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Patrick Ch. 06

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Ana Armas

The video taping was over much to Patrick’s relief, he felt like a prisoner being interrogated as Veronica and Eustace fired questions at him, all that was missing was the bright light hanging above his head and his hands being tied behind his back. He didn’t even bother to ask what they thought, they would only tell him that it was too soon and that they’d call him as soon as they knew anything. Eustace stayed after the girls left and took Patrick aside.

“You up to talking?” he asked.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m up to it or not.” Patrick replied, “I want this taken care of.”

“Good answer.” Eustace replied and led the way to Ethan’s office.

He waited until they were both comfortable and started the session by asking about Kevyn.

“How is she?”

“She’s good, we had coffee tonight.” Patrick replied.

“Did you tell her about last night?”

“I told her everything except that I almost raped Melissa but I think she knows that I didn’t tell her everything.” Patrick said.

“Why do you think that? Did she question you?”

“Yes but it was more about what would have happened if Ethan and Martin hadn’t come.” Patrick hesitated and Eustace waited. “She feels drawn to me.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, it’s just that I need to start thinking about how to tell her everything sooner than I had hoped or planned.” Patrick replied.

“Tell me about tonight.” Eustace said.

“Not a whole lot to tell except that when I was with her, I felt cocooned from the world and she’s a very jealous and protective woman.”

Patrick told Eustace about how Kevyn had confronted Melissa one night after class and how she had intervened with the woman at the restaurant.

“What I find interesting,” Eustace said, “is that she feels the need to protect you as much as you feel the need to protect her. The jealousy is understandable, that’s normal mate behavior but for her to step up for you like that…. It intrigues me.”

“What are you thinking?” Patrick asked.

“I don’t know yet and I know that you’re tired of hearing that but I don’t want to say anything until I’ve had more time to think about it.”

Patrick gave a dry chuckle, “I have the feeling that I’m going to be hearing that a lot between you and the girls.”

Eustace smiled, “Probably so.” he conceded as he shifted in his chair.

Patrick tensed and then relaxed, he knew what was coming and it wouldn’t help anything if he was already tensed and nervous.

“I want to talk about last night again.” Eustace said, “Not so much about what happened but about what was going through your mind as the almost rape was happening, start with when you walked into the office.”

“I knew that it wasn’t Robertson, he has a smell that reminds me of stale corn chips.”

“But you went in anyway.”

“Yes but I didn’t think that she would be in there, I thought that…. I don’t know what I thought.”

“Go on.”

“I turned on the lights and there she was on my desk practically naked. I told her to get out but …. She pulled the straps of her….. She…”

The red haze and anger began to rise.

“Tell me about Kevyn” Eustace said calmly.

Patrick took a deep breath.

“Kevyn is my mate, she’s taking her prerequisites so that she can apply for the nursing program.”

“What else?” Eustace asked watching Patrick carefully.

“She likes sports; she plays on the softball team for her job.”

“Sounds like your kind of woman.” Eustace remarked, “Are you ready to continue?”

Patrick nodded.

“What was your first thought when you saw the girl?”

“That she had to leave and I told her that but she didn’t listen.”


“That we were both in trouble…. That I… we needed help so I called for Ethan and Martin.” Patrick replied. “I should have left, but I… I was so angry at her. I was alright until she came along and kept pushing me. I’m not saying that I’m innocent, I know that I’m not but why in the hell did she keep pushing me? I tried to warn her.”

“After you called for Ethan and Martin, what were you thinking?”

“I’m not sure that I was thinking.” Patrick replied, “All I felt was rage at this girl who in a few weeks almost destroyed me and all of the progress that I thought that I had made. I wanted to teach her a lesson and I wanted to hurt her…. Eustace, it felt good, my touching her and scaring the shit out of her felt good but at the same time, I knew that it was wrong and I knew that I would feel as guilty as hell when it was over but I wouldn’t have stopped if Ethan and Martin hadn’t come when they did.”

“Are you telling me that you didn’t want to stop?” Eustace asked. There was no judgment in his voice as he asked the question, just a need to know.

