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Quintessentially You

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It’s hardly a seduction. There is no pretense, no expectations, no lame attempts at flattery. We both know how it will end and for some reason, we’re both fine with that tonight. It’s a need, not just to be gratified sexually, a fuck-and-run so to speak. It’s a need to feel fulfilled, to feel wholesome and….normal; Happy, even for an evening.

A phone call sends you running out the door and into the passenger seat. I wait until you buckle your seatbelt because…well, I guess I’m safety conscious like that. It may seem boring, sure. But really, it’s just one of those things that make me “Quintessentially Brian”. It’s not a long drive, so I try to stretch it out a bit. The air is seasonably warm and clear, the last chill of winter clinging desperately to the inevitable spring. People are still outside, going to class, returning from work, playing hockey in the streets, all very normal. We seem invisible, and right now that’s just what we want to be.

Like I said before, there are no pretensions. Dinner isn’t five star…it’s not even two star. You’re lucky they get an “A” rating from the county health inspector, which is the last time “health” had anything to do with this greasy burger stand.

The food is great and the conversation better. I listen to your stories about your family at home, how good it was to see them again and how insane they are. Everyone has crazy parents, right? We talk for a while about life and its frustrations, dancing around the issue of sex for nearly an hour before flirting with it. After all the tables around us have filled and emptied at least twice, we rise and make for the parking lot. The sun is beginning to set by the time we pull into the theater, barely in time to make the movie. Personally, I can’t stand the film…it’s contrived and over acted. And you secretly agree, though you keep that opinion to yourself. I guess I’m more of a vocal movie critic.

The sun is under the horizon when we emerge from the theater, turning left and walking to the ice cream parlor. We get it to go, driving away from town at a good speed in silence. The houses start disappearing and soon we’re driving uphill, banking turns at just a little over what the road sign says we should be. You have no idea where we’re going, but I do and I laugh over your suggestions that I’m going to dump your body in the woods. Just the opposite…

By the time we’re there, the stars ankara escort are out overhead. There’s not much light here, on the other side of the hills, just a small town a few miles to the west. About halfway up the mountain, I turn off the highway down a service road, now abandoned in the spring. Passing the bend, we come out to a turn out and I pull over. The view is amazing, above the trees, and there is nothing but starlight to see by. You remember reading Tolkien’s Simarillion in school, how the Elves awoke before the sun and forever adored and worshiped the starlight. And it’s easy to see why now, once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness. You’re amazed that you can see so many stars up here, this close to town.

I startle you when I take you by the elbow and lead you up a large rock, jutting out from the side of the mountain. I tell you not to get too close to the edge, because it’s a 40 foot fall, and a few thousand foot roll down to sea level. For several long minutes we sit, staring, thinking, each knowing and each afraid, each wanting to but neither willing to. Finally, I lean in and without a word, I stroke you cheek. I smile at you and you can’t help but smile back. Silently we kiss lips to lips and soon, tongue to tongue. Your mouth is warm and wet, your lips soft from flavored gloss. My hand finds your thigh, squeezing a little, must mostly fondling up and down, my fingertips massaging your kneecap making you giggle and squeal around our kiss.

I move my way up, to your stomach, then around your waist with the palm of my hand, starting to nibble and tug on your lips before I slide my cheek over to lick your earlobe. You sigh and moan softly as my hand slides up and over a clothed breast, coming to rest on your shoulder. I have you pinned to me know, your eyes closed and lips pursed while I whisper to you how glad I am we’re doing this tonight and how good it is to see you smile.

I get up and lead you by the hand back to the car. The rock is a nice place to make out, but it’s hardly a spot to make love. I lift you up and onto the hood. You nearly slip off, but I hold you in place while you get your grip. Standing in front of you, I kiss and nibble your neck, moving down to your collar. I bite it, probably a little harder than I should, just to show you that I want to devour you. I unbutton your blouse, surprised to find a lacy red-black bra underneath. It drives elvankent escort me crazy to hear you gasp and grab my head as my lips slide down between your breasts, my hands untucking your shirt before fumbling with the clasp behind you.

