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Ray’s Days Ch. 02

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I hadn’t seen Suze for over two weeks, and quite frankly, I was having withdrawal pains. I had hoped (why??) that we might have something going on, but I’d heard nothing from her and I could think of no good way to ask her parents about her, especially since I rarely saw them anyway, so I just moped around, hoping for another encounter. Well into the third week, I’d still not seen her, heard from her, or seen her car in the neighborhood, so I resigned myself to possibly never seeing her again. Damned old fool! I should have known better. I’d not considered looking for a date, I’d not thought about another woman, I’d not done much of anything except go through the motions of living since my day with Suze, and I realized that something had to be done.

I’d also not been back on the boat since That Day. On Tuesday of the fourth week, I woke up feeling a bit better. The sun was out, the air was warm, the lake was dead calm, I had no commitments, so I determined to get away from the house for a while. I loaded a Playmate with a few bottles of beer, some cookies, and a sandwich, pulled on some old cutoff jeans, a wife-beater shirt, and a pair of dark RayBans, and walked to the dock.

The engine, after coughing and sputtering, finally came to life, and I backed the boat out of the slip. As I eased past John’s junky old dock, I looked longingly from the dock up the hill to their patio, but I saw no sign of Suze, or of anyone else. I moved on out into the broader water and eased the throttle forward.

Cutting a perfect V in the still water, the boat slipped easily along and I headed toward the upper end of the lake. Not a soul was in sight—rare for a perfect spring day—but I relished the solitude. Trees were green, the lake was an azure blue, birds flew along the lakeshore, and the only sound was the 5.0 as it purred quietly. I rounded a point and noticed a sizeable heap of something in the water. I backed off the throttle and eased toward the heap. As I came alongside, I realized the ‘heap’ was a collection of life jackets draped over an inner tube. It could have come from anywhere, but the jackets looked nearly new, and I surmised that some kids had left them on the shoreline and either wind or waves had pushed them out into the big water.

I dragged the jackets and tube on board, then decided the best thing to do would be to take them to the county park. They might have even floated away from there. I gunned the engine, the nose rose and settled, and the boat skimmed over the water toward the park.

As I throttled down, nearing the long dock at the park, I saw a few kids, their feet dangling off the dock. My boat gently bumped the dock, and I shouted out, “Anybody lose some vests and an inner tube?”

Several young kids came over and looked, but none claimed the jackets.

“None of you lost anything, huh?” I asked, and all shook their collective heads. “Well, would you mind taking these over to the bathhouse? Maybe somebody can use them.”

Several of the bigger kids took the proffered items and I thanked them for their help. I backed the boat away from the dock and glided slowly toward the point of the peninsula on which the park was located. All was still quiet, except for the playful sounds of kids at the park.

As I rounded the point, moving toward the rougher shoreline of the windward side of the peninsula, I noticed two figures standing on a rocky shelf protruding into the water. My gauge showed eight feet so I stayed about twenty feet off the shoreline, still idling along. As I neared the two figures, I saw that they were both female, but quite different. The nearer to me was maybe 5’6″tall, absolutely no pudge on her anywhere, wearing a small purple bikini, the top holding up a set of probably 38 breasts, the bottom barely covering a firm, rounded ass. Her very blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders, and her skin showed just a touch of tan. Her companion, on the other hand, was about the same height, but her hair was very dark and cut almost as short as mine. Her breasts barely made small tents in a white tight T-shirt, and she wore low-cut shorts. She was just a bit heftier than her friend, but her legs looked sleek and firm. Her ass, though, looked very much like her friend’s—bubbly, rounded. As I neared the two, I waved casually, as most everybody on the lake does, but the two girls—I could now tell that they looked to be in their mid-twenties—waved back wildly, and over the sound of the barely idling 5.0, I heard them shouting something. I stopped the boat, killed the motor, and stood up.

“Hi. Were you calling me?” I asked loudly as the boat drifted.

The blonde answered. “Yeah. We want to go skiing. You got any skis?”

“Yeah, somewhere on here. What kind do you like?”

Both girls giggled. “We don’t know,” the blonde replied. “We’ve never been on skis before!”

I shook my head, thought, “What the hell—I’ll humor them,” and turned on the ignition. I pointed to a tiny, sandy cove. “Move over there,” I yelled as I pointed, then steered the boat toward kızılay escort the shoreline. The girls stepped gingerly off the rocks and ran down the shoreline toward the cove.

I eased the boat into the sand and hopped overboard, holding onto the rail. The girls ran along the sand and to the boat.

“Wow, nice boat!” the blonde exclaimed. “Hi, I’m Ricki, and this is Lou.”

