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Reflections of Love

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The late afternoon sunlight streamed through the bedroom window as a soft breeze played in the sheer curtains. The air swirled with the sweet fragrance of gardenias and roses. Angela paused to look out the window, pleased with her bloom-laden bushes in the yard. She had just taken clean sheets down from the laundry line and brought them in to change the bed. She loved how fresh they smelled. She’d become quite warm while doing her housework so she pulled her tee shirt off before she started to make the bed. She sang along to the Dave Matthews CD she’d popped in the player as she stripped the bed.

Tony found her wearing only her bra and shorts, and barefoot. Her long dark hair in a hastily woven braid with strands of hair having escaped here and there. She looked sexy in a disheveled way. He stood silently just outside the doorway to the bedroom, happy to watch, his presence unknown. He enjoyed being the voyeur; watching her in the shower, as she cooked, in her sleep, as she read, anytime when she was unaware. It was like an exciting secret, admiring her while she was being completely natural. She had a graceful flow in her movements, and a sweet face to gaze upon.

Angela shook out the bottom sheet, waving it like a flag and paused while it settled to the mattress. Tony smiled at the view as Angela’s raised arms pulled her breasts up, nicely rounding the soft flesh over the edge of her white bra. Then she firmly pulled the sheet’s fitted ends over the mattress corners as she moved around the bed. She snapped the top sheet out, let it float down, and tucked in the bottom and sides. He admired her legs and butt as she leaned across the bed to smooth the sheet out. Tony thought how much tighter she felt when they’d made love that way, with her bent over the bed as he entered her from behind. He felt a stirring in his groin as he fantasized of catching her by surprise and driving into her velvet pussy. As Angela shook the pillows into their cases then plumped them his hands yearned to “plump” her full breasts. She finished pulling the bedspread on, and made a neat tuck under the pillows.

Angela gathered the dirty sheets up in her arms and turned, surprised to see Tony in the doorway. She flashed him a bright smile. “Hi, Honey. Whatcha doin’?” she greeted him as she started toward the door to put the sheets in the hamper. Noticing the sly grin on his face and the beginnings of a bulge in his jeans she softly giggled as she stepped between Tony and the doorway. As she passed him he could smell her wonderful scent; warm, female, enticing. She deposited the sheets in the hamper then he gently grasped her by the wrist. He raised her hand, palm up, to his lips and kissed the center. His lips brushed the inside of her wrist and kissed a path up her arm. As he pulled her into his arms they kissed each other, softly, slowly. Then Tony led Angela back into the bedroom.

“I was just appreciating the view from the doorway. I was thinking I might like to see more,” he said as he sat down in the Bentwood rocker.

“I’ve got lots to do, vacuum and dust in here. And there are more clothes to fold, too.” Angela stood in front of him, defiant in her stance with her hands on her hips.

“You can take a break. A little diversion right now won’t be too much of an interruption. Come on, show me what else you’ve got!” Tony laughed and reached out his hand to her.

“How much can you handle?” she playfully challenged. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra but held up the front. She slowly removed one strap, then the other, coyly revealing herself inch by inch. She stepped closer to Tony and he reached up to pull the bra down her arms and dropped it on the floor. He rubbed his hands over her hips escort sincan and up and down her sides. Her skin tingled at the feel of his warm, slightly rough hands. She leaned forward and braced her hands against the top of the rocker. As she brushed her breasts against his face Tony kissed her soft, pink areolas. He moved his tongue across one nipple, tickling it, then teased her other nipple. Angela tilted her head back and closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation. Her sensitive buds quickly rose to attention for him. He took her right breast in his hand and sucked it, nibbling a little then he did the same with her left breast. He loved the weight of her breasts, one in each hand. He sucked and licked her soft skin, teased her hard, pink pearls, and thoroughly enjoyed having her tits in his face. He moaned, happy to be smothered by her large, round breasts.

Tony looked up then began to kiss her throat, up to her chin. She moaned at the feel of his teeth and tongue skimming across her vulnerable throat. He smiled knowing that would just make her melt. Angela looked down and kissed him, playing her tongue on his lips, seeking entrance. He opened for her and they kissed deeply as he pinched her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Then his hands eased down her sides to the front of her shorts. As he unfastened the button and pulled the zipper down she shivered with anticipation. But just as Tony hooked his thumbs in her shorts to pull them down Angela straightened and pulled away.

