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Putting My Drunk Roommate to Bed

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It always ends in one of two ways when we go out. Either she goes home with some guy or she ends up drunk and needing me to help her get home safe. Tonight seems like it is going to be the second type of night.

I put her arm around my shoulder and half support, half carry her out to the car. Luckily, knowing how the night might end, I have not had anything alcoholic to drink.

I maneuver her into the passenger seat and get her strapped in. I get in the drivers seat and start driving towards home.

The trip is uneventful, with me focused on driving and her half asleep in her seat.

When we get to the house I go around and help her out the car. It seems the quick nap she had on the drive have helped her regain some of her equilibrium, not enough to be able to walk on her own, but enough that I no longer need to do more than support her.

We make our way up the driveway and in the front door.

“Bathroom” she says, slurring the word so that it sounds more like “bathm”, but I was already anticipating her request so the meaning is easy enough to understand.

I help her walk to the bathroom, releasing her in front of the toilet.

“Pants” she says, gesturing towards her crotch. Again her meaning is clear enough. In her drunk state she needs me to help her get out of her pants before she can get on the toilet and do her thing.

I step forward and reach down and start undoing the buttons. This should not feel weird, we have seen each other naked plenty of times and often use the the bathroom together, but there is something strangely intimate in helper her pull down her pants. It also does not help that I have been harboring a secret sexual attraction to her for years.

I pull down her panties along with her pants, bringing them down to her feet and helping her step out of them. She usually sleeps naked so there is no reason for her to put them back on when she is just going to straight to bed after this.

She steps back and sits down on the toilet and I hear the sound of her pee hitting the bowl. I try not to think of what is going on, try not to imagine it. I have never been into peeing and it isn’t the thought of the action that is making my body start to tingle now, but rather the thought of where that pee is coming from and what I would like to do to that part of her anatomy.

I shake my head, trying to clear these thoughts away. We have been naked together many times before and while I always notice, it usually does not effect me like this.

I notice that her stream has stopped and looks at her face to see if she needs help.

“Wipe” she says with a smug half smile on her face. I realize that this is not a drunk request for help, at least not entirely. She has a tendency to play these unnecessary power games. It is one of the reasons that while she has no problem getting guys to take her home with them, most of them don’t stick around for long.

My normal response to her would be to ignore the games and just go along with it, but for some reason today I am feeling unusually combative.

“Ok” I tell her, walking up to her and reaching out to grab her arm. “Get up and bend over”. I pull her up by the arm and maneuver her over to the sink. Whether it is due to her drunk brain still being foggy or surprise she does as I ask and bends over the sink, sticking her ass out in the air.

“What?” she asks in a confused voice, talking into the sink.

“You wanted me to help you wipe. Much easier with you standing like this”.

I suddenly realize that in her current position I have an unobstructed view of her ass and vaginal area. Her legs are slightly parted making me wonder whether she unconsciously positioned herself as if expecting a guy to take her from behind. At this thought I can feel the tingling in my lower parts start to increase and I am sure, if I were to pull off my panties right now, they would stick to my crotch.

Looking at her pussy, wet with beads of pee, I suddenly have the urge to kneel down behind her and use my tongue to clean them off. I have never before had the inclination to want to taste someone else’s pee and it is not what is driving my desire now, but the thought of tasting her, licking her and feeling her tremble under my tongue is almost more than I can handle. And why should I? Why not just do it?

As soon as the thought seriously enters my mind, I know that I am going to go ahead with it, consequences be damned.

I quickly step up behind her and kneel down. The angle isn’t perfect, but I can make it work. I put my hands on her upper thighs, noticing my fingers are trembling slightly. I pull her thighs apart, giving me full access to her nether parts.

I lean in and stick out my tongue and quickly slide my tongue from her clit and all the way up to her opening. I had halfway expected the taste of her pee to be disgusting, but all I taste is a slight salty tanginess, that isn’t unpleasant.

At the same time that my tongue makes contact with her, I feel my own crotch contracting and a escort wave of pleasure races through me, almost like a miniature orgasm.

