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“She was caught doing what?”

“Where did she even get the cigarettes?”

“No sir. I don’t expect you to know. It was rhetorical.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you for not expelling her. I appreciate the phone call. I’ll definitely be dealing with her once I get home from the office.”

“Mhm, you have a nice evening as well. Thank you again, Sir. Bye.”

“Fuck, fuck fuck… What am I supposed to do with my child,” I mutter as I run a hand through my now messy and slightly graying brown hair. At 18 years old and a senior in high school one would think I wouldn’t have to refer to her as a child anymore but lately all she does is get in trouble. At school. At home. Hell even with the local law enforcement. She’s lucky she hasn’t been thrown in jail yet. If I wasn’t such a good attorney she would’ve been multiple times. I don’t even know what to do with her when I get home. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there after I’m done with my clients. Fuck, so much for going to the gym after work. Now my workout schedule is gonna be all fucked up, at 46 I need that schedule. Lord knows without it I would look like the rest of the middle aged fathers in this law firm. I’m not vain or anything but I’m not blind either. My jawline is fucking flawless even with its two day old stubble. My body is still rock hard and my muscles still stand out. My stomach may not be washboard abs but it’s defined enough to have the famous V that all the ladies swoon over and a happy trail of dark hair that leads to a very meticulously trimmed pubic area and cock that I’ve never had complaints about besides the occasional “it’s too big” from the more prudish of chicks but what’s a man to do..

Right, back to the problem at hand, my fucking rebellious daughter. I can’t really blame too much on her though. As the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” me being the tree in this case. Although she may act like I did before reality kicked my ass in to gear in college, she got most of her looks from her bitch of a mother. She may have gotten my olive complexion and bright green eyes and rich brown hair, but her body is all her mother’s genes. Hour glass figure with tits the size of ripe melons and a heart shaped ass that most men would lay down their lives for and fuck I can’t forget about her sexy ass legs… God damnit. What is wrong with me? I can’t keep thinking about her like this. That’s my goddamn daughter. Fuck. I need a drink. And apparently I need to get laid. After her mother up and left us three years ago, because apparently the guy in Vegas was more important than her fucking family, I have been more concerned with raising Gabriella than finding some one to warm my bed. Which has left me with my own hand for pleasure for too damn long now. Shit. I need to clear my head. Two more hours of clients and then I’ll head home for that drink and to deal with my pain in the ass baby girl.

Two hours of clients and thirty minutes of traffic later, I’m finally walking into my house and all I can think about is the decanter with bourbon that’s waiting for me. That is until I walk into the kitchen and see my darling daughter washing the dishes. That right there is a big fucking red flag. Ella never cleans. The innocent and polite Daddy’s girl act, right. I’ve seen this one a thousand times. She must know about the phone call from the Headmaster.

“Ella baby, why exactly are you washing dishes?” I ask her as I come up behind her and place my hands on her waist where there is a strip of exposed skin that I revel in the smoothness of. Fuck, she’s wearing her black and forest green school skirt that’s way to short. I bet if she bent over just an inch I would see that perfect fucking ass. Damnit, I gotta quit thinking like this..

“Daddy!! You scared me!” She squeals as she grasps her chest like she might kill over from a heart attach and immediately my attention is drawn to the generous amount of cleavage that’s spilling out of her tight forest green tank top that she usually wears under her white school shirt. Jesus, I really need to get laid. Maybe then I’ll quit perving out over my own daughter. Yeah, fucking right. What red-blooded male wouldn’t get hard looking at this devious little minx.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t realize you didn’t hear me come in.” I respond, pulling out a chair at the head of our kitchen table and taking a seat. I watch her calm down from her near heart attach and it hits me just how beautiful this girl really is. Long dark brown hair that frames her heart-shaped face and falls in waves down to her slim waist. Big green eyes that you can’t help but to be captivated by. Cute little button nose perfect for little kisses. Plump pink lips that make you want to give your left nut just to have them wrapped around your cock. Skinny neck that, like always, is adorned with a black choker necklace that makes me think of having her collared and cuffed. I bet she would be the perfect sub. bursa escort She’s just feisty enough for it to never be boring. Unlike her mother who was a shit sub. Should’ve been the first warning sign that we were doomed for failure. Anyways, off track, her shoulders and arms are strong from years of gymnastics and cheerleading but not masculine. Her D-cup tits stand high and proud off her bra-less chest, perkiness that somehow defies gravity. Perfect little pencil-eraser sized nipples poke out of her thin top. Fuck, I could just imagine sucking those into my mouth and biting at them. I wonder what her little whimpers would sound like… I could just imagine hearing her little sounds as I run my tongue down her feminine abs, nipping at her hips while I run my hands down her wide hips and sexy ass. Maybe I would grip those thick muscular thighs and lift her onto the counter and …

