in Susie’s in room for at least 2 weeks. There is dust on the door knob.”

Dad chimed in here, “Well I for one had no idea, but It doesn’t surprise me, Susie you are beautiful and Sam is very handsome and well built. Stay right her for a little bit okay, you are not in trouble and we support you totally.” Dad grabbed moms hand and she turned to leave with him, I saw a smile on her face as her red hair blurred her face from view. We generally dressed while we ate, not sure why, at least we wore robes. A couple LONG minutes later they came back, Naked as the day they were born.

Mom Said, “Why don’t you two get comfortable too.” And like that we were naked again. Dad had a photobook in his hand, an older one that is. They sat on either side of us, Mom beside Susie, Dad beside me and placed the book on the coffee table.

Dad started, “This is some picture of your Mom and me from a long time ago.” Turning the book open, there were baby pictures, both with the same last name. Then picture of dad in the bathtub at about age 4 and a red headed little girl in front of him. “This is your Mom and me.” And the pictures continued, after the tub one, everything was completely clothed. Finally they got to some wedding pictures.

I said, “Are you telling me what I think you are telling me.”

Mom Said, “Sorta, but there is a twist, I was switched out somehow at birth with Chrissy of Jim and Chrissy. We never knew it, The red hair didn’t tip us off. And one night after a couple bad dates your Dad and I, or we thought My brother and I, sorta got carried away and found we loved one another like you guys to.”

Dad said, “We never knew we were not related until some ancestry website your dad had some publishing deal with offered some DNA package. We grew up fighting and being best friends at the same time, sorta like you two.”

Mom Said, “That’s part of why we bought the island, We could be married and it not matter to anyone, We bribed he minster and here we are.”

Dad said, “unless they tell you Don’t tell Jim and Chrissy that they two thought they were brother and sister.”

Susie said, “We thought you would kill us.”

Dad Said, “No and we are proud of you for telling us. Now there are some decisions to make. You have a lot of money, you can stay here or you could set yourselves up somewhere.”

I said, “Was thinking about maybe building a house on the island.”

Dad said, “Or you can move into the guest house. There’s room if you want and it’s comfortable and private. It’s your as long as you want it.”

We had a group hug, and Ice cream that evening. Mom and Susie talked and I talked to dad, and we changed and I talked with mom who gave me advice with dealing with a pregnant woman. Dad’s advice was on dealing with finances believe it or not. He told me one day everything was going to be ours and our kid maltepe escort bayan would not have to worry about anything.

Over the next few months we remodeled the guest house with the help of some hired workers. We put in a hottube, a pool like the main house had. We remodeled the kitchen, and expanded the main bedroom, added a nursery for the baby. And built a smaller office/guest house not too far from our house. We Found a midwife to come to the island and stay with us right before the baby came. The birth went very well except we got a little surprise, We got twins. We never went to get ultrasounds, the midwife her vitamins, and check on things and it was an easy pregnancy, she was just a little on the big size. The babies, one boy and one girl came out with red hair like us, and both were totally healthy. We counted the fingers and toes I bet a hundred time.

The Sex live had kinda slowed down having kids now and I guess mom and dad wanted to give us some time off, so they got us a plane tickets and a cruise. For a week. Susie and I was not wanting to leave the kids behind but we did. Susie pumped enough milk to last the babies as a supplement. She was not producing a lot, so each tended to get it mixed with formula.

Well at about 3 months we took off on our cruise. Susie Cried as we boarded the plan. “I’m going to miss them so much.” And inside I was in the same shape but guys don’t cry. Okay, I cried too, just a couple tears really though.

When we landed we had the night in a hotel room lover looking the ocean, and a huge harbor. Susie was crying in the hotel room and I didn’t know why so whats a good husband/brother to do, but ask, “What wrong?”

“You are not going to believe this but I didn’t bring a breast pump.” She said.

“No big deal, you wouldn’t be able to save it anyway for them.” I replied.

She looked at me like I was stupid, “No you don’t understand, They HURT!” and she opened her shirt to revel her beautiful but much larger breasts.

