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Quarantine in Neverland Ch. 10

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Author’s Note- The continuing story of an 18 year old sister and her 20 year old brother home alone from college as everyone is forced to shelter in place. As they spend additional time together, their relationship gradually begins to shift as their adventures get more daring and intimate.


In the end, Brad and Melissa decided that they could make better time getting home from the hills fully dressed and once they were sure no one observed them coming out of the hidden hollow, they made their way quickly down the trail and back to the house.

Once home, they peeled off their sweaty clothes and Melissa asked Brad if he would take a shower with her, just as they had the day before. Brad was happy to oblige and they playfully washed each other under the spray of water. Melissa took delight from the sensation of having Brad wash her hair, his strong fingers rubbing her scalp and his large hands seeming to envelope the entirety of her head like it was a large egg. His hands were large and powerful, but they moved with firm care over every inch of her, taking a moment to squeeze her seductively, on her tits, her ass and brushing the cleft of her pussy, even as he washed and rinsed her clean. She felt the competence and care in every touch, invigorated to feel such strength applied to her body and yet feel so protected and safe at the same time.

Best of all, for both of them, after drying off, Brad took the initiative to rub her body lotion over every inch of her body, beginning as they stood in the cluster of damp towels that had fallen to the ground in the steamy bathroom and finishing on her bed as she lay face down atop her comforter. Brad lovingly massaged the lotion into the smooth muscles of her small shoulders and back, as well as squeezing and caressing it into the plump cheeks of her cute bottom, still glowing a light pink from the sun they’d gotten over the last couple of days and the effect of the warm water on her pale skin.

As he completed each thigh and calf down to the pads of her little feet, he caused her to squirm and giggle as his thumbs pressed into her feet and toes. Brad admired her wriggling butt and arching back as she squirmed, and delighted in the way her pussy was revealed the more she struggled in response to the light tickling.

As he released her second foot, her body went limp in relief as the tickling feeling stopped and she sighed deeply as she settled face down with her legs slightly parted and her toes turned inward. Brad came up between her legs and gently ran his finger along the slit of her pussy, gently parting the folds of her skin from front to back. Melissa moaned and gently arched her back and lifted her ass in response. Kneeling between her parted legs, Brad ran the tip of his finger again through the length of her exposed pussy and Melissa slid her upper body back toward him, pushing her ass higher up from the bed and exposing her pussy even more eagerly to his touch.

Brad looked down at the smooth pink skin of his sisters offered pussy and realized that it, like the rest of her was perfectly formed, luscious and beautiful. Even the puckered rosebud of her ass was delicate, petite, fresh and pink from the shower. Brad felt a desire to lick, kiss and suck every inch of her body. To taste her and please her and claim the hidden parts of her body for his own, as the only man who’d ever pendik escort experienced them.

Brad teased her with his finger tip, going more lightly each time to induce her to reach for it with her pussy. She gasped and moaned as she scooted back toward him, her knees now bent and her pussy and ass teased up to the highest point she could offer them. Her desire for his touch, inducing her to expose herself, made her look so vulnerable and desirable to Brad, her trust in him complete.

Leaning forward on one hand he reached under to locate her clit with the tip of his finger and fluttered across it as quickly and lightly as he could as she clenched her hips to control how much her clit pressed against his touch. She gasped and threw her head to one side, her wet hair dragging across the pillow as his tongue met his twitching finger and proceeded to plow through the length of her pussy from front to back. Her felt her entire body shudder as he did so again, and again.

Melissa made a regular whimpering hum from behind her tightly pressed lips as her brother simultaneously teased her clit with the irregular twitching touch of what felt like a butterfly wing even as his warm thick tongue made deep furrows through every inch of her pussy, culminating always in an extra bit of pressure on the skin between the bottom of her slit and twitching proximity of her exposed ass. In some small way, she was embarrassed to have his tongue so near a place she imagined would remain hidden from any man, no matter how intimate. At the same time, she wanted desperately to rock her hips just a little more to find out if it would feel as amazing as she imagined each time he got that close.

She would have been mortified to know that Brad was watching her little pink butt twitch with every lick of her pussy. He had never been that interested in that part of a girl’s anatomy in the past, but something about seeing his sister exposed this way made it just as beautiful and sexy as every other part of her. There was nothing about her that he found dirty or undesirable. He loved watch her lovely ass clench and flex as she responded to his finger and tongue.

As he fingered her clit more intensely he increased the tempo of his licking and pushed his tongue as deeply as he could with each pass. With each stroke of his tongue through her pussy he extended the lick, just a little further each time and watched her back rise a little more each time above her hips in reaction.

“Oh Brad…oh Brad…,” she gasped between breaths as he suffused her body with waves of pleasure, all emanating from those few tight inches between her pussy and her ass. She pressed more urgently against his tongue and finger, rolled her hips just a little farther with each stroke, lost in the combination of sensations that overwhelmed all else around her. She was so far beyond shame, embarrassment or propriety. She was simply hungry for more of the intense cocktail of sensation that had now become the entire focus of her universe.

As Brad’s thumb entered her pussy and applied an undulating pressure to the area just behind her clit, her hips rolled forward in reaction, just as Brad’s tongue left her pussy and his warm wet tongue slid across her ass. Melissa let out and audible gasp of pleasure and felt her ass begin to twitch and clench in response.

