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Rescuing a Snow Angel Ep. 04

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Author’s note: There is consensual sex between an Ex-GI and two eighteen-year-old twin girls. In this episode, Jim Rawlings embarks on a covert operation and surveils a hotel renovation gone wrong for Chris Mortenson, the owner of the complex and a former Green Beret. Rawlings also manages another tryst with the twins!

My thanks to those of you taking the time to comment on this story line. Your encouragement gives a sense of accomplishment in my writings. To a number of inquiries, yes, this is based on life experiences – I’ve purposely stayed away from the darkest events; those serve no purpose in my life at this point, but I’ve tried to provide some lighter moments about my military time.


The drive to the twin’s place was slow as the road conditions were slushy and slippery. To make matter worse visibility was problematic, the rapid slapping of the wipers had trouble keeping the heavy flakes of snow from blanketing the windshield. Even so, I arrived just as the sun was setting. I parked next to the big snowplow and was greeted by the growl of a black lab warning me to retreat or face its fangs. I knew its role and so I stood motionless, waiting. Quickly, one of the girls opened the door and called out, “Heel! Blacktongue!” then ruefully added, “Don’t be biting the best parts … leave those for me!” This salty tongue had to belong to Carmen; because, at Christmas, Gabby had told me she was the one without the vulgar vocabulary!

I entered and was relieved to see the twins were dressed differently, tonight. At least it was going to be easy to tell them apart, until they undressed. And for that, I had brought a solution: different color chokers to distinguish them apart in that king-sized bed we had played in at Christmas.

The girls ecstatically received the gifts and squealed delightedly as they opened them. Immediately, they slipped them on and dashed to a mirrored buffet in the dining room to see how they looked. The silky crimson red choker stood out spectacularly against Carmen’s soft bronze neckline. Gabby appeared just a radiant in the royal blue choker. Both rewarded me with a heartfelt hug and kiss on the cheeks. Carmen, the last to kiss, whispered that she would be kissing more, later.

The girls had tried their hand at roasting a turkey following what they remembered from their mom and dad’s preparations. I can’t say that it was ‘chef quality’, but it certainly tasted delicious and beat Army turkey hands down anytime! As we ate, they related how they tried to recreate their mother’s preparations, mostly from memory, and some help from an elderly next-door neighbor. They lost their mother two years ago to cancer and their dad this past year to pneumonia. Tough life situations for two eighteen-year-olds to face watching their dad slip away, leaving them along to carry on. His legacy was the mowing and snowplow business he left them. It was tough work; but they had grown up with sharing in the labor and accounting process, until they got the plowing job for Sally’s dad and bartered bookkeeping services with Worthington. Growing up as an orphan, and bouncing between foster care homes, I could empathize with some of their grief.

“You have to be somewhere, Jimmy?” Gabby asked, noting that I had checked my watch twice as we were clearing away dishes.

Her question caught me by surprise, “No,” I replied quietly, “It’s just that Mortenson has me working this weekend, so I guess I was just thinking about having to spend New Year’s on the job.” I grinned and added, “But, surely the two of you have plans for New Year’s already, right?”

They looked at one another; that twin mental telepathy thing was going on between them. Gabby replied, “Yeah, we have dates with Dave Clark, and that guy that stands under the ball when it drops in New York!” Her face broke into a broad smile as she answered.

Carmen added, “So if you can’t come over for New Year’s, I guess we’d better celebrate, now, Jimmy, before Worthington locks on the ball and chain; such a miser! I thought he was a nicer guy than that!” she pouted as her hands wrapped around my waist and pressed her soft, unfettered breasts against my chest. I could feel the tips of her nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress, unhindered by a bra.

I glanced over at Gabby as she stood by the table watching. She was an intuitive body-language reader. As I cocked my heard and arched my eyebrows to get her attention, she answered my unspoken question as to why she seemed to be holding back, “We talked it over before you came, Jimmy. Christmas was nice, but rushed, so this time we want to take it one at a time; Carmen is first, tonight.” She was speaking softly as another moan crawled out of Carmen’s open lips as my fingers lightly massaged the softness of her breast beneath the black silk dress. It was certainly getting into direct access to her nipples through the material. The pleasure it created for her caused her to lock her lips against mine. ‘Mumn, mah” was all that she managed and that was groaned into my mouth as she pressed her lips more deeply escort sincan into me as I tweaked her other nipple. The pitch of her voice rose higher under the pressure from my fingers until I thought we’d end up fucking on the dining room floor at any moment.

