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Pillar of Salt

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Susan once again reviewed her plan. It was a neat way out of the predicament they were in; but is one permitted to commit monstrous sins to solve problems? Of course not, but if the plan is plucked straight out of the bible unchanged, can it be sin? Susan was a religious person. She read the bible every day and went to church on Sundays without fail. She always sought the bible for an answer to her problems, and the Good Book has never failed her. But the answer she got this time so violently contradicted other teaching in the bible that she hesitated. She re-read chapter 19 in the book of Genesis verses 31 to 38. Is incest sin or not? It was not sin for Lot and his daughters. They multiplied and prospered. What was proper for an Old Testament prophet it cannot be wrong for others.

Susan closed the Book and placed it on the rack. She needed to relax to get away from the tense mood she had worked herself into. She opened her father’s cupboard and took out a CD disc from what appeared to be a hiding place at the bottom of a pile of papers. She pushed away the chair in front of the computer and replaced it with one without arm rests. She inserted the CD disc. She was now ready for some fun.

It was an amateur video that came on the screen. It was not the work of any ordinary amateur but a very special offering of her Dad. The subject was extraordinary too: it was of her Mom and Dad making love. Mother is lying on her back with her buttocks slightly beyond the edge of the bed. She has spread her thighs and flexed her hips to display grandly her shaved pussy. Father comes forward, his erect cock dangling. Mother catches hold of it and inserts it in. The camera looking up from floor level captures the images with the greatest clarity. Dad, whose feet must have been on the floor, now pumps till they get orgasms in unison. It was 4 minutes 15 seconds of pure pleasure for Susan.

Susan replayed the disc. This time she removed her knickers and lifting up her frock she spread out fully with the soles of her feet resting on the edge of the table. She gently rubbed her clitoris. Finding it dry she gathered some juice form the large amount that was glistening at the cleft with her fingers and started rubbing her clitoris again. Soon she was coming. She then sat up and pressed her thighs together till her body shivered in orgasm.

The door bell rang. Susan hurriedly rearranged the chairs and replaced the disc back in its hiding place. She opened the door. It was her Dad back home unexpectedly early.

“Why so early Dad,” said Susan.

“That fellow fired me.”


“He wanted me to maintain two account books; one for his use, and the other for Internal Revenue.”


“When I refused he said he did not expect this from one who has recently been released from prison for cheating his company. I told him that if I am caught a second time I will have to be in prison for longer than the six months I spent the first time. He got the point. He smiled and put in an extra fifty to the severance package.”

“So this time you lost your job for being honest.”

“Yes, that’s how the world goes. Why are you not in bed?”

“Last night the old man did not wake up even once.”

“Thank God. At least you are comfortable in your job.”

“I do not know for how long. The senior citizen is getting weaker and weaker. They do not expect him to live long.”

“I hope he lives for your sake.”

“If his son and daughter-in-law hear what you said they would be annoyed.”

“That’s how the world goes,” he said and laughed. He became serious. “Now I have to look for another job.”

“Why should you? My salary and a little from your savings would be more than enough.”

“For our day to day needs, yes, but I need to collect money for your wedding. My savings won’t be up to that.”

“And when is that?” Daughter was joking.

“Any day. You are twenty two remember.”

“The groom?”

“Yes, that’s a problem. Your gaziantep özbek escort boy deserted you as soon as I was in trouble. No one needs any sort of association with jail birds.”

“Don’t harp on that jail thing, Dad. Many people do what you did but the law does not touch them. You were unlucky to be caught.”

“But I was and sentenced. I spent time in prison. That’s what matters.”

“No Dad. If you had money people will overlook the slight lapse. That’s the way the world goes.” She laughed. She was infringing Dad’s copyright. “Now change and wash and come for lunch.” It was a silent lunch, each to his/her own thoughts, and those were not pleasant ones.


It was bad times for Mr. Noel’s family. His wife died of leukaemia after an illness lasting for only two months. Hardly six months after that he found himself, along with many of his company colleagues big and small, in court on corruption charges. He was a small cog in the wheel of corruption. He got six months. The small town that depended on the company was not willing to forgive those who destroyed their living; the families of the wrong doers were ostracised. Mr. Noel’s only child, Susan, got a job as home night nurse for a geriatric case. Mr. Noel found searching for a job after release more harrowing than being in prison. As he insisted on mentioning his prison history he got only jobs where dishonesty was a needed qualification. He did not want those. Meanwhile the loneliness was making life hell for father and daughter.


