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Reluctant Enema Slave Ch. 02

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she emptied her ass in privacy. She would only agree to the enema if she had privacy to expel. I agreed because I didn’t want to force her to do anything she’d be ashamed about later. Her instructions were to shower after her shit and crawl into the bedroom. And crawl in she did. “Thank you for letting me empty my bowels in private Master, thank you for sparing me the humiliation.”

“Stand up and spread your ass cheeks wide.” Quickly she bent over and grabbed her cheeks and I gazed at her butthole. “You’re very clean back there slave, good job.”

“Thank you Master.” I stood up and placed a blindfold on her. She sighed and I spun her around quickly slapping her ass hard. Slap, slap, slap! She winced and I reminded her that she was a slave. “Thank you master.” I sat on the bed and started stroking my cock slowly.

“Turn around slave. The words ‘big tits’ have seven letters. Seven. I want you to give me seven jumping jacks and when you clap your hands I want you to spell out ‘big tits’, understand? ‘Big tits’-b-i-g-t-i-t-s-‘big tits’. Understand?”

“Yes Master.” She paused for a second and then jumped in the air awkwardly: “B”, “I”, “G”, “T”. She caught her breath as her tits bounced. “I-T-S!” When she came down after the last “S” her great round globes stopped shaking and vibrating. She’s a “b” cup and watching them bounce up and ataşehir escort down looked so hot. I was so hard after this performance but I wasn’t done making her perform. I led her into the bed next to me and I removed her blindfold. We kissed and I handed her a letter to read. There she was lying in bed next to me, propped up against some pillows reading a dirty letter I wrote. She cleared her throat and in a soft voice began to read.

“Master. Thank you for letting me show off my big tits. It really turned me on to act like such a slut. And thank you for letting me expel my enema in private, I felt so submissive sucking your cock with my ass filled with water. It made my ass feel really fat and it turned me on to be considered your property. Since I could not shit in front of you I’d like to make it up somehow. Please instruct me as to how I can please you.”

When she finished reading I surprised her by burying my tongue in her snatch. She was dripping and I used my hands to spread her lips apart. I started slurping and licking and I felt her clit throb before she sprayed my face with cum. She exploded and moaned while her body trembled. I gave her a few brief kisses and told her mount my knee.

“Slave I’m going to spank you hard before I fuck you. I’m going to make your ass red and I’m not going to stop until you ataşehir escort ask me to stop. understand?”

“Yes Master I understand.”

I gave her a few short shocks and her butt started turning red. I gave her a few more. And a few more. Finally she asked me to stop. I smacked her ass again. I reached into the nightstand and removed a fleet enema bottle. I quickly shoved it up her butthole and squeezed.

“Awwww!” she screamed when she felt the water rush up her butt. I squeezed the bottle dry and I gave her another smack.

“On the floor, on all fours, now!” She scurried and before she knew it I snapped a collar around her neck. I attached a leash and started walking her around the bedroom. She didn’t notice that I put a dog dish in the corner of the room. When her eyes focused on it she shook her head involuntarily. I put her real name in stick on letters around the bowl. It read “diane”. I walked her towards it, “now drink up little puppy.” She extended her tongue and started slurping loudly. “Now turn around and beg little puppy.” She spun around and got in the begging position with her hands in front of her tits. I knew her ass was starting quiver from the enema so got to the point.

“Puppy make a choice. I can walk you to the toilet and you can expel your enema in front of me or you can eat a doggie anadolu yakası escort biscuit after you shit. Bark once for privacy and twice for a biscuit. What do you want to do?”

“Arf arf!”

“Very well puppy now let’s walk to the bathroom.” She was tugging on the leash, pulling me down the hall towards the bathroom. I pushed the door open and I watched her mount the toilet. She looked at me with pleading eyes and I closed the door. I stood outside the door and heard her fart loudly. A few minutes later I pushed the door open and she squirmed. She looked so vulnerable sitting on the toilet with a leash hanging between her tits. She looked so embarrassed. I told her that she was to crawl out of the bathroom when she was done. One bark was yes and two barks was no. Am I clear on this point?


Slowly she crawled into the bedroom with the leash dragging between her legs. She reared up in the begging position and I tugged on her leash. “You’re such a good puppy. You’re so obedient and well trained that I’m going to reward you. Come up here on the bed and read this last letter.” She leapt next to me and I removed the leash but left the collar.

“Master, it has been an honor to show off my body to you today. It’s been an honor submitting to you totally. I love that we have secrets. I’m glad that you respect my boundaries. I love being your slave. If you’d like to feed me a dog biscuit I’d gladly eat it.”

I interrupted her. “Slave, you look and sound so beautiful now I just want to make love to you.”

Her eyes locked into mine and I got on top of her. She was as wet as I was hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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