“Dad, you okay? You’re staring at me all spacey like.” She mumbles and turns back to the dishes at the last part like she’s embarrassed.

Fuck, I zoned out. And I’m fucking hard. Shit. I cross my ankle over my knee as I hunch over and lean my elbow on the table, placing my chin in my palm hopefully concealing the erection that’s trying to free itself from my zipper.

“Yeah, Kitten. I’m sorry. I’ve just hand a long day. Actually, now that I’m thinking clearly, you’re half the reason for that long day Gabriella. Any idea why your Headmaster would call me today?”

Her shoulders tense at the question but she replies nonchalantly, “I don’t know Daddy. He’s an ass who likes to get students in trouble for no reason.”

“So, you’re saying he was lying about you smoking behind the school today?” I question.

Now that this conversation has gotten started my hard-on has decided to return to its normal flaccid state and I uncross my leg and lean back while I watch her come up with a response, but decide to keep talking before she feeds me more bullshit, “Ella baby why do you keep doing these things. You know you’re going to get in trouble. You very nearly got expelled today. The Headmaster’s patience is only going to last for so much longer before he decides to forget how much money I throw at that school and kicks your cute ass out. Hell, you almost got locked up last month when you decided to roll that neighborhood and graffiti the fucking street signs. If it wasn’t for my past pro bono work for the Police Captain you would’ve been spending quite some time behind bars. I don’t know what to do anymore baby. I’m all out of options. Grounding you is pointless because you just sneak out anyways. I just, I don’t.. wait a minute. I know what to do.” I smile as a plan formulates in my dirty mind. Fuck, I need help but I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity pass me by. I know I shouldn’t want the girl. But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been lusting after her since she turned sixteen. She’s not a child anymore and I can’t keep pretending that I’m not in love with every inch of her being.

“What are you gonna do, Daddy?” She squeaks as she turns back towards me.

I wipe the smile off my face once she fully faces me. I can’t seem too eager or I’ll scare her. “Kitten do you remember when you were young and I would catch you stealing cookies after bedtime?” She looks at me like I’ve grown a third head and sprouted horns but she quietly says, “you mean when you would put me over your knee and spank me while I counted the spanks, Daddy?”

Shit, a cute little blush rushes over her cheeks and she looks down. Such a picture of innocence, if I didn’t know better I would think this devious little kitten was an angel. But, I do know better and her innocent act isn’t going to stop my plan.

“Yes baby, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I think that’s what you need. Obviously nothing else is working. So I’m going to spank your naughty ass just like I did when you were little.” And then I think on that for a second and correct myself, “Well, maybe not just like when you were little. ”

“What do you mean daddy? I’m too old for this. You can’t possibly be serious!” She protests and tries to back out of the kitchen.

“Gabriella, get over here and across my lap right now or I swear you won’t be able to sit down for a month once I’m through. I’ve made up my mind. This is happening. Come. Here. Now.” I snap at her which is very unusual for me. Ten seconds ago I was willing my cock to stay soft during this but now I’m just getting pissed off. She needs to learn to listen. And damn if I’m not gonna teach her the only way I know how at this point.

She sulks as she slowly moves over to me and then hesitates as I look up to her expectantly. “Daddy, come on we can work something else out. You don’t need…” I cut her off as I haul her down and over my lap. She lets out a squeal as her skirt flies up and reveals her bare ass. I’m a little shocked and a hell of a lot turned on but also a little bit pissed the fuck off. “Seriously, Gabriella? bursa escort bayan Did you really not wear panties to school today?” She doesn’t answer quick enough so a give her a sharp slap right on her bare ass and she squeaks out, “No Sir.”