“Part of me wanted to but part of me didn’t, so if you’re asking if I had more control than I realized then the answer would have to be yes.” Patrick said softly.

“I need a drink, call Kevyn and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Patrick waited until Eustace was rize escort gone before calling Kevyn, he was fairly certain that she would still be up studying and was relieved when she answered the phone.

“How’s the studying going?” he asked.

“Alright, I read the rest of the chapter last night and answered the questions at the end of the chapter.”

“Good, do you use the disc that comes with the book? Some of the instructors take their test questions from there.”

“I haven’t been but I guess I will now, thanks for the heads up. Did you need something?”

“No, I just wanted to say goodnight” he said and hear your voice he thought to himself.

“Oh, ok.”

“You never did say if you liked Chinese food.”

“Not really.” Kevyn replied sensing that he was trying to keep her on the phone.”

“What kind of food do you like?” Patrick asked now feeling completely calm.

“Indian food is good and so is Ethiopian food.”

“I like both of those, there’s an Ethiopian restaurant that I go to sometimes, would you like to go there?”

“Sure, that sounds good.” Kevyn replied meaning it.

“Great, I’ll see you tomorrow night at six.” Patrick said.

They talked for a few more minutes before hanging up, what he really wanted was to keep talking to her but that wasn’t possible.

“Everything alright?” Eustace asked as he came back into the room.

“It’s good, we’re going out for dinner tomorrow night.”

“I hope someone is going with you.” Eustace said.

“I’ll ask Ethan and Martin, one of them should be available.”

“How about me? Gretchen is at some conference for the week so I’m free.”

“That would be great, thanks.” Patrick said, “But you’re offering for another reason so spill.”

“I want to see how the two of you interact with each other; it could provide some valuable information about our mating process as a whole.” Eustace replied.

“Fine by me just don’t scare her off.”

“She won’t even know that I’m there but let’s get back to work, you were realizing that you had more control than you thought you did.”

“Yes and that I had options that part of me didn’t want to acknowledge.”

“Did the thought of your mate cross your mind at all during the incident?” Eustace asked.

“No, as a matter of fact Ethan had to remind me that I even had a mate, I couldn’t even remember her name without help.”

“And then once you remembered, the anger decreased?”

“Yes, what are you getting at?” Patrick asked.

“For one thing, you need to mate with her and the sooner the better and yes I know what I said about slowing the process down but in your case, mating with her will put dragon back to sleep permanently. The second thing is that you are never to go out alone even if it’s to meet her, it’s not worth the risk that you’ll run into someone who will inadvertently trigger the anger.”

“Eustace you’re making me very nervous.”

“Good, I want you to be, where’s this restaurant and what time do I need to be here?”

Patrick gave Eustace the information and watched him vanish from where he was sitting. He went to is room to start building the online A&P class. When he called the school they were beyond thrilled when he volunteered to set up the online class, he was glad for the job, it would give him something to do.


As soon as Kevyn walked in she kicked off her shoes, changed her clothes and took out her books. She replayed the evening in her mind, what was it about him that she was so attracted to him? She asked herself. “He’s honest even though he hiding something, he’s not hard to look at, he has a job and …. He makes me think of sex.”

Kevyn Morris stop it right now!” she said out loud, “You don’t need a man!” She added. That was true, she didn’t need a man but need and want were two different things weren’t they? She didn’t need or want Patrick’s money but she sure as hell wanted him.

She pushed the idea aside, it would do nothing but get her wondering what he looked like naked and…..

“Kevyn stop it!” she said again as she pulled out her books top study. She was doing fairly well until Patrick called, she realized that she had used more minutes on her phone in the past day than she had all week. The few minutes that they were on the phone got her thinking again so she gave up studying, took a cold shower and went to bed turning on the television to lull her to sleep.


Patrick worked on setting up the online class until four am; he stood up, stretched and hopped in the shower thinking of Kevyn. The whole time that they were at the restaurant he couldn’t help but stare at her, he watched her lips as they moved when she talked and wanted to kiss her. As they walked to her apartment, he wanted to put his arm around her and announce that she belonged to him but instead he kept his hands in his pockets, at her apartment he fought the urge to kiss her but maybe tonight he could at least kiss her cheek.