I pull your arms out of your blouse, practically rip off your bra and discard it on the hood, revealing your large, perfect breasts. I lean down to take one into my mouth, sucking in as much as I can and teasing your nipple with my tongue. My lips move in, letting more and more of your breast out, until I zero in on your nipple and rub it with my whole mouth. I repeat the procedure on the other side, lingering longer…licking, sucking, nibbling, nuzzling that soft underside that men always seem to miss. This time, as I suck, I caress your thighs with the backside of my hand, warming your crotch up for the eventuality of my going down on you.

I undo your skirt and slide it down to your ankles. My mouth makes little kisses down your belly until my nose nuzzles your mound, taking in the smells of an extremely aroused woman. I moan again, an approving exhalation of your perfect pussy, before spreading your lips apart and taking my first lick. I start at the base, just above your ass and work my way up slowly licking the outside of those smooth lips once, twice and a third time. The fourth time, my tongue slides in between them, probing your slit and feeling you thrust and writhe your hips beneath me. Maybe it’s my beard tickling you, or maybe its anticipation, but you can’t sit still.

I dance over you dripping pussy with my tongue and my mouth, sliding two fingers in to rub forward hard into your G-Spot, making you buck forward and nearly lose your balance. Your hands find the back of my head and you grind me into you, nearly suffocating me in your sweet sex.

The waves of your first orgasm shoot across my face and I don’t stop licking until you scream for me to. You sit and twitch, your whole body convulsing, your eyes fluttering. I raise myself and kiss you, letting you taste yourself on my lips and tongue, while we both undo my shirt, then my belt and slacks…

I grab a blanket from the trunk and toss it on the ground. You cautiously walk to it and then lay on your back, your stomach full of anticipation and fear. In the pale starlight, you can see me coming toward you. You can see my hardness rise in eagerness and otele gelen escort the sight makes you lick your lips and spread your thighs….

I settle on top of you, holding myself over you, kissing you softly while my stiff cock slides up underneath you.

“Will you let me make love to you?” I ask.

You smile and nod enthusiastically. “Yes, you may.”

I slide myself into you slowly, so as not to hurt you though you’re pussy is so wet that there is little danger of that. I can feel your breasts on my chest, your hands scraping nails down my back. Once I’m all the way inside you, a sigh of relief leaves your lips, an open-mouth sigh as you look up into my eyes and beg me silently.

I pivot and rock my hips, pressing myself in and out of you. As the motion gets smoother, my shaft becomes slicker, covered in your smooth sex, allowing me to go faster. I lift your legs around my waist, locking me into you, my balls slapping the sensitive skin of your ass, my legs putting pressure on your pelvis…

My hands massage your breasts now, kneading them. Occasionally, I’ll play with your nipple, but as I start to slam into you harder and faster, lifting you up off your ass, I need them for leverage. I hear your breathing become erratic. Being filled is a uniquely feminine experience, being whole and complete in a way you’ve never felt before. You never even realized what was missing. You reach down and rub your clit, your voice getting higher and higher until you’re gasping for air. You’re about to explode, but you hold off until you feel me tensing…

I moan loudly, echoing off the mountain side. You feel yourself going over the edge, unable to breath, your face red and your eyes huge, and you climax just as you feel the first spurt of warm cum shoot out and land deep inside you. I coat your cervix with myself, load after load, until I’m spent and the rest comes drizzling out of me. I stay inside you, breathless, my eyes locked on yours. You have drained every last drop of cum from me.

Not bad for a first time.

When I finally do pull out of you, the sensation of your after shocking orgasms is almost too much for your weakened state. I lay beside you and you curl up next to me in the warm spring night, running your hand down my chest, resting your head on my arm and I caress your bare back. You feel the cum slowly ooze out of your pussy and onto your leg. You’ll leave it be, for now.

“Thank you for letting me be your first.” I kiss you gently, before you drift off to sleep. You know that soon, you’ll have to get up, get dressed and say goodnight back at your doorstep. But for now, all you need is the starlight and me.

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