“Hey. I’m Ray. So, never skied before, huh?”

“Nope,” answered Lou. “But Ricki’s dying to learn. You really wouldn’t mind…you know, teaching her…uh, us?”

“Nah, wasn’t doing anything today anyway. So, hop on, and we’ll move out to deeper water.” Both girls climbed in and I couldn’t help but look as Ricki rolled her boobs over the side, then spread her legs as she slid that round ass on board. I pushed the boat off, climbed in, and fired up the engine. “Can’t ski around here—county ordinance. But we’ll head up the lake a ways, where it’s away from other boats.” I drove away from the park for several minutes while the girls sat on the back bench, Ricki’s hair blowing in the wind, both girls smiling, giggling, talking excitedly.

I moved into a large, quiet cove and shut off the engine. “OK, who’s first?” I asked.

Lou stood up. “She wants me to. Says I’m more athletic.” Ricki giggled and Lou continued, “I think she’s just a wuss.”

“All right,” I said as I hauled out a combo set of O’Briens. “Grab a vest that fits you, under the seat you’re on, and I’ll grab a rope.” Lou pulled the T-shirt over her head, revealing a plain blue bikini top, donned a vest that essentially fit her, pulled it on and tightened the straps, unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs, revealing a very small striped bikini bottom, laid her shades on the seat, and looked at me.

“Ever had on skis?” I asked.


“Mmmmm. OK, sit on the swim platform.” Lou moved to the back of the boat and I followed. Ricki got on her knees and leaned over the seat, her breasts spilling out, showing everything except her nipples, prominent in the tiny bikini top. I had to concentrate just to keep my mind on skiing. I sat beside Lou on the platform and showed her how to pull on the boots, tighten the straps, and keep the skis parallel. We covered the basics of bending her knees, keeping her arms straight, keeping vertical posture, keeping the ski tips up. Finally I decided to let her try.

Lou dropped off the boat into the water. She was very calm, which I appreciated. I hitched up a rope and dropped the handle to her.

“OK, now get into position and let me see,” I told her. She did, and I was impressed. I figured, no problem for her. “I’m going to start up. Just yell when you’re ready. I’ll pull slowly at first, but if you’re doing OK, I’m going full throttle. Just remember what I told you. Ready?”

Lou nodded and I climbed back into the boat, and Ricki stood up to let me in.

“Wow, you’re really good!” she said as I moved to the right seat. “I can’t wait.”

“Well, I’ve taught a few kids in my life,” I answered.

She turned. “All right, Lou, go for it!” She waved brightly and I watched as her tight ass swayed with the movement of the boat.

“Ready, Lou?” I yelled. She nodded, and I motioned Ricki into the left seat. “Sit here, to help me watch.” As Ricki sat down, I pushed forward on the throttle. I looked back and saw a spray of water, then Lou as she held on valiantly. I gunned the engine, and Lou popped up on top of the water.

Ricki laughed and applauded. “I knew it, I knew it! She can do about anything athletic!”

Lou hung on fiercely, staying directly behind the boat, and I kept the boat as straight as possible. Lou stayed up for maybe two minutes, then released the rope and fell ungracefully. Ricki laughed uproariously and I circled back around and pulled up beside Lou.

“You OK?”

“Yeah. Yeah, tired, but OK. That was really cool.”

Ricki chimed in. “Cool? That was great, girl! I’ve never SEEN anybody so cool! Was it hard?”

Lou shook her head, no. “Well, not too bad. Just the balance part, but it sort of comes naturally, once you’re up and going.”

“Wanna go again?” I asked, and Lou shook her head.

“Nah, let me get over this one first.”

“OK, Ricki, your turn. Get a vest and hop in.” I looked at Ricki.

“Oh, wow. Sure, why not?” Ricki turned, opened the storage under the seat, and presented her gorgeous ass to me. I could not believe I felt a boner rising in my jeans, and I turned back around.

“Can you help me with this, Ray?” I heard Ricki say. I turned back to her, and she was making a half-hearted attempt to buckle the life vest. I moved in front of her and she looked up into my eyes. “Can’t seem to get these buckled.” I looked from her eyes, downward, and saw nothing but cleavage crammed into the vest. My hands shook as I took the straps, straightened and pulled them, snapped first one, then two, then three. The third had to be let out again, as it almost didn’t go around those beautiful mounds, but finally I had the vest in place.

“Now, etlik escort hit the water,” I told her, and she winked as she turned.

Lou had removed the skis, turned them over as I had instructed, and was sitting on the platform.

“Just hold on to them a sec, Lou,” I instructed as Ricki slid into the water. “OK, now, you’ve watched Lou. Just do it the same way, pull your knees up, keep the skis parallel, arms straight out, let the boat do the pulling. Got it?”

