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Quid Quo Pro Ch. 02

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“Billy, I don’t expect you to be perfect, just to be honest, communicate with me and not to take me for granted.” She said softly looking into my eyes.

“I can forgive a very occasional indiscretion, just be up front and honest with me but I can’t deal with ‘cheating ‘.”

“I agree Leah and I expect the same.” I replied

We had that conversation shortly after we became a couple, it was one of the ground rules we had. It was also a situation that I intended to avoid.

It was four weeks into the track season, and like most weekends that Leah had an away meet I was spending Sunday afternoon waiting for her to get back while I tried to study.

The phone rang causing Greg my roommate to groan from under a cocoon of blankets on his ‘loft’.


“Hey baby, I am back….Is Greg around?” Leah asked.

“Yup, he’s in bed recovering from last night.” I answered

“Since the two of you aren’t doing anything, do you want to come up?”

“I’ll be there in a sec”

I hung up, and went up to Leah’s single.

Her door was slightly open, so I just walked in and was greeted by Leah who literally threw herself at me. I caught her tiny body; she wrapped her legs around my waist and grabbed my shoulders. I cupped her small tight ass with one hand while the other snaked under her shirt and up her back as we kissed hard. “Mmmmmmm” she moaned into my mouth as she ground her body against mine. Our kiss became more intense when I started thrusting my throbbing cock against her. I continued to dry fuck her, her breathing was becoming more ragged when she broke off our kiss. I looked at her quizzically while she pushed away from me while smiling seductively.

“Don’t worry Billy…it’s just that I picked up a gift for you.”

She went over to her travel bag.

“A gift for me?”

“For both of us” she replied, pulling a bottle out of her bag “Mescal!I couldn’t leave Tucson after a good race without picking up a bottle” she announced.

“Are we celebrating your race yesterday?”


“Partly?” I parroted.

With a devious grin she said “I will explain after a few shots”.

Leah was small, at least one hundred fifteen pounds lighter than my 215, meaning that she was a light weight. We sat on her bed and started consuming the high end tequila. It only took two shots for Leah to get a good buzz on, it took five for me.

“So, besides celebrating why else are we drinking Mexican Fire Water”

“Well….” She hesitated

“Remember when we first started going out I mentioned that I would forgive you if ‘accidentally’ got together with someone as long as you were honest about it?”

My stomach tightened into a knot as I began to feel jealousy welling within me.

“Yes” I responded trying to keep my cool

“And you know that in the past I have messed around once in awhile with girls?”

I relaxed immediately. Funny how the thought of my girlfriend with another guy bothered me, but the idea of her messing around with another girl didn’t bother but intrigued me. I was either; naïve, very self secure or just stupid.

“Do continue” I said with a smile, my curiosity (among other things) aroused.

Leah sensed that I wasn’t upset, she moved next to me and put her hand on my thigh and went on.

“I kind of hooked up with a female hurdler from Vanderbilt” she whispered while stroking my stiffening cock through my shorts.

As she spoke I started to kiss and lightly nibble her ear and cupped her breast with a hand.

“Who is she?” I asked in between nibbles

“Her name is Tara she’s a senior at Vandy. I met her a couple of years ago at PENN Relays. Until yesterday we had only flirted.”

“What does she look like?”

“She’s tan like me, but her hair is bleached bahis siteleri white and shorter like only down to her neck…” interrupting her I slid my tongue into her ear causing her to shudder.

“What else?” I prodded

“She is taller and bigger than me, like 5’7″ and is like a size 4. She is real firm and has much more muscle than I do”

Leah paused and I pinched her hard nipple through her shirt.

“Oh, God Billy”


“She has big boobs…..ooh Billy”

My hand had slipped between her legs while she was speaking; she was so turned on telling me about Tara that the crotch of her shorts was already damp. I lightly caressed her pussy through her clothes.

“Does she look ‘Butch’?” I asked

“No….” shaking as my fingers maneuvered under her shirt onto her flat stomach “……she is more ‘lipstick’ but with pageboy haircut. Kind of prissy but athletic…..Jesus Billy…oohhhh” My hand slid under her panties and gripped her drenched pussy. She grabbed my head with her hands and pulled my face to hers and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. After a moment our faces separated.

“So, what did you do with her?” Leah hesitated for a moment, with my free hand I grabbed her pony tail, firmly pulled her back and kissed her throat causing her to gasp.

