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Pete the New Guy Ch. 02

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Over the course of the next month, Pete settled into the routine of working in an office. Working regular hours was a far cry from the zero-hours contract work stacking shelves of his last few jobs. It was certainly more challenging work.

The other challenge was Nalini. They still had sex but it was a little more irregular now. She generally messaged him for a booty call when Alex and Beth were unavailable. Despite his reservations, he still went because he was fucking a beautiful woman. Plenty of raw lust but little in the way of passion or love. She just didn’t seem interested in that sort of thing. He had come to the realisation that he was not going to get that from this relationship.

One morning Pete arrived at work to find someone new sitting at the usually empty desk at the end of their bank. There was only one person it could be, the infamous Dougal after which the team was named but Peter hadn’t met yet.

‘Morning everyone,’ he said to Violet and Lola who were already there. They returned his greeting but Dougal ignored him.

‘Don’t worry about that,’ Violet said not too quietly. ‘Dougal is always so engrossed in his projects he barely acknowledges our existence sometimes. Do you Dougal.’

‘What is it, Violet, I’m busy,’ Dougal said not looking you.

‘Pete said good morning,’ Violet said. ‘It’s good manners to respond.’

‘Who?’ Dougal said, finally tearing his eyes away from his laptop. ‘Oh, yes, the new guy.’ Dougal stood and came around to shake Pete’s name. ‘Sorry about that, very busy as I’m sure they’ve all told you. How are you settling in?’

‘Fine, the team have been very kind and helpful,’ Pete said. Dougal looked about sixty, worn and haggard but there was an energy about him, clearly a very hard worker.

‘Nalini has been looking after him,’ Violet said with a smirk. ‘Poor boy looks exhausted half the time.’

‘Good, good, Nalini is an excellent worker,’ Dougal said. Clearly missing Violet’s inference.

‘She is certainly taught me a lot,’ Pete said, trying to avoid Violet’s grin.

‘Glad you are settling in OK, Pete, it’s nice to have some new blood around here,’ Dougal said amiably. ‘Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish analysing these reports for head office.’

Pete had not told anyone about his and Nalini’s fucking, and he assumed neither had she, yet somehow Violet seemed to know all about it. She appeared to have worked it out based on the smallest of clues like some Sherlock Holmes of sex. It shouldn’t have surprised him really since Violet excelled at finding things to embarrass everyone about, only Alex seemed immune to her efforts.

As the day progressed Nalini, Alex and Beth all came in on the late shift. The fact that Nalini was wearing the same clothes as yesterday suggested they had spent the night together. She and Alex looked rather tired and Peter assumed they had spent most the night fucking with abandon, the way she gingerly sat on her chair betrayed just how they did it.

Just before lunch, Dougal came over to speak with Violet.

‘I need some of the records from the archives,’ Dougal said. ‘Violet, I think you are the only person who has actually been down there before so can you go. I’ve made a list of what I need.’

‘Oh no, don’t make me go down there. It’s awful,’ Violet wailed but Dougal was not to be budged on the subject. ‘Shit, well, I’m not going alone. All those big boxes, its dangerous for a lady to go alone.’

‘You’ll be fine then won’t you,’ chipped in Lola and Violet stuck her tongue out at the younger girl.

‘Take Pete with you,’ Dougal said, passing her the printout. ‘It’ll be good to have someone else familiar with the archives. How long do you think it’ll take?’

Violet scanned the document ‘When was the last time you went down to the archives? My guess a couple of hours. Can it wait until after lunch?’

‘If it’ll take that long I suppose it can,’ Dougal said. ‘But I need those files as quickly as you can.’

‘Don’t get your knickers in a twist Dougal, we will get them,’ Violet said, winking at Pete. ‘I’ll make sure Pete knows everything about our outdated filing system.’

Pete had a sinking feeling. He didn’t much like the idea of being trapped with Violet in a confined space. Rarely did she miss an opportunity for a rude joke and he suspected she would be ruthless if they were alone. Nevertheless, he steeled himself after lunch and went down to the archives with Violet.

‘The stuff in here dates back to before the company started using computers,’ Violet said using her passkey to open a locked door. She then led Pete down a narrow flight of stairs. The architecture changed from the sleet walls of a modern office to old brickwork. ‘It’s quite old fashioned and no one likes coming down here.’

Pete could understand why. The archive was a low-ceilinged basement with one wall taken up with wheel cranked mobile shelving. The other had a couple of dusty desks which were piled high with boxes.

