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I go quickly up the stairs, taking them two at a time. I’m on my way back from work, and I’m excited your here. Even though you’ve only been away two weeks it feels like longer and I can’t wait to see you again. As I walk down the corridor your face flashes into my mind, and it makes me grin broadly, a smile that stays put as I reach your door and knock. I’m looking forward to hearing about your crazy adventures and as you open the door I open my mouth so that all of my questions can fall out.

But as I step into your room words desert me. You are even more beautiful and sexy that I remember, you legs looking tanned beneath you ripped shorts, your arms muscular in a grey singlet, buts it’s your face that I can’t tear my eyes from. Full lips pursed, slightly open as you breathe in and out of your mouth, hair starting to grow long and shaggy, and most of all eyes, those eyes. A unique combination of green and hazel the fix me intently as you stare at me through heavy lids. The intensity of your gaze hits me deep and immediately I am breathing heavily. I want you, instantly. I feel the familiar yet intoxicating feeling of my desire for you suffusing me. The heat running throughout my body, a tingle of anticipation in my fingers, my legs heavy, fixing me to the ground, and most of all the warm moist feeling between my legs growing exponentially.

You step towards me and I open my mouth to speak again but you don’t give me the chance. You ankara escort fix your mouth onto mine, kissing me hard and deep, and your tongue inside my mouth insistent and demanding. Your hands are fixed on my head, pulling my mouth onto yours. Using your entire body you push back against me until I am pinned against the door. As the weight of your whole body comes against me I feel the hardness between your legs. A soft moan escapes my mouth as I feel your cock press against me. I try and use my hips to press back against you but you hold me tight against the door, completely in your power.

We stay like that for a few moments and I’m overwhelmed by sensory overload of feeling your tongue in my mouth, your hands on my face and your cock pressing against my pussy. But quickly you progress things, taking your hands from my head and instead move them to my waist, expertly undoing my jeans and quickly sliding a hand down inside my panties. You go straight in, slipping a finger in to my slick hole, quick and hard, a test. Pulling out your hand you lower my jeans and pants completely until they pool at my feet and my pussy is exposed. You pull back and undo your own shorts. I take this opportunity to kick of my shoes and get rid of my jeans, before reaching up to take off my t — shirt and bra quickly until I am stood naked in front of you.

By the time I look back at you, you have freed your cock, and are holding it in one hand, slowing elvankent escort stroking and twisting. I can see the desire in your face and can’t wait to feel you inside me — but then I don’t think it will be long. You look back at me and your eyes refocus as that filthy sexy smile comes on your face. Not stopping stroking yourself you gesture me through to the other room before pushing me back on your bed. I’m on my back, naked and completely exposed before you.

Before I have time to think about it you are between my legs pushing my legs apart until they are spread wide. You move in and I can feel the tip of you at my entrance, I unknowingly hold my breath in anticipation, waiting. When you’re in position, you look up into my eyes and with one thrust push all the way deep inside me. Despite my arousal, the few short minutes that have passed since I reached your room mean that I’m not fully wet, that there is more friction than usual as you push inside me. It hurts a little as I feel myself stretching to accommodate you but I want you so much I don’t care. You smile at the resistance, holding yourself deep inside me.

I revel for a moment in that feeling, the feeling of being penetrated, of being filled, of being consumed by you. I can feel your cock all the way inside me, I can feel your body pressing against me and looking into your face .

You begin to thrust in and out, and I feel myself gripping otele gelen escort you with each motion. I grab your firm arse to pull you further and harder against me but I’m interfering with your rhythm so you slap my hands away. Without pulling out you move my legs over to one side so you are half spooning me as you thrust inside me. Quickly I can see your arousal build, you begin to thrust faster before changing the pace and instead jerking deeply inside me. I watch the tension in your face showing the effort of your thrusts and the feelings building inside you. You thrust deep inside and I can feel the buttons of your fly pressing against me. From this positing you begin quick shallow thrusts of your hips, beginning to groan, closing your eyes as you try and hold back your orgasm. I push against you, not ready to come but so aroused watching you fuck me. With one final thrust I see the orgasm begin to wash over you in waves, your whole body convulsing slightly as you milk the last pleasure.

You collapse on top of me and I can feel your sweat on my skin where it has soaked through your clothes. I hold you tight and squeeze you inside me as you lay there panting. You look up at me, breathing heavily, and I just smile. Feeling you come inside me is like nothing else. By now, having had your cock thrusting in an out there is now moisture flowing from me. I can feel it running down my thighs, warm, moist.

You smile at me again, taking your own body weight on your arms and slow pull out of me, and I sigh with the feeling of loss as I feel you pop out. You gesture for me to roll over. As always i obey. I move until I am lying on my stomach, immediately I feel you hands spreading my legs again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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