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Picture This

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Dale and I were walking down the mall one day. We noticed a new store so we went in. It was an adult store, with all the little extras. I start looking at a few thing and Dale does the same. Next thing I know he is at the till paying for something. I walk over to see what he bought, but he says its a surprise for later.

We walk out, holding hands, we continue walking down the mall. Pulling me closer he says he is so hot right now. He wants to fuck me now. I look at him.

“Right now,” I say.

“Yes, I am fucking horny and need you now.”

I look around and notice a photo booth. You know the ones you go in, pay, get four photos. We step inside, and close the curtain. Dale pushes me against the wall, holding my shoulders back, kissing me hard. His hands move down and lifts my shirt up. Pulling it over my head and tossing it on the floor. Grabbing my breasts and kissing my neck he works his way down. Undoing my bra, pushing it back. Letting my breasts come out. He fondles them. I take a breath. With his tongue he flicks my nipple, making them hard. Then licking all around, so slowly, my eyes closing , my head cocking to the side. I bursa escort squint my nose. He bites gently on my nipples. Then sucking so tenderly. Making me wet.

I need him inside of me. With only a curtain between us and everyone in the mall, makes it even more adventurous knowing someone could open it and everyone would see us.

Dale moves his hand to the button on my jeans, and undoes it, then unzips the zipper. Putting his hand down under my panties. MMMMMMMM. He is making me wetter, just by touching my unshaved mound. His fingers move down and into my pussy. Rubbing my clit, he stops.

Pushing my pants down, pulling them off. Standing in my undone bra and panties. He then places his finger under the top of my panties, running it around, teasing me. He pulls them down so slowly, it feels like forever. I step out of them. He starts at my ankle and kisses his way up. Once he hits my inner thigh, my body shivers. Spreading my legs apart further. He comes closer and closer to my pussy. I am breathing harder. With his fingers, he spreads my pussy lips, holding it open. Letting his tongue fall across me. Licking up and down bursa merkez escort soooo slowly. Lapping up my juices that are already there.

Oh my god. Daleeeeeeeeeeeeee. His tongue finding every sensitive part on me. With his thumb he finds my clit and caresses it. Going in a circular motion.

Oh Dear. I can’t scream for everyone would hear me. I try to close my legs, but he won’t let me. He wants to finish what he started. I feel his tongue enter my hole. I stand on tippy toes but he pulls me down. His tongue working itself all around me. I bite my lip. Hitting orgasm again. He loves the taste of my pussy.

He starts kissing me up over my pussy, up to my belly button, and up further. His breath is warm on my skin. He kisses me on my lips. I taste my cum on him.

I lower my hands to his pants. I rub the outside of his crotch. It is hard and big. Just waiting to be released. I undo the pants. Reach in and feel his manhood. A rock hard 8 inches, of cock. I push his pants down. He steps out of them. He can’t wait any longer. Removing his underwear, he quickly comes back to me.

His body right on mine, bursa sınırsız escort while I am against the wall. I lift my one leg up and then the other and wrap them around his waist. I reach down and take hold of his cock. Guiding it in my overly wet pussy. He slowly enters it in me, inch by inch. I wrap my arms around his neck. His hands on my ass. He rams his cock into me, as hard as he can. No more gentleness. He pushes so hard I am going to scream out, I just know it. I have to bite my lip so I won’t.

“Fuck me Dale, fuck me hard. I want you to cum inside me. Right now. Right here.”

“Treat me like the whore I am, and Fuck me like there is no tomorrow.”

With that he starts pumping harder. It slightly hurts as he rams it so hard. But I like it. He starts moaning out. Oh my god, I think everyone can hear him. Then, I feel his hot cum enter me. OHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDDD. Ohhhhh that feels good. He backs up onto the stool. And sits down. His cock still inside me.

“I love you baby,” he says.

I hold his face with my hands and reply, “I love you too Dale.”

We kiss.

He reaches down to his pants. Takes some money out and puts it in the machine.

“Say cheese baby.”

We get our pictures taken nude. And then we get dressed. We step out of the booth. Thank god no one came to get their pictures taken. I would have died of embarrassment. But would have died a happy woman!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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