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Random Lockdown Treat

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Auckland, New Zealand, is nearing the end of 100 days in lockdown. I left home early, about 7:30am –a hot day was looking likely–for my daily walk, which I’ve made increasingly challenging as the weeks slowly passed by.

This morning I drove to Mt William, Bombay end, determined to complete the loop through the fields with steep inclines and equally steep declines, to the peak of the (small) mountain and down the other side to the short, cool bush section and the final gate. From there, it was a 2 km road walk back to the carpark.

The mountain ascent and descent went well, and a little over an hour and a half later I entered the final stretch of road back to the carpark, my starting point. When in sight of my car, I was passed by a female cyclist riding in the opposite direction, and we smiled at each other as we crossed paths.

I made it back to my car with aching feet and sore lower back, so took my time winding down with a cold drink and some fruit.

Lo and behold, the same cyclist soon came barreling uphill to pass me again, reached the end of the road, U-turned and pointed her bike downhill. We exchanged smiles, once more.

Was she finished or starting another lap, I wondered.

About 15 mins later, as I was packing up to move on, she reappeared. This time, after she completed her U-turn, she stopped beside me:

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” She remarked.

I paused while I took in an attractively athletic body, which overwhelmed a rather plain but nice enough face, especially when she smiled. I guessed she was about mid-fifties to my 70. Ideal.

“Sure is, but it’s warming up now!”

This was true; the morning cloud had burned off and the heat was really taking effect.

“Are you local?” She enquired.

“Close enough. You?”

“Just down the road towards Mangatawhiri.”

“Great. I’m still quite new in the area. Tell you what, my lower back is really killing me after weeks of lockdown. Do you know any good local masseuses?”

“Well,” she chuckled, “You’re looking at one, but I can’t reopen yet.”

Bummer, just my luck.

“Oh well, back to the Advil, I guess,’ I said, with an obviously crestfallen expression.

“You poor man,” she replied, with a wide, but kindly smile. “But look, my studio is only 4 kms down the road, and I’ll fix you up, unofficially, no booking, no fee. I’m out of practice, anyway. If you want, just follow me.”

Free massage! I wasn’t going to turn that down! I absorbed her directions, agreed that she would need about a 10 minute head start and off she went, allowing me a nice view of her toned butt–very nice, I thought. I wouldn’t say no, for sure, if the opportunity arose.

I caught up as she rode into the driveway of a small, 1950s style farmers cottage, and went directly to a separate building, a mass produced garage/lock up. Once she dismounted, I could see she almost came up to my shoulders, so around 5 4.” She led me inside. It had been fully kitted out as a comfortable studio, with a sturdy looking massage table in the center of the room and a shower and toilet in a little side room.

“Right,” she said, in a brisk, businesslike tone. “You don’t want to be putting these smelly things back on after your shower, so whip them off. I’ll take them to the house and chuck them in the machine to get washed and dried.”

I hesitated, my hands hovering at my waist.

“Don’t be shy,” she chuckled, “I’ve seen it all before, all shapes and sizes.”

Seen what, exactly, I wondered, but thought better of cracking that joke so soon after meeting her.

So I disrobed, handing the items over one by one: shirt, shorts, undies (no socks), and stood there like a possum caught in the headlights, my arms hanging loosely at my sides.

Something else was hanging not so loosely, in fact, just ever so slightly stiffening, to my horror.

Still chuckling, and barely looking, she threw me a towel, telling me to just sit on the edge of the massage table after my shower so she could do my head first, when she came back.

“Um, OK, one thing,” I said, as I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist, ” I’m Pat, you?”

She laughed, an appealing, tuneful laugh: “Here you are naked and we haven’t even swapped ağrı seks hikayeleri names! I’m Carol. Lovely to meet you, Pat.”

And off she went. I showered, sat on the table as instructed, the towel wrapped around my waist. I was lost in thought when Carol quietly returned, wearing a tiny, modest enough, although kinda transparent in the bright light, wrap-around that just covered her intimate bits, loosely tied so that her handsome breasts were all but falling out-definitely more than a handful!

Seeing me ogling her tits (yes, I’m just the usual, tit loving, horny guy, nothing special about this Kiwi), she smiled and simply remarked, in matter of fact tone, that it was getting very hot in the studio, which it was, and made no attempt to stop her tits from nearly falling out every time she moved.

Carol then turned on a relaxing birdsong track, fetched some oil from a cupboard and stood directly front of me, my eyes almost level with hers. She reached up and started on the top of my scalp, the unruly lock down hair growth not seeming to bother her, nor her now almost wide open robe. A good head massage is pure bliss, and, although I had inclined my brow towards her breasts to facilitate her work, my focus was on the sensual pleasure of her expert touch.

Pure bliss. I thought I was in heaven.

