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Party Fun With Older Mum

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After loosing my cherry at eighteen to a woman about eight years older than myself, I was always looking to see what was on offer from older women. For the past two years I had my looks up skirts and down tops. Working in a car repair shop, I would try to be there to open and close the car doors for the older women drivers. This gave me the opportunity to look up the legs of the ladies as they got in or out of the car, on many accusations I got that little smile as they saw me looking, and some seamed to take a bit more time to give me a better look. I think I got to see most styles of lady’s knickers that were available, the lighter shades to see through gave the best look, as I could often see the outline of pubic hair and the shape of their cunt. The darker colours would show up the wet spot better and with some of the woman the knickers would clink to their cunts, this really got me going.

The next time that I got the chance to have an older woman was at a work Christmas party.

I had moved from my hometown to a city and got a job as a paid fire fighter, at twenty-two years of age I was one of the younger guys on station. This meant that I got a bit of ribbing from the older guys, and I was told to watch out for a fireman’s wife Mandy (not her true name) as she would eat me up and spit out the big bits. The stories about Mandy always got me going. Mandy was about thirty-eight years old and had two children, but had the body and looks of a much younger woman.

The work party was held on station, with a light meal, drinks and lots of dancing.

In one of the dancers you kept changing partners. When Mandy came around as my partner, she was wearing a tight top and very short skirt, as we danced she had this knack of being able to rub her tits up against my arm or crush them into my chest. I was in heaven and hoped the music didn’t stop too soon, when the music did stop, I was left with half a hard on and a new partner.

As the music went on Mandy kept getting closer with ever change of partners, I just hoped the music went long enough for us to get together again. My wish came true as Mandy stepped into me she crushed her tits against my chest and rubbed her cunt on my leg.

It had to happen, I got the biggest hard on I had had in a long time, as we danced Mandy moved us into the middle of the circle and she moved around to face me straight on. All I thought was she is going to feel my hard on and what was I going to do to try and hide it.

Mandy moved in and crushed her tits into my chest and her cunt against my hard on, she looked me in the eye and said that old saying, “Well aren’t you the big boy then” all this did was make me grow bigger. When the music stopped playing, Mandy said she needed silivri escort to get a drink, as we walked up to the bar I could see Mandy’s nipples were poking through her top, as I was looking she said, “I look a little like you but not as big”.

I let Mandy up to the bar first and I stood behind her, the bar was busy and as we waited Mandy put her hand around and grabbed my hard on through my pants, all I could think of was who could see and glade that the lighting was low. The feeling was great Mandy gently rubbed as I stood behind her, I moved my hand to the hem of her skirt, and slid it up to her knickers. Her crutch was so wet and as I pushed my thumb into the crack of her cunt she wriggled it onto my thumb.

We got our drinks and Mandy said, “let’s go outside into the fresh air to have our drinks ”.

Outside Mandy and I drank our drinks, making small talk as we walked around the gardens. Walking around the gardens we came across a bench, so sat down for a rest, as Mandy sat down her short skirt rose up showing of her lovely legs.

We sat talking and I kept looking at her tits, I’m sure she was pushing them out for me to look at. What happened next took me a bit by surprise, Mandy moved closer pushing her tits into my arm and kissing me on the lips, what with the drink and the night air I was a bit light headed, but this soon bought me back to reality. Mandy pushed her tongue into my mouth and started dancing her tongue around, she then moved her hand onto my crutch rubbing my cock through my pants. If it was good enough for Mandy to play with me then I thought I should return the favour.

Sliding my hand up her leg till I got to that wet warm area again, it felt wetter than it had when we were getting our drinks. Mandy started to undo my zipper, and as I slipped a finger under the leg of her knickers and into her cunt , she pulled my cock out into the fresh air. Mandy stopped kissing me and moved her head down to my cock where she licked the head and shaft before sucking me into her mouth. Like I have said before there has got to be a god because this was heaven. While Mandy was working on my cock I was rubbing that little hard lump at the top of her cunt making her moan and move about. Mandy now had her other hand on my balls, gently massaging them as she sucked my cock deep into her mouth. It was not long after this that I felt myself ready to cum and Mandy must have sensed this as she was now sucking faster and harder, then it happened, I shot my cum down the back of her throat and she didn’t spill a drop. As I rested Mandy took my hand and put it under her top, I rubbed her nipples before putting my hand under her bra to massage her lovely tits.