I glanced up at Gabby. ‘Maybe, Carmen is first tonight,’ I thought to myself, but that isn’t stopping Gabby. I watched as, holding onto a dining room chair, she stepped out of her high heels, then proceeded to reach behind herself. I could hear the zipper peeling its way down to her waist as I bent down to nibble Carmen’s lightly vailed tit. I watched over Carmen’s shoulder as, with a shrug, Gabby’s dress slipped from her own shoulders and pooled at her feet, revealing a delightful, naked vision of lust; dressed only in the royal blue choker – stunningly wonderful to behold. “I’m just going to help a little … when you two need me, too,” she added softly as she approached and unzipped Carmen’s little black-laced bodice dress.

Her spaghetti straps rolled gently off her shoulders and gravity reached up to snatch the silkiness from between us. Just like her sister there were no other garments beneath the dress; leaving only the stunning crimson choker to help distinguish between the identical twins. Like magnets, her breasts drew my hands to her nipples. The turgid buds rolled so softly beneath my fingertips. The brush of my nails across the nipple ends elicited a hiss of excitement from her voice. I could feel her leg muscles tensing and I smiled knowing her pussy must be contracting as well. My nail traced the outer soft bronzed aureole. I felt it hardened in an instant, just as if an ice cube had dripped cold water across it. It wanted to be kissed; so I grasped her butt lifting her up and I kissed first one then the other. Gently, I sucked in the firm eraser sized head and rolling it around with my tongue. Reluctantly I let go of the right one and traced my tongue across to the pear-shaped supple delight on the left side.

“Oh, fuck, fuck-ah-uk!” Carmen groaned out as she clutched her body tightly against me. There’s just something about a groaning, naked woman in your arms that makes your dick quicken; at least mine does. I’d lost track of Gabby as I attended to Carmen’s breasts, but soon found that she was kneeling beneath her sister, working between her legs, to unfasten and remove my pants. It was a tricky balancing act as Carmen’s legs wrapped around me, but she managed to strip them and my underwear away without us toppling over. It was like a symphony of sound and movements as we worked together.

With Carmen’s butt cradled in my hands, I carried her to the big brass bed while Gabby followed. I focused all my attention on Carmen, knowing that Gabby was trying her best to refrain from joining in. She sat on the corner of the bed, watching. I don’t think she was aware of her fingers gliding between her thighs or how they swirled around her own moist leaking lips.

The amber that had glowed in Carmen’s groin, in the dining room, had begun to smolder and sparked into a delicate, sensual flame. Slowly, softly, I blew my hot breath against Carmen’s inner thighs, fanning the growing sparks as i made my way up to her mons. I lingered there breathing the heat from my core into the soft folds of her labia. Gently opening her lips with my thumbs, I tasted the nectar drooling from within. I could feel the tenseness in her flexing thighs as my tongue worked its way around her cunt. I could feel the contraction of her stomach muscles as I hit those delicate nerve endings within causing her to gasp whenever my tongue found a good place. And there were many, as I fanned the flames of her passion. Imperceptibly, she began that slow rhythmical rocking of her hips against my lips. That lustful motion a woman’s writhing body demands when seeking more pleasure from a motivated tongue. Her eyes had closed several long moments ago to savor my stroking her core. I read her body for clues; the reared back head, the tense raspy breathing gasping in air, and applied the right pressures to match the increasing speed she needed to drive her to ecstasy. It was an easy read; it came naturally as her automatic reflexes took over and drove her cunt into my face and against my probing tongue. Her groans raised to a staccato level pitch and when her body couldn’t take any more pleasure, her voice ceased; caught somewhere deep within her throat.

Then, she tensed, as her body went ridged, locking her thighs against my slop covered face. Her hands had seized two handfuls of sheets trying to hold onto those wonderous sparks of pleasure. At that moment, all the pent-up breath she held inside her escaped with a wail, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck’n fuck me! Fuck … that was so fucking good!” she hissed as she gasped for air. Seemingly, every muscle in her over-charged body had just melted. She closed her eyes. Slowly, then, without moving -a soft sigh eked out of those bruised lips, “Dios mio.” Carmen had disappeared into that sexually satiated state of bliss that, in a few moments, would lead to an exhaustive sleep.

