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Passion of Karma

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It’s like the morning sun, the rolling waves, loving the one that you love – sometimes gentle, sometimes rough but most times wonderful, thrilling, soul searching and those beams of sunlight shining into the soul. – above all the love remains like the sun rides the sky, the rolling waves moving the largest shingles – ever constant – drawing the heart, taking and giving, sharing of the passion and lust, the joys of exploring like the glittering of sunlight on the rolling waves – then the storms grow, like the passion in Karma -reaching its crescendo, its waterloo – the indescribable sensations of an orgasm soothing and satisfying the soul and all is calm again.

Then love fulfilled is calm again, now to share the joys of gentle romance as the sea becomes almost still like glass – souls share the warmth of holding, the gently caress, the stroking, the wonder of each other in a way only lovers understand – like the storm now passes, the fire of passion temporality dimmed – until the strong winds blow anew – like the sinews of our bodies, the passion renews and again the morning sun rises, the waves roll and once more love is complete.

When Pete and I slept in our secret cave on the beach all night it was sheer heaven, listening to those waves lapping up the sand nearby, so in tune with the way I was feeling, Pete sound asleep after lots of loving but I was awake anadolu yakası escort early taking in the absolute magic of being there. The cave was higher than sea level but blocked off when the tide was in which was absolute bliss, to know that we were completely alone. Pete looked absolutely gorgeous laying there in his beige shorts, those heavy manly thighs slightly parted – and the mound of his gem I earlier felt so deep inside me, feeling it again, as though he was still inside me, the throb and the urgency of his deep thrusting fuck still surging there like the surging tides outside. Just then, I wanted to feel him whilst he slept, as if by instinct my fingers walked up his thigh until they reached that gorgeous mound, so still and unassuming at the moment. But I could not resist the temptation of cupping him completely In my hand, feeling the warmth of his cock so good. I wanted to squeeze so I did, gently and it was heaven to feel him grow as I squeezed a little more. All this and Pete was still sound, his head swinging occasionally from side to side as he grunted – it was something special to feel his body like this, something I had never ever done with any guy before whilst asleep. It was certainly wonderful to feel his cock grow in size and strength as I continued to gently squeeze and cup his balls though ataşehir escort his shorts. I removed my red jumper, bunched it up and placed it gently under his sleeping head, then he looked more at ease as I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of him.

I felt the urge to do more, it seemed so natural and the thing to do, to undo those small buttons on his shorts and discover his manhood throbbing now. I teased and touched it all with my finger tips sliding up and down his shaft, feeling it quiver as I did so, although stiff the skin felt like silk, transparent too as I saw the veins there pulsing with the blood that pumped my baby up. I felt the thrill inside me when I touched his plum, his gorgeous red end which, at that moment, I just had to taste and sniff to the full, The first touch with the tip of my tongue was heavenly and the taste was out of this world. To me Pete was like a God, waiting to be pampered and I was his servant, his lover and whatever he wanted me to be. Now as he stirred and moaned his cock was deep in my mouth as I soon began to lose my senses in a wonderful deep sucking motion, taking his cock in different ways, different angles as I felt the throb of it against my cheeks, still teasing now inside my mouth with my tongue, lapping his delicacy for all I was worth until I heard him yell, and – looking up ümraniye escort I saw his eyes opened now, looking down at me and pleading – I knew what I had to do, I gave him the most perfect mouth fuck I could, feeling the blood rush to my head as I jerked his 7 inches of heaven inside my busy mouth, waiting to feel and taste the surge of his love juice as I gripped the base, bending him into me, my mouth working overtime as I felt then that surge, heard that unmistakable groan as he spurted again and again, his cum overflowing onto my chin, neck and it felt so good, as if heaven had opened with energy and love and the seas had swamped our bodies.

“Louise, you are so gorgeous and you spoil me so.” I felt his warmth again knowing he would want to come inside me again.

“That is all I want – to make you happy, Pete baby – now let us feel your deep kiss and taste our love before we share all we have together.”

Soon he was inside me, filling me with all his lust and his passion full package, stretching me deep inside, feeling his warmth as he makes me reach that wonderful waterloo in tune with his. I shall forever love my Pete.

If the earth was moving we had no care – our love was so demanding – neither did we know about the seaquake and the forthcoming tsunami. If the cave was filling with water, completely submerging us we just didn’t care, for we were deeply emerged in the fruits of our love and when we left the earth it was the most perfect way to go.

I returned two days later, in spirit, debris covered the beach, I looked into the cave, all that was in there was my red jumper, everything else, our bodies, all was gone. But no matter because now we have reached our heaven forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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