After lunch Mr. Noel stretched on an easy chair to snooze while daughter took up one of the weekly magazines and tried to interest herself in a short story. The story was a slightly erotic one about an unmarried couple having sex. It reminded her once again of her plan. She re-examined it for the umpteenth time.

Even if she blindly followed the bible there was society to consider, and law. And more important would her father agree to something so horrible. Lot’s daughters made their father drunk and the bible tells us that he never knew what happened. Susan cannot do that for Mr. Noel was an abstainer. The shock when he hears his daughter propose the idea may be so great that it might well be the last straw for a man already tottering. But then it may not.

Susan was sure that father must be finding it difficult coping without sex for over a year. Children, daughters especially, have a keen nose for the sexual activities of parents. Her father believed that romance was no just for young people. Whenever he got a chance he would hug his wife, and kiss, and fondle. Her mother’s illness and death, and the court case shortly after that, and then the prison stay were periods when sex was out of the question. Father must be sex starved. Given his spectacular interest in sex he would be vulnerable. He recorded choice moments of his sex life in such pitiless detail that daughter who had viewed it numberless times knew how intense his hunger for sex was.

One day two years ago when mother was alive and well Susan was rummaging through her father’s cupboards when she came across a CD. As his discs were all in the table locker Susan was intrigued to find this solitary one in the almirah hidden under valuable documents. She played it when her parents were not at home. It was a thriller. It was all about mother and father having sex. She was dumbfounded to see her mother, a demure and shy person to the outside world, indulging in the sixty-nine and enjoying it without reserve. Susan replaced the cassette, and whenever she got the chance she played it. Incidentally the digital camera, a top end model, was an exhibit in her father’s corruption case. They did not get it back after the trial.

For her part Susan had no problem playing the part of Lot’s daughters. She was quite interested in sex. She masturbated regularly. The object of her fantasy was always her father. The scenes that stimulated porno videolar her most was of her mother lying face down on her husband with knees flexed and pussy on his face. Father must have placed the camera on its tripod with care for he has captured the opened out pussy and the clitoris with clarity as well as his long tongue playing about the clitoris. Susan would moan with excitement. Ranked second in Susan’s list was the same pose but at the other end. Father’s cock was going in and out of Mom’s mouth and soon he is ejaculating. She swallows and then turns to the camera and gives a smile in which shyness and sweetness are intermingled in a delightful way.


Susan thought and thought and finally decided to take the plunge. First she had to take society and law out of the equation. This was the simple task of arranging to move to a place ‘beyond nowhere’. It took a while, and when she had done that to her satisfaction she was ready to pull the trigger. Saturday bath time was to be D-day. She was apprehensive of the outcome, but of the moral correctness of what she proposed to do she now had no doubt at all. That confidence buoyed her up.

Saturday morning bath was special for her mother. On that day Dad assisted her. It all happened behind the locked doors of the master bedroom. Fortunately Dad had recorded their activities on disc and Susan had viewed it uncountable number of times. She decided to attempt a replication.

Saturday morning Susan appeared in the master bed room with a towel, soap, various lotions and other paraphernalia that mother used for her bath. Father now slept alone in that room. He was reading a book. He sat up intrigued to see daughter entering armed for a mighty bath.

“What that?”

“I am preparing for my Saturday morning bath.”

“You used to do it in your room.”

“But now that I am the woman of the house I do it here.”

“All right.” He got up to leave the room.

“But mother is not here to help me.”


“You play her role.”


“Yes. You helped mother. Now help me.”

“Look here Susan. You and mother are not the same.”

“This morning they are. If you are that squeamish I will wrap myself suitably in a towel.” Father was not certain that it solved the problem, but he did not object.

She tied a towel round her armpits and sat on the stool.

“Now rub Dad, but first undress and tie that towel round your waist, and rub lotion into my scalp as you did to mother.”

“How do you know I tied a towel, and how do you know that I rubbed lotion and she did not do it herself?” Susan was waiting for just this question.

“Because I saw it.”

“Peeping?” Father was aghast.

“How could I have peeped into a hermitically sealed room? I did something better. You had the wisdom to videograph the scene and I, your daughter, had the wisdom to play that.”

“You saw?”

“Yes every bit. It was so lovely to see you and mother make love.”

“But the disc is with me.”