I ankara escort had been studying her meltdown intently, then I could feel a small smile slowing spread across my slobbery face. I looked up, turning my attention to Gabby. A flushed, rose tint had crept its way up from her stiffened nipples all the way up her neck to her blushing rouge colored face. The same sexual simmering that had just washed through her sister, had set up a spark within her as well. She quickly withdrew her soaked fingers from between her legs. She must be somewhat embarrassed, I guess, at being caught doing what comes naturally when ardor demands reward. I had been preoccupied, so focused on Carmen’s needs that she was impatiently improvising!

Rolling out from between Carmen’s legs, I sat up next to Gabby. Her eyes were fixed on mine, but those deep brown orbs kept darting downward to my flagpole. Her gaze returned to my face and I watched her lips purse as she nervously swallowed. I smiled, just a light little one that she quickly read and then beamed back her own smile with that ‘just saw a puppy moment’ in return. Her embarrassment rapidly faded. Although my face was still covered with the slick juices of her sister, I slipped, wordlessly, down to the floor, onto my knees, and slowly settled my lips between Gabby’s viscous thighs. She leaned back against the brass bed’s tall corner post for support. She was ready, quickly rocking her hips to open her legs wider, then cupped her hands behind my head as I leaned forward and reveled in my quick and fierce cunnilingus foray into her forest. Her body already had a head start and my tongue quickly ratcheted up to match her need for faster gratification. Her marathon breathing mode surpassed her sister’s gasps within moments of my tongue finding her clit, never mind the stimulation my curled fingers inserted beneath my tongue were delivering within her. I intended to deliver as equally a passionate climax for this twin, as ardently as I had given to Carmen.

Her body rolled in sync with my lips and thrusting tongue. She barely had time to say, “When you’re done, Jimmy,” her lusty voice gasped out, “you’d better stick that flagpole inside Carmen’s pussy when she comes around, or she’s going to give me hell for interrupting her business!”

“I plan to do just that, I promise,” I mumbled deeply into her cunt as I set about giving her what her sister had just obviously melted down over. Sliding down onto the bed covers, she lifted her legs over my shoulders. Her thighs urgently clenching and quickly releasing me, increasing the pace and rhythm until, like her sister, she hissed out between clinched jaws, “Jimmy, Fuck me, too!” then quaked spasmodically as she came while grinding my face into her cunt for an extra measure of pleasure.

I chuckled as I came up for air, observing the disheveled, delightful, and dazed eighteen-year-old melting into the bed covers beside her twin. “That might take all night, Gabby. I’ve got a feeling that your sister isn’t planning on just one dicking before she lets me share my flagpole with you.”

A soft croaky voice moaned out from the opposite side of the bed, “I heard that!” Carmen stirred, raising her head to take in the look of rapture on Gabby’s face. Then turning she focused fixatedly on my face. I could feel that it was slathered with a mixture of twin cunt secretions dripping down my chin. A slow, facetious grin curled its way across her lips as she glanced back toward Gabby and quipped, “That flagpole is going to be whipping in an out of me at about 70 mph, for hours; all night long, before I turn it loose, sister!” Slipping out of bed, she giggled, “But first, I gotta go pee! Then I’ll bring something to clean your face, blue-eyes. When I get back, I want to hear about how you got so good at eating … pussy!”

I had been cradling Gabby’s head in my lap, enjoying a little fellatio while Carmen was in the bathroom. But when the toilet flushed, I groaned as Gabby abandoned my stiff shaft and slid back down to the foot of the bed. Definitely, she did not want to create a ruckus with Carmen so early in the evening. Petite, curvy Carmen, dressed solely in her crimson red choker, was fun to watch as she quickly pranced back into the bedroom. I took the warm, soaked washcloths she offered and wiped my face clean with them and gently wiped the delicate mons of both as the freshly satiated girls sat back to watch.

“So,” Carmen cajoled me to pick up where she left off, “tell us about how you got …”

“… so good at eating pussy, Jimmy,” Gabby chimed in finishing Carmen’s sentence with the smoothest practiced transition that only twins seem to possess as I was beginning to discover. Lying down in the middle of the bed I motioned for the girls to take a place on either side of me.

“I remember telling you, at Christmas dinner, that I was an orphan. That comes with a lot of baggage that includes bouncing between foster care ‘parents.’ When you turn eighteen you ‘age-out’.

“What does age-out mean, Jimmy?” Gabby asked.

