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Paving Melissa’s Way

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Deeply engrossed in her newest find, a collection of the world’s best erotica short story writers Melanie sat in the stuffy reading room of her hometown’s local public library. Her thighs began to rub gently, almost involuntarily. A habit she developed when she became aroused and wasn’t in a place where she could touch herself without being arrested for lewd conduct that is.

It was a Saturday and the 20-year-old college student from Austin, Texas had a much-needed days vacation. Although it was the summer season and school was not in session at present, Melanie’s work full-time job at Target was tiring at times. She cherished the quiet time of her days off which, much to her chagrin, were rare.

Melanie was a short and stocky but by no means unattractive single woman studying to become a veterinarian in her second year at a state university in California.

By habit, she usually came back to Austin during the summer months to make some money at a no-brainer type job enabling her to put money aside for her semesters at university. She had a sort of an off and on relationship with her friend named Jesse who was in training for the World Wrestling Federation but presently engaged as a rodeo clown also for the summer.

Melanie likes her men big and Jesse most definitely does not disappoint. He is 7 ft 3 inches and weighing in at 320 lbs. Jesse indeed, is a force to contend with both in the rodeo ring and as future rising star in the WWF.

Her flowing silky black hair made its way down to her shapely, meaty round bottom. As she read, her beautiful D-Cup breasts rose and fell in seemingly their own natural rhythm. Her pussy started to become damp and swampy.

She was reading a story about a young submissive woman who is going to try anal sex for the first time.

My word but it is getting rather steamy in here and it’s not because the air conditioning is lacking, she thought silently so as to not draw unwanted attention to herself.

Melanie loved submissive sex in almost all of its forms. Domination by a big strong man like Jesse was mind blowing. Usually during their lovemaking sessions, she’d scream out and talk very dirty.

Jesse loved this, no complaints from him on that score. These days, however, before they’d have to separate again, they wanted to expand their repertoires sexually and anal sex was something they’d thought about for quite some time.

Reading the hot words in her new library book solidified it in Mel’s mind. She needed someone she trusted to fuck her up her virginal, tight as a vice, passage.

I have to get out of here; she decided with sudden and renewed resolve. Making her way back to the circ desk, she endured the queue of people checking out summer reading books.

When she exited into the dry summer Texas heat, typical of August, her pussy was dripping with gooey liquids. She could feel her soft pouty lips make squishy sounds as she got into her car and drove the few miles home.

“Fuckin Christ,” she exclaimed in the safety of her car, “if I don’t make myself come soon I’ll go ape shit.” On the highway she went to a rest area that wasn’t crowded, pulled into a shady spot and reclined her seat back for some much needed relief.

When she finished herself off surprisingly fast, she wiped her sticky fluids from her two fingers on some tissues and pulled her cell phone out of her purse to call Jesse and leave him a breathy message, at least, on his voicemail.

At home later she was chatting on yahoo messenger with her friend Matty in New York City, her phone rang, and when she picked up it was Jesse.

“Hey hon what’s up, did you get my message,” she smiled to herself, knowing that he had.

“Oh yeah baby I got it, so you wanna try it huh, what was the deciding factor?” he purred smoothly into his cell phone he expertly cradled on his way home from work.

“Well I had off today and was perusing my favorite section in the library the erotica of course,” she said as sexily she could muster.

“My only problem today is gaziantep escort bayan that Tommy is supposed to come over later in the afternoon to watch the ballgame. Maybe if you came over a couple of hours earlier we could mess around at least until he’s about to show up, said Jesse, sort of reluctantly.

“Oh honey I can’t get the mere thought of it out of my head it sounds so fucking hot don’t you think?” Melanie blushed into the phone.

“Mel you know I’m willing to give most anything a whirl at least once, my cock is getting hard just at your mentioning anal sex,” he said as he started to rub his growing 8 inch swollen member in his dusty and grimy jeans from a busy day at the Rodeo.

“Mmm you bastard, talk like that has got me insanely horny baby,” Melanie gushed. Let me take a shower and get ready and I’ll be over in a half hour, is that ok?

“Yeah I need a shower too babe, i’ll see you in a few then,” he rang off and stepped on the accelerator pedal and sped as fast he could get away with back home.

Melanie said goodbye to Matty and logged off her computer. She undressed hurriedly and stepped into a warm shower. She had no idea what his big cock would be like up her butt. Would it be painful, would she enjoy it as much as she thought she would? It was exciting that she was about to be ravished in a place that until then has only been a one-way street.

As she showered, she paid particular attention to her crotch especially her anus. She took a soapy finger and ever so gently, penetrated the tight orifice. The action made her now clean cunt drip anew with more then just water and soap.

