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Reunited, and It Feels So Good…

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He pulled into the driveway of his dad’s house, and sat in the car. He didn’t want to come home from the summer, but the breakup with Ashley forced him to. He had no where else to go, and figured home would be his best bet. He could work, and save up money and be good to go come September, but living with his parents made him angry. He didn’t like it for the 18 years he did live with them, but now, it was just his dad. His parents had split a few months ago, his mom ran off with some other guy. He figured it wouldn’t be so bad, being just his dad and his sister, given that it was mainly his mom that had made his life so miserable before. He sighed, and got out of the car, grabbing his duffel bag from the back seat, and heading to the front door. He walked in the house, and was greeted by the cool air from the A/C and quietness.

“Hello?” he called out. He heard movement upstairs, and someone coming down the stairs.

“Ryan! Oh my god, you’re finally home!” his sister, Kara exclaimed, embracing him in a hug. “Its been too long, you never come to visit!”

“Yea, well I’m home for 4 months, you’ll get sick of me. Dad home?” Ryan asked.

“No, he went out with some buddies, still get over everything. I for one am happy mom left, she was such a bitch, I can’t believe dad put up with that for almost 30 years.”

Ryan nodded and sighed as he sat down at the breakfast bar. Kara pranced around the kitchen, and Ryan watched her. ‘She’s grown up, she is definitely not that 16 year old anymore,’ he thought. At 18, Kara had grown into a nice woman. Perky breasts, nice tan legs, and her long, flowing brown hair made the look. She looked nothing like their mother, more like their dad, all having simple brown eyes, brown hair, tall and slender. It fit nicely with Kara, and Ryan found himself admiring her beauty.

“Are you hungry?” Kara asked, pulling Ryan out of his own mind.

“Uh, Onwin giriş yea. What do we have?” he said, shaking his head, ‘she is your sister man, get it together,’ he thought. But she was stunning. And Ryan had gone through a breakup, and before that, hadn’t gotten laid in over a month. He was almost desperate. ‘Fuck!’ he thought, ‘I can’t do that.’ — Later that evening, after dinner, and family conversation, Ryan made his way up to his old room. Thankfully, nothing had changed much. He made the bed and laid down, staring at the ceiling. His dad had gone to bed shortly before him, and he thought Kara was going to bed too. ‘She is so fucking hot, her boobs have grown too,’ Ryan thought too himself. ‘Looks like she has been working out a bit too, I wonder if she has a boyfriend. He is one lucky son of a bitch, getting to fuck her! Wait, what the fuck, I can’t think of my sister like that. It’s too wrong, But fuck, I have to get laid. Maybe I’ll call Tommy’s ex, she is pretty hot, and always a slut,’ Then Ryan heard a soft knock on his door.

“Ryan, you still awake?” Kara asked in the most innocent voice Ryan had ever heard.

“Yea, come in,” Ryan said as he sat up. He looked down, and took a