“Tell me what you did to each other” I whispered

“We kissed…oooohh baby” she cooed in response to my index finger rubbing her clit. My girlfriend was squirming and getting extremely horny telling me about her weekend.

“I also touched her tits” As soon as I heard those words I forced a finger into her yielding cunt. “Damn…Billy” she moaned.

“What else did you do to her Leah?”

“I sucked her nipples and bit them until she cried” I forced another finger into her tightness. She responded by hissing “Fuck….oh Fuck Billy”

“Did you lick her pussy?” I asked while I began to finger fuck her slowly.

“Yes…I was a ‘skank’ I licked her pussy until she came” she sobbed as a big orgasm approached.

“What did Tara do to my skanky little girlfriend?” By this point my fingers were flying in and out of her, brushing against her clit with each stroke.

“She sucked my clit until I came all over her pretty face…..oh Fuck…OH Billy” she wailed. Leah came hard, her pussy convulsed forcing out my fingers and she writhed and moaned so much that it was hard to kiss her. I held her as she recovered.

After I held her awhile she looked up at me.

“So, you’re not mad at me?”

“I can forgive you…..this time” I said with a smile

“However…..Quid Quo Pro” I announced. Leah seemed a little nervous when I said it.

“How do you mean that?” she queried nervously

“I mean that I will have to punish you today for messing around.” I said smiling, which seemed to relieve her.

“And someday I expect you to be just as considerate of me; except it won’t because I hooked up with a guy.” Leah smiled and kissed me.

“Billy I am still horny can you punish me now?” Leah pleaded

“I am going to fuck you first before I punish you”

I grabbed Leah’s hand and pulled her off the bed and lead her over to the over sized built in desk. She sat up on it eagerly, while I poured two more shots. For what I had planned I needed Leah to be drunk, horny, willing and relaxed.

“Baby I am going to be plastered after this.” She announced before downing her shot. I finished mine enjoying how the mescal burned my throat. I stared at my drunk girlfriend squirming on her desk.


Leah smiled and pulled her tight shirt off revealing her muscled stomach and puffy palm sized tits, then stripped off her shorts and panties together in one motion. She stared me straight in the eye as sat the edge of the desk, her heels under her ass canlı bahis siteleri and her knees spread as far as possible exposing her tiny dripping pussy. She kept eye contact as she licked her lips and sunk a finger into her cunt.

“Does Billy want to lick my pussy or he is he just going to fuck me?”

I quickly discarded my clothes, “I think that you got enough pussy licking yesterday, I think that you need dick today.”

Naked, I walked up to the desk and bent down to kiss Leah. She tried to grab my cock while we kissed, I responded by again grabbing her pony tail hard pulling her head back. As she moved her hands behind her to support herself, I brought the head of my throbbing erection to her slit and forced half of my length into her.

“Owww Fuck….oohhh Fuck!” she cried out in surprise. She tried to scoot back on the desk, but I yanked her hair keeping her in place. I just held her in place while I waited for her to adjust.

“God Leah, you are so tight and you have got me so worked up” All she could do was groan in response. I slid another couple of inches into her.

“Oh Baby….it feels like I’m going to burst” She blurted out.

While I gave her a moment to collect herself an idea came to me. I looked down at her desk and opened the second drawer. Lying where I expected was a small six inch gold vibrator. I grabbed the vibrator and kept it in my hand as I began to thrust with short strokes in and out of Leah. Leah was very excited and was as wet as I had ever seen her. As I thrusted more and more fiercely a puddle of cum dripped onto the desk.

“Oh Fuck, Billy more…..more” she hissed as I thrust half of my cock in and out of her sopping pussy. She threw her head back as I stuffed more cock into her while gripping her waist with one hand. She had no idea that I had her vibrator in my other hand, until I turned it on and rubbed her clit with it as I sunk into her completely.

Leah threw her head back and silently opened her mouth as wide as she could. Her pelvis was shaking when she grabbed the vibrator from me and forced it hard against her.

“Ungggg…ohh God…Unnngggggg” she cried.

The sensation of the vibrator against the base of my shaft was almost too much for me, so I pulled completely out. Leah immediately slid the vibrator into her shorn cunt and held it there as she convulsed. I watched her writhe for a moment before I took hold of the device and pulled it from her body. Leah lay with her bent legs splayed, eyes half closed and panting. I put the vibrator on the desk, then grabbed her shorts and pulled the panties from them.

