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Prime Time Rescue

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The thunderstorm had eased slightly but the rain was still very heavy as I turned my sports car off the highway and into the small country garage to refuel. I was between contracts and on my way home from a very welcome week’s break in the lovely alpine country in the north east of my state. As I got out of my car I noticed a large white station wagon painted with the logo of Channel Eight, one of the major television networks. The windscreen was missing from the wagon and three very wet people, two men and one lady, were having an animated discussion outside the garage’s office.

“Fill ‘er up?” The garage owner asked.

“Yes thanks, looks like they’re in a spot of bother.” I commented, pointing to the TV crew.

“Yeh mate, apparently they have to get some film to the city to go on tonight’s news, but the highway south is blocked and I can’t get a new windscreen for a couple of hours.”

“The highway’s blocked?” I asked.

“Yeh a semi jack-knifed in the rain and lost its load, nobody hurt thank god but you can’t get south.”

“What about through Strathbogle?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeh that should be ok, very slippery with all the rain, but looks like your car could handle it.” The garage owner grinned, “You know who the sheila is over there don’t you?”

I looked closely at the short, slim, bedraggled lady standing near the television wagon. “She does look familiar.”

“It’s Juanita Peters, you know from Prime Time, the current affairs show.” The garage owner completed filling my car. “She looks a bit different when she’s on TV.”

Juanita Peters! My heart leapt at the mention of her name, how many times had I mentally undressed the sexy, trim and so well spoken news reporter? I had a close look at the television star as I followed the owner to his small office and paid for the petrol. As I stepped outside I heard Juanita complaining loudly about how their exclusive footage would now miss that evening’s show.

“Sorry to intrude but I may be able to help.” I said as I stopped beside the unhappy group. “I’m heading for town but I’ve only got one spare seat, it’s free if you want.”

The lovely Juanita smiled and said, “That’s very nice of you, but the road is blocked.”

“Yes I know, but I’m using an alternate road, over the hills, it’s longer but I should be there by about five.”

“Oh my god, that would be great, I could take the tapes and with a bit of luck we would get it on the news.” Juanita shivered in the cold wind.

“No problem, I’d be glad to have company. You have a change of clothes?” I asked, secretly thrilled to be spending a few hours with the sexy reporter. “You don’t want to get a chill.”

“Yes, yes, give me five minutes and I’ll be ready, Duncan get the tapes please.”

Juanita grabbed a small suitcase from the wagon and rushed off to the rest rooms to change. Duncan retrieved the tapes and put them in my car, telling me that they had been on assignment for four days and the story would an exclusive if it made the news that night. I made space for Juanita’s suitcase and soon the TV star came rushing out in dry clothes. We jumped into my car, belted up and headed east through the rain on the winding road up to Strathbogle. Juanita told me that they had been on location for three days among the hop growing farms around Beechford and, thanks to a tip off, the crew was in the right place when the police swooped on a farm growing illegal marihuana. I loved the way she enunciated so clearly, speaking exactly as she did when on television with traces of an English accent. Juanita stopped talking after we passed through Strathbogle as the road surface turned to gravel and I started to slide the car sideways on the loose slippery surface. For a while she held on grimly to the grab handle but relaxed when she realised that I knew what I was doing and that we were relatively safe.

“Wow, that was fun.” Juanita said with a slightly forced laugh as I turned the car onto a sealed major road at the Berton junction. “You obviously love driving on dirt roads.”

“Yes I did a lot of it in my younger and wilder days.” I said as I glanced at the clock. “I reckon about two hours from here. With a bit of luck we’ll be at your studios just before five.”

“That’s wonderful, um oh I’m sorry, I’ve been so stressed with the delay I don’t even know your name.” Juanita apologized, “I’m so sorry, I’m really not that rude.”

“That’s ok Juanita, my name is Ron, so tell me, how did you get into television?”

For the rest of the drive Juanita and I chatted easily and gradually got to know some of each other’s history. My heart jumped again when I discovered we were both single as she had been divorced for two years. Some subtle questioning informed me that her television schedule made it difficult to make friends out of her work environment. I was wondering if she would consider seeing me again if I asked her out on a date? We had reached the suburbs when Juanita pulled out her mobile phone and contacted her boss at work. She arranged ankara eryaman escortlar for a film editor to be waiting at the front door for the tapes and for the make-up and dressing departments to be ready for her arrival.

