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“Peach’s Surprise”

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“Hi! I’m home!!…

Hello!? Anybody home!?…


I shrug and hang up my jacket, which I ended up not needing, now that the weather’s been so beautiful lately. Aunt Amelia has been such a sweetie, and she means well, but I think ‘Melia forgets how old i am, having celebrated my 19th birthday not long ago. I had told her before I left for the day that I wasn’t going to need the jacket. Not now that we’re enjoying this lovely stretch of beautiful days with blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures (72 degrees in April! With Easter still a good 2 weeks away!) A lovely reprieve indeed, after the brutal winter we endured.

Ballet class had just let out, and typically I welcome resting my tired legs on the bus ride home, but today I knew I’d get more pleasure out of walking. So I took the scenic route that goes around the winding creek by the park. The world around me was thawing. Spring was officially here, and everything was flourishing, having defeated winter’s harsh grip: Birds singing, the creek water rushing along, crocuses pushing their little blossoms up…blossoms on trees, blossoms on ground-based plants. Blossoms everywhere! Like little trumpets they were, triumphantly announcing the passing of the Ice Dragon.

Speaking of blossoming, I had recently noticed my clothing isn’t fitting all that great lately. I had meant to mention it to Amelia earlier today, and ask her if we could go clothes shopping soon. But this morning was a bit hectic; Aunt Amelia tried to make pancakes again. They were quite good, actually, but at one point, I did need to grab the extinguisher that hangs by the stove…

There’s an idea when I plan a nice dinner for Daddy! Blackened shrimp & blackened pancakes!

Anyway, I didn’t get ’round to asking her, and was quite thankful that it was a dance class day, since what I wear is normally baggy or made of stretchy material. It would have to do. It’s been a week since I’d been able to wear my button-down cotton shirts, and I had a sinking feeling this would happen eventually. Years of dance, of starving myself to look look like the balerina inside my favorite jewelry box, had delayed my development. My breasts didn’t even really start to grow until I was 16, and three years later I found things growing rapidly. I strapped them down for class, but it was getting futile.

I grab a lollipop out of the candy stash drawer, and start to head upstairs to change clothes. It’s far too nice a day to be inside. izmir escort bayan Maybe when Aunt Amelia comes home I’ll mention the awkward “blossoming” issue to her, so we can go shopping. She has such pretty, lacy bras, I know she can help me find the right one. As I get to the top of the stairs, I fiddle with the wrapping of the lollipop. It was one of those noisy wrappers, so much so I barely heard the heavy breathing coming from the bathroom as I walk past it.

I freeze, my eyes widen, and strain my ears to hear-I thought I had the house to myself!-more heavy, rhythmic breathing.. I walk over to the closed bathroom door, and put my ear next to it…My senses weren’t lying to me!

Carefully I lower my body to the floor, hoping the creaky floorboards beneath the carpet don’t betray my attempts at stealth, and peep under the door..

No, it couldn’t be…Mommy said he wouldn’t be home until the end of the week!

And yet, there was Daddy, naked from the waist down, his white dress shirt opened, tie undone, standing there in the bathroom, and intensely pleasuring himself in a lustful fury. The window was open, and the beautiful breeze that brushed along the gauzy curtain, caused goosebumps to form along his bare chest and torso, and the little hairs to stand on end.

My eyes fly open, as I hadn’t expected him home from his trip yet. But there he was, in the flesh, oh yes, very much so in the flesh. I close my eyes and imagine he’s jerking that sexy, huge cock, off for me, and me alone.

How long had he been home? Up here?! I’d been home for at least a good 5 minutes and hadn’t heard anything. Which means he must not have heard me open the door downstairs! Or my call!!

I sigh happily that Daddy’s home, knowing that all in the household will be all the better for it. We cope while he’s gone, and even break from routine for a bit-let’s face it, burnt pancakes with mushed bananas & nutella is DA BOMB!-but I didn’t expect to find him in *this* state!

My memories of the last time we all made love…right before his trip…came flooding back…

Daddy, lying face-up on the bed, Mommy straddling and grinding his rigid cock, Amelia kissing Aunt Valleri’s heart-shaped mouth, Daddy fingering Valleri’s always needy pussy with one hand, stroking and pulling on Mommy’s nipples with the other…

…and me walking in on *all* four of them…

With kissing lips and caressing hands, I was gently moved over to Daddy-right on top izmir escort of that amazing cock…I came so hard within mere seconds of him entering me…

All these memories came flooding back all at once, and I feel everything fall away: the singing birdies outside, the walls of the house, the house itself…It’s just me, and Daddy.