What the heck, she thought, why not come again? She then slowly stuck her fingers up her soapy pussy. With her fingers up her twat she remembered that one pinkie finger probing only partly into her anus. Melanie fucked herself with elevated ardor and a sense of urgency rubbing her swollen clit and shuddering violently as waves of rapture slowly started at her painted toenails and worked it’s magic all the way to her inner molten core.

“Ohhhh fuck I’m gonna come hard mmmmmuahhhhhh YES THAT’S IT GIRL FUCK FUCK YES” she screamed to no one but herself. With her baby finger fairly far into her rectum now she shuddered out the remains of a great orgasm.

Jesse answered the door in a robe. They wasted little time because of the impending Tommy arrival later on that afternoon. Melanie really wanted him to fuck her tight ass right then, although it was better then they didn’t rush in too quickly and were warmed up.

As the dominant one, Jesse took charge. “Let me at that pussy baby,” he said after French kissing her deeply for a minute or two.

“Oh gawd yes please do I’m drenched, eat me good sweetie,” she cooed.

Jesse kissed her again and after he sucked her tits and bit her nipples, Mel gave pleasurable shout firing him up even more, he moved down to her pussy faintly noticing that she had cut her public hair in front into a heart shape.

“I dig the do honey,” he said appraisingly as he inhaled her mingled soapy, musky fragrance.

“I want you to come all over my face” he whispered huskily almost as if he were addressing her flooded cunt itself.

Melanie eased herself back into a comfortable position on his king sized bed and shut her eyes preparing herself for the onslaught of his wicked tongue dancing across her soft folds and clit with deftly executed swipes of his long tongue. “Let me put a pillow under that sweet ass of yours my dear,” he teased with a beautiful grin.

Lifting her bottom a bit off the bed, he slipped a comfortable pillow underneath her meaty flesh. Now there was no stopping him he devoured her cunt like one who had just been released from a life sentence with no chance of conjugal visits.

“Fuckin GAWD keep doing that” she yelled, don’t you dare stop. Jesse now had two fingers pushing slowly but with building momentum in and out of her gooey cunt whilst he licked and bit gently into her clit nub the way she adored it.

He even reached his hand up to her lips so she could lick his fingers clean of her fluids before putting them back in for more.

As she drew closer to the inevitable she grasped the sheets tightly with one hand and his short cropped hair with her other and wished her cunt was big enough to put his whole head inside of her.

Her inner core rumblings had begun its spin cycle of churning and twitching violently she knew that it wouldn’t be much longer now. “OHHH FUCKIN SHIT GET READY HONEY I’M GONNA COMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,” she screeched like an insane woman almost at the top of her lungs. “AHHHHHHHHHGRHHH YEAHHH” she yelled again, her body convulsed twisting and turning flooding his face with her fragrant sauce.

Jesse, always faithfully true to his word, stuck out his tongue so he could catch all of her spending in his mouth. Melanie never failed to surprise him and tasted tangy and zesty at the same time he couldn’t get enough of her molten lava.

“That’s it baby” he groaned into her cunt, “let me have all your blazing come mmm you’re on fire, my god,” he said cheering her on encouragingly wishing it would continue till he had his fill of her.

When they both finally rode out the storm of her climax, she wanted his cock in her mouth. Jessue stood up and stroked his cock lazily in his big strong veined hands developing a nice bead of pearly pre-come at its splendid head. He had nice hen egg sized balls too churning with a nice load of creamy yummy come.

Mel always enjoyed when he blasted a wad after wad of his stringy sweet and sour come into her waiting open hungry mouth after which she’d gobble it down like she hadn’t eaten for a week. This time however she didn’t have any protection and because of his size condoms didn’t fit him.

If he couldn’t come inside her this was all the more reason why she wanted to try anal. Another reason was they didn’t have much time in this session for him to nut twice. The first one will have to count.

Melanie got to her knees, opened her mouth wide and began worshipping him. His giant cock completely engulfed her mouth making her cheeks bulge out like the famous trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie. “Oh yes Mel take it in as much as you can go, deeper ahh, that’s the ticket, do it sweetie,” he groaned audibly.

“Mmmmmphhh,” was her only reply, instead, she moaned nasally because he enjoyed when she did that to him. His cock tasted and smelled wonderful today with his manly sweat aroma wafting up to her nostrils.

What a glorious site to see her pretty head and rouged lips as they bobbed up and down coating it up with plenty of saliva. His enormous cock would have to be as slick as an icy road in Alaska to fit into her tight twat and her anus. Since they didn’t have any KY on them her spit would have to do.