“It means you leave the system etimesgut escort bayan and are out in the world – on your own. Usually kids in the system drop out of school and find jobs – or join the military services. You have too; without money to support yourself you can’t stay in school and no foster parent wants to support someone without getting paid, so … you’re twisting in the wind on your eighteenth birthday.”

“That’s a shitty deal,” Carmen quietly responded after both girls had taken a few moments to absorb the impact of ‘aging-out’ has for not-quite-ready-to-be-adults, “but, how does that connect with becoming a good pussy eater?” she meekly added. I laughed at her lack of tact and her quick return to the original question.

“Well, I turned eighteen in the eleventh grade. I would have been a dropout if Miss Willow Minor hadn’t intervened with the school and foster care folks. She arranged for me to live with her so that I could finish school. She had a heart of gold … and warm hands.”

Both girls’ eyes lit up like sparklers as they shrilly chimed in, “Your teacher taught you how to eat pussy?”

“Among other things,” I quipped. Now, their curiosity was aroused, like the flagpole they seemed to stroke every once in a while, as we spoke.


“Willow taught bookkeeping, business math, and photography. So I took all those classes with her. On the weekends, she did wedding and birthday photography shoots and I became her assistant and helped develop the black and white film and learned to do all of the development process. She had her own setup in the basement of her old ramshackle farmhouse on a fifty-acre apple orchard her grandparents left her in their will.”

Filled with curiosity, Carmen badgered me, “Back to … the eating pussy teaching, please! Did you do it in school, too?”

“Not in school. She couldn’t risk losing her job!” I answered matter-of-factly, but I did think a lot about doing that in the school’s darkroom while we developed film for the extra-curricula school newspaper she helped produce.

“The first time was about four weeks after my eighteenth birthday,” I continued. “It was a warm day and she wanted to take some pictures in the orchard, she said, and asked me to go along for training. I didn’t think much about it as I packed up some camera gear and she came to the back porch with a basket and a blanket tucked under her arm.”

“After shooting a few rolls of film, she had me spread out the blanket and we dropped down to eat lunch.”

“Eat a ‘box lunch’?” Gabby kicked in with an obvious pun. Something about Gabby’s mischievous smile, her sarcasm, the way she insinuated herself into nearly every situation, and even the inflection of her voice, was indictive that she has a real, rapier intelligence and personality. The more time I spent around this girl, the more I was drawn to wanting more contact with her – not just physical contact; more emotional, maybe.

“Anyway, she asked me if I wanted to learn how to make portrait quality photos and that there was good money in those. That got my interest and, naturally I said yes. She grew pensive for a moment, taking her time to get her words right, I guess.

“How about, we start here in the orchard and you taking some natural shots of me?” Willow asked me. That’s how she introduced me to shooting ‘personal portraits.’ The first ones were innocent enough, but that evolved into close ups of … well Willow’s shapely gorgeous nakedness. It wasn’t long before my hands were shaking so badly that I couldn’t hold the camera steady. That’s when she smiled and told me she knew how to stop my shaking. I don’t think I lasted two minutes before I came inside of her pussy. She smiled at my embarrassment and told me that I could still make it up to her as she guided my face between her legs. From that day on, she taught me how to please her and how to prolong the sensations that coursed through us as we pleasured one another until I was graduated.

“Wow! I wish we had a teacher like that at St. Michaels, when we were in school!” Carmen exclaimed. “What happened, I mean, like why are you still not with her?”

My response took a few seconds before I answered, “I got drafted into the Army.”

Rolling over on my side, I let my nubby fingers stroll upward between Gabby’s legs until they slipped inside, then reaching over, I let my tongue stroll up the same path until it found her clit, again. Life lessons came back from those past memories and I set Gabby ablaze once more, before aligning my flagpole with her Ferrari and then we hit 70 mph until her cunty went airborne!

Carmen, now totally frazzled, finally handed me off to Gabby as she turned over and drifted off to sleep.

Alone in the quietness of the late evening, we snuggled against one another. The need for words had run out in the quiet of the night. There was only room left for the soft caresses of our hands roaming over one another as I taught Gabby much of what Willow had passed on to me at eighteen and nineteen. Wordlessly, I edged her body through two more orgasms before she could resurrect my deflated flag holder. The need for speed and wantonness that had gone into Carmen’s wants were given over to a slow and steady building of tender sexual exaltation, and enjoyment for Gabby.

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