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Post Wedding Fantasy

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I’ve never written a story here, but I have read a few and I wanted to share this one with you. This story is true… totally unexpected, but definitely a fantasy come true for me.

I’m Jack, I am 35 years old and I’m a personal trainer – I’m 6′, 180, pretty good shape. I have a lot of clients – both men and women, who are also in pretty good shape, some are in great shape. One of which, Kelly, is a very hot client of mine. She’s 25, only 5’2″, weighs about 115, has a very firm body – great ass, firm stomach and nice small tits. She has short brown hair and an incredibly cute face. A number of my other clients have made comments about her body and their desire to get their hands on her… if they only had the chance.

The night my fantasy with Kelly came true was the night of one of my best friend’s wedding. I was the best man. The wedding was a lot of fun and after the bride and groom took off, the remaining guests were on their own. A number of us, Kelly included, decided to go out for more drinks and dancing at the local clubs. There were probably 5 or 6 of us who made it out to the club and we immediately ordered a round of drinks. Kelly was wearing a short dress. It showed off her great legs and was snug around her waist and stomach to display her toned figure. She looked hot. While we had our drinks, Kelly stayed very close by my side and at first, I didn’t think much of it. After a few flirtatious comments and glances, I began to get the feeling she was in the mood for something more than just drinks and dancing.

After a couple of drinks, the band started playing and we headed out onto the dance floor. Kelly and I moved over into an area away from our other friends, but in the middle of the crowded dance floor. We got closer and closer as the songs played on. We soon began to rub our legs together and move our bodies together as one to the music. At one point, Kelly turned her back to me and pushed back into my body. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her into me. There was no way she wasn’t going to notice how hard my cock was and bahis siteleri how horny she was making me. I could tell she was totally into me and wanted more. She pushed her ass right into my cock and held my hands on her hips while I pushed my cock against her. She moved her hands back onto my hips and pulled me tighter against her. With my hands free to move wherever I wanted, I moved them up her sides and up to her tits. In plain view of the entire dance floor, I grabbed her tits and pulled her back into me while she pushed her ass hard into my cock. All I could think about was getting her naked and burying my cock deep inside her.

We continued to dance and grind on the dance floor for numerous songs… she turned around and we kissed for the first time while our hands explored each other’s body. I moved my hands up her legs and under her skirt. I grabbed her ass and could tell she had on a very small thong. The combination of alcohol and our lust for each other was heating things up more and more. She finally said she needed to take a bathroom break, so we left the dance floor and went back to the restrooms. Once she emerged back from the women’s room, which was packed full of women, she came right back to me and our bodies came together like magnets. We picked up right where we left off – kissing and groping each other like horny high school kids.

I briefly stopped to say “I want you so bad right now. You’re driving me crazy.”

Kelly replied, “Yes, I feel the same way… I want you, too.”

We quickly paid off our tab at the bar and headed out the door. We were way too drunk to drive, so we waved down a cab and she gave the cabbie directions to her house. Along the way, my hands continued to slide all over her body and up her skirt. It was hard to control ourselves as we sat in the back seat of the cab.

Once we got to her place, we went directly to her bedroom. I immediately started getting her dress off and wasn’t going to waste any time getting her naked. She climbed in bed while I took off my dress pants and shirt. I climbed in canlı bahis siteleri after her and I couldn’t keep my hands off her hot body. I went down and sucked on her tits… grabbing them and squeezing them hard. My mouth went down her tight stomach and I spread her legs open so I could get my mouth on her pussy. When I got there, I loved the sight of her shaved pussy. I tasted her… licking the length of her pussy lips and pushing my tongue inside her. She moaned from the sensations my mouth was giving her. She was so wet and so ready to be fucked. Her pussy was dripping from her juices and I couldn’t wait any longer. I moved back up between her legs and slid my cock up against her pussy lips. Before I could enter her, she pushed me back and rolled us over so she was on top. I wasn’t complaining – I love to have a girl ride my cock. Watching a hot girl like Kelly slide down on my cock was going to be incredible.

Kelly sat up and straddled me. She guided my bare cock to her pussy and slowly pushed the head inside. She was very tight. Most women find my cock to be pretty big. It’s 8.5 inches and pretty thick. Kelly’s pussy was definitely going to be a tight fit for my cock and she knew it. She slowly pushed herself down on my cock… I watched her face while she did it and her eyes rolled back in her head and she closed them while my cock filled her up.

She moaned… I’ll never forget her words as she pushed it inch by inch inside her… “Oh God, that feels sooooo good, Jack…”

Once she pushed the entire shaft inside her, we started fucking faster. I grabbed her ass while she rode my cock. It didn’t take her long to cum on my cock. She quickly began to shudder and moan. I told her, “Do it Kelly, cum on my big cock!”

She could only moan and say “oh yes, I’m going to… so close… yes… don’t stop……”

I urged her on saying “that’s it… that a girl… fuck my cock Kelly, fuck my cock!!”

I could tell she was on the edge of getting off by the way her pussy was tightening around my cock.

“Oh yeah Kelly, do it! Do canlı bahis it! Get off for me!” I encouraged her closer to her orgasm.

She finally went over the edge and I felt her pussy cum – juices flowed out of her pussy and all over my cock and balls. She gasped for breath as she slowed down our fuck, keeping my cock buried inside her pussy. I was still rock hard and completely filling her tight little cunt. I gave her only a few moments to come down from her orgasm before I started pushing my dick up inside her.

“Get on top” she said to me as she shifted her weight off of me and rolled onto her back. I quickly pushed my cock back inside her tight pussy and started fucking my hot client. I grabbed her toned legs and spread them wide. She was moaning again while I pistoned my cock in and out of her.

“You like it hard, Kelly?” I asked.

“Oh…. Yes… fuck me hard…” she answered.

I did as she asked and started thrusting my cock deeper and harder into her pussy. I could tell she was really getting hot and about to have her second orgasm of the night. I fucked her even harder and deeper. If she likes it hard, I was going to give her a hard fuck to remember, I thought to myself. The harder I drove my cock into her, the louder she moaned. I was beginning to feel my balls tighten and could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer. I told her how good her pussy felt.

“Oh, God Kelly, I love fucking your tight pussy!” I said in between thrusts.

As I neared my own orgasm, I told her “Oh yes Kelly, I’m getting close… I’m going to cum…”

She quickly responded telling me “Do it, Jack, don’t stop fucking me…. Yes… do it… do it!! Cum inside me!!”

Only a couple more thrusts and I exploded really hard – shooting a huge load of cum deep inside her pussy. As I did, I felt her pussy tighten again and she moaned loudly. She came again, right as I was filling her with my cum.

It was a very intense fuck, and an incredible night… we fell asleep together… woke up in the morning and had another round of sex before I left.

I’ll never forget that night… Kelly is still a client and every time I have a session with her, I can’t help but think about how incredible she is in bed… and when we’re going to have another hot night of sex.

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