Next she wrapped her fingers around the back of my head, pulling me closer, much closer towards her breasts, as to bury my nose between them. Embarrassed, I jerked back. She laughed and spoke with a soft and sultry whisper, breathing into my ear: “I do tantra, too. You can touch me as much as you like, wherever you like. And wherever means wherever.”

At that, I moved my hands inside her robe and rested my hands on her hips, stroking them gently while she concentrated with a firm touch on my scalp.

Was it my imagination or had her breath quickened, and her lips now so close that they were brushing my brow?

I stilled my hands on her slim and curvy hips and relaxed into her touch, closing my eyes against her chest.

Carol broke my trance by gently grasping my head in her hands, bringing my forehead to her lips for a soft, lingering kiss, and whispering, “On your tummy, Mister.”

OK, but as I slid my hands up from her hips to her front, I cheekily dragged my finger tips over the sides of her breasts, and touched her nipples with my thumbs. It must have been the right touch for her, as her nipples sprung out, like pop-ups in a whack-a mole game.

Carol sighed softly, looking into my eyes, and kissed me on my lips, a long lingering kiss, her tongue busily exploring my mouth.

When we broke the kiss, I gripped the towel as I made to lay down on the table, but she whipped the towel away.

“Don’t be silly, you won’t be needing this. Just relax.”

And she allowed her flimsy covering to drop to the floor along with my towel. There was enough time for me to spot her clitoris nestled into her clean shaven labia, and for her to spot where my gaze was fixed upon.

With a giggle, she used an open palm to pull back the flesh covering her pubic bone, exposing her labia even more. “There you are, you naughty boy.”

And her lips once more smacked into mine, teasingly lingering before she said in her sultry whisper, “Lay down. Now.”

The urgency in her tone indicated that if I didn’t watch out, sex would overtake my massage in her priorities.

So I did as she asked, lay face down, placed my head in the ring, and prepared to relax and enjoy.

She began by kneading my neck and shoulders with firm pressure from her little fists, breaking up the knots that bedevil me always.

As she slowly worked her way down my back, always working outwards from my spine to my sides, I almost dozed off again.

Then she prodded at my lower back.

“Oh dear! You are so tight here!”

With that, I could feel her climbing onto the table, sitting astride me with our bare buttocks rubbing together, and putting real effort into loosening my sore muscles with her fists. I could feel beads of sweat dripping onto my back, such was her dedication to her task.

Next, she expertly slid her knees over my well-oiled lower back, from my backbone outwards to my hips, using her full body weight. I love that feeling, don’t you?

“You can take a hard massage, can’t you, Pat? I’m using all my weight on you.”

From the depths of the ring at the top of the table that my face was ensconced in, I murmured something vaguely in the affirmative. It’s not the first time I’ve been told that.

Before she returned to the standing position, she lay full length on my back, repeatedly rubbing her pliable breasts across my shoulders, and whispering sexily through her warm breath in my ear, “This is a nice surprise, isn’t it?”

This time I nodded enthusiastically.

Then she took to the floor again and began hand work on my buttocks. My glutes were so sore from the walk, I was pathetically grateful for my luck in running into this gorgeous lady. Just who picked up whom, I idly wondered?

She was now copping a sneaky feel of my balls. And did I feel a gentle stroking around my anus? Accidentally on purpose? No, not accidental. I felt a finger gently probe my anus, maybe up to her first finger joint, it’s hard to tell.

I was reminded of the time Skydiver Sue was inserting an eight inch vibe into my anus, and I asked her how far in it was, as it didn’t even feel like it was past my sphincter, at that stage.

“About halfway.”

“Good God,” I thought, probably a little inappropriately.

Next, Carol massaged my thighs and calves, her touch at the top of my thighs lingering just out of the naughty zone, before swooping all the way down to my ankles.

Then the time came to turn over.

Oh boy, I won’t be able to hide this!

I turned, exposing my erect penis to her gaze.

“Oh, Pat, is that all for me? Aren’t I the lucky lady?”

I was slightly embarrassed, again, but she gave my penis a gentle stroke or three, stirring semen movement deep in my groin, before massaging my chest, then making her way down to my hips.

She spent a long time here, taking care to work my hips well, so close to my aching penis, and when she stopped, she caught me by surprise because she leaned down and took my penis into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” came her muffled murmur of approval, “You have a lovely cock.”

Her right hand was caressing my testicles, with her oily fingers running from my anus to my perineum, all the while keeping a soft grip on my cock with her mouth. I was too afraid of breaking the spell to talk, lest she come to her senses.

Instead, she quickly moved onto the table and knelt astride me at my hips, her pussy poised above my penis.

“OK?” She enquired, as she ran an oily finger through her labia.

So nice of her to ask.

I confess that as a mere horny male, extending such courtesy wouldn’t have occurred to me: by then, I would have taken for granted I had permission to stick my dick where dicks think it is their right to go. Is that why they call us dicks?