‘For fuck’s sake, why don’t people put anything back properly?’ Violet fumed, looking at the boxes on the table. ataşehir escort bayan ‘How is an archive supposed to work if people don’t put stuff back?’ She picked up one of the boxes. ‘Grab the other one.’

Pete did as directed and followed her amongst the shelves. It was very narrow but he put the boxes where she told him. Back and forth he went to get them all.

‘What do we do now?’ he asked, hefting up the last box. He was out of breath and panting, it was very hot and the air was close.

‘Well we find whatever Dougal sent us for,’ Violet replied. She squeezed past Pete, so that she could get out first, and in doing so made sure she pressed her breasts against his back and pinched his bum.

‘What are you doing?’ Pete stammered. He knew the brunette liked to play jokes but that was uncalled for.

All that did was induce Violet to laugh. ‘Come on, he’s given us quite the list of things to find.’

Violet sauntered down the row of shelves with a sway to her hips that oozed sex. She wore a tight pair of trousers that hugged her shapely arse. Pete had never really looked at her in a sexual way before, his attention had always been taken up with Nalini, but she was a very sexy woman. She was clearly a woman that was very confident in her own sexuality. She had curves and they were in all the right places.

Back at the desk Violet hopped up and sat, crossing her long legs as she did so. ‘Right, so we need the Hopkins file. It’s row H, section 4, shelf 3.’ She clapped her hands. ‘Come on now Pete. It’s only fair that a strapping young lad like you do all the work.’

‘Well, of course, we wouldn’t want you straining something, certainly not at your age’ he said quickly ducking amongst the shelves. He would probably pay for that remark. The required files were exactly where Violet said they would be so he collected them and brought them back to the table.

‘So, you think I’m an old woman do you?’ Violet said, a stern look on her face. ‘I’m old and haggard? Past my prime, only good for the scrap heap? I should surrender now and buy a thousand cats.’

‘Of course not,’ Pete said, putting the box down. He wasn’t sure if she was being serious or not. Had he really offended her? That hadn’t been his intention. ‘You are a very attractive lady, nowhere near crazy cat lady status.’

‘You’re a sweet kid,’ she said with a little sad smile. ‘Next box. The Cholmondeley-Warner file. Row C, section 7, shelf 2.’

‘How do you know where everything is?’ Pete asked as he returned with the box.

‘Well what Dougal doesn’t realise is that last year I completely reorganise the archive,’ Violet said. ‘It was a total mess down here so I set it straight. Of course, I never told anyone I did it. So Dougal thinks it’ll take hours to find these documents when in reality it’ll take another 30 minutes.’

‘Very cunning,’ Pete said with a laugh. ‘And we get to hang around in this sweatbox?’

‘Yeah, that’s the problem with coming down here in the summer. Fortunately, there are always ways to cool down a little,’ she said. Unbuttoning her blouse and taking it off. Pete hastened to turn around, he could feel himself flushing red. ‘Oh stop being a prude. You can’t see anything.’

Slowly, Pete turned back to look at her. She was wearing a black sports bra, designed to show off plenty of cleavage, that somehow was sexier than the skimpiest lingerie but she was right he couldn’t really see anything.

Violet smiled. ‘See, nothing to worry about and nothing worse than some of the things Nalini has worn in the office.’

‘I guess you are right,’ Pete humbled.

‘Nice to see this old lady still has an effect,’ Violet smirked.

‘What?’ Pete said before realising there was a bulge in his trousers.

Violet howled with laughter. ‘Don’t worry Pete, I’m flattered to still get that reaction when you’ve been fucking Nalini.’

‘How do you know about that?’ Pete said, he thought they had been fairly discreet around the office. He could feel his embarrassment rising. How did he keep ending up in situations like this?

‘Call it woman’s intuition at first,’ Violet said. ‘But then there was a subtle change in the way you were acting around her.’ She sighed. ‘Not quite what you were expecting eh? I’m not that surprised.’

‘I don’t know what I was expecting,’ Pete admitted. ‘But yeah, it’s different.’

He couldn’t quite believe he was having a conversation about this with Violet and definitely not with her in her bra. It was surreal but then again most things in his life were pretty surreal since starting this job.

Violet sighed again. ‘I was afraid she would learn the wrong lesson from Alex and Beth. I might have to have a word with her, woman to girl.’

‘I don’t want to get her into trouble,’ Pete said.

‘I’m not her mum,’ Violet laughed but cocked her head to one side. ‘Though, I guess if I’d had a rather more misspent youth I am just about old enough. No, I think its more a case of just needing to pass on some advice.’ She clapped her hands together again. ‘Enough lollygagging, come on you’ve got boxes to find.’