“Of course. But I know where it is and I play it when you are not at home.”

“It is obscene.”

“On the contrary it is the purest video I have ever seen.”

“Naughty girl.” Dad was not angry, rather pleased in fact. Susan’s plan was working satisfactorily.

“Now Dad, do not think of me as a daughter. Imagine that I am Mom and start rubbing lotion. He poured lotion on the top of daughter’s head. He spread it round and started shampooing.

“This is not how you massaged Ma’s scalp.” Quite suddenly Mr. Noel got back his bath spirit. He did the scalp thoroughly. He then did the back of neck and the shoulders. Daughter extended her head and leaned back on her father. He did the front of the neck and the little of the chest exposed above the towel.

“Now you continue,” he said and prepared to leave.

“No you don’t. You did not leave mother at this point.” Susan braced herself for decisive gaziantep rus escort action. She said a prayer to herself that she would not fail. She stood up, removed the towel and threw it way. She turned towards father. His eyes were wide open. He was staring at his naked daughter as if she were an apparition. She hugged him.

“Think I am Mom, and proceed, please Dad. Start with the back. That would make it easier for you. Please, please don’t go away.” She darted a sideward glance at father’s crotch and noted with satisfaction that he was sporting a mighty hard-on that he was ineffectively trying to hide. She knew he would not be able to go away even if he wanted to. He stood behind and did the back longer than was his wont.

“If you don’t move to other parts the skin of my back may peel off,” said daughter with a chuckle. “I will put my hands on the back of my neck as Mom did when you soaped her chest.” She dovetailed her fingers and placed it against the back of her neck.

Father started at the neck and worked for a while above the breasts. Then he took sudden courage and plunged in. He worked on the breasts and played with it as eagerly as he had done with his wife’s. He was now fully aroused. He caught the tits between his thumb and index and kneaded them softly. He travelled down to the navel and beyond but stopped short of the pussy. Susan stood up as he did the thighs, legs and feet. The pussy was always last on the agenda. Susan lifted one leg up and put in on the tap. Father sat on the low stool and stared at the pussy, its lips now open. He had seen it before, those thin inner lips ending in a prominent chit hood, the clit itself hidden as if out of modesty. Yes, it was a carbon copy of her mother’s. He looked up and made eye contact with daughter. There was no lust in her eyes, no fear, no shame, just a bland look of expectation. That look changed father for ever. There was no lust in him too from then on. Only love, in the purest and the simplest form.

‘Kiss it as you did to Mom, my darling father,” she said tenderly. He went forwards and touched it with his lips and kissed softly; and he nudged the clit hood with his nose.

“I am ready,” she said. When Mom said that it was the signal for father to soap the pussy. With three fingers he rubbed the pussy stimulating the clitoris with the middle finger. Susan moaned. She now did what her mother did at this point. She pulled off his towel and taking surplus suds from her pussy she rubbed it on the hard cock of father with both hands. They hugged and they kissed passionately on the lips.

“Fuck me Dad. It is not sin. I am seducing you in the same way Lot’s daughters seduced their father. Do not think of me as your wife. Always think you are fucking your daughter. That is more exciting. You will get back Mom, but you still have a daughter, and I will have the man of my fantasies, and still have by darling Dad. We’ll go away from this place where we are lonely in a crowd. We will go to distant Alaska where I have applied for and got a job as teacher. You can get a job too. We will raise a family and like Lot we will multiply and prosper. Please Dad, fuck your daughter.

She lay on the cot and placed her rear close to the edge as mother did and lifted her legs. Father was with feet on the floor and hands resting on the cot on each side of daughter. She caught hold of his swinging cock. Her hand trembled, and then it steadied. She gently inserted it in. The soap was redundant for she was pouring juices.

“We are now one Dad,” she almost screamed. Both were so hot that they climaxed almost immediately. They lay hugging each other. The soap smeared bodies sliding over each other was sensuous. They bathed, and then they fucked; they ate, and then they fucked, they went to sleep and got up and fucked, and so it went on till daughter sampled all the variety her parents practised. They fell into a dreamless sleep. When they woke the sun was high up in the sky.

They are now in a distant corner of Alaska amidst the hills and glaciers far removed from civilisation. Susan teaches in the school and Mr. Noel manages a drug store in the little community that had given them refuge. Mr. Noel runs the best stocked store in the county, his wife Susan runs the best school, and their twin daughters are two of the brightest children in the crèche.

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