As I pull back to get my tongue in position for another lick, I hear her ask “Wha-what are you doing?”. Her voice much lower and quieter than before.

“Wiping you” I say and then, without giving her time to respond, I move my face back in position and let my tongue sneak out and slide over her again, feeling the bump of her clit and the yielding of her opening more fully as I take my time to experience and enjoy the sensation.

“I-I-I…” she starts, but before she can get anything else out I bring my tongue back to her clit and do another slow trip from her clit and up to her opening. This stops her sentence and has her let out a quiet gasp instead.

Encouraged by this sign that what I am doing is affecting her, I quickly bring my tongue back and give her another lick, going back for another right away and getting into a rhythm.

She is not trying to say anything more, rather letting out small whimpering moans with each lick.

Without thinking I have begun rocking my body gently back and forth, creating a small amount of friction at the crotch of my pants. Not enough that I will be able to cum from it, but enough that it enhances the tingly feeling and sends small bolts of pleasure through me.

After a few more licks I notice that she is slicker and wetter than the saliva my tongue is depositing can account for and I am also starting to taste the taste of her wetness. Not an unpleasant taste and surprisingly, or maybe not so unsurprisingly, not dissimilar from my own taste, when considering that we live and eat together. As for how I know my own taste, well I am sure you can imagine.

Her moans are starting to get louder and she has started to push her crotch back against my face. This has the effect that, where previously I moved so that only my tongue made contact with her, now my entire face is making contact and I feel her slickness rub against me from my chin to my forehead.

“Don’t move” she says, turning her upper body and reaching back with one hand to take a hold of my hair, to make sure I comply. This puts my mouth and tongue against her clit and my nose against her opening.

Holding me in place she begins to rub back against me more firmly. I continue licking with my tongue, but otherwise let her take control. I can feel her wetness, not just cover my face, but begin running down my throat.

Her moaning increases until it is more like small screams, her crotch rubbing against my face at a faster and faster pace until I feel her start to tremble and her screams turn into half strangled gasps for air.

She continues rubbing against me at a furious pace for 20 or so more seconds, before releasing my hair and slowing down her thrusting movements. I keep my face buried against her, continuing to lick her.

After another minute, it is like the strength leaves her legs and she slowly slide down onto her knees.

This of course breaks my mouths contact with her crotch, but before I get the chance to feel the loss, she twists around and captures my mouth in a kiss.

At first I am so surprised that it is more her kissing my frozen lips, than us kissing, but after the initial surprise I return her kiss and put my arms around her, pulling her body against mine.

After a minute or so she breaks the kiss, gasping for air, and leans her head against my shoulder.

“Are you ready for me to put you to sleep?” I ask, while gently stroking her hair.

“Ready for you to put me to bed” she responds, putting the emphasis on the “to bed”, to make clear the difference.

I stand, pulling her to her feet and together we make our way to her bedroom. Her steps are a little uneven, but whether that is from the alcohol or weakness from what we have been doing I do not know.

As we reach her bed I suddenly feel awkward. Everything until now has been mostly me acting on instinct, without much thought or planning, but now I am unsure what to do.

Luckily she doesn’t have any such issues, crawling onto the bed and turning around to face me.

“Take off your clothes and get over here” she says, while making a come-hither motion with her finger.

I quickly pull off my pants and shirt, with more speed than grace and then pull down my panties and unfasten my bra.

When I look up at her I see a smile on her face that turns into a giggle as I meet her eyes.

“Very graceful” she says through her laughter.

I feel myself start to go red, but before I can feel too embarrassed, she moves to the edge of the bed and grab a hold of my shoulders, pulling me onto the bed with her, flipping us around putting me beneath her.

I feel her body stretch out on top of mine, her legs going outside mine, her knees bending, putting her feet on top of my shins, effectively pinning my legs underneath hers.

While her crotch is placed on top of mine, the angle means that none of our interesting bursa eve gelen escort bits are touching, but rather the top of our legs and bottom of our stomachs.