As she sucked him she couldn’t help sticking a finger or two into her twat again and rubbing her raw and sticky clit.

“Baby this is fantastic but I don’t wanna come in your mouth, I wanna be inside you NOW,” he gasped. She didn’t make him wait except to get herself into position. Since he was so tall it was agreed that she would ride him first facing him.

She lowered herself onto his impaler upon first contact and cried out, “OHHH MY GOD BABY YOUR COCK IS FANTASTIC INSIDE ME FILL ME UP TOTALLY. He couldn’t agree more and soon she was bouncing up and down on his crankshaft like a low riders car in East Los Angles. Melanie’s cunt was very wet again and soon they were both drenched in her creamy mess.

Jesse reached up, grabbed her low-slung tits in his big rough hands, and pinched her nipples rather hard, which drove her crazy. Mel liked a little bit of pain she gasped out and almost came all over his throbbing cock again.

Melanie, at that point, wanted it. She wanted him in her rectum by hook or crook. “Jesse sweetie, its time, lets try it,” she said with confident conviction in her voice.

She shuddered as he slowly withdrew his slimy cock from her twat and said a silent prayer to herself that everything would be ok, not too much pain and no messiness up there. Are you sure you wanna try this sweetie, we don’t have to if you don’t wanna,” he said reassuringly.

She knew in her heart that he meant it sincerely. However, she really wanted to give it a go and she would sort out the consequences later.

“Real easy now sweetheart, I’ll try and guide you in,” she said nervously. She cursed inwardly that they didn’t have time to take it slow and do it right, starting with a finger and going from there.

She was about to be baptized by fire and sure enough, her tight sphincter wasn’t cooperating.

With some effort and gentle pressure, he managed to get his head inside. That’s when the waves of burning pain came down like rain. “OHHH OUCHIEEE GEEZ,” she couldn’t help crying out which of course elicited several are you alright hunnies from him being such a sensitive caring guy.

“Jesse I’m ok I’m serious I’ll manage, try to push it in a bit more,” said Mel breathing hard now as if she were taking the largest dump of her life hoping that she actually wasn’t. Sadly, as Jesse’s cock pushed deeper inside her rectum, the pain only got worse.

This was very insane she thought, moreover, could be dangerous to continue. Rome wasn’t built in a day why should she torture herself this way. He was an understanding guy and he wouldn’t mind one bit. “Honey I am sorry I thought I could take it but the pain is too much to bear.

As he withdrew his cock slowly Melanie, said in a defeated voice that surprised her, “Baby, let me suck you off ok.”

Melanie are you sure you want to do that after where I just was, you don’t have to you know,” he said with surprise.

“No, I want you in my mouth,” she said steeling herself for the worst. She figured she would stop if it stank too abominably.

Melanie’s luck was with her that day. Jesse’s cock tasted fine without any worse for wear. Now she became a woman possessed, she deeply coveted his come.

Since the anal didn’t go as swimmingly as she’d hoped she was damned sure that she’d suck his cock until his brains would shoot out of them in addition to his come.

She took him as far and as deep as she could physically muster. She stared adoringly like a puppy up into his eyes and willed him to come. Melanie was determined for him to fill her mouth with his beautiful man seed and rinse her tonsils with it.

“Come on Jesse give it to me, shoot it all into my dirty, slutty mouth,” she coaxed him on gently. She spat a wad of saliva on his cock and rubbed it back and forth to make it slicker and then returned it to her velvety cavern and let him face fuck her.

Jesse was feeling fine. He dug it even more now that she’d taken him her mouth after just being in her ass. It was so kinky and a bit nasty that it spurred him on, his balls churned, his cock throbbed, beads of sweat actually formed on his forehead and chest. As he fucked her face, she seemed to just take it so easily now moaning nasally.


His flood gates opened, Melanie braced herself and kept her adoring eyes open locked on his contorted sweaty face feeling her mouth fill up with his delicious come. He came so much it started running down the sides of her mouth dripping onto the floor below. To avoid too much spillage, she swallowed it all down as fast as he could shoot it. She tried her best not to choke as he pulled her hair and face into his crotch.

They had lost track of time and as Jesse looked at the clock, he remembered it. Tommy would be over in a half hour or so. They both had to be cleaned up and be somewhat presentable to company.

They decided it best to shower together and save time to avoid any awkwardness with his friend.

They would anally fuck properly next time and maybe there would be less pain and much more pleasure. She longed to have his giant load in her bowels and knew it was only a matter of time until she had her way paved butt good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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