“Whew, it will be a rush but I think we will make it.” Juanita said as she finished the call. “Will you be able to see the news?”

“Yes, I’ll make it home in time.” I replied as I negotiated the heavy traffic. “Um, it’s along Hunt road and turn into Ballardigo street, is that right?”

“Yes, spot on Ron.” Juanita said, “Next on the left and then right at the next lights.”

A short time later I turned into Ballardigo street and saw the large television building up ahead.

“Thanks so much Ron, you must be my guardian angel, how can I ever thank you?”

“Have dinner with me one night?” I asked impulsively as I pulled the car up to the entrance.

Juanita waved to a guy waiting by the front doors and he ran over to the car and collected the tapes. The little lady with the messed up hair turned in her seat and looked at me as she considered my dinner request.

“You know Ron, I think I’d like that, can I call you?” Juanita looked genuinely pleased with my idea. “My expense account can pay, it’s the least we can do, have you a business card?”

“That’s great Juanita, I’ll look forward to it.” I replied as I slipped a card from my wallet and passed it to my new friend.

“I must rush, thanks so much Ron, I’ll call you.”

A day full of surprises turned even better as Juanita leaned across and kissed me full on the lips. She giggled at my look of shock, jumped from the car and ran quickly into the building. I was about to drive off when I remembered her suitcase so I parked my car and carried the bag into the building. I was explaining the situation to the receptionist when Juanita suddenly rushed into the foyer. Her worried look changed to one of instant relief when she saw me standing by the desk.

“Oh my god, you’ve saved me again, my notes are in the bag.” Juanita gasped. “Oh what a day, see you soon.”

Juanita threw her arms around me and gave me another kiss before grabbing her bag and rushing off again. The receptionist looked amazed and gave me a conspiratorial smile as I thanked her and left for home. I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face as I drove home, stopping for some takeaway along the way. I sat eating my dinner and drinking a beer watching the television news with my VCR ready to tape every minute of Juanita. A shiver ran through my body when Juanita came on the screen with her exclusive. The makeup people had transformed my new friend and I literally drooled as Juanita presented her report of the police raid. Her messed up hair had been washed and styled and the makeup was just perfect. A pink blouse and red jacket that gave just a hint of her small perky breasts had replaced the casual clothes. Her report was delivered in her usual faultless manner without pauses or ‘umms” or “ahhs”.

At the end of her four minute report I nearly fell off my sofa when Juanita said, ‘I would like to finish by thanking my Sir Galahad. Without his assistance this exclusive report would not have made it to air tonight.’

As the newsreader took over from Juanita I sat open-mouthed gazing in shock at the screen. The sports report had finished before I regained my composure and I replayed Juanita’s report and final comments several times.

The next day dragged by slowly as I waited for Juanita’s promised phone call and each call raised and then swiftly doused my hopes. By five o’clock I had just about given up hope of hearing from her and I was beginning to think that she had given me the flick.

When the phone rang around seven thirty I was quite disconsolate but my mood changed instantly when I heard Juanita’s cultured voice.

“I am so sorry for the late call Ron, but I was in production meetings all day.”

“That’s quite ok Juanita.” I lied. “I knew you would be busy.”

“Last night’s report was so well received we are making a thirty minute special about the drug scene.” Juanita explained as her voice instantly melted away my gloominess. “I am heading the show and it will go to air tomorrow night.”

“Congratulations and thank you for the Sir Galahad comments.”

“No thanks needed Ron, now how about dinner Friday night? Would that suit you?”

“Yes I’m free Friday.” I said trying to sound calm as if being invited to dinner by a television star was an everyday occurrence.

“Excellent.” Juanita purred. “I’m so looking forward to seeing you again.”

Juanita recommended a restaurant in the city that would normally have been way out of my price range but with the station paying I wasn’t going to complain. We arranged to meet there at seven and the conversation finished quickly as Juanita had to return to work. I hung up the phone delighted with the sudden upturn in my social life and looking forward to my date with the television star.