After şirinevler escort a short time I couldn’t understand it, my cock was back growing hard again, Mandy moved her hand back to my cock and said, ”That’s what I like about younger guys, they can get it back up again so soon”.

Mandy stood up and lifted her skirt, which didn’t take much, she then removed her knickers, through them onto my face, the knickers were very wet, and the armour was nothing like I had smelt before. Mandy moved back to me on the bench and rubbed her knickers onto my face, as she did this she said that I might like to have them as a reminder of tonight’s little bit of fun. I thank her very much that they will live under my pillow.

Looking down at my cock and wrapping her hand around it, Mandy said that perhaps we shouldn’t waste this monster and with that pushed me back on the bench putting her knees either side of my hips, this allowed her to then lower herself down onto my cock.

Mandy took the tip in slowly and with each upward stroke she came down further each time until my balls were pressing against her butt checks. Mandy slid up, down, back and forward riding my cock to the tip with each stroke and the slamming back down again.

That went on for some minutes until she stopped and went ridged, she moaned so loudly that I hoped nobody could hear her. As she regained her composure, she started to move up and down on me, this was all I needed it was my turn to cum again. We sat and rested for a short time, and before going back into the station Mandy said she needed to have a pee so with this she bent her knees, pushed her pelvic forward and peed on the bass of a small tree. I had not seen a woman pee before and was intrigued by the way she could stand and pee much like a man. I tucked myself in and did up my belt, picked Mandy’s panties up and sniffed them before putting them into my pocket. Just before we got to the station Mandy stopped, put her hand on my crutch and gave me a big tongue kiss. I said that if she didn’t stop this that we would have to go back to the bench again, Mandy replied that we could save it for another night. My mind went into a spin with the thought that I may get to have her again. In the station, Mandy came over to where my work mates and some of her friends were sitting, they gave me a funny look as I sat down, and one of my mates said she’s good ah, enjoy it while it lasts as her old man is always to drunk to keep her satisfied. When I got home that night I went to bed with Mandy’s knickers on my face, it was the best night sleep I had had in a long time.

I didn’t get to see Mandy until some weeks later, there was a party at şişli escort her house and our shift was invited to go along. When I arrived, Mandy greeted me, She was wearing a long dress to her ankles and the top was cut very low as to show of her cleavage. She stepped forward and gave me one of those great kisses of hers. As my mind went into overdrive, may cock started to respond to what may happen later tonight. Mandy broke her kiss from me and said, “You are pleased to see me aren’t you”?

During the evening Mandy was pretty busy serving drinks and food, and now and then when she stood with the light behind her, I could see the out-line of her legs and crutch through her dress. As the night went on Mandy’s old man drank that much that he went off to bed early. This is when Mandy became very friendly with the guys, the drink was taking effect on her, and she started to flirt and sit on their knees. I was in deep conversation with one of the older guys, when Mandy came over and sat on my lap, as she sat down she wriggled her butt onto my cock, my cock reacted write away and Mandy turned around looked at me and smiled, she bent down and whispered into my ear that maybe we needed to go outside for some fresh air. Mandy got up and bought more food into the room, as she handed me the plate, she said that she would see me outside soon.

Well I didn’t need a second invite, I got up straight away saying that I needed a pee and went outside to wait for Mandy. Mandy came out a short time later, coming up to me and kissing me like there was no tomorrow, Mandy was leaning up against the house with me pushing into her, those tits felt bigger than they did last time. Mandy said that we didn’t have much time so lets get straight into it, as I pulled her dress up she undid my belt and my pants dropped to my ankles. I bunched Mandy’s dress up around her waist as she pulled down my under pants and my cock felt the cool air and her hand around it. Mandy guided my cock to her cunt, the tip of it touched her cunt lips, the dirty bitch had no knickers on, her cunt was already very wet and my cock slipped right in to my balls. I picked Mandy’s legs up under the knees so that she could sit down on me, it was no time at all before we were both having a climax. When I put Mandy back on the ground she said that she had been waiting for this moment, as the last fuck she had was on the park bench with me and we would not let it be that long again before we have the next one. Mandy then pulled her knickers out of her bra and gave them to me, saying that they would keep me interested till the next time. For me the next time was not going to be soon enough. From that night on, I made sure that I attended all parties were I thought Mandy may be, and there was a lot of parties going on with the number of guys that worked at the station, so it was never to long before Mandy and I got back together again for one of our sessions. Mandy and I spent the next couple of years getting of on each other until I meet the girl that I married.

Ps This was another true story, I wish I was young again.

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