I nodded, and in one quick motion, Carol grasped my cock to guide it and impaled herself, fully, on my member. We both sighed in unison, with the pleasure and the relief of the release of the sexual tension that had been building and building throughout our encounter.

Man, she was a lot fitter than I and, dropping forward to support herself with her arms, hands planted beside my shoulders, rode me hard and fast.

Meanwhile, I clutched her bum and sucked her titties into my mouth. Fuck I love that! Carol was whispering sweet nothings of approval: mmm; nice, Pat; lovely cock, Pat; yeah, squeeze my butt, Pat; fuck me hard, Pat; fuck, I’m gonna cum, Pat…

By now, she was grinding hard on my cock, pubic mound to pubic mound, her increasingly torrid pants jetting streams of hot breath onto my face. She was flexing her pelvis frantically to rub her clitoris directly against my shaft, until she couldn’t contain her orgasm any longer and her groin began to spasm almost uncontrollably.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Sooo goood, Pat.” Her face was flushed and a little dribble ran down her chin before she reached up and wiped it off with the back of her hand.

Eventually, her contractions visibly lessened, and she leaned down to kiss me on my lips. That was nice, but I needed to finish, and I’m not talking about the massage.

Without speaking, I moved out from under her and lay her on her tummy, her legs together. Then I took the dominant position, hovered above her and let my penis nudge the narrow crevasse between her buttocks.

“Guide me in,” I whispered into her ear.

Beautifully compliant, she parted her legs, lifted her hips and gently positioned my penis.

When she whispered, “Push,” I pushed.

Now I was in my happy space, my cock deep in her tight, wet pussy and my groin slapping against her firm buttocks.

Her head was laying on one side, and I could see her eyes were closed and her face contorted in intense sexual pleasure as I fucked her good, increasing my intensity until we could both feel my cock expanding ready to ejaculate.

She opened her eyes to look up at me and smiled a big smile of approval as I grunted and pushed deep and squirted my semen, pushing hard into her vagina until I finished ejaculating.

Then I relaxed, laying on her back, kissing her ears, her cheeks and her lips, our sweat mingling and adding to the sheer wanton nature of our coupling.

Giggling, she said:

“Obviously, we both needed that.”

We both sat up on the massage table, wiping our brows with our towels.

“Why me?” I asked with a smile.

“You were there, I was in the mood, why not you?”

We heard car tires squelch on the gravel.

“Oh, hubby’s back early,” she said. “Don’t worry, I’m allowed, and no, I don’t do this that often, you just looked nice and I thought we could gel.”

She sat there beside me, naked, exposed, in the obvious afterglow of a satisfying sex session, waiting for her husband.

When he entered, she pulled her knees to her chest and spread them wide apart, exclaiming, joyfully:

“Prezzie for you sweetheart!”

Without even looking at me, he knelt at her pussy and began to lick my cum from her, she closing her eyes, savoring the sensation and the naughtiness.

I whispered, “Would he return the favor for me to clean you up?”

“Oh yes, we’d like that.”

Her husband finished with her pussy and stood. Carol pushed me gently onto my back, and said quietly, “He wants to clean you up, too. I’ll help.”

And I lay there while they did nice things with their mouths to my cock. By their impressive teamwork, it was obvious this wasn’t their first rodeo.

The inevitable happened and she was confronted with two erect and ready cocks, one, mine, a thick 7″ and curved, nudging my belly button; his not so thick, but a little longer and pointing straight out, parallel with the floor. A nice variety, I thought.

When she noticed the two erections, she nudged me along the table, leaned over it, supporting her weight on her elbows and asked:

“Who’s first?”

Her husband was closest and he moved immediately to reclaim his wife’s pussy. I shuffled into a position so she could take my cock into her mouth. I was ready for what was to come next. Are you?

Soon, I could hear his balls slapping as he increased his tempo, and the tormented look on his face told me he was close to jizzing, so I moved to a kneeling position at his feet, looking up, with my mouth open.

That seemed to give him the impetus he needed to arrive at the point of no return and when he pulled out Carol turned so she could watch him ejaculate down my throat. I don’t think I had ever taken a cock that far down before, and there was momentary discomfort as he went past my tonsils. But then the squirt, squirt, squirt of jets of semen deep in my throat took my mind off the discomfort.

Man, that boy could cum hard!

Meanwhile, Carol was gleefully approving and applauding…then once more she sat on the edge of the table with her knees touching her tits, and beckoned me with a forefinger crooked in front of her now swollen labia.

Ah well, once more into the breach, as they say, and I happily did as she bid.

While I was pumping, she grunted to her husband, “John,” and she puffed, “Meet Pat. Pat, meet J-John.”

We both said hi and shook hands, me donkey deep in his wife’s pussy.

This time, after I came and he assumed his cleaning position, I went and showered.

When I came out of the bathroom, Carol, still nude, had fetched my cleaned and dried clothes from the main house. I dressed, we swapped cell numbers and promised to meet again after lock down was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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