“Oh no, not so fast. Let me show you how it’s done,” she purred as she slowly pushed her shorts down…over each hip, down her thighs, past her knees, letting them fall to the floor. Then she slipped her hand inside her white cotton panties, in between the full, luscious lips of her pussy. She reached her other hand to her breast and pinched and pulled her nipple. Her pussy was moist and she spread her juices up and down her slit. “Watch me, Tony.”

Angela gasped slightly and smiled as she flicked her clit with her finger. She was more aroused than she realized, feeling how wet and sensitive she had already become. But masturbating for her lover was always so thrilling, knowing his excitement was growing, along with the keen throb in his engorged penis. Her face flushed and her breath quickened as she slid two fingers in and out of her vagina, then pulled them out and up to her lips. Tony sucked in a ragged breath and gripped the arms of the rocker.

“Mmmm…wouldn’t you like a taste?” Angela whispered and smiled, making sucking noises as she licked her fingers clean. “Can you imagine me licking that huge cock of yours after having dipped into my juicy puss?”

“Angela, come here,” Tony’s voice was low and commanding. He leaned forward and grabbed her panties pulling her toward him. She squealed and giggled, trying to step away but she could not escape his hold on her wrist. He reached up and squeezed her tits, pulling her down toward his face. He sucked her nipples hard, biting and pulling, ignoring her meager protests. “God, your tits are so sweet!” he murmured as he moved from one to the other. His free hand slid down her back and yanked her panties over her ass, then to the front and pulled her panties down to her knees.

Tony teased up and down the backs of Angela’s thighs with his fingertips then traced the crease between her round ass cheeks and thighs. She wiggled a little, and opened her legs slightly wider. His fingers slid down and barely brushed her vulva lips and she squirmed to get his fingers deeper. Her cunt was dripping wet, aching to feel him inside. He teased her clit between his finger and thumb and Angela felt heat shooting up from her clit to her breasts as he continued ankara escort ravishing her nipples at the same time. She could not help roll her hips forward and back, desperate to feel his fingers deep inside her.

Angela whimpered impatiently as Tony stopped and pushed her back so he could stand to open his jeans. She reached down and freed his semi-erect penis. As his jeans and shorts fell to his ankles he sat down again and Angela dropped to her knees in front of him. It excited her to watch his cock fill to life as she stroked his shaft with her fingertips. She encircled the head of his dick with her lips and eased down to his balls, gliding back up to the tip. She swirled her tongue around the crown and back down his rod. “I love to feel the beautiful shape of your cock in my mouth” she murmured as she licked up and down the ridge on the under side of his shaft. She gently massaged his balls; they fit so perfectly in her warm palms. Little moans of enthusiasm rose from her throat as she enjoyed the taste and shape of him. She licked the precum from the head of his dick with the tip of her tongue.

Then Tony pulled her up by her shoulders and kissed her lips. She lifted her legs over his legs and the arms of the rocker and grabbed the back of the chair. She slowly lowered her dripping cunt down his taut shaft. Tony sighed as he felt the head pop into the tight mouth of her pussy. His cock was being swallowed into her depths, taking him all the way in. For a moment she sat still savoring the full feeling of his thick shaft. She contracted her vaginal muscles a few times, hugging his steel hard rod. “Oh Tony, that feels so good having you deep inside me!” Angela sighed and pulled his face into her breasts. Then she reached for the back of the chair again and began to slowly ride up and down his cock with her wet, silky pussy. He grabbed her breasts and pinched and teased her nipples. She moaned at the exquisite pleasure pulsing throughout her. She leaned forward to rub her clit against the base of his shaft as she moved up and down. Then Tony moved his hands are under her ass and helped her ride his cock faster. The rocker they sat in gently swayed back and forth in sensuous rhythm to their love making.

