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Queen , Prince Together Forever #2

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Queen Emma readies herself for the arrival of her son, Prince Henry

Today a big day, today was the day her son, Henry, was coming home to Doha, Qatar from London, England. A banner day, if she could have a parade and set off fireworks, even though a bit over the top for her imagined prince of a son, she would. Thinking of nothing and no one else but him, she was physically, emotionally, and sexually excited to see him after not having seen him for more than a year. Seemingly as if forever, she hadn’t seen him since last fall when he left to begin his senior year at the university in London. As if they were never ending lyrics of a song that continually played through her head and interrupted her thoughts, the words that her son was coming home today ran through her mind in the way when she was a little girl excited over Christmas.

As if Henry was Santa Claus coming to her house for Christmas instead of her son returning home to live with her, she couldn’t wait for him to arrive. If only she could, if only she dared, and if only she was his lover instead of his mother, she’d give him her special, welcoming home gift of sex. Nothing more than a perverse sexual fantasy she’s been having on a regular basis, sexually it was something that she’d never do but something she enjoyed thinking that she would do if the opportunity presented itself. If only he’d make the first move, there’s no telling what she’d do in answer to his sexual request. Shocking the shit out of him by physically showing him how much she missed him, she’d love to fall to her knees, unzip him, and pull out his prick to suck him as soon as he walked through her front door.

“Welcome home Henry,” she imagined looking up at him with her big, blue eyes and his erect prick in her horny hand before engulfing him in her mouth.

Wouldn’t she totally surprise him if she wrapped her motherly fingers around his cock and stroked him before blowing him? Wouldn’t her giving him the sexual gift of oral sex tell him not only how happy she was to see him but also how much she missed him? Depending if he had an erection or not, wouldn’t his engorged cock tell her how happy he was to see her and how much he missed her? Even though it was only a sexual fantasy and one that she so enjoyed having in the privacy of her bedroom or while taking a long bath, she couldn’t help but have the feeling that she’s sucked her son many times before.

“Mom?” She imagined him looking down at her stunned and saying while she sucked him. “What are you doing?”

‘What am I doing? Now that’s a dumb question for someone so smart. I’m blowing you. I’m sucking your cock,’ she imagined saying while masturbating herself to her sexual fantasy of blowing her son. ‘I’m sucking your cock while stroking your cock, that’s what I’m doing,’ she said imagining removing his cock from her mouth to speak.

If only she could say all of that to him, she would. She wanted to say so much more than that but not wanting to speak with her mouth full, she didn’t say anything at all. She just imagined sucking her son while masturbating herself. If anything, she imagined showing him the sexual desire she had for him while confessing the incestuous lust she had for him by her actions. Nonetheless, lost in her sexual fantasy of him walking through her door again, she continued imagining their first time together.

“I’m welcoming you home in the way that any loving mother should welcome her son home,” she said after having unzipped him, stuck her hand in his underwear, and pulled out his prick to fondle him and stroke him. “Welcome home Henry,” she imagine saying while looking up at him before taking his cock in her motherly mouth to suck him. She imagined herself being the happiest she’s been in a very long time.

“Um, it’s good to be home Mom,” she imagined him saying while looking down at his mother looking up at him with her mouth filled with his erect prick.

Not pushing her away and not rejecting her, instead she imagined him putting a gentle hand to the back of her head. She imagined him humping her mouth and fucking her face with his hips. She imagined him reaching his hand down inside of her blouse and bra to fondle her big breasts and finger her erect nipples. She imagined him cumming in her mouth and her swallowing.

* * * * *

Not only was Henry coming home for the Christmas holiday but also he was coming home to stay. He was coming home to live with her again until he found a job in his chosen career path and until he could afford to get his own place to live. Back then, when she first divorced her husband, Henry split his time to live with his father in New York and with her in Boston. Now that he’s an adult, choosing her to live with in Qatar instead of with his dad in America, he decided to live with her until he could find work in his field of study and afford his own place.