I am regretting not getting her out of her shirt earlier, as now, rather than feeling her stomach and breasts against mine, all I am feeling is the fabric of her shirt.

Her hands find mine, locking our fingers together and putting them up above my head. Perhaps the placement of her legs was not a coincidence as she now has me effectively pinned beneath her.

Her lips find mine, hungry tongue entering my mouth, exploring, conquering, taking.

Regardless of the fact that I was the one to initiate the encounter, she is now firmly in control. Not that I mind.

Her tongues aggressive movements against mine are different than anything I have ever felt before. Despite the aggressiveness of the actions, there is a softness to her mouth that I have never experienced with a man. Of course that might just be because it is her.

After way too short, she pulls back and lets out an annoyed sound.

“Stupid shirt”, with that she briefly release my hands and grasps and pulls her shirt over her head. No need to remove a bra, as she isn’t wearing one, which I totally hadn’t noticed way earlier in the night.

She leans back down, bringing her stomach and breasts into contact with mine. The feeling of her soft skin against mine causes a shiver to run through me and I feel my nipples tighten.

She brings her mouth back down, but rather than capturing my mouth again, she kisses the edge of my lips and then leaves a trail of small quick kisses over my cheek.

She briefly stops and exclaims, in a half laughing voice, “I can taste myself on your face”.

After that she gives my cheek a long lick and lets out an “mmm” sound, before going back to kissing her way to the side of my head.

She gently licks my earlobe, sending a wave of pleasure down through my body to my crotch and making me gasp for breath. I never knew that having someone lick my ear could have this effect, never really considering the ear an erotic zone. Obviously she has some experience with it, as she gently gribs my earlobe between her teeth, gently working it with her teeth and tongue and sending more waves of pleasure through my body.

After a little while she continues her exploration, kissing her way down the side of my neck and then inward to the hollow of my throat. While it does not send the same waves of pleasure through my body, there is something incredibly intimate about having her mouth against such a soft and vulnerable spot.

She continues kissing her way down, moving in between my breasts. As she continues down, part of me is disappointed that she skipped over my breasts. The disappointment doesn’t get to last long however as she raises her head and looks at me and, with another small laugh, says “What? You didn’t think I was gonna skip these?”. And at that she moves her mouth to my left breast, taking my nipple in her mouth and sucking hard on it.

The sudden shift from the gentle caress on less sensitive parts of my body to the rough handling of one of the most sensitive parts forces a small scream from me as pleasure explodes from my nipple in a rough wave, taking me completely by surprise.

My hands, which have been lying idle since she let go of them, shoot to the back of her head. Not knowing whether the hands were meant to pull her away or force her to stay, they simply grab her hair.

At this one of her hands move up to my free breast and cup it, sliding the nipple between her thumb and index finger.

Her mouth continues sucking at my nipple as her tongue start sliding over the sensitive nub.

This dual assault, is almost more than I can handle, both my nipples sending out waves of pleasure that seem to connect and enhance each other between my legs. I feel myself getting increasingly wet down there, to the point that I can feel beads of fluid run down between my ass cheeks and over my asshole causing me to clench up and sending another small wave of pleasure from my ass to join the other waves crashing through my body.

At this extra stimulation I lose the ability to control myself and sharply thrust up my crotch trying to make contact. Since my legs are still trapped beneath her, this however does not work, forcing a frustrated grunt from me.

“Impatient, are we?” she asks, her mouth temporarily leaving my nipple to do so.

Unable to formulate a coherent sentence and not really sure what I am asking for, all I can let out is a breathless “please”.

She lets out a small laugh against my nipple sending new and interesting vibrations through my body. It doesn’t last long however, as she moves her mouth away from my nipple and, at the same time, releases my other breast with her hand.

As I am about to protest, I feel her body lift from mine and her hands grab the inside of my thighs, pulling my legs apart and spreading görükle escort me open, before her body settles back down, this time between my legs.