“Oh, so it’s Sir now huh?” “You finally realize that I’m being serious and you’re about to get your ass spanked?” I ask her as I watch her squirm a little knowing I can see every inch of her below her waist expect for the most inmate parts of her. Unfortunately, from my position her ass is just a little to round to see what I imagine is one of the most beautiful cunts I will ever witness.

So quietly that I almost miss it comes a breathless, “yes sir.”

“Good, it’s time to get started. You already know to count each one. Ready?”

I don’t wait for her reply. I bring my hand down and watch as her ass shakes from the impact. A quiet, “one” makes my lips twitch upwards as I bring my hand down twice more. A squeak and a soft “two, three, ” and now I’m fully grinning like the sick fuck that I am. Fuck, my cocks getting hard, time to step it up.

“Alright kitten, warm up is over, start counting from one again.” I don’t hesitate and spank her hard enough that it stings and leaves a hand print. She arches her back and lets out a string of curses that I’m surprised she even knew. I lean down some and lower my voice and almost purr into her ear, “what a dirty fucking mouth you have kitten, I might need to wash that out once we’re finished up with your punishment but, for now, I didn’t hear a number in that slew of curses you just let out. Do I need to start over?” She starts shaking her head as fast as she can and says “one” a little louder than she had been counting.

“Good girl,” I praise as a spank her four good times in quick succession.

“Two, three, four, five! Fuck Daddy, please stoppp.” She whines.

I glance at her face and it’s scrunched up in pain but she’s not quite where I want her yet. Her ass is nice and pink on her left cheek but it needs to be evened out. I can’t wait to see her sexy ass completely pink. I start rubbing the sting out of her ass cheek, absofuckinglutely loving the way her ass feels in my hands, while I start talking, “Ella, I can’t stop yet. We just started. You have to learn some type of discipline. You have to learn to listen and obey the rules. I know it hurts but I’ll help ease the pain once I’m finished. I promise baby. Now, brace yourself. I’m not gonna stop again.” And with that I deliver five hard spanks to her right ass cheek as she squeaks and counts each one.

She’s shaking a little and I can’t tell if she’s crying but I rub her ass and try to soothe away some of the pain. I ask her if she’s okay. She mumbles a reply that I didn’t catch because she has her face buried against my side. She’s almost curled herself up into a ball on my lap.

“What was that kitten?”

“I’m okay, Daddy.” She sniffles a reply.

If she minds me rubbing her ass, she hasn’t made any move to stop me or move away. In fact, she snuggles closer and that’s when I realize I have a clear view of her pussy and asshole. And holy fuck, she’s dripping fucking wet. She’s literally left a spot on my slacks. How I didn’t notice the wetness before is beyond me. My cock is throbbing and I’m almost positive she’s aware. She was laying basically on top of it the whole time. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m torn between making it obvious that I’m aware of her arousal or playing it all off and letting her up, my plan be damned. I don’t want to make her upset or worse have her hate me. I respect and love her enough to not force anything on her even if I spanked her because I enjoy it, she also needed to learn to listen.

I’m brought out of my internal debate as she snuggles a little closer and my hand falls to the very slick gap between her legs. She lets out a gasp and her body tenses again. Right time to decide. Fuck. I’m gonna regret it if I don’t see where I can take this.

“Fuck Kitten,” I say as I slide my hand further up between her thighs. “Look at you, you’re fucking dripping.”

She starts to whimper, “I’m sorry Daddy. I can’t help it. You’re just so big and strong. And so sexy when you get all growly and mad. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Hush Gabriella, I’m not mad at you baby. Fuck, you can feel how hard my cock is under you. You’re not the only one that’s turned on.”

“Fuck baby, your cunt is so hot. Like a little fucking oven. I bet it’s fucking tight too.” I growl as I cup her pussy and she whimpers louder.

“Da..daddy, you can’t. You…you’re my fatherrrrr..” she whines as I work a finger into her ridiculously tight cunt. God damn, she’s a virgin. She has to be. No used cunt is this fucking tight.

“I know I’m your father, Ella. I know, I raised you. I also know that I’ve been wanting to taste every inch of you for quiet some time now. You are so fucking beautiful and you’re sexy as hell. escort bursa And I can’t help how badly I want you on your knees begging for my cock. I can’t help that I want to watch your sexy little body writhe beneath mine as I drive my cock deep into your tight little cunt.”