He looked down at his sakarya escort erection and tried to ignore it by thinking of anything else but Kevyn. He was gratified to realize that it was her specifically that made him hard and not some woman that he could possibly rape or the thought of rape, it was all her.

Patrick took a deep breath as he took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it; he closed his eyes and imagined that Kevyn was in the shower with him. He had just finished washing her hair, her shoulders, back and ass and now she was facing him his cock in her hands slowly stroking up and down then faster and harder until….

He let out a low moan as his semen shot out, hit the shower wall and was washed down the drain. Patrick leaned against the shower wall with his eyes still closed and Kevyn in his mind, he couldn’t wait until she was with him for real but until then he would have to be content with the fantasy.


Kevyn was asleep when her eyes snapped open, she was burning up, her nipples were hard and she was wet and throbbing between her legs. She had never been one to explore her own body and had never brought herself to orgasm but she knew arousal when she felt it.

She couldn’t remember dreaming about anything erotic or thinking about anything except….. Patrick. Another blast of heat hit her as soon as she thought about him.

“Sweet Jesus, what is it about him?” she murmured as she reached down under the sheet and touched herself through her sweat pants. She gasped when her hand came away wet, she wondered if she hadn’t wet herself in her sleep but she knew better, she was aroused.

Not knowing what else to do, Kevyn reached into her sweat pants and touched her throbbing clit biting her lip when pleasure ran through her. She rubbed faster and in tight little circles until her hips rose off of the sofa and her body stiffened as the orgasm washed through her.

She fell back to sleep not waking until late morning, she frowned when she found that her hand was stuffed down her pants and cupping her mound. She quickly removed her hand, rolled off of the couch and headed for the shower.

“That was one hell of a dream.” she muttered as she got into the shower.


Patrick spent the morning talking to the twins who had watched the video tape several times but were still not ready to give even first impressions.

“We need more time but we agree with Eustace, You’re safe as long as you’re with Kevyn.” Veronica said.

“You can’t even give me a hint?” Patrick asked.

“No, not yet but would you be willing to do a PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography) of your brain? We want to do one now and then one after you and Kevyn finally mate to see if there’s any differences.”

“Whatever you need.” Patrick replied, “Are you going to have the others do one as well?”

“No not everyone, just those who haven’t found their mates or haven’t mated with them yet and have a history of violence.” Veronica replied. “And before I forget, we’re taking blood samples too.”

“When do you want me there?”

‘When are you seeing Kevyn again?” Veronica asked.

“Tonight, why?”

“Do you think that you could swing by before you go? I have a hunch about something.”

“Do you have a PET Scan machine there?” Patrick asked.

“We sure do and you’ll be the very first one that we use it on.” Veronica replied.

“Do you know how to use the thing?”

“Of course we do! We both took the training class to learn how to operate it and we both passed with flying colors.”

“Is five thirty alright? I’m picking Kevyn up at six.”

“Can we make it five?” Veronica asked.

“I’ll be there.”

Patrick hung up the phone wondering what theory the girls had come up with and how soon they would share that theory with him.

The rest of the day was spent working on the online A&P class that he had agreed to set up and now teach, he had time to fine tune it since it wouldn’t start until next semester but it would be listed in the next semester’s catalogue. As the instructor Patrick could decide how many students to take and he decided on six to start with and if it went well more classes and students would be added.


Linda sat at the laptop after spending most of the day trying to figure out where Melissa had gone with their money. She had even gone back into what had been Melissa’s room looking for anything that might hint at where she had gone. She opened all of the drawers dumping the contents on the floor and sifted through the papers. By the time she was finished, the room looked as though a cyclone had blown through it.

“Ungrateful bitch!” Linda snarled as she threw a book across the room, she was stuck here until she could come up with a way to get more money. Her husband had finally laid down the law and taken her credit cards giving her one of those check cards that had a certain amount of money on it.

“Three thousand a month is all you get and when it’s samsun escort gone, it’s gone so make it last.” he told her as she watched him take the credit cards out of her wallet, cut them up and replace them with the check card. “Where’s your check book?” he asked digging in her purse until he found it.