With the placement of her body this puts my wet vagina up against her stomach. Maybe not what most would consider the sexiest place to touch, but the feel of her soft smooth skin against my wet folds is enough to make me whimper and rock my lower body, essentially humping against her belly.

Before I can get into much of a rhythm however, I feel her body lifting again, her hands on my thighs keeping me from lifting my crotch to stay in contact.

Once again, before I get the chance to voice my dissatisfaction, the situation moves in a direction I can only agree with as she move herself down the bed, putting her face to pussy with me.

I feel her breath against my sensitive skin, making me shiver, before I feel her tongue gently touch the inside of my thigh, just beside my lower lips. I feel her tongue lick up and down the area, being careful not to make contact with the parts I most want it making contact with.

While mildly frustrated at her teasing, wanting her to get on with it, I also feel my pleasure start building up and while I might have wanted her to get her tongue moving elsewhere, my pleasure clouded mind does not suggest any course of action to remedy the situation.

She continues licking around my lower lips, moving up my inner thigh to my pubic area and over and down the other side. As she reaches the lowest part of my thigh, she starts moving inwards, letting her tongue gently slide over my perineum, the area between my vulva and anus.

I let out a half strangled scream at this, feeling both my pussy and asshole contract and release sending a wave of pleasure through my entire body and almost sending me over the edge.

As she gives me another couple of licks the part of my brain that isn’t busy drowning in pleasure briefly wonders what it would be like if she, instead of moving upwards to my girly bits, instead let her tongue drift downwards to my asshole.

I don’t get long to wonder about this however, as I feel her tongue slowly, oh so slowly, start moving up towards my vaginal opening.

This chases every rational thought from my mind leaving only incoherent flashes of pleasure.

As her probing tongue reaches my opening and gently pushes inside, I feel myself reaching the peak of pleasure, an orgasm washing through my body.

I push my crotch against her face, wanting her tongue as far inside me as possible as the orgasm crashes through my body. I feel my vaginal muscles continuously contracting and releasing, as her tongue continues exploring my opening.

My hands move to my chest, grabbing my breasts and roughly caressing them, bringing another source of stimulation to my orgasmic high.

I am so far gone in my pleasure that I don’t realize that I am screaming my orgasm out at the top of my lungs until my roommate grabs a pillow and throws it over my face. At that point I realize how loud I am being and, while at the moment I don’t really care, she obviously does, so I release one of my breasts and reach my hand up to hold the pillow over my face, muffling my cries of pleasure.

The tongue sliding in and out my opening keeps going and my orgasm feels like it is going on forever, reaching higher and higher until finally I start coming down on the other side, the waves of pleasure slowly starting to lessen.

As the waves continue slowing and my mind starts to clear, my cries of pleasure are replaced by gasping breaths, my body trying to make up for the oxygen it wasn’t getting during my orgasm.

But before my breathing has a chance to even out I feel a new feeling that immediately starts to send my pleasure back up to new heights. Until now her tongue has been working exclusively on my vaginal opening, my clit being left largely untouched. Now however she has moved her mouth up to my clit and has gently grasped it between her lips, her tongue gently sliding over it again and again.

My pleasure is quickly building again, sending me on the path to another orgasm and when I feel two of her fingers push against my vaginal opening and gently slide inside my mind is again flooded by pleasure, pushing all rational thought away.

The fingers working inside me are moving, not just in and out, but also making a come hither like motion, like the one she used to call me onto the bed. This causes her fingers to press against a part of my insides that sends shockwaves of pleasure through me and, if possible, sends my orgasm even to an even higher level.

I am now at a point where I have lost all grasp of the world around me. Nothing exists beside the lips and tongue on my clit and the fingers working inside me. No thoughts except for the pleasure. No concept of time, nothing but the now and the feelings shooting through my body.

After what feels like forever and at the same time only a second, I start coming back to my senses, noticing that at one point, while I was gone in the pleasure, my roommate has moved from between my legs and maneuvered me onto my side, spooning me from behind. One of her hands go beneath my body and is gently stroking my breast, while the other lies over my body, the hand between my legs, caressing my wet sensitive skin.

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