I thought about the upcoming dinner many escort etimesgut times over the next few days and wondered how the evening would end after we left the restaurant. After one sleepless night I decided that I was getting unnecessarily stressed and decided to meet Juanita with no expectations and see how the evening turned out. I had my best suit dry cleaned and purchased a new shirt and tie for the evening.

Friday evening finally arrived and after a shower and shave I dressed and drove into the city. The restaurant was at street level in a tall building with an underground car park and I arrived about twenty minutes early. After some window shopping along the city streets for fifteen minutes I took a deep breath, entered the restaurant and fronted up to the maitre’d.

“Good evening Sir, may I help you?”

“Yes, I’m meeting Juanita Peters.”

“Ah, Mr. Williams!” The waiter beamed. “Yes sir, Ms. Peters is expecting you, please follow me.”

I followed the waiter along the plush carpet through the many tables to a quieter area at the back of the restaurant where Juanita was seated at a small table almost hidden behind some well-positioned screens. My stunning hostess rose to her feet when she saw me and held out her hand in greeting. Juanita was wearing a red round-necked woolen pullover that hugged tightly to her slim figure with a plain black skirt supported by a black belt.

“Nice to see you again Ron,” Juanita said with a smile that would melt any heart. “I’m so glad you suggested dinner.”

“Lovely to see you too Juanita.” I said as I sat opposite the little lady. “I feel honored to be here tonight.”

“Nonsense, if you hadn’t rescued me the footage would have been late to air so at the very least the station can buy you dinner.” Juanita smiled again. “But personally I enjoyed our chat in the car and I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again tonight.”

“That makes two of us, now would you like a pre-dinner drink?”

Drinks were ordered from the waiter and we chatted easily through the delicious entrée and the main course. I deliberately kept the topics of conversation off Juanita’s television work, preferring to learn more about her childhood, family and her overseas travel experiences. I noticed that she easily sidestepped any discussion of her marriage as she quickly moved on to another subject. We laughed a lot during the dinner and I found myself becoming more enamoured with my lovely companion with each passing minute. Juanita showed a genuine interest in my life and work and I wondered how the evening would end. We had finished our tasty desserts when Juanita’s smile was replaced with a serious expression.

“So tell me Ron, what are your expectations for the rest of tonight?”

I returned Juanita’s direct gaze and replied, “Expectations Juanita? My honest answer is I don’t have any.”

Juanita was silent in thought for a time before smiling and saying, “You know Ron, I believe you and thank you. Since my divorce everyone I have gone out with seems to think that I’m going to jump into bed with them.”

“I’m not saying that I haven’t thought about this exact situation, especially after you kissed me at the station.’ I smiled at the memory and continued. “But I am your guest and if I never see you again after tonight, I will always have great memories of our dinner and the time I have spent with you.”

“Ron, would you like to have coffee in my apartment? There is something I would like to discuss with you in private.”

The question took me completely by surprise. “I’in your apartment, n’now?” I managed to splutter.

Juanita laughed, “Yes Ron, now. I live in this building, in the penthouse on the top floor.”

“Yes, thank you, I’d love to.” I replied as I managed to regain some composure.


Juanita rose from her chair and signaled to the waiter for our account. After she signed for the meal I followed my lovely companion from the restaurant to the envious glances and whispers of other diners. The elevator was waiting in the foyer and Juanita used her special key so we could be transported to her exclusive apartment. Juanita smiled reassuringly at me as the elevator whisked us up to the apartment and we stepped into her marble entrance hall.

“Through here Ron.” Juanita said as she led me into the huge living room. She kicked off her shoes and headed for the kitchen. “I’ll put the coffee on, make yourself at home.”

I removed my jacket and tie, wandered over to the large windows and gazed at the lights of the city spread out below. I was able to identify some of the better known buildings from the skyscrapers to the old heritage buildings and churches.

“Great view isn’t it?” Juanita’s voice made me jump as she padded silently up behind. “The rent is exorbitant but the view makes up for it.”

“It’s stunning.” I said. “Really lovely.”

“Aren’t you supposed to add ‘just like you’ when you say something like that?” Juanita giggled.

I batıkent escort blushed and replied, “Well to be honest I did think it.”

“But you were gentleman enough not to say it.” Juanita smiled up at me again. “Thanks Ron, I really like that in a man.”