Brad took another deep lick through maltepe escort her pussy as her back arched and didn’t flinch as she rolled her back and hips to press her ass into his tongue as he finished the stroke. An intense bucking spasm went through Melissa’s abdomen in reaction and Brad edged his thumb deeper into her pussy as his finger tip continued to twitch across her straining hard clit and he ran his tongue intentionally across her ass.

Melissa felt every bit of her body tense up as Brad repeated the motion and then she wrenched her pussy away from his fingers and twisted her ass away from his tongue as she was consumed by the pulsing waves of ecstasy that enveloped her. Brad looked down at her as she clenched the bed covers in her hand and arched her back in profile on the bed. He crawled forward to straddle over her in the throes of ecstasy on his hands and knees as she writhed beneath him. Her head whipped from side to side between the pillars of his strong wrists and forearms planted to either side of her and then he enveloped her with his body, pressing her with the warmth of his naked flesh, absorbing the undulations of pleasures that contorted her body.

Melissa felt his strong body all around her, compressing all of the pleasure that caused her body to spasm in response. She felt him close around her and turned to meet him, wrapping her leg around his torso and her arm around his back, burying her face in his neck as she felt each shudder subside and her body relax at last into a puddle of quivering joy, as he wrapped her in his powerful arms.

She felt like crying and giggling and just wanted to kiss his face and neck with a million imprints of gratitude and relief. She wanted to melt her body inside of his and live forever wrapped in the protection of his broad back and muscled chest, the iron embrace of his strong arms. She wanted this moment to never end: this moment where he had made every part of her feel loved and open and wanted and perfect, for the first time in her life.

He held her like that, patiently, until her breathing slowed and her hands crept softly up to the rough stubble that had formed in the hours since he had shaved that morning. She pulled her face back a few inches to where she could see his eyes, could trace the yip of her finger across his forehead and brush a still damp strand of his hair to the side.

“Promise me something,” she whispered.

“Anything,” he whispered back.

“That if this is the end of the world, that we’ll spend every last minute of it together like this…”

“Deal,” he interjected.

“…and if it’s not, then you’ll never pretend that this didn’t happen.” Her eyes searched his, wary of hurt, but obligated by hope.

“I promise,” he replied without any reservation.

“I’m not stupid…or silly,” she confessed. “I know that one day we might have to go back to how it was…to…to real life. I know that one day we’ll have to get married and act like normal people.”

“Melissa…” he tried to comfort her.

“I just want to never be embarrassed about this…or ashamed. Or worst of all, to have to pretend that this wasn’t wonderful and magical and unexpected…and real.”

“I won’t. I promise,” he whispered.

“You made me feel beautiful. Like I wasn’t awkward or…”

“No I didn’t,” Brad interrupted. “You are beautiful. kartal escort You are. I just didn’t see it. Maybe you never showed it before, but it was there before I saw it.” He looked firmly into her eyes to make his point. “I’m just the one who was lucky enough to see it first.” He made a show of peeking down between them at her naked breasts and chuckled. “All of it.” He smiled mischievously.

She smacked his arm lightly and smiled. “So it’s all okay?” she asked hopefully.

“I think it’s better than okay, myself.” Brad smiled.

“It’s our secret, but we promise to never forget. Even when we’re old and everything.”

“I promise.” Brad said soberly. “Never to tell, never to forget and never to pretend it didn’t happen.” He nodded. “And to never leave you out again.” He smiled.

She tilted her head in to kiss him and then hugged him, her cheek pressed against his strong neck. “Forever and ever.” She whispered. “Just like Neverland.”


Author’s Note: Thank you, Dear Reader, for sticking with this until this point. This was as far as I imagined the story going when I set off on this adventure and I already had 7 or 8 chapters in the queue before the first one published so I appreciate your patience with the format and pacing, as much of it was already locked in before I first saw your feedback. As I write this, chapter 3 has just published.

If this didn’t go as fast, or as far, as some may have wanted, please understand that for me it was always about boundaries being crossed, one by one. Not as a tease, but perhaps with the same pacing as a striptease, if that makes sense. It is the boundaries that make exciting for me and each chapter moved them further than they had ever considered before.

The boundaries only matter if we allow them to matter, but if they did, then I hope you found each step in their journey as exciting as I did as I wrote them. The fact that they were biological siblings created boundaries that otherwise might not have been as significant, or as intense, and I hope that the plot and pacing gave you a good sense of that and added value to the experience.

If you didn’t have some appreciation for who they were at the start, none of the boundaries meant anything as they got crossed. At the same time, we don’t always have 10,000 words to set the mood, without at least a little something happening along the way. So thank you for staying with me. I hope it was worth it.

That said, I will probably step back from these two for a bit and consider if there’s a next part to their story. Please leave comments about whether you’d like to come with me if there is.

I wonder what it would be like if the quarantine gets lifted and some of Brad’s old friends start congregating in Neverland again. Or imagine a road trip to pick up their parents in South Florida because they are allowed to travel back to the mainland by boat but air travel is still too unsafe. That no one would know they were related as they made stops in motels. The opportunity to visit a nude beach (or two) along the way with Melissa’s penchant for public nudity.

Please vote these stories up if you enjoyed them (and haven’t already). Leave comments about the parts you like and would like more of. All of which encourages the process and makes it better. Forgive me if punctuation, publication timing and fabric care weren’t as prominent in my mind as you might have wished.

If you promise not to downvote me or complain to much, I’ll do my very best to refund half of what you paid to read these stories and apply it to the next chapter.

Off to Neverland!

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