It escort kadıköy did not take too long to find the other boxes of documents but then they needed to be carted up to the main office and Dougal’s desk. By the time he was done Pete was absolutely exhausted. He slouched in a chair in the archive, panting and trying to catch his breath.

‘Bloody hell that was hard,’ he said slowly.

‘You are out of shape,’ Violet chided him and prodding him in the side. ‘A young guy like you shouldn’t break a sweat moving a few boxes around.’

‘I’ve never been terribly energetic,’ he said. ‘I’m more of a thinker.’

‘No bloody excuse,’ Violet said. ‘What exercise do you do?’ His only reply was a long drawn out errrrm. ‘Right, this weekend I’m going to take you jogging. If I can keep myself in shape then so can you.’

‘But you like that sort of thing,’ Pete said.

‘Not really but I know what I’m like,’ Violet said. ‘When it comes to my vices I tend to do things to excess. In the past, that’s included booze, drugs and sex. I keep fit to keep myself from slipping into my old habits. If I’m any judge I’d say that lethargy and bacon butties are your vices, a deadly combination in a sedentary office job, so I’m not going to let you make the same sort of mistakes I did. So, you are coming jogging with me. Right?’

While it was technically a question Pete knew there was only one acceptable answer. He nodded his head. ‘OK, I’ll come jogging. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to keep up with you but I’ll try.’

‘Good, you won’t regret it, Pete,’ she said with a smile.

Saturday came around all too quickly and it was with some dread that Pete slowly got ready for his jogging session with Violet. He loathed exercise and this was far too much effort for a Saturday morning. His grumbling about being up was interrupted by a ping of his phone.

Nalini: hey big dick, wanna fuck?

The coarseness and directness of Nalini’s messages had long since ceased to surprise Pete. He should have known she would be in touch today. He remembered Alex saying that he and Beth were away this weekend. It was well over a week since they had last had sex and it would be an excuse to get out of the jogging. However, a promise was a promise.

Pete: Sorry Nalini, I’ve got plans for today. I’m meeting a friend.

Nalini: So? Bring them along, you can spitroast me.

Pete: I doubt she’d be interested.

Nalini: Your loss. I bet she won’t fuck you senseless and let you cum on her tits.

Pete: Possibly not but it’s a risk I’ll have to take. Sorry, another time maybe.

He didn’t get a message as a reply but instead a short video of Nalini vigorously fucking herself with a dildo, after 30 seconds or so she came and squirted pussy juice all over whatever was recording the video. It sure was sexy but it didn’t change his mind. In fact, he thought this was a good lesson for Nalini, proving that he wasn’t just a walking cock at her beck and call.

Pete finished getting ready and set off to Violet’s. It took him two buses and a ten-minute walk but eventually he turned up at her house, a rather nice detached residence, set back from the road, in a leafy part of town. That raised a few questions. As far as he was aware she was single so how could she afford a mortgage on a property so large was a mystery.

Knocking on the door brought more questions as it was answered by a young woman wearing what appeared to be a maid’s outfit. She ushered Pete into a well-furnished living room that would not have looked out of place in a Harrod’s catalogue. He was thoroughly perplexed because if Violet could afford all this why did she work in some crappy office job?

‘You know, I did wonder whether you would actually turn up,’ Violet said coming into the living room.

All thoughts were pushed out of his mind as he saw her. Violet was wearing a purple skin-tight bodysuit that clung to every curve of her body. It was clearly some very fancy sportswear though Pete didn’t recognise the brand. Her hair was up in a ponytail and in that instant, she looked incredibly sexy even though be outfit wasn’t meant to be sexy.

‘I did make a promise,’ Pete managed to say.

‘And you kept it, well done,’ Violet said. She turned to the maid. ‘We are going for a run. If you could finish the cleaning I’d be grateful, Emma, then I won’t be needing you again until Monday, so have the rest of the weekend off.’

The maid bowed. ‘Yes, Miss Violet.’

‘Come on Pete, no time like the present to get started,’ Violet said with an air of confident authority. ‘Leave your bag here.’

Pete obeyed without question, leaving his bag in the hall, and followed Violet back out the front door. They crunched along a gravel path around the house and through a gate into a lane outback. There Violet took them through a series of stretches and warm-ups to ensure they could job properly.

‘Ready?’ she asked.

‘As I’ll ever be,’ he replied.

They started at a modest pace. Jogging down the lane and through a snicket that led into a park. It was a wide expanse of bostancı escort greenery with the occasional tree to break up the landscape. The jogging got harder as Pete realised they were going up a hill but Violet chivvied him along with calls of encouragement.