With each word I say I’m working my finger in and out of her. Listening to her little whimpers and moans. Those sounds going straight to my dick. She sounds hotter than any thing I’ve ever heard. God, I’m going to hell and this angel writhing in my lap is my one way ticket. I don’t care how fucked up it might be. I’m going to make her mine in ever sense of the word. She obviously has no objections or she wouldn’t still be in my lap mewling like a cat in heat.

“Daddyyy, we can’t. It’s wrongggg.” She cries out when I start thrusting my finger harder into her slick heat.

“Why is it wrong baby? Fuck what society deems as normal. I love you and I know that you love me. That’s who sex is meant for, right? Two people who love each other unconditionally. And it’s not just sex Ella, I’m in love with you. I want you. All of you. I want you to be mine. Collared, cuffed, and on your knees as my sub. But we’ll work on that later. Right now, I just want to show you how right it really is. And I’m gonna use my mouth to do it. That okay with you, baby girl?”

She wordlessly nods as I lift her off my lap and place her on the kitchen table with her feet and ass on the edge and her knees in the air. Propped up on her elbows, mouth slightly parted, eyes heavy-lidded, and cheeks flushed a pretty pink that matches her ass, she watches me kneel in front of her and maneuver myself between her thighs, and fuck me, she’s never been more beautiful than she is in this moment.

Fuck. I never thought this fantasy would come true. But here I am. Kneeling in between my daughter’s parted thighs. Her beautiful pussy in full view. I also never thought I’d refer to a pussy as beautiful but hers is. Perfect little lips that hide that tight hole, a tiny clit that looks like the most delicious dessert I’ve ever seen and there’s not one hair any where in sight. I might have died and gone to my own personal version of heaven. I lean in and inhale the scent, feminine, sweet, and wholly Gabriella and my mouth waters. I look up at her and hold her gaze as I run my tongue up the length of her. From her prettily pucker asshole to her little button of a clit.

She lets out a breathy moan that has me freeing my cock from my pants just to get some relief. And then I dive in. Eating her like a starved man. I run my tongue back forth through her wet cunt lips and then slip my tongue into her tight hole and thrust it in and out. Fucking her with my tongue. “Fuckkk Daddy, please don’t stop.” She moans, throwing her legs over my shoulders, taking her shirt off and flinging it onto one of the chairs beside her so she has better access to the tits she’s been groping at. I move my hands up from their resting place on her hips and start pinching her pebbled dusty pink nipples. My tongue now finding its way down to her sexy asshole, wiggling it’s way into her. “God, yes. Lick my ass just like that.” She cries as her hands shoot down gripping my hair, pulling me even closer to her ass. I oblige her request and slide a finger into wet cunt at the same time I move my other hand down and start circling her clit with my thumb. “Ohhh, my goddd daddyyy, I’m gonna cum. Fuck I’m gonna cum.” I smirk and with my mouth still against her ass I say, “cum for me Ella. Cum for daddy.”

And god damn she does, like a fucking rocket, she shoots off and covers my face with her juices. My mouth takes over for my finger and my thumb keeps strumming her clit as I suck the cunt juices right from the source. She brings her cunt against my face as she rides out her orgasm. When she finally stops cumming, I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and lean back on my haunches watching as she calms down. She’s still quietly whimpering and her chest is rising and falling rapidly but the expression on her face is one of total bliss. Pure male satisfaction flies through me at the knowledge that I’m the one who caused her to be in this state. I stand up and her eyes flutter open and she smiles at me and slides off the table onto her knees. Jesus, I thought my cock was rock hard before, but seeing my baby girl on her knees smiling up at me with that twinkle of mischievousness in her eyes, my cock is now at a level of hardness that I’m pretty sure I could drill a god damn hole with it.

“You like me on my knees for you, Daddy? Do you want to feed you bad little girl your cock?” She asks trying to wrap her tiny hand around my erection. I strain trying not cum from her touch alone. I’ve never felt anything better than her soft hands stroking my cock, “holy fuck Gabriella, put me in your mouth baby.” She’s does as she’s told while keeping eye contact with me. I throw my head back letting out a deep groan and run my hands through her hair. I was so wrong, I’ve never felt anything better than her sweet little mouth on me. She’s starts sucking me like she’s no stranger to having a cock in her mouth and it takes all I have not to unload myself into her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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