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You knock on my door after your soccer game looking exhausted, you were the teams star player, scoring the winning goal. I know that you haven’t showered as you still look sweaty and dirty.

I run upstairs to run you a bath after giving you a long slow welcoming kiss and a squeeze of your soft dick to let you know what is in store. I leave you to get undressed and top up the already steaming bath I had prepared, it is full of relaxing bath lotions so that you can rest your sore muscles after your game.

I turn as you enter the bathroom, you cock enters before you, it is already rising to a semi-stiff state, sticking out at 90 degrees to your body. I admire your body as you step into the bath and then lie down sighing as you relax into the hot water.

Giving you a long kiss I let my tongue invade your mouth searching for your tongue, we enjoy a passionate embrace then I rise to my feet and go to my bedroom leaving you to soak for a while.

I dress in my most seductive lingerie, I am keen to please you as much as possible today, to let you know how much I adore you.

I dress in a tight lace g-string that shows off my long shapely legs and tight but as well as a matching black bra which lifts my big breasts into an inviting cleavage.

Returning to the bathroom I hear you whistle in admiration. I drop to my knees and soap you all over, washing your body to remove sincan escort the sweat and mud. When I have cleaned every inch of you, including soaping your cock and balls and the crease of your ass, I guide you by the hand till you are standing and slowly towel you dry, Your cock has risen even higher, filling with blood but not yet fully hard, I ease back your foreskin to reveal the large shining knob, teasingly I flick my tongue over the end and around the tiny hole. You groan and your cock grows in response to its full magnificent size. So big and purple and swollen, I drop to my knees and, looking up at you, I give you a long slow wet suck, guiding my mouth down your shaft then raising my head till the slippery head pops out of my mouth, I smile up at you then lead you to the bedroom by your big dick.

Lie face down on the bed, I demand, you do as requested and, after taking a bottle of lotion from the bedside table I squirt some massage oil on your back and start to give you a long, slow massage. You groan as the tension is smoothed from your body. I move down and massage your powerful legs, then spreading your legs I reach in to stroke your big heavy balls. I haven’t seen you all week and can tell that your sacks are full of cum you have saved up for me.

I massage more oil into your muscular buttocks, still stroking your balls idly with my fingertips. Feeling naughty, I bend ankara escort my head and lick up and down the crack between your buttocks, then spreading your cheeks I lap at your tiny puckered anus, teasing you for a couple of moments, hearing you moan loudly into the pillow I smile to myself and giggle.

I slap you ass and order you o turn over, you smile and turn quickly. I gasp at the size and hardness of your cock. “I can see that you approve so far!” I giggle. You laugh making my heart soar, I love it when I turn you on.

Pulling your cock vertical I give the end a kiss then let it fall back down, slapping heavily against your stomach. I tear my eyes away from your big tool and poor oil onto your chest. You close your eyes as I massage your powerful shoulders and chest, down your sides and all over your thighs.

Finally I squeeze a big squirt of oil onto your cock and taking it in my hands stroke the oil into your hard meat until it glistens and shines like the rest of your body.

I smile up at you seductively. “Ok babe” I say” I know how you hate to wear a condom, so just this once, if it’s what you want, I’ll let you stick this big cock into my unprotected little pussy, but you have to promise not to cum inside me, OK?”

You nod excited at the prospect of feeling my wet pussy against your prick. I squat over you and take you inside my wet moist cunt. We both groan etimegut escort as I start to slowly ride you, enjoying your size. Reaching back I stroke your balls in my fingers for a while then fall forward to kiss you deeply and hungrily, our tongues entwining.

You flip me over and I spread my legs wide to give you full access to my body.

Holding onto my soft thigh you start to thrust hard into me, fucking me powerfully, I reach round and hold onto your asscheeks, I love to feel their strength as you start pounding into me, my orgasm takes over my body and my pussy tightens around your cock. I am in heaven as I feel you taking long deep strokes, enjoying the feel of my naked cunt. I wonder what it would be like to feel your cock spurt inside me pouring your virile seed into my fertile womb, the thought turns me on.

But suddenly you are out of me and your hand drops to your giant cock the head so large and swollen it looks about to burst. You were so close that with 2 strokes I gasp as the first spurt erupts from your cock landing from my chin to my stomach. Stream after stream of sticky cum explodes from the head of your prick till I am covered in your cum. I laugh as I rub the cream into my skin, amazed at how much spunk your balls could produce. You drop exhausted to my side as I rub the rest of your juices into my breasts and stomach. I look into your face and notice that you are already asleep, exhausted by the game you had played and the ferocity of our lovemaking.

I gaze lovingly into your face for a while then kissing your lips I rest my head onto your chest and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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