There was another problem and was the erection in his pants. Ever since they had set off he was jogging a pace or two behind Violet. So pretty much the entire way he could see her delicious lycra clad arse. The motion of her bum was almost hypnotic and very arousing but it did lead to difficulties.

It wasn’t until they reached the top of the hill and paused for a rest that Violet noticed his predicament but other than a smirk she said nothing.

‘How does it feel? Got your blood pumping yet?’ she asked.

Pete meanwhile was leaning against a lamppost, seriously out of breath and dripping with sweat. Violet meanwhile looked radiant and ready to run a marathon.

‘I just need a moment,’ he said between breaths. ‘Big hill.’

‘Not really,’ Violet commented. ‘That was a small one but don’t worry. It’s easier on the descent and I won’t make you go up any others. Need to work you up to the big ones.’

In total, they probably jogged for an hour and a half but a lot of time was taken up with Pete stopping to catch his breath. He doubted whether it had really been a meaningful jog for her but for him it had definitely been a challenge. By the end, he was so exhausted that Violet put his arm around her shoulders and helped him back to her house.

‘You did really well,’ she said softly. ‘I thought you were going to give up a couple of times there.’

‘Couldn’t do that,’ Pete said. He had wanted too but his pride wouldn’t let him and neither did the sight of Violet’s arse. He would have run a marathon to see that.

Once in the house she plopped him in a chair and went to get him a drink. After a few minutes, she returned with the water, some sandwiches and took up the seat opposite him. He gulped down the water and devoured a sandwich in short order.

‘So what exactly is happening with you and Nalini then?’

The question took Pete by surprise. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, are you dating or just fucking?’ Violet asked.

Pete hesitated. ‘Just sex,’ he said after a while.

‘But you were hoping for more than that?’ she asked.

‘At first, I guess, but that didn’t last long,’ he said. ‘She’s not really like that. So it’s just the sex.’

‘I can tell you aren’t really happy with this situation,’ Violet said. ‘Nalini is a very attractive young lady, so I can see the appeal, but when it comes to sex she hasn’t a clue. Like I said before she learnt the wrong lesson from Alex and Beth. She thinks that sex is all about carnal gratification but that’s not what everyone wants from sex. Too many, and I’m guessing you included, sex is merely part of a wider relationship dynamic. It plays a part but everything else has to happen as well.’

It was an astute observation. Pete had never really thought of it like that before but that did make sense. It wasn’t until after having sex that he had realised he wanted so much more than just to stick his dick into someone.

‘Sounds like you are sex counsellor or something,’ Pete said half as a joke.

Violet laughed. ‘I have been to one in the past but I don’t have the patience to train like one. These observations come from personal experience. I’ve had more bad relationships than good. The signs aren’t hard to see.’

‘She actually invited me over today,’ he admitted.

‘But you said no?’ Violet asked, throwing him a sideways glance. ‘Why did you come jogging with me when you could be fucking?’

‘I had a promise,’ Pete said. ‘And I thought that maybe she should be made to go without.’

Violet smiled. ‘Principled and starting to stand up for yourself. Good, don’t let her take advantage of you.’

‘I didn’t say who I was meeting but she invited whoever I was with to come and fuck her as well,’ he said. Was he really telling Violet this? He wondered what Nalini would have thought.

‘I’m not surprised. Believe me, there are plenty of things I’d like to do to her,’ Violet said, she rose and put a hand on his shoulder squeezing it gently. ‘She has not been kind to you, Pete, and if I’m any judge she ruined your first time. It shouldn’t have been like that.’

‘What’s past is prologue,’ he said with a sad smile. It was kind that Violet seemed to care so much but he wasn’t really sure why. What game was she playing? It felt wrong to be so cynical but Nalini had taught him to be careful with his feelings. ‘As long as she’s happy I guess it’s OK.’

She looked at him and sighed. ‘You can have a shower if you want,’ she said. ‘I’m sure you’d like to freshen up after all that jogging.’

‘Errm, thanks, yeah I guess I could do with one,’ Pete said, surprised by the sudden change in conversation.

Violet led through the house to an almost comically large bathroom. In a corner was a shower made mostly of glass and shiny pipes that was so open he couldn’t understand how it did flood the place. After a brief tutorial on how to operate the overly complicated controls, she left him to it. He quickly stripped off his sweaty clothes and fired it up. Pete had to admit it was a very nice shower. Hot and powerful enough to get him very clean without being overbearing.

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