“Stand up.” I told her. She complied with a smile

“Is it time for my punishment?” she asked coyly

“Turn around”

“Oh, I am being punished.” She said in a slightly immature tone

“Bend over”

Leah bent over, exposing her small bulbous ass that resembled two perfect breasts with no nipples. I admired her tan lines a product of the ‘briefs’ (more like bikini bottoms) that she raced in and the tattoo “TASTY” on her left cheek, a souvenir from her first experience with a girl. I walked behind Leah and pushed her down so that her chest was flat against the desk, then I grabbed her wrists and pulled them to the small of her back and held them there.

“Oh, Billy are you going to be rough? I want it Rough Baby.”

I leaned over her bent form, her panties still in my other hand and whispered “I’ll make it good for you”. Then surprising her I forced her balled up panties into her mouth. I picked up the vibrator turned it on and slid it into her dripping cauldron while still holding her arms.

“uwwww….uwwwww…uwwww” was her muffled response.

I moved the mechanical device in and out of her about eight or nine times, until it had a thick coating of canlı bahis cum on it. I pulled it out quickly and replaced it with my prick. I slid in forcefully to the base in one long continual motion.


I just stared at her beautiful ass and enjoyed the feeling of her contracted pussy. With every stroke I took, her body relaxed.

I built a good rhythm, nearly pulling completely out of her before plunging back. I had just bottomed out in her when I paused. Leah mistook this as the beginning of my orgasm and pushed back against me while clenching her cunt. Her ass began to rise; I took the pussy slick vibrator, plunged it half way into her asshole and turned it on. Leah spat out her panties in reaction to her violation and pain “Unngggg…FUCK…..OOOH FUCK….fuck…fuck” she murmured. Instinctively she tried to pull away but I held her arms tightly. I stopped thrusting and held the vibrator in place, letting her adjust to the double penetration.

“Leah, if you want me to stop just let me know” I told her

“DON’T Stop! Don’t stop”

After a moment I began stroking in and out of her pussy while slowly pushing the golden rod deeper and deeper. After ten minutes Leah had cum again and all but an inch of the vibrator was in her. I released her hands from my grip, pulled my dripping cock out of her cunt and slowly removed the vibrator.

“Spread your cheeks with your hands” I commanded

Leah complied exposing both her now gaping pussy and the rather small opening of her ass.

“Are you ready sweetheart?” I asked

“Yes….Go slow Billy”

I placed the slimy head against her ass and pushed hard forcing it in.

“Quid Quo Pro” I announced as the head penetrated her.

“Shit…oohhhhhhhh shit…..unnggggg…fuck” she whimpered.

I paused to allowing Leah to adjust to having a cock in here ass and to relax. I gently massaged the cheeks of her muscular ass. I spent a moment just enjoying the buzz I had and the intense feeling of her sphincter wrapped around me.

I felt Leah relax so I slowly slid a little more of my shaft into her.


Once a fourth of my length was in her, I stopped again.

“God this is intense.” She gasped

I reached for the vibrator, turned it on and brought it between her legs.

“Ooooh that feels nice” Leah cooed, and began to gyrate her ass against me. I began to thrust gently and tentatively.

“Yeah baby, its beginning to feel good”.

With one hand Leah reached between her legs and took the vibrator from me, and began massaging her pussy with it.

I grabbed Leah’s waist with both hands and picked up my pace.

“God your ass feels good, it’s almost as tight as your pussy”

At that moment Leah stiffened as the vibrator made her cum. I began fucking her harder and faster as her ass loosened. I had just sunk to the root of my shaft when I felt her slide the vibrator in to her cunt.

“Fuck….” She hissed

The sensation of the vibrator was too much for me, I slammed into Leah as deep as I could and let my load go and collapsed onto her.

I was still recovering when I felt Leah stirring underneath me. I lifted off of her slumped body and slowly pulled out of her.

“Slow baby, it burns a little”

“Sorry” I replied

I proceeded slowly, as my head slid out completely my cum started to dribble out of her obscenely stretched asshole.

“Damn that was intense. You are the first person to butt fuck me” Leah announced with a smirk.

“Thank you sweetheart” I said before kissing her on the cheek.

I picked up her exhausted form and carried her to her bed. No sooner had I tucked her in she fell asleep. I walked over to her desk and used her discarded panties to wipe off my slimy prick. After I pulled my shorts back on, I grabbed the bottle of mescal and drank from it what was left. Looking at my sleeping girlfriend a drunken smile came to me as I realized what I could do to and with her in the future.

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