Where better for him to study architecture but in an area where there are some of the richest countries in the world? Where better for him to study design but in the wealthiest country in the world, Qatar? pendik escort Attending the university in London, after graduation, too busy with his studies to see the sights of his surroundings, before leaving there to live with his mother, he decided to travel the country to explore, England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

A very long time away from her, as if he had enlisted in the military and was stationed overseas or as if he had committed a crime and was incarcerated in prison, he stayed in the United Kingdom for another six months. After four, long years away from him, six, long months of writing e-mails to him nearly every day and talking to him on the phone, six more months of not seeing him was utter torture for her. Understandably, perhaps that’s why she dreamt of him. Perhaps that’s why she sexually fantasized about him. Perhaps because she’s been so very sexually frustrated lately, her love for her son in missing him somehow entwined with her horniness and manifested with her lustful sexual desires for him by materializing in her sexual fantasies and dreams.

Yet, other than her commonsense explanation, she had no other explanation why she was dreaming of having sex with her son throughout history and throughout all of her incestuous dreams. Perhaps she felt safer sexually dreaming about him by dreaming about him in other times and places. Obviously telling if only from her dreams of him and her sexual fantasies where he played the starring role, now that he’s a man instead of a boy, whatever explanation she thought she had, there was no doubt she was sexually attracted to him. She just hoped that she didn’t embarrass herself once he finally appeared at the front door of her villa. Wanting him sexually so very much, she had to physically, emotionally, and sexually control herself from jumping his bones.

Yet, with incest a taboo and their sexual union forbidden, the fact remained that she’s his mother and he’s her son. Nonetheless the laws that forbid incest in most countries around the world, the Islamic law recognized in Qatar allows men to have four wives. Nonetheless the laws that allow polygamy in Qatar and that forbid incest, interestingly enough, polygamous marriages are on the decline while incest and incestuous marriages are on the rise. Go figure. Obviously just in the case of Adam and Eve, the forbidden fruit was much more wanted and tastier than the available fruit of a bride not blood related. Judging from the aforementioned but telling statistics, men would rather have sex with their mothers and aunts or marry their sisters and cousins rather than to take on more than one wife.

Being that she lived alone in Boston since her divorce and then moved to the Middle East, Henry lived mostly with his father in New York, New York. Except for the summers when Henry, occasionally visited her in Qatar and sometimes stayed over for the long weekend, Friday until Monday, she experienced months of not seeing him. With him home with her for good now, until he could afford a place of his own, the least of her sexual problems, she needed to arrange for and to adjust to her new sleeping arrangement. With the lovely view she had of the manmade lake from most of her private villa’s windows, she preferred sleeping with her windows undraped. With peepers unable to see in through the tinted, tempered glass, she could still see out. Instead of having an intrusive alarm clock awakening her from her sleep, the natural light from the sunrise is what gently aroused her from her slumber. Normally sleeping in the nude with her bedroom door wide open, she had the habit of kicking off her sheet in the middle of the night when becoming hot from the temperature of her room or from the sexual heat of her dream.

Something she loved to do while lounging in bed just before arising to prepare for her day, she loved looking out her bedroom door at the expanse of her one level villa. Surveying all of her luxury accoutrements, her pictures, her furniture, her knickknacks, and her possessions, she enjoyed the inside view of her villa as much as she enjoyed the outside view of her private, manmade lake. With Henry not home to catch her without her clothes and to see his mother naked, not wanting to give him the wrong impression of her, now she’d have sleep in a nightgown with her bedroom door closed.

Accustomed to walking around her apartment naked when the maid wasn’t there to see her, with him living with her again, she’d have to cover herself with a robe when making breakfast in the kitchen. In case he should walk in to talk to her, she could no longer shower and/or bath with the bedroom and bathroom doors open. She could no longer stand in her bathroom topless with her bathroom and bedroom door open while blow drying her hair and/or putting on her makeup. Not appropriate behavior for her son to see his mother topless or naked, even though she sexually fantasized otherwise, she was his mother after all and he was her son.