Ricki nodded as she grabbed the handle. “Think so. But go easy, OK?”

“Yeah, right,” I grinned, then motioned for Lou to occupy the firstmate’s seat as I moved starboard. I started the engine, moved the boat forward till the rope’s slack was gone, then yelled back, “Ready?”

Ricki nodded and I eased the throttle forward. Ricki held on gamely as the boat picked up speed, but then I felt the release as she turned loose.

“She’s a pussy,” said Lou and I grinned at her.

“We’ll just try it again.” I circled around Ricki, pulling the handle to her. “Grab it—you were pretty close. Just hang on a bit longer, let me get up to speed. All right?”

She nodded and I straightened the boat.

“OK, I’ll try it again,” she yelled. Once again, I pushed the throttle forward and the 5.0 responded. This time I saw the spray as Ricki held tightly, then watched as she rocked upward from the water.

“Holy crap, she’s up, she’s up!” yelled Lou, and I turned to see Ricki unsteadily but determinedly moving behind the boat.

“Way to go!” I yelled, and Ricki mouthed something in return. I kept the boat straight and let her get the feel of the skis and the motion. She held on tightly, staying in the same almost-squat position, but she stayed up for several hundred yards. Then she gave a weak wave and dropped the rope, falling backward immediately.

“Damn, I never thought she’d do it!” a bright-eyed Lou said to me. “She’s NOT athletic, not a bit, but that was cool!”

I circled back and stopped beside Ricki. “Very good, very very good,” I told her, and she grinned broadly.

“Might be a good teacher,” she replied, and I shook my head.

“Nah, good pupil. Hey, you both are. Wanta go again?”

“No,” Ricki exhaled. “Let me rest a bit. Why don’t you go again, Lou?”

“Well, maybe,” Lou retorted as she picked up a jacket. She buckled it on, then dropped in the lake beside Ricki. “Nice job, girl.” She moved beside Ricki and reached over and kissed her, on the lips. It confirmed what I had fleetingly thought earlier, but it still caused a slight stir in my groin.

I’d never seen lesbians do more than hold hands—after all, my neck of the woods was small-town, conservative, quiet. I had known a few gays over the years but was not really in close contact on a regular basis. But this was a fascination and I’ll admit, it started some stirrings.

“Hey, help me up!” I awakened from my daydream to see Ricki trying to pull up onto the swim platform.

“There’s a ladder for that,” I said as I released the hooks. She grabbed the rail, stepped onto the lower rung, and tried to pull up.

“I..I can’t do it. My arms are like Jello!”

“OK, hold on.” I moved onto the swim platform, got onto my knees, and grabbed her hands. “Now, pull up!”

As I pulled she threw herself forward, and the result was a doggy pile, of her on me across the swim platform. She lay there, breathing heavily.

“Oh, sorry. Sorry. I just…just can’t move.”

I grinned. “Don’t mind a bit. Trust me, not one bit.”

“Hey, you two, stop fooling around!” yelled Lou. “I’m ready to ski!”

With some effort, Ricki and I extricated ourselves and climbed back across the bench seat. Ricki released the straps on the vest, and the bikini top, and its charges, popped back into view. Again, I felt the blood stirring, so I turned away and sat in the captain’s chair.

“OK, ready?” I yelled out, and Lou had the rope, skis, and herself, ready.

“Go!” she yelled, and I popped the throttle. This time, behind the spray, Lou rocked up as my boat picked up speed. And she stayed up—clumsily at first, then more gracefully.

“Damn. I knew she could do it.” Ricki looked back admiringly. “She’s really talented, even athletic. God, I love being with her.”

“I understand,” I replied as we both admired Lou mastering the skis. “But you can do it, too.”

We continued down the lake, Lou moving back and forth, even crossing the wake several times. She soon dropped, Ricki dived in and swam to her, and they kissed again. This procedure continued for a couple of hours as I pulled first one, then the other, up and down the lake. We stopped a couple of times and I shared my cooler contents with them, and after an hour or so, I could see fatigue setting in and they both declined offers to ski ‘just one more time.’

“No, no, it’s been great, but we’ve had enough for today,” Ricki told me as Lou nodded her agreement. “Ray, you’ve been great, really great. I just wish you could have enjoyed it, too.”

I demetevler escort smiled broadly. “Oh, I have, Ricki. I love teaching people to ski, watching them enjoy it. It’s more fun than skiing myself.” Lou stowed the vest, helped me stow the skis, and sat back on the bench seat.

“Sure you guys don’t want to go again?” I asked.

