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Persuading Shy Mom to Pose Ch. 04

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It had been several months since that amazing day, when Sean and I had first fucked our sexy Mothers in a four-way fuck fest for the camera, and then I had fucked them again, along with my voluptuous Aunty Laura.

The awkward silence after I had fucked the three sexy mothers was almost unbearable, and none of us had mentioned what had happened that day again. Sean told me that Catherine, his mother, was avoiding him now, obviously guilty and embarrassed by what we had all done.

My mother was also playing the avoidance game. I could not blame her. We had all given in to our id. We had let the sexual hunger take control, and act out our most lurid and taboo fantasies. Fantasies that we probably never even knew we had. However, Sean and myself had viewed the pictures from the four-way we had with our mothers several times. He did not know about the hotter orgy I had after he left with the three older ladies. That was a secret memory, just for me, and I enjoyed the pictures of it almost every night.

Then, on a Friday evening, Sean and myself had arranged to go to a house party with our three friends, Andy, Matt and Tony. It was on the far side of town, and we needed a ride, so we decided to ask my Mom.

‘Hi Gwen’ Sean said with a friendly smile as he walked into the living room. My Mother was watching a movie.

‘Hi Sean, how are you stranger?’ she asked, and then she saw the other guys enter the living room.

‘I’m fine’ he answered, a little awkwardly, ‘You?’

‘Mom, can we get a ride to Sarah’s house for the party?’ I asked, interrupting, before the other guys picked up on the awkwardness.

‘Ehh, sure’ she said, as she stood up, revealing her tennis shorts and long tanned legs. ‘Let me just get my shoes on!’

We all watched her run up the stairs and when she was gone, Matt felt the need to say ‘Fuck, she is a total MILF’, the other guys giggled and agreed nervously, as myself and Sean shared a knowing look and smile.

‘OK boys, let’s go’ my Mom said as she ran down the stairs, her tennis trainers on her feet.

We all followed her out to the car, and Andy and Matt had a quick fight to capture the front seat, so they could view my Mom’s legs as she drove.

It was a twenty-minute drive to the party, and there was some heated silence in the car, as the guys all watched my mother’s sexy legs, and her gorgeous breasts in the white tennis top. Her white lace bra was partially visible. The car was filled with sexual energy, and we all knew it. I could clearly see the colour rising in Mom’s cheeks as the silence became unbearable.

Before we all snapped, we reached the house party. My Mom eyed the house, heard the loud music, and watched as the drunken teens hung around on the porch. They were kissing, drinking, and shouting.

‘Oh boys, this place is going to get louder, and then the cops will be called. You are better off not going’ she said as she stared out the window at two attention seeking teenage girls kissing each other in front of two teenage guys.

‘I don’t know’ Andy replied ‘It looks fun to me’, obviously referring to the pseudo-lesbian kiss taking place on the porch.

‘Hell yeah’ Tony replied. He was always the most excitable of us all.

‘No, this will end badly’ My Mom replied, starting the engine again ‘you boys come back to our house, and I will let you all have a few beers. It will be safer than here’ she said, pulling the car back onto the road.

‘Awww, come on Mom’ I said, ‘we were going to try and meet girls’.

‘Yeah’ added Matt, ‘Hopefully some hot ones’.

‘Well, maybe you can watch some Playboy tonight’ my mother said with a smile, her eyes on the road.

Andy jumped on this ‘Really, you would let us watch some Playboy stuff tonight?’

My mother was surprised by this, ‘Actually, I was joking, but I suppose that would be OK’.

This was greeted with cheering and whooping from the guys, while Sean and myself looked at each other. ‘How will this end?’ he whispered in my ear. I had no reply.

After another 20 minutes in the car, the sexual tension was reaching a crescendo. It was just after 9pm when we arrived back at our house.

‘OK, go on into the living room, and I’ll get you some beers’ my Mom said as she walked towards the kitchen. All of us watching her sexy ass in those white shorts. Pity they weren’t see-through.

‘Damn, your Mom is fucking sexy’ Tony said staring at the door she had just walked through.

‘Ehhh, yeah.’ I said, ‘Thanks, I know’.

They all looked at me for a second and then laughed. Then my mother walked in carrying a six-pack. ‘Now, you guys are not to tell your parents I gave you all beer, OK??’ We all nodded our agreement and took a beer.

‘You stay and have a beer with us too Mrs. M’, Andy said as he patted the seat beside him on the couch.

‘OK, I guess I have nothing better to do this evening.’ she replied as she sat beside my young friend.