“Is there anything we can do?” I asked, “Can I like milk them or something.” This was not something I paid any attention to.

“I’m not milk cow you can’t do that.” She said, head hung low in distress, “But… ” and her eyes perked up. “You could nurse off of them. Its not much more than you liked to do before the babies came.:

“You for real?” I asked, I admit I’d been a little jealous of the babies because I haven’t touched her breasts since they were born “It is safe?”

“Babies do it so yeah.” She said patting the couch beside her.

I sat down, she guided my head into her lap and pressed by lips to her right breast. Then got p and slid the rest of her clothes off as I undressed too. Looking down, sure she had a few stretch marks, her beast were wonderful, and her stomach was slightly looser than before but damn she looked good. The Fire RED patch I loved was still there and I was now torn and she saw it and she said, “Okay you horn dog, I want that too, but these hurt” as she shoved her nipple on my mouth and I sucked. I got the most delicious liquid I have ever tasted, I sucked for all I was worth, and I wound that If I pressed with my tongue with the nipple to the roof of my mouth, the nipple kinda filled with milk allowing me a drink. Half way through the second breast, she grabbed my hard cock escort pendik and was rubbing it in time with my sucking. She pushed me back and off her breast onto the couch saying, ” I want to suck something too.” And what seemed like a minute later I was filling her mouth up an sucking her other breast again which got me hard.

When her breast were empty, I went down her stomach, kissing all the say to her clit I took her in my mouth and engulfed it. My tongue was like a fiery tornado in the midst of her red pussy hairs. She kinda screamed out, okay, really screamed out as she came, “GOD I HAVE MISSED YOUR TONGUE.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hard again, I pulled the foreskin back on my cock and ran the swollen head of my cock up and down her pussy, which was super wet. The pink lips of her pussy red with excitement seemed to beacon me in. My cock parted those lips and I watched as they wrapped around me. I pumped a few times watching the greatest magic show known to mankind. I know I just came not too long ago but I came again. I wanted to wait longer, but I couldn’t help it. I pulled out and the very last quirt of my cum went across her stomach ending the red jungle of her pussy hair. I could see the rest of my stuff leaking out of her.

I said, “Sorry, but that was amazing It’s been so long and you are so amazing.”

I bent down and kissed her clit again, and she pushed my head down and I was now eating her pussy freshly covered in my cum. She said, “Please… one more time.” And I licked and ate her for all I was worth ignoring my cum. I got hard again after she came but I was tired so we slept. Our mixed juices trying on my face and her pussy. I the morning we woke up and she went to kiss me and went “Oh no… You smell nasty and I fell nasty down there, we need to clean up and then come back to bed.”

We showered and came back to bed as planned. She said, “I need you to nurse me but right now I need FUCKED” I haven’t heard her say that word very often so I got to the task at hand. She was plenty wet and I only teased her clit with the head of my cock a couple times before going in. While we were “making love” ( I hate using the word fuck for making love to her) the strangest thing happened, When she was cumming, milk would squirt out her breasts. When she calmed down, I latched on to one, and continued to slowly stroke myself inside her still wonderfully tight pussy. I drink her milk from one and then the other as we fucked. She was getting close again as I was nearing mine so I held off and continued to suckle. When she came her milk filled my mouth and I filled her pussy.

We had to hurry, the boat was to leave in about 3 hours, we showed, dressed and hopped a cab over to the boat. I got an alert to my phone of a clean up charge being added to the room charge. Something about someone must have spilled milk onto the bed and soaked the mattress. I showed Susie and she laughed, “We got to be more careful on the boat, we only get one room and I doubt they have extra mattresses. You know I love you and I missed you like this a lot.”

“Its okay, I know you love me and you know that I love you too. I miss the kids now, but I really have missed you a lot. I’m okay taking a second seat to the kids for a while, and I never knew I liked breast milk before!” I said.

“Thank you!” And she kissed me and ran her hand between us feeling my cock in with her palm. “You never stop do you.”

“Nope, I don’t and if you keep that up they might throw us off the boat.” I said, but looked around there were a couple doing about the same. But most were well behaved.

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