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Pole Dance – część 02

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część 2

This is Part Two of the Story – Pole Dance.

I recommend readers to read Part One before reading this.

It is an Incest theme story (M/S) with a heavy undertone of Group and for each other.” I added.

“I know.” He replied, nodding.

We sat silently for a short while and then he remembered something, “Mama, I am very glad that I got you for my date.”

“Not half as relieved as I am.”

Pleased, he gloated after he heard my answer.

The heat from the fireplace started to show effect.

Antoni finished his drink first and kept his glass sideways on the rug. His hand started a soft rub from the bottom of my leg to my knee.

His feather-like touch changed eventually to a rub with his palm. He slowly calmed me and then moved up.

Before going under my skirt he looked up towards my face for resistance. He didn’t find any. His hands moved in tandem with his words, “Mama, I love you.”

“I love you too, Toni,” I replied.

His hand by then was deep inside.

Instead of going for a grope on my quim he turned and sat facing me. His knees were folded and his butt on his heels. He moved his hands behind my butt and pulled me forward in the chair until I was a few inches from the edge of the chair.

Antoni rolled my skirt up and saw his prize – up close, bare as day.

He moved forward to kiss it. But before he reached my pussy he stopped and licked my thigh on the way. In between kissing and licking, he forgot where he was headed and stuck to my inner thighs. My sensations changed from excited to horny.

I put my hands behind his head again and pulled him in. Urgently needing release. I forced him to eat me- eat my pussy. He happily complied.

Antoni’s tongue only stopped for a moment to find its way inside, and then he was playing with me like a seasoned player. He took long slurps and then wriggled his tongue to pull juices from inside me.

Antoni artfully kept poking and licking, always avoiding my clitoris, which he knew would be sensitive.

Whenever he came close to my clitoris, he would move in a different direction and keep me swooning.

I was in a lustful Kıbrıs Escort high when he caved and started sucking my clitoris hard.


I came like no tomorrow, grunting long and hard and loud for the group to hear from the other side of the door – if they were even bothered to listen.

It took me a long while to settle down, Antoni was no help. He kept kissing, licking, and sucking until I had come at least once more. Or I wonder if it was one long orgasm.

By the time I had the fortitude to push him away, I had bent into the chair like a contortionist, spasming and writhing.

Antoni cleared my flowing juices from outside my pussy. He licked the area clean, replacing my juice with his saliva.

We sat in our original posture, with him resting his head on my knees again, for the next few minutes. It was as if the last thirty minutes were a dream and it hadn’t happened. But it had.

After my heart rate had normalized, I stirred a little, to let him know we should get up.

He gave me space to stand and move. I moved a couple of paces and started to undress.

One after the other, my clothes came off.

It was no striptease but he watched me in awe and with his mouth open.

I said, “it looks like we’d have to sleep without a nightdress.”

Instantly his expression changed. He embarrassingly stuttered, not having got the nightwear with the duvets and bedsheets, “Mama, I…I.”

I smiled back at him. Putting him at ease, I said, “we aren’t going to need them anyway, for our date night.”

He was relieved to have heard that.

By then I was out of my clothes. I shrugged at him, to get a move on.

He jerked to attention and started to hastily get out of his clothes.

A minute later, I was in Antoni’s arms, nude as the day I was born and so was he. He was in my arms, also just as nude as he was the day he was born.

He bent to my face and made his first kiss and made it count. His lips took mine with a purpose, only to enter my mouth with his slippery, wet tongue. He explored away in my mouth as if it was new terrain for him. But he had been Lefkoşa Escort there before. He tapped around merrily and licked the region clean.

Our hands had gotten busy; his groping my butt cheeks and mine holding his head. We started to roll about, trying to find the best angle. And then we found it.

Antoni lay on his back and I had rolled on top of him. His dick nestled between my pussy mound and his belly. An evident proof of his state of excitement.

I decided to do the natural thing. I left his face on the pillow and pushed up. I used my palms on his chest to lever my way up and kept going until I was sitting. My knees fell off on his sides, as did my feet.

My pussy was layering his dick with cream. I moved slowly forward and back, suggesting that his erection was acknowledged.

He was wincing, his face expressive of his lustful state.

I moved my hand down, picked my butt up simultaneously, and gripped his very wet dick between my fingers.

He moaned, “unnngh.”

I aimed the head of his dick into my pussy lips. I heard his heart pounding like a drum. It could very well have been mine for that matter. Or maybe it was both of ours.

I slid down.

Savoring every inch of my son’s cock entering me, I slid down as slowly as mother nature could allow.

My eyes closed in disbelief at what I was doing or possibly because of extreme pleasure. I was loving every moment of it and every inch of it.

There was no pleasure purer, no love denser than what I was experiencing.

I thanked God at that moment. I wonder why, but my mind, although reeling in lust, thought it appropriate to thank God.

I opened my eyes and looked down towards my son, Antoni, who had his hands on my waist and was helping me move.

Once I had enveloped my son’s entire cock inside my pussy, I held still to savor the experience. After a reasonable time of holding on, I started to move a little. Initially, just my butt – to experience the feel of his cock inside. Then the moves transitioned to my upper body as well.

I tried like hell to move just forward and back, to ensure not an inch Girne Escort of his cock comes out of me, no matter what the reason. I rolled my butt in a kneading motion, squeezing my pussy muscles to hold on to his cock, hugging it tightly.

At some point I had switched to bucking and rocking, I was swooning.

Suddenly, I started to cum. I was looking into Antoni’s eyes when it started. My orgasm shook me so much that my mind felt numb. I felt as if I had used drugs and I was high. The feeling was the greatest I had known.

I shouted a big grunt, when I came, “MMMMMUUUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH.”

Just then, I heard Antoni groan his release. He could not hold any longer, He shot his first string inside me, with an “aaaannnnnggh.”

I kept jerking and spasming, my orgasm stretched further as my pussy sipped string after string from my son. Each string was hitting my pussy walls but it had an impact on my mind. My pussy squeezed for more, and exhilaration ran through me – reaching my mind and I kept on spasming until Antoni too had stopped cumming.

I fell forward on Antoni, towards the end of my jerking and spasming, and we were writhing into each other’s bodies. Antoni held me in his arms firmly to not let me fall off of him. His cock had pulled out halfway.

We lay like that for a long while settling down, letting our heartbeats come back to normal.

Eventually, his cock slipped out as it lost its strength, and Antoni allowed me to roll off him. As he did that, he turned along with me. We lay embraced for the longest while, kissing in small pecks to appreciate each other.

The fireplace had warmed the room sufficiently, and we slept in each other’s arms.

It must have been a few hours into the night and we seemed to have slipped into a deep sleep because Antoni had released me from his clutch-hold. The cover, too, had come off halfway from above us. The fire had ebbed somewhat and I stirred awake feeling a bit cold.

I turned my back towards Antoni and moved into him. His body heat helped get me back to a comfortable, cozy warmth. His natural reaction as I moved in was to wrap his arm around me and pull me in deeper, spooning me. His flaccid but warm dick caressed my butt. His hand came on down my front and lovingly held my tit. His warm breath heated my neck. The rhythm of his breath lulled me back into sleep.

It was natural that if he was warming me up, I was too doing the same to him.

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