Admittedly, with just the thought of him seeing her without her clothes sexually arousing her, even though she’d maltepe escort have no problem with him seeing her topless, naked, and in all manner of undress, she didn’t want him to think less of her. It was one thing for him to see her accidentally or for him to go out of his way to see what he shouldn’t see of his mother by peeping on her, but it was quite another thing for him to think that she was purposely flashing him and deliberately sexually teasing him. What kind of mother would he think she had turned into to purposely flash and deliberately sexually tease her son?

After never having exhibited that kind of inappropriate, sexual behavior before, with him no doubt suspecting her incestuous motives, she couldn’t just walk around topless, naked, or in her sexy lingerie around him now. Even though she’d love to walk around him topless, naked, on in her sexy lingerie, seriously, what would he think? What would he say when seeing so much of her now when he’s seen so little of her before? What would he do with her constantly and continually sexually teasing him with her shapely body? For sure, he’d think that she was trying to seduce him and, of course, she was. Being that she’s already had sex with him in her dreams and sexual fantasies numerous times, she’d love to have sex with him now in reality.

* * * * *

Even though she’d love to see him naked, she’d love to see his naked ass and his naked cock. Whenever he visited, reluctantly respecting his privacy when he was in the shower washing his beautiful naked body, she didn’t want him to think less of her by her barging in on him to see what she could see of him. On the pretense of telling him something very important that couldn’t wait, she sometimes imagined opening his bathroom door and sitting on the toilet while talking to him and while watching him wash his beautiful naked body. Fantasizing about washing his chest, his back, his ass, his stomach, his legs, his arms, and his cock, she’d love to bathe him again in the way she innocently did when he was a boy. A sexual fantasy that she wished would come true, she sometimes imagined them undressing one another, stripping naked, and showering together.

Certainly the shower in her master bedroom was large enough to accommodate them both. If he so desired and with her shower pillow beneath her head, there was plenty enough room for him to lay on top of her while making love to her before fucking her against the imported Italian, marble tiles. Oh, yeah, she’d love nothing more than for him to soap up her dirty, naked body after she’s soap up his magnificent, unclothe physique. Mother and son showering together, she imagined him washing her, touching her, and feeling her everywhere while she washed, touched, and felt him everywhere too.

“How sexy is that? How erotic is that? How hot is that?” She said for no one to hear.

After they’re done showering together, she’d willingly agree to get all dirty with him again by having him take her, make love to her, and fuck her really hard in the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, and/or her bedroom. If only her son agreed to shower with her, she’d shower with him multiple times a day, every day. She’d never be as clean as she’d be with her son washing her while taking sexual liberties with her naked body. Helping him to get squeaky clean too, she imagined licking him clean everywhere and where no respectable mother should ever lick her son.

She imagined him pushing her up against the shower wall with the water cascading down upon them as if they were beneath a waterfall in Bali. She imagined him taking her and making love to her right then and right then. She imagined her wrapping her long, shapely legs around his hard, naked body to give him better access to her pussy. Then, not totally satisfied with fucking her pussy and unsatisfied with her having the control, she imagined him spinning her around and bending her over to take sexual control of her ass. Oh, my God, her sexual dream come true, she’d love for her son to take her vaginally and anally before taking her orally. Not bothering her one bit that his cock was buried in her ass a minute before, she’d lick him clean by sucking him after he fucked her anally.

Yet always careful what she said and what she did when around him, she didn’t want her son to think that in his four year absence that his mother had become a slut and an incestuous whore. With him living with her, she could no longer walk around her large, luxurious villa naked. She couldn’t flop herself in her chair wearing just her panties and a short tee shirt while drinking her coffee, eating her breakfast, watching the news, reading the newspaper, or browsing through magazines while checking messages on her phone. With her feet propped up on her chair while flashing him her trimmed, auburn pussy, she wouldn’t be able to sit at her computer in her sheer, short, low cut, sexy, nearly transparent nightgown that she enjoyed wearing before removing them to sleep naked.