“Noooooo way!” said Lou. “Right now I’d just like to float around someplace it’s nice and quiet.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied. “And I know the perfect spot! Let’s go!” I gunned the 5.0 and the boat planed out. As we leveled, Ricki moved back to the bench seat beside Lou, and they embraced, kissing again. I watched in the mirror and felt my manhood stirring yet again. I rounded the point and found the opening I frequented. No other traffic was around and I moved the throttle to idle, pointing the bow toward the shaded entrance. As the boat slid smoothly through the overhanging limbs, my favorite cove appeared, and I heard “O my gods” and “Holy craps” as the girls realized how beautiful it was. I glided the boat onward to the middle of the small cove and cut the motor.

“How’s this, ladies?” I asked, waving my arms.

“Unbelievable!” Ricki exclaimed. “How’d you find this?”

I laughed. “Just stumbled onto it. Been here several times—never seen ANYBODY around here, ever. I love it here.”

“Well, then let’s go for it!” Lou stood up and quickly went overboard, headfirst.

“Wait for me!” Ricki threw me a big smile, following Lou over the side. I moved back to the bench seat and stretched out on the padded sundeck, watching as the girls played in the water. I tossed a lifejacket out to them, and they fought over it playfully, splashing, squealing, rolling in the water. Even though it was essentially innocent, it was still erotic to me in my current very horny situation. Ah, to be young again!

Soon the giggling stopped and they lay lazily back in the water, floating on pillows I tossed to them. Lou’s hand lay softly across Ricki’s bikini top and I noticed her fingers gently squeezing Ricki’s nipple. My boner began to expand as I watched.

“Hey, Ray, come on in,” Ricki eyed me as I eyed her and her lover.

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m OK,” I replied. “Didn’t intend to get in the water. Ya’ll just enjoy yourselves.”

“Oh, OK, then,” she replied lazily, and I shifted around to avert my eyes and rearrange my crotch issue. The crotch issue wouldn’t go away, so I moved from the sundeck back to my captain’s chair where things weren’t so obvious, but I swiveled my chair so I could face aft (where the action was, of course.) And I was not disappointed, as the girls continued to talk softly, kiss, and caress, and Lou’s fingers played across Ricki’s nipples, even ultimately exposing them to my RayBan-concealed eyes. The nipples were more than I imagined, larger, more firm, a bit pinker, and my hard-on grew more uncomfortable in the cutoffs.

The show went on for maybe twenty minutes, then I heard soft splashing and looked up to see Ricki pulling herself onto the ladder. I wanted to help, but she hoisted herself onto the platform easily, then threw a long, lovely leg over the sundeck and swung onto it. She faced me, sitting on the padded platform, her feet dangling, her arms stretched backward, her long wet hair cascading around her shoulders. I felt the boat rock a bit, and Lou followed, pulling herself up onto the swim platform, then climbing over the sundeck where Ricki reclined, dropping to her knees on the aft bench seat, her back to me.

Neither girl said anything, and I stayed in my captain’s chair, also saying nothing. Ricki pulled one leg up, her foot on the sundeck, and Lou, still on her knees, moved to the center of the bench seat as Ricki dropped her leg back down. I watched, breathlessly, waiting to see what if anything was happening. I didn’t have to wait long.

Lou put her arms around Ricki’s waist and pulled her forward. Ricki’s arms came around Lou’s back, her hands in Lou’s short hair, and the girls kissed, a long, lingering kiss. During the kiss Lou’s hands moved upward and I saw Ricki’s bikini top suddenly loosen. Lou’s hands moved to the now-swaying orbs and she gently massaged them as their kiss became more intense and more erotic. My member now was at full staff, but the girls were oblivious to me and I moved my hand over it, gently stroking along the shaft.

Lou broke off the kiss but moved down Ricki’s body as she lay back onto the padded platform. Lou’s lips were now on Ricki’s fully-exposed breasts, her tongue teasing each nipple, her fingers expertly caressing the upturned mounds. Ricki’s hands were in Lou’s dark damp hair, pulling her onto her own now-naked chest. Lou’s ass was straining the bikini bottom, and I could not control my eyes, ogling first Ricki’s gorgeous breasts then Lou’s perfectly-rounded ass. Ricki’s chest was rising and falling rapidly and I heard low groans from the couple.

Lou’s tongue moved down Ricki’s flat stomach and her hands slid from those luscious mounds to Ricki’s hips. I stared as her fingers went from Ricki’s hips to her thighs, then sucked in my breath as the purple bikini bottom slid down. Lou arched upward and the wet bikini dropped to the bench seat. Ricki pushed back a bit and Lou’s face went between Ricki’s thighs.

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