Not for the last time that night I was lost for words as Juanita pointed out the lights of the television station and the transmitter towers high on the mountains to the east of the city. The lovely aroma of fresh coffee drifted in from the kitchen and I poured two glasses of port at the well stocked bar while Juanita fetched the steaming mugs. We sat on the large leather couch and I waited for my hostess to break the silence.

“Well here we are.” Juanita smiled uneasily.

“Yes we are, come on Juanita spit it out, what did you want to discuss?”

“Yes you are right, as you can see I’m not always the confident person you see on television.” Juanita sipped on her coffee and continued, “Well Ron, I was divorced just over two years ago and in that time I haven’t been to bed with any man or woman. I am straight but I’ve had plenty of offers from both sexes but the television industry is full of high egos and, dare I say it, wankers.”

I smiled and nodded as I wondered where this story was leading.

“My ex is the only man I have ever had sex with and he was the typical ‘wham, bam, thank you Ma’am’ lover, although lover is the wrong word.”

“You don’t want to be made love to, you want someone to make love with.” I said with influence on the last word.

“Oh that is so right Ron!” Juanita gulped and admitted, “I never had an orgasm with my husband in eight years of marriage.”

“Never?” The amazement was obvious in my expression and voice. “He never looked after you at all? Silly bastard.”

Juanita smiled at my comment and continued. “Ron what I want, no, what I need is a lover who will take care of me and also let me take care of him.” She blushed and looked down at the floor. “I’ve never experienced oral sex at all, my ex thought it was dirty.”

“Silly bastard.” I said again. “He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Juanita continued to gaze at the carpet and remained silent as she sat wringing her hands in embarrassment.

“I bet his foreplay was to grab a tit and he always used the missionary position.” I said with a laugh to try and ease Juanita’s stress.

“God you are so right, were you watching?” Juanita smiled wanly as she looked up at me.

I moved closer, put an arm around her shoulders and hugged the shy little lady close to me. “Feel better now you have told me?” I asked. “I promise it will go no further.”

“Yes I do, I really do.” Juanita replied as she snuggled up close. “Thank you for listening and understanding, I do trust you.”

The room was silent for a couple of minutes so I took a deep breath and asked, “So what are we going to do about your problem?”

“Whatever you want special man.” Juanita said as she looked up at me and offered her lips for a kiss.

“As long as it’s not in the missionary position.” I murmured as our lips met for a long sexy kiss.

I realised that Juanita was happy for me to take the lead so I placed a hand on her right thigh and moved it tentatively under her skirt. She spread her legs wider and whispered ‘please’ between one of our long kisses. That was all the encouragement I needed as I moved my hand up and over the top of her stockings to brush my fingertips against her pubic hair.

“No panties, you naughty girl.” I said as I touched Juanita’s pussy lips.

“I took them off in the kitchen, ohhhhhhhh God!”

I grinned at my sexy lover’s reaction as I pushed two fingers into the damp recesses of her vagina and started to use them like a cock. Juanita’s back arched off the couch as I moved my fingers in and out and she screamed incoherently as she quickly climaxed when I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

“Nobody has ever done that to me before.” Juanita gasped as I withdrew my hand from between her legs.

“Not even boys at school?” I asked as I slipped off the couch and knelt on the floor between her widely spread legs.

Juanita shook her head from side to side in reply, moaning and closing her eyes as I placed my hands on the belt supporting the short black skirt. I quickly unbuckled the belt, pulled it out of the loops and slipped my hands around her back. I found and undid the button and as I pulled down the short zipper Juanita raised her hips enabling me to pull the skirt under her bum and off down her slim legs.

I sat back on my heels and broke contact with the sexy television presenter. As her eyes flew open I asked in a firm tone, “Take off your stockings and suspender belt.”

“Oh god yes.” Juanita moaned at my request.

Her nimble fingers unclipped the stockings and she quickly rolled the nylons down and off each leg. The suspender belt soon flew across the room and Juanita lay back looking expectantly at me. I leant forward, kissed her left knee and started to lick and kiss my way up the smooth thigh towards her pussy. I heard Juanita moan again as my lips moved away and back down to her right thigh where I licked slowly and sensually upwards again. As my mouth neared her pussy I slipped my hands under each buttock and lifted her to the edge of the couch.

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