Grateful to be on the floor already, I hike my skirt up, place my hands in between my legs, and begin to pleasure myself while watching Daddy “go at it”. I know I could have entered the room, but that would have startled him, and I didn’t want to embarrass him, nor did I want him to stop, hot as he looked, so intense was his expression, his body…No, I could not interrupt this. I had to watch him, take him in, let him think he’s alone.. I knew it was naughty of me, but I couldn’t help myself; he makes me so hot, knowing how much he loves and lusts after me, and it’s so rare that I have any “alone time” with him…

I push my panties out of the way and begin to finger myself. I am sopping wet, so I roll up my skirt and use that instead so I don’t make a mess on the carpet. As my skirt begins to get soaked, I imagine it’s his cock, fucking me, spreading me, my small, tight pussy barely able to take him in…

My own intense, rhythmic breathing begins. My usual thing when I am by myself is to shut my eyes, but my eyes are locked on Daddy…his facial and body expressions, and his huge erection. I wonder what he’s fantasizing about…I mean, I know *what*, but with whom?! Is Mommy on the floor kneeling, with his huge member in her mouth, sucking him, loving on his cock, her hand on him, jerking him off? Or is he jerking himself off onto Aunt Valleri’s huge breasts, while she envelops his cock with them. I think about my own chest that just jumped a cup size, and I move my hands up to feel their soft firmness…

…Will Daddy love me, love on me, the same as he does Vri or Mommy?

Damn it! I *want* to show him all these changes, and pleasure him with this maturing body! And along with it, my own sexual drive has heightened; I’ve been a bitch in heat for weeks now!

I try to stay calm as my thoughts return to potential fantasies: blowing him, feeling him fuck my pussy…Hard?…Slowly?

Daddy and I make love soooo much differently than he does with the others… much more slowly…with more patience…oh God…

I let out a huge gasp and moan and my hand flies to my mouth. I hear an oath from Daddy and escort izmir I shut my eyes and freeze, knowing I’m about to be caught. After all, what’s the use of running away? I hear scuffling, and the bathroom door opening, which thankfully opens *in* and not towards me…


“Hi Daddy. Um, welcome home?”

“Ohhhhh my Peach!” He bends down, helps me up off the floor, and embraces me, “How long were you spying on Daddy you naughty girl? You’re just as bad as Mommy”, he teases, lightly spanking my bum.

I half-moan, half giggle, loving his hands on me, being back in Daddy’s arms, “Honestly, Daddy, only a few minutes. Mommy said you weren’t expected back for a few days yet.”

“Well, guess what?”

“What, Daddy?”

“I LIED!”, he announces, then suddenly kissing my lips and neck while I gasp and laugh in return and hang on to him, the adrenaline rush of lustful feelings, combined with being caught turning me into a nervous wreck with jello for legs. Then stopping all of a sudden, he touches the tip of my nose with his index finger and confesses, “Daddy got caught up with work ahead of schedule, and decided to come home a few days early and see my lovely princesses, I’ve only been back for about an hour. And you’re the first one I see! Oh…darling, you don’t know how happy this makes Daddy!” He resumes kissing me, but this time, fully on the lips, as I start grinding my hips up against him.

“Oh Daddy, I thought you’d be angry,” I said, when we finally came up for air.

“At what, my little love?”

“Be…cause I saw…”

“Because you caught Daddy having a moment, fantasizing about his beautiful little Peach?!”

“Me, Daddy?”

“Yes, you! Sometimes, Daddy thinks about you and Mommy, or just Mommy, or even,” with lowered voice and gritted teeth, “Valleri; but don’t tell ‘Melia”. He winks. I giggle. “Ah but THIS time, THIS TIME! It was all you, Princess!”

“Oh Daddy!” I squeal and hug him around the neck, wanting to wrap arms and legs and my entire body around all of him at once, so very much in love. “I’m so happy you’re home, and even moreso that you’re not upset with me!”

He pulls my arms away, stands me back a few feet, and cups my chin in his hands, a serious expression in his eyes, “My beautiful Peach, Daddy will NEVER be angry with you over a thing like that. In fact,” he adds, letting go of my face and slowly removing my sweaty dance outfit, “would you like to know how Daddy was imagining his little Princess Peach?”

All words, all thoughts of dialogue, fly out of my head, and all I can manage is a shudder of pleasure and, “Oh Daddy”.

He picks me up, carries me into the bathroom, and shuts the door…

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