Something she’s never done before but was horny enough and sexually kartal escort attracted to him enough to do now, teasing him while hoping to seduce him, she imagined walking around him wearing her sexiest, sheerest nightgown without a modesty robe and with nothing underneath. Just the thought of wearing something that innocently exposed her semi-naked body to him made her horny and sexually aroused her. Careful to make her flashes appear accidental instead of deliberate, while using Academy Award acting performances of surprised shock that she was so exposed to him, she’d have to carefully plan her flashes. Worth the risk of exposing herself literally and figuratively, she was curious to learn if he’d look at what she was showing. She was curious what his reaction would be to all that she was showing and all that he was seeing of her. She wondered if he’d stare, leer, gawk, ogle, or look away in embarrassment. If nothing else, whether he enjoyed the show or not, the fact that she flashed him would give her fodder for her to masturbate herself later than night.

While leaning over him to serve him his breakfast, she imagined giving him a wonderful down nightgown view of her abundant breasts, her pinkish brown areolas, and her erect nipples. She wondered if he’d look and if he did look, she wondered if he’d stare. Something so unexpected but something she’d love for him to do, wouldn’t it be shockingly grand if he reached his horny hand down her nightgown to cup her D cup breasts while fingering her erect nipples while kissing her? Then while picking up after him, she imagined bending at the waist in front of him to give him an up nightgown view of her naked ass and her trimmed auburn pussy. Not knowing if he was an ass man or a breast man, she wondered which view of her would sexually arouse him more, a down nightgown of her breasts or up nightgown of her ass and pussy. Surely, if those down nightgown and up nightgown sights didn’t get the attention of any man, young or old, especially an American man living in an Arab land, whether he was her son or a stranger, she didn’t know what would.

Then again, being that she was his mother and he was her son, she wondered if he’d even notice her breasts were on display to his beautiful, blue eyes. Maybe when flashing him her naked ass and pussy, he’d look away in shame for her and in embarrassment of himself. Perhaps he didn’t think of her in the sexual way that she thought of him. Perhaps he wasn’t as sexually attracted to her as she was sexually attracted to him. Perhaps her dreams and her sexual fantasies weren’t shared by him. Perhaps her incestuous fantasies are only her sexual dreams and not his sexual fantasies and dreams. Perhaps, only happening in her mind, he has no memory and no recollection of living another life in another time and another place with her while having passionate sex with her.

She even imagined feigning a break-in where her son finds her bound, blindfolded, and naked. Just the thought of him finding her in such a vulnerable way made her dizzy with sexual delight. She wondered how long he’d stand there and stare at her naked body before removing her blindfold and untying her. She wondered if he’d touch and feel her if only under the pretense of untying her. She wondered if he’d hug her naked body after he freed her from her binds. In the way that she no doubt would be sexually aroused enough to have sex with him right then and right there, she wondered if he’d be sexually aroused enough to have sex with her too. Actually, in thinking about that sexy scenario, she’d love to find him bound, blindfolded, and naked. She’s stare at him and leer at him before untying him to set him free. While wanting to have sex with him, she’d touch and feel him under the innocent pretense of untying him.

Alas, for her to have sex with her son, he’d have to make the first move. For her to not have the guilt of sexually teasing her son and for her not to have the remorse of seducing her son, he’d have to show her that having incestuous sex with her was all his idea. He’d have to show her that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Only, not wanting to involve the police by filing a false report just for the sake of her son finally seeing her naked, with security cameras everywhere, the police would see right through her little ruse. Even though she’d get off feeling so helplessly vulnerable, she couldn’t feign a break-in even though it was sexually exciting to think of that sexy, sexual scenario of being bound, blindfolded, and naked.

* * * * *

While dressed in her sheerest nightgown and not wearing anything underneath, she thought of other ways to flash him without having to lie to the police and having to make up stories about being burglarized and stripped naked. While innocently working with all of the lights off but for the computer monitor, and with the thin material of her nightgown made even more transparent by the light from the monitor, he’d see more of his mother than he’s ever seen before. She wondered if he’d watch her work. She wondered if he’d stare at all that she imagined he’d see. She wondered if he’d masturbate himself to all that he saw of her in the privacy of his room later. She imagined opening his bedroom door, catching him masturbating, and offering him her hand, her mouth, her pussy, and/or her ass.

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