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The purple streaks running down my chest and tummy were deliciously cold and exciting I could smell the scent of grape in the air. Chet and I had teased for a couple of hours and it was beginning to get serious who could resist a grape Popsicle?

The foreplay had been great and I was wet and sweaty and of course stimulated almost to the point of not being able to stop the little games. Leaving Chet hard and throbbing seemed to be another step in the game as I got up and headed to the shower.

Secretly I was hoping he would not give in and stroke himself while I was gone but I knew how worked up he was. I called to him to join me in the shower and did not hear anything from him and I did start wondering what he was doing out there.

“All squeaky clean and fresh.” I remarked.

Walking down the hall toward the front room where I left him I noticed the lights were out and I could see the flicker of a candle burning. My eyes adjusted and I looked around the room for Chet. He was standing in the corner of the room and he had spread a blanket down on the floor and I recognized that big grin on his face, the one that makes you wonder what he was up to.

“Lay down sexy, lay on your stomach.”

I did as instructed and laid down on my stomach. Chet tugged at eryaman escort the towel wrapped around my body and I was completely naked. Chet straddled across my thighs and began rubbing my shoulders it was feeling really good when a sudden shock of cold was introduced to my body.

My shoulders tensed up and I tried to turn back and see what he was doing but he would not let me. I felt the cold between my shoulder blades and across the back of my neck, and then I began to feel the trickles of wet running down my back and sides. The cold then began moving down the center of my back it was starting to feel good in an odd sort of way. I still could not figure out what it was at first I thought ice cube and when I asked if it was he said no.

I felt the object start down the crease of my ass down between my legs and then back up it really was feeling pretty good about that time. Then between my thighs and across my ass cheeks and the wetness was running down the sides of my hips and legs.

Chet bent over and began licking the small of my back and my hips that was when I began to notice the scent not quite sure what it was but I could smell a fruity scent.

“What is that?”

Chet kept licking the backside of my body and I was again very aroused. I heard some paper sincan escort rustling and then the cold sensation on my flesh again this time down the back of my arm then the other. Chet moved off of my thighs and nudged my legs apart I could feel the cold on the inside of my leg down one side and the back up the other stopping just at the crease at the top of each leg.

“Roll over baby.”

I rolled over and was on my back I still could not see what he had in his hand.

“Close your eyes”

My eyes were closed and the feeling of the cold across my nipple sent jolts through my body, then down the center of my chest across my stomach. Chet’s hand was cupping the cool breast creating a contrast in temperature.

“mmm that feels good.”

Chet’s tongue on my stomach and his kisses were more sensitive feeling than normal. I felt the cold between my legs as the cold pressed along the folds of my pussy and I felt the moisture run down to my ass.

“Bend your legs up baby, bend your knees.”

The sudden cold rush in my pussy caused me to jump and clench down on the object I slowly began to relax when the cold pressed deep inside of me then back out and brushed across my swollen clitoris. In and then out again.

I felt the cold inside batıkent escort again and then just stay there. Chet’s tongue felt hot as it licked along my folds then pressing inside. I felt his finger press inside pushing the cold higher. His lips and tongue continued licking and pressing inside over and over again.

When I ran my hand across my breast and tummy I felt how sticky it was bringing my finger to my tongue to taste. It tasted good but I still did not know what it was. As many times as I have felt Chet between my thighs and bringing me great pleasure I don’t believe I have ever felt his arousal and desire so strong.

My fingers were wrapped in his hair by then and pulling him closer and as I would grind my pussy against his face. My orgasm was strong, and then another he just kept going. After the third time he moved up and across my body. Bringing his lips to mine. His tongue pressing deeply into my mouth as I eagerly sucked his tongue and tasted this taste.

His cock was steaming hot when it moved inside of me. His strokes were long and deep coming faster and faster. My legs were wrapped around him pulling him tightly against me.

The hot spray filled my pussy and Chet pushed deeper yet inside of me and that final orgasm I experienced was strong. We continued kissing and I was enjoying the feeling and the taste.

When Chet lay beside me and I rolled over on my side feeling him snuggle up behind me. I saw a paper on the floor there beside me and I read it.

“Grape Popsicle”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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