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Putting a House on the Market

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As I drove to the house, I wondered why I was the one requested for this account. I knew that man that owned the house was looking for an agent, but I did not think that it would be me. This house, or should I say mansion, is a very large account. This means a very large commission for me. Usually, only seasoned agents are allowed to take assignments like this, but I was not going to complain. As I reached his driveway, I drove through the gate. I got out of my car and walked up the steps. Before I had a chance to knock, the door opened, and a man appeared in the doorway.

His looks were breathtaking. He stood at a very tall 6′ 4″. A white button-down collared shirt attempted to cover his broad shoulders and muscular chest. When I looked up into his deep blue eyes, I almost melted. I knew I had to be profession, so I diverted my attention. “Hello, my name is Jenni Hunt from the agency. I am here to talk with you about your house.”

His eyes softened and a smile came across his face. “Please come inside and sit down, Miss Hunt. It is Miss, right?”

“Yes, it is Mr. Rosenberg.”

“Please call me Richard.”

“Okay, Richard, I just need for you to sign a few papers so that we can begin to put your house on the market.”

“Don’t you want to take a look around? Let me give you the grand tour of my home.” Every room was more stunning than the one before it. It looked as if Richard had hired a professional kaçak iddaa decorator to fix his home. The last room that he took me to was the master bedroom. Candles were placed on the nightstands and the bookcase. I had walked ahead of Richard. As my eyes scanned the entire room, Richard stood behind me. He wrapped his arms around my small waist and pulled me into him. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You are a very beautiful woman.”

I tilted my neck as I felt his hot breath against my skin. His soft, wet lips kissed my neck. I could feel his excitement build as his thick phallus pressed against my back. He moved his kisses up and began to suck on my ear. I could feel my nipples stiffen as he turned me around and kissed my lips. I parted my lips and allowed his tongue inside. He held me close to him and I could feel the heat from his loins as his cock grew and pressed into my lean stomach.

Richard leaned down and picked me up. He walked over to the king size bed and laid me in the center. He positioned himself on top of me and continued to passionately kiss me. I tried to unbutton his shirt, but the buttonholes were too tight. I finally gave up, ripped the rest of the shirt, and sent the buttons flying across the room. I leaned up as Richard unzipped the back of my little black dress and pulled it over my head. I undid his belt, and he pulled off his pants. I was left with nothing but my bra (good girls do not kaçak bahis wear panties) while he still had his boxers. I could see the lustful look in his eyes as he unhooked my bra.

His tongue found its way to my round perky breasts. I arched my back and pressed my nipples into his mouth. A moan escaped me, as he began to suck on my nub. He playfully nibbled and moved over to my other breast. I reached down and tugged at his boxers. He understood what I wanted. He slid them down his leg and removed them. I wrapped my hands around his very large dick. Richard laid back. I kissed the end of it and felt it grow in my hands. I licked circles around the mushroom shaped tip. I could hear Richard groan, as I began to take him into my mouth. I sucked him gently as I moved up and down his shaft. Richard’s groans became louder as I became quicker in my movements. Then he stopped me and rolled over on top of me.

Richard grabbed the back of my knees and pulled me into him. He took his dick and rubbed it up and down my wet slit. He ran across my throbbing, swollen clit, then back up and down my slit. Then he began to circle my opening and insert himself into my hot folds. When I tried to push into him, he would pull back and repeat the process of running himself up and down my wet slit.

I had never been teased so badly. Finally, he gave me what I yearned for and pushed his long, hard, thick phallus completely inside of me. Richard illegal bahis was so large that he touched every part of me. I had loved the feeling of being completely filled by him. His thrusts started out slow and gentle. His rhythm began to speed up and I gasped loudly. I wrapped my legs around him and pressed my hands into the small of his back. I closed my eyes and held onto him as my first orgasm ripped through my body. My gasps turned to screams as my pleasure took over and I started to shake. “Oh, God yes…yes…yes… Please don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop…”

I slowly began to come down and my screams returned to moans. Richard, however would not let up, he continued to thrust in and out of me at a rapid speed. My breath caught, and I felt my body begin to start another orgasm. I arched my back and clutched at the bed sheets. Richard groaned and grunted. Then I felt his hot seed run through my body. He was trembling from his own orgasm. He collapsed on top of me, and I gently kissed his neck.

He pulled himself from my contracting walls. We both laid there on the bed as we recovered. I was the first to attempt to get up and put my clothes on. When I looked into the mirror, I started to fix my hair and make up. Richard climbed out of bed and walked up behind me. He turned me around and begged me to stay with him longer. I told him that I must return to work.

We walked down stairs, and I set out the papers for Richard to sign on the table. He looked at me and smiled. “I will not sign these papers today. You will just have to come back sometime next week. I want to make sure I get to see you again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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