Tony worked his shoes and pants off with his feet and pushed them aside. Holding her ass in his hands he leaned forward and eased down to the floor. He pulled out of her cunt and sucked her tits, running his hands up and down, all over her body. He loved to feel her moist skin, her sumptuous curves. He moved to her pussy and parted her lips with his fingers, taking a moment to admire her beautiful pink folds glistening with her sex juice. He could smell her lusty scent. He lightly teased her delicate lips with the tip of his finger, tickling her. Angela squirmed in response. He slowly moved in on her succulent pussy, his tongue extended, and traced the curves of her sweet vulva. He began swirling his tongue, meandering his way up to her clit. She braced herself on outstretched arms and pushed her pelvis forward to press against his mouth. “Ohhh…please Tony,” she whispered in desperation. But he took his time; he wanted to enjoy her rich taste, her soft flesh in a slow and easy fashion. “Tony!” Angela gasped. “I’m going crazy, this is so good! I ache for you, to feel you buried inside me, all the way!”

“Get up on your knees, come on” he whispered hoarsely. He roughly twisted her over to her stomach and yanked her hips up. Angela pushed herself up so she was on her hands and knees, her ass up high, her pussy so hot! She lifted her head and there they were, reflected in the full-length mirror on the closet door. Her hair in sexy disarray, his strong body slightly leaning over hers, his hands etimesgut escort bayan low on her waist, her breasts hanging down. Then he pushed his straining cock into her and began to slowly move in and out of her, teasing her pussy. She pushed her ass back a little, inviting him deeper inside.

To look in the mirror and see them connected this way was so erotic. Watching Tony’s face and body as he slid in and out of her was intoxicating, almost as if she were a separate spectator. Her heart raced as she felt his cock stretching her cunt, sweetly keeping her affixed to him.

Then Tony pulled her around so they could view their profiles, together. He smiled watching his cock sliding in and out of Angela. He loved looking at the shape of her ass as his dick slid in and out of her in a sensuous play of hide and seek. He controlled the tempo, holding tightly to her waist. Her head was bowed down and he watched as she reached under herself to feel his thick shaft with her fingertips as he fucked her. Her gentle act encouraged him and he increased the rhythm a little at time, gliding in and out, faster and harder.

Angela groaned and rocked on her knees to meet his thrusts. Her stomach tightened as her excitement heightened. His huge rod completely filled her. The hard crown of his dick pounded against her cervix and elicit pleasure reverberated throughout her whole body. She loved feeling his slippery shaft with her fingers, ramming in and out of her tight pussy, with his balls slamming up against her fingers. Tony moaned and she looked back into the mirror and saw the rapt pleasure on his face. His ass pumped back and forth, driving his cock in and out of her like a well oiled piston.

“Oh, I don’t know if I can stand it!” she groaned. Angela leaned forward on her elbows and moved her hand to her clit. As his cock stroked her from the inside, her fingers stroked her swollen nub in the same rhythm. Her chest tightened and a moan rose up from deep in her throat. “Yes! Fuck me harder! I’m so hungry for your cock!” she cried out. Her breasts bounced hard against the floor, rubbing her engorged nipples back and forth across the nap of the carpet. “Tony, I’m going to come!”

“Now, baby, come all over my dick!” he panted as he watched his hips banging into her soft round ass. He spanked her ass and she let out a yelp as he slapped her in time to his thrusts. “Come on, let it go for me!”

Angela’s moans intensified into a long scream as her orgasm erupted from her cunt and surged throughout her body. Her pussy clenched his hard shaft. He loved the feel of her muscles wrapped around his shaft, squeezing him. Her body bucked and shuddered against him. Angela gasped for breath and looked up into the mirror, her face was flushed rosy pink. Tony’s eyes were closed as he savored the sensation on his cock inside her.

He picked up the pace again, pounding into her. He began to spank her again, the hot sting caused her to jerk her hips back and forth as she squirmed under his assault. His balls tightened and he grunted as his shaft seemed to swell when the milky, hot cum spewed deep within her. Angela felt his cock throb inside her, spending his burning seed into her. She continued to look up at the mirror and watch his face, a slight frown creased his forehead as if in deep concentration. Then his eyebrows relaxed, eyes bright, his mouth was slightly open, his ragged breath heaving in and out. He shuddered and leaned over her back wrapping his arms around her, tightly holding her against his body.

The rhythm of his breathing against her back was comforting, satisfying. The heat and dampness between their bodies made them feel as if they had melted into one, their love well spent. They lay flat and Angela turned to face Tony. He gently kissed her and they caressed each other with their fingertips, soothed by the feel of each other’s curves. They lay quietly for a while, at such happy peace in each other’s embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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