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Paula and the Photo Day

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Bella Ink

Can anyone help with manning the display at the annual Photography Day this year?”

Dropping her eyes quickly, Paula studied her nails wondering what idiot would get suckered into that. A stirring beside her and she snapped her head up in horror.

“Nooooo. What are you doing?” she fiercely whispered, “It’s on a Sunday. Our day.”

He smiled down at here indulgently, explaining, “This is our camera club, we do what we can to help.” Pouting dramatically, she subsided knowing full well that anything he was involved in would mean she would be too. The event would be an informational day for those interested in photography in any manner, from manufacturers of cameras, film and equipment to portraitists, camera clubs and the general public.

As the meeting broke up, she waited by the door for him, wondering at their involvement.

“It’s a display of a mock-up of a sultans tent with a model in harem costume and the model is already lined up.” he said, “You and I will decorate it and supply her costume. Think you can do that? We’ve already used her for photo shoots, she’s a little slimmer than you.”

Rolling her eyes, Paula’s brain jumped to the design of the outfit, knowing she had plenty of suitable fabric and baubles to turn out something effective. What could be easier than a bikini top, short decorated vest and skimpy gauze trousers. Loads of gilt chains, junk jewellery and a coin necklace she owned would complete the picture of sexual enticement.

Offering him the use of the her extensive curtaining collection, they returned to her home, dropping her off to prepare the items for the next week’s event. Thinking that at least the next date with her lover was entirely innocent, she would be able to work on the preparation without having to be furtive.

She was waiting on the kerb with a pile of boxes when he turned up very early the following Sunday, he smiling broadly. Studying him, she queried, “What’s so funny? We’re missing out on our time together.”

He just smiled – so shrugging, Paula helped load bursa escort the car and they crossed the city to the display park.

Stapling and tacking the fabric and decorations to the tent frame erected by the other members, she muttered,

“You know, this is corny. Why would anyone want to waste film on this set up? So she’ll be half naked, what’ll they do with the pictures?”

Nailing up the last of the fake wall sconces, he smiled unperturbed. “It’s all corny but people enjoy it. The way you’ve designed it, it’s as authentic as they expect it to be, and many will have some images to make prints.”

“There,” she said, stepping back, “Finished! I suppose it’s not so bad. Now for the clothes. Isn’t it soon time to open? Where’s the model?

“She said she’d be a little late.” he grinned as he turned around to face her.

Mystified she said, “How late?”

Oh, about an hour, that’s all”

“What? We can’t have the display without a model for a whole hour.”

“You’re right.” he agreed with a bland expression. Hands up, backing up, she blurted,

“Ohh, no. I’m not standing in for her. I’d die out there and you know it.”

Eyeing him suspiciously she asked, “How long have you known about her being late – or is she even coming at all?

“Sure she’s coming, as I said, just late. Now, you going to help or let these people see an empty display?

Looking to the front, sure enough, people were staring in, reading the signs regarding the camera club and wondering at the purpose. Glaring it him, she snatched up the bag of clothes and retreated to the changing area behind the curtains. Peeling off all she was wearing, she drew out the bikini top and vest, horrified at their skimpiness.

“Very nice.” Came his voice, looking round the curtain. Wheeling, she flung at him,

“Maybe so, but not yours. Remember? You booked us up today, so go away!” Tying the straps behind her back, she looked down to see her breasts barely contained by the bikini top intended for a slim model. Sighing, escort bursa hoping she wouldn’t fall out, she slipped into the vest, which didn’t reach far across those same breasts either. Dragging on the pants, she found they barely covered her bush, let alone reach her navel, although the hooks at the side just closed, if a little snug. The only saving part of all this was her tanned body, but the tan was never acquired to be put on public display, just incidental to reading on her private deck at home. Hunting for more fabric she dragged a shawl over her shoulders, before adding all the swags of jewellery and pinning the veil over her face. Thinking that with a bit of luck no one would recognise her with so little of her showing, and if the camera club members should show pictures in the future she could claim it was the model.

Sidling through the curtains she was dauntingly greeted by a crowd of keen amateur photographers, all pointing their cameras at her, with her lover standing at the back looking triumphant. Putting all the venom she could muster into the only part showing, except for her bare feet, she glared at him as she arranged herself on the mounds of cushions in an idle pose. To her dismay, after shooting that position, the photographers started urging her to let them see more.

Reluctantly she peeled off the shawl, but while they kept shooting, they kept urging her to get down to the basic outfit. All the while, her lover was bent over laughing in the background, and all the while she went through to crimson with embarrassment even with a serene smile on her face.

Finally, the model turned up and to crown her ignominy, cheered at her able substitution, declaring she wasn’t needed.

“Like hell you’re not! Get back here and get these on, I’m not sticking it for one minute more” Paula begged, “Please?”

“Sure, kidding, let’s go back and switch.” with a grin the model led the way into the back and they made the change-over. Seeing the funny side now that it was over, Paula declared giggling, escort bursa “This is sooo not me. What a relief you turned up, I don’t know how you do it.”

“Oh, it’s easy, I’ve a good athletic body, and secretly, I’m an exhibitionist!” Dressed, the model moved out and replaced Paula who turned to retrieve her own clothes. Bent over, pulling aside boxes and bags without success, a hand snaked around her belly and enclosed her bush and another slid around, cupping her breast. Squealing, she straightened up into him feeling him hard behind her ass. Mock anger, voice kept low, she demanded, “Where are my clothes? I can’t leave!”

“That’s the idea.” he whispered in her ear, “I’ll find them for you, shortly…” rubbing down her pelt with his curved fingers, he slipped one into folds, probing for her acquiescence as he knew she would. And melt she did, into his arms, annoyance forgotten, sighing at his familiar touch. Playing her… beguiling her via her senses…

Turning her around, she found him already exposed and ready for her… hard… and erect…

Backing her up to the wall, sliding his two strong hands under her ass cheeks, he lifted her up to him, she willingly opening her thighs, wrapping her legs around his body. Slowly he eased her down onto his erection until her cunt took all of him in, dreamy face, half open lids looking up at his tender expression.

“You were wonderful out there, my darling.” he whispered, moving rhythmically in and out of her, burning a passage past her clit.

“I’m so proud of you.” his voice caught, as her panting increased and he moved faster within her. She shuddered into orgasm, burying her face in his neck, smothering her sounds in the folds of his jacket collar.

“Keep it down, back there!” came the voice of the model, “Or there’ll be a threesome and nothing to photograph out here!” Freezing in his arms, Paula slowly raised her wide eyes to his dancing ones. Giggling, laughing they slid apart. Her lover reached behind him, presenting her with a bag of her clothes, smiling tenderly. Hurriedly she donned them and with straightened expressions they emerged from the back of the display to take their places in the ranks of the photographers, while the model grinned at them conspiratorially from her rightful place…

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