Linda watched horrified as he called the bank and told them that he would no longer cover any returned checks written on her account and then he made other phone calls effectively cutting her off from any of his money other than what he gave her.

“Carl, please!” she begged.

“This is the way it’s going to be, if you don’t like it there’s the door.” he said and walked out of the den.

So much for hiring a private detective Linda thought bitterly. There had to be a way to find out where Melissa went but how? Then it hit her, Patrick Sinclaire, he would have been one of the last people to see Melissa and what if she was still with him? She doubted it, Melissa would have called her to gloat but it was possible. Maybe there was a way that she could get money from him, maybe Melissa wasn’t successful in getting him into bed, maybe Melissa wasn’t woman enough for him. She did have that little girl appearance although she was quite experienced in bed.

Linda picked up the phone called the school and asked for Patrick’s office.

“I’m sorry but Dr. Sinclaire isn’t available for the rest of the semester.” the voice on the other end of the line said.

“Oh, is there a way that I can reach him?” Linda asked.

“I’m sorry but no, he does call in every so often to check for messages if you’d like to leave one.”

“No thank you and thank you for your help.”

“Hmmm, Melissa is gone and he’s not teaching.” Linda mused, “They’re not together and he wouldn’t need her money even if they were, he’s worth millions so what happened?” she murmured to herself. “The little bitch ran off with my money is what happened!” she grumbled under her breath.

There had to be a way to capitalize on this and if she did, she could kiss her husband goodbye and live out the rest of her life in luxury. She mentally calculated just how much money she would need in order to do that, five million? Oh hell ten she thought. Now she just had to come up with a plan to get it.


Kevyn tried to study until it was time to get ready to go to dinner with Patrick and for the most part was unsuccessful, every time she thought about him, she thought about waking up aroused to the point that she had to relieve herself and she felt warm. That had never happened before not even with Lonnie in the best of times, she had never wanted Lonnie in the way that she wanted Patrick and she just didn’t understand it.

She finally gave up around four-thirty and turned on the television to kill time before she took her shower before Patrick came, was this a date? She wondered and decided that it wasn’t. She didn’t know what it was but it wasn’t a date but if that was true she asked herself why she was so nervous.


Patrick made it to the lab just before five with Eustace not far behind him. While Vanessa and Veronica got ready to do the PET scan he looked into what was his office, it was bare and was waiting for him to decorate. Patrick walked through the office to the room that would be his bedroom if he needed a place to sleep; it came fully equipped with a fridge, microwave and a small stove. Off to one side was the bathroom, it was small but fully functional and already stocked with towels, washcloths and soap.

“What do you think?” Vanessa asked from behind him.

“I like it although you didn’t need to make a space for me.” Patrick replied.

“Well, it’s here if you need it, there’s no bed because dad said that you were rather particular about your bed so we’re leaving it to you to do what you want.”

Patrick looked around the bedroom once more before following Vanessa out to the PET scan machine.

“Let’s do this.” he said and got ready.

Twenty minutes later, the scan was done.

“Well?” Patrick asked.

“Everything looks normal” Veronica said, “but I’m wondering what changes occur during anger.”

“How do you propose…..No way!” Patrick exclaimed when he realized what she was thinking.

“Hear me out.” Veronica said. “I’m not talking about the anger that makes you want to rape; I’m talking about normal anger.”

“No.” Patrick replied, “What if that normal anger turns into something else and I end up hurting someone? It took both your dad and uncle to keep me from raping that girl.”

“Yes but….”

“No buts, I’m not doing it! I’m sure that out of all of the vampires that you’re going to be studying there’s someone that has normal anger management problems.” Patrick said.

“He’s right.” Eustace said quietly, “Until he has better control of his anger, it’s not a good idea.”

Vanessa and Veronica looked at each other and shrugged, “We do have others that we can use but none of them have your issues. What we wanted to see was if there were any changes in the part of the brain that’s responsible for impulse and emotional control, empathy and judgment…”

“The prefrontal cortex.” Eustace said.

“That and the frontal lobe which controls thinking, planning, problem solving, judgment and sexual urges.” Vanessa said.

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