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Pool Fantasy: ALT Ending

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Black Cock

We picked the pool we normally sneak into, away from anyone who would know either of us in a ritzy townhome neighborhood. I’m wearing my tight yellow and white polka dot suit that barely holds my 36 DDs, your favorite as they are easy to pull out and they tend to fall out repeatedly if I move too fast.

We arrive and see that there is no one there as its early on a work day, making it perfect for what we have planned. We find two chairs and put our stuff down and you take your shirt off showing off your toned chest, covered with the salt and pepper chest hair I love running my fingers through. I pull down my cover up and your eyes instantly go to my cleavage. You tell me how stunning I look and that I have a beautiful body. I giggle and blush slightly as I grab the sunblock. You take it from me and squirt it into your hands. Your hands instantly go to the parts of my cleavage that are exposed and you start slathering them with lotion, telling me how you have to make sure that they don’t get burned. I bite my lip as you rub lotion onto the rest of my exposed body and I can tell through your swimming shorts that you are getting hard.

When you are satisfied that I am protected from the sun, I take the lotion and start putting it on your chest. Rubbing slowly on your chest and stomach, then moving to your arms and back. I tell you how sexy you look and I can see your cock twitch in your shorts. You then grab me and kiss me hard, your hands running down my back to my ass and squeezing it hard. Your tongue in my mouth as you push your erection against me. You pull away from me and look down at me. You grab my hand and lead me to the pool; we get in feeling the cool eryaman escort water on our feet. We walk in slowly, enjoying the beach entrance as you still hold my hand.

We keep going until the water reaches my waist, then you wrap your arm around my waist and kiss me again hard. You move until your back touches the pool wall then you lift me up onto the ledge. I shiver from being out of the water but you tell me that you’re going to warm me up. You grab my bottoms and push them to the side exposing my soaked aching cunt; I gasp and bite my lip. You run your fingers over my small patch of pubic hair and then lean in and kiss my pussy hard. You lick your lips and tell me how good I taste, how I have the best tasting pussy you’ve ever eaten.

You then lick from my tight hole to my clit, making me shiver. You then spread my lips and look intensely at my tight wet pussy. Telling my how pink and beautiful it looks. Then you dive in like you’re starving for my cunt juices. Sucking my clit, licking up and down, then shoving your tongue inside me and fucking me hard and fast with it while your nose rubs against my clit. As you lap up my juices, we hear the gate to the pool open and we both freeze. Looking over we see a man coming in with a towel, obviously just there for his morning dip. He fans his view over the pool stopping and seeing us, then smiling big. I turn red, assuming you would stop but his presence only seems to encourage you. You shove your face back into my cunt as I shake and close my eyes, the pleasure too much for me to handle.

I can feel him watching us, and it makes me even wetter. I can hear him walking over, my face getting red but I don’t bother sincan escort stopping you as your tongue feels incredible. Suddenly I feel his hand on my collarbone; I open my eyes and see him squatting next to me. He says I am so wet he can smell my cunt. I hear you moan into me and I know you are looking up and watching. He starts to run his hands down, and takes a handful of my heavy tits. He then leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth sucking hard. He groans and says that I have the best tits he’s ever seen.

He then stands up and I can see his erection through his shorts. He asks if I like what I see; I say yes, that I would love a taste as well. My thighs start twitching as the words leave my mouth. I arch me back and scream that I’m cumming, my hand on the back of your bald head, flooding you with my juices.

As I’m cumming I can hear the stranger taking his shorts off. Through the haze of my orgasm I look over and see his hard cock dripping precum. I reach out and grab his cock, gripping it in my small soft hand. You bite my thighs as I shove him into my mouth, making him groan out. I hear the water sloshing as you move, pulling my ass closer to the edge of the pool. I feel your thumb rubbing my clit as your hard dripping cock hit my thigh and I know that you will be inside me fast.

I can taste his excitement as I suck hard, looking up at him as he watching what you are about to do. You spread my thick thighs apart and without reprieve you shove your cock into my virgin tight cunt fast and hard making me cry out into his cock. I start to bob my head fast, sucking hard as you pound my tight hole. I can feel you watching me as I batıkent escort shove him down my throat, showing off my deepthroating skills. I hear him grunt and can feel him shake, licking my tongue all around and sucking hard with him still balls deep in my throat.

You start rubbing my clit hard, wanting me to cum all over you. I moan as I start to fuck him with my mouth, his hands in my hair as he moans out that I am the best cocksucker he’s ever experienced. I start to feel my orgasm building as you pound my pussy with your thumb rubbing my clit. With your other hand you start to circle my tight asshole and I gasp into his cock. You slowly push your index finger into my impossibly tight ass and it pushed me over the edge.

I start to scream into his cock as my thighs and big pale tits shake, my cunt clamping down on your cock. I hear you grunt, telling me how tight I am as I feel your cock getting bigger. You cry out that you’re going to fill me up and I can feel your hot cum filling up my tight hole. As You are marking my cunt I hear the stranger grunting, his hands pulling on my hair as he moans that he’s going to cum. I feel him shaking as he fills my mouth with his warm cum, I suck hard to get every last drop out. He pulls out to cum a little on my face, getting his hot sticky cum on my lips and cheek.

All three of us are breathing hard. He leans down and kisses me hard, then pulls his shorts up and walks back to his chair going back to his pool side routine of suntan lotion etc. You grab me and kiss me, whispering that I am such a dirty girl. You help me into the pool, leading me to the beach entrance hand in hand as we go towards our chairs. You scoot the chairs next to each other so we can lay side by side. I lay on my stomach while you lay on your side, caressing my back. We both drift off into a post orgasm nap, hearing the stranger diving into the pool as we both recover for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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