Now Andy is blond, and thin, but a hit with the ladies, and Mom has previously escort kartal commented on how handsome he is. Matt is also blond, but with short hair and is much bigger. Tony is tall too, with black hair, and is usually very shy around girls, but this time, he sat right beside my Mom on the couch, and Matt sat beside him. This caused my Mom to be tightly squeezed between Andy and Tony as they drank their beer. Sean and myself sat on an armchair each, watching our friends leer over one of the older women we had shared in this very room a few months ago.

My Mom avoided all eye contact with Sean, and me but continued to have open conversation with the other guys. I also made several runs to the kitchen to get more beer, and soon we were all rather toasted, including my Mom.

‘I’m glad you didn’t let us go to that party Mrs. M’ Matt said, ‘you are much more fun than those girls there’.

‘Yeah,’ added Andy quickly, ‘and you are hotter too, I mean look at those legs’ he said, placing a young hand slowly on my mother’s left thigh.

‘OH. Thank you boys’ she replied, a little surprised by the sudden touch, ‘but you honestly don’t think I look as good as those young girls do you?’

‘Hell yeah’ answered Tony with his new catch phrase, as he now placed a hand on my Mother’s other thigh.

My Mom made eye contact with me for the first time that night, and I smiled at her. Then she shifted her gaze to Sean, who was also smiling at her. Then, she smiled back.

‘Say, Mom, why don’t you stand up and show these guys how great your legs are?’ I said, my heart pounding.

‘They don’t want to see my legs’

‘Jesus, of course we do Mrs. M’, Matt replied in an excited pitch.

‘Please call me Gwen Matt’ My Mom said. The she extended her legs out ‘Do you really like these legs guys?’

‘OH God yes we do.’ Sean said, with a huge grin as he took a gulp from his beer.

‘Yeah Mom, stand up and show the guys the whole package.’

‘Ohhhh, OK, I guess it’s alright to pose a bit for you boys, since I did drag you away from the hot young lesbians.’ she said. This made us all laugh. Slowly she stood, using Tony and Andy’s thighs to lift herself from the couch. She stood up straight and put her hands on her hips.

‘WOW, you look amazing Gwen’, Matt said as Tony wolf whistled at her and she giggled.

‘Turn around and show them your ass in those shorts Mom’ I requested.

‘Ohhhh, Ok’ she said turning slowly and holding my gaze as she did it, then she slowly bent over from the hips, sticking her sexy arse out towards my three friends and smiled at me.

‘Oh My God, that is nice.’ Tony said. ‘You have a nicer arse than any of the girls in school Gwen.’

With her hands on her knees now, she looked back at Tony and asked, ‘Really?’ Knowing the answer already.

‘Hell yeah’. Was the obvious reply from Tony, prompting us all to laugh.

‘I’m Glad you boys like It.’ was her sexy reply, ‘would you like to see me remove the shorts for you all?’

‘Fuck yes, please’ said Andy as we all nodded, and my Mom locked my eyes and started to pull her shorts down over her sexy ass. She was wearing a white lace thong. The shorts fell to her feet, and she stepped out of them, keeping her tennis shoes on. She looked so sexy in the thong, the short t-shirt and the trainers.

‘OK, now I think you guys need to remove your bottoms too. Just to be fair.’ she stated with a sexy smile but a nervous, shaky voice. Sean was the first to react, standing quickly and opening his belt. He was followed by the three guys on the couch, who all stood in unison, and silently opened their jeans and pulled them down, Revealing their boxer shorts.

The temperature of the room was rising rapidly, and the red flush on my mother’s face had spread to her neck and I could only assume her chest also. I sat and admired the sexual time bomb in front of me. All four of my young friends were sporting obvious erections. With Tony owning the crown of ‘King Dong’. It looked huge, tenting his boxer shorts.

Everyone was breathing heavily and standing in silence. All four guys looking at my mother’s ass, in her thong. ‘How about you all remove your shirts now too’ I suggested. My mother’s eyes met mine. She had that same ‘bunny in the headlights’ look I was getting used to. Where her inner confliction was obvious. Her sense of modesty was being eaten alive by her uncontrollable sexual appetite. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and slowly raised it over her head, exposing a very sexy white lace bra, through which her gorgeous nipples were clearly visible. Erect, and enticing. She wordlessly turned to face the boys, her back to me, allowing me to drink in the view of her gorgeous ass.

Without needing to be asked, the guys all removed their t-shirts. Tony was first, exposing a rather toned physique, with a light covering of dark chest hair. Andy and Matt were both smooth, and slim, but not as toned as Tony.

No one knew what to say next, and the most comfortable, maltepe escort of uncomfortable silences descended on the living room. As the guys stared at my mothers hot body, and her eyes drifted from one young body to the next. Finally I broke the silence. ‘Hey, it’s after eleven, the good stuff should be on the pay-per-view channels now. What do you say Mom? You said we could watch Playboy, why not pay for a nights viewing of some real porn? Please?’.

‘Oh, ok, I suppose that is fine, since I tore you all away from the party’ she replied, as she moved to sit on the couch again, returning to her position between Andy and Tony. However, now there was bare flesh touching all over.

I found a channel showing some MILF porn, and selected it, adding it to our bill. ‘Let’s see if the Mommies on this channel are as hot as you Mom!’ I said as I looked over at her, and saw her rubbing Andy and Tony’s thighs as they stared at her bra covered tits and erect nipples.

Quickly the screen changed to a sexy, but smutty looking blonde with huge tits, wearing a red blouse that was too small for her chest, and a tight black mini skirt, answering the door to a guy who was supposed to be her son’s friend. It was obvious that the guy was far too old to be her son’s friend, but we played along with the charade. The story was generic and familiar. She was horny, and wanted young cock. He had always fantasized about her, and since her son was out for the day, they were all alone. Thus, the sex ensued. The MILF removed her blouse and bra, exposing a huge and bad tit job.

‘Damn, those are big, but yours a much nicer Gwen’ Andy offered, while openly staring at my Mom’s rack.

‘Yeah Mom, why not show the guys how nice your boobs are compared to those fake ones on the TV’.

‘OH, OK, we can do that,’ she answered as she leaned forward and reached back to unsnap the bra. As she did this she said, ‘Now, boys, this is just between us, OK??’. Unsurprisingly, we all nodded as we stared at the lace bra, that she slowly removed from her perfect tits.

‘Holy shit those are nice’ Matt said.

On the screen, the guy was sucking on the porn star’s nipples as she moaned. ‘God, I would love to try that with those gorgeous boobs’ Tony said, looking my Mom in the eye, his hand moving to her right tit.

‘I wouldn’t mind that either’ she replied with a sexy smile. Tony didn’t need to be told twice, he rather quickly moved to sucking her right nipple as my Mom looked to her left at Andy, who was blushing now, but happily moved to take her other nipple into his mouth. My mother threw her head back and bit her lower lip as she ran her fingers through the hair of the young guys sucking her erect nipples.

Matt began to squirm uncomfortably as he watched this, and my Mom turned her head to him, and while holding his gaze, said, ‘Tony, maybe you should let Mattie see what he is missing.’ Tony stood up and let Matt take his place. Then he looked at Sean and me.

‘Damn, Dan, your Mom is so fucking hot!’ he said.

Sean stood up and walked toward the couch, and asked Andy to move and give him a turn. Reluctantly, Andy stood and let Sean take his place. Before Sean went for the nipple, he kissed my mother’s mouth deep. She returned the kiss hard, holding the back of his head.

On the screen, the son’s friend was standing now, and the MILF was taking his cock out for a blowjob. ‘WOW, Mom, I bet you could do that better than her too’ I said.

She watched the screen, and just as the porn star took the cock in her mouth, she spoke. ‘Sure, that looks fun.’ and she stood and walked to the middle of the room, ‘OK guys, show me what you have,’ she said as she slowly dropped to her knees between my four young friends. They all removed their boxer shorts, exposing four young hard cocks. Everyone in the room was breathing heavily, and I was beginning to get uncomfortably warm since I was the only one still dressed. The four guys stood around my Mom in a semi-circle of young flesh as she knelt on the rug. Matt to her immediate left, followed by Sean, then Andy and finally Tony with his monster cock of about 9 inches of fat hardness, with a huge purple head and a base of thick dark hair.

Unsurprisingly, Mom went for Tony’s cock first, grabbing it mid length and licking the tip. Meanwhile, she reached to her left and started to slowly rub Matt’s 7-inch cock, before she took the head of Tony’s dick in the mouth and sucked. She kept her hands on Tony and Matt’s pricks as she moved her mouth to Andy’s member. He held his own cock steady for her as it sunk into her mouth slowly. He moaned loudly as he felt her hot mouth. God I remember how good that wet, hot, velvet hole felt. After some brief sucking she finally took Sean’s cock into her mouth and holding my gaze started to bob her head up and down on it like a real porn star. Her hands found Sean and Andy’s cocks, and her lips found Matt’s hard on.

She continued this sucking for the next few minutes. Returning to Tony after sucking Matt, pendik escort bayan and then back around the semi-circle. Eventually she was taking all the cocks deep, except Tony’s, and the guys were holding her hair and her tits. This was getting too much for me, so I decided to direct the action some more.

‘Mom, you and Sean should get on the floor in a 69 position, with Sean on the bottom. So that the guys can give you some oral action’.

‘OK, that sounds fun,’ she said when she finally took Andy’s cock from her mouth.

Sean didn’t hesitate, he lay back on the ground, and his cock stood proudly up. Mom straddled his face, her trimmed pussy lowering to his lips. My Mom closed her eyes when her clit landed on Sean’s waiting tongue and he licked it lightly, before sucking it into his mouth.

‘Ohhhh, Jesus yessss, that’s it, suck on my clit Seanie’ she said.

‘OK, Matt, Andy, why don’t you guys take a nipple each and suck and lick it. And Tony, dude, maybe you can spread her ass and lick her asshole. I’m sure she would like that a lot.’ I suggested.

‘Ohhh yesss, Tony, lick my asshole…… please!’ she said looking up at his surprised face.

Without word, the guys took their places, and began to lick my slut mother all over as she moaned in appreciation. After a few minutes, Tony really got into his new job and was pushing his tongue up her ass, as Sean sucked her clit.

Meanwhile, I had to release my cock from my jeans before it tore them, but I didn’t jerk it, I wanted to save my cum until later. My mother laid her eyes on my cock, and then looked me in the eyes, with a look of wanton animal lust. Then her cheeks flushed and she threw her head back and exploded in orgasm. This simply encouraged the guys more, and they doubled their efforts on her, until she quickly climaxed again.

Breathlessly, she lifted her pussy from Sean’s face and stood, turned to the couch and sat on it, legs spread and spoke to Matt and Andy. ‘Do you boys want to taste my pussy too?’

Andy beat Matt to the couch and fell to his knees and dove straight in. Licking her wildly, before plunging two fingers into her cunt. She arched her back, and then looked at Matt who was stroking his cock as he watched. She was pinching her own nipples when she asked to taste his cock again. He stood on the couch, a foot either side of her, and bent his knees until his cock was at her face. His hands on the back of the couch for balance. She opened up, and sucked his young cock into her sexy mouth. Sucking him furiously, hands on his ass, as he began to fuck her face.

Meanwhile, Andy now had three fingers up my Mom’s pussy, and was pressing her G-spot, as he sucked her clit. This was translated to loud moans from my mother, while her mouth was full of hard cock.

Matt started to fuck faster, deeper into the older ladies throat. She was grunting in response, until he said. ‘Fuck, I… I’m going to cum.’. My Mother pulled his cock into her mouth, holding his ass cheeks and began to gulp down all the young cum he shot into her. All the while moaning her approval of his young cum in her MILF mouth.

When Matt finally withdrew his still hard cock from her mouth, she began to scream. ‘Ohhhhhh, Andrew… ouch… careful.’ Andy now had four fingers up her pussy, and was pushing in deeper. Then it happened, his final knuckles disappeared into her cunt, and she screamed loudly. ‘Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck… FUCK!!!… ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh,’ she began to grunt as Andy started to slide his hand in and out of her pussy, and she pinched her own nipples. When she got used to the pain of the fisting, she started to moan, and eventually climaxed again, while her clit was being sucked. Andy removed his soaking hand from her pussy, and rose to his knees, where Mom met his lips with a passionate deep kiss. Then her eyes fell on Tony.

‘I want that fat young cock in my now Tony. Would you like to fuck my pussy?’ she asked. Which given the circumstances, may have been the dumbest question ever asked. ‘Lie down on the ground honey.’ she said to him as she stood. Tony lay down so fast that I thought he had been shot. His cock truly was huge, and so fat. My Mom squatted down, her thong still on, but pushed aside, her feet still in the tennis shoes. She was looking me in the eyes when his cock made contact with her soaking pussy lips. Her mouth opened, but no sounds came out as she suck the fat thing into her hot cunt. It slid all the way in, and Tony let out a long moan as it happened. Then she started to slowly ride him.

‘Suck my cock Gwen.’ Sean said as he stood beside by squatting mother. She looked him in the eye and obliged, taking him deep. Andy stood on her other side, cock in hand. She pulled her face from Sean’s cock, and turned to Andy’s like a cock crazy maniac. She continued this for a few minutes, before she fell to her knees, Tony’s cock still in her pussy, and fell on his chest, kissing him wetly.

Sean knew what she liked, and he knelt behind her, and rubbed her asshole in tiny circles. His finger slowly slipping into it. Mom looked back over her shoulder at Sean and smiled. Then she said the magic words. ‘Go on Seanie, fuck me up the arse!’. He knelt behind her, and Tony spread her ass cheeks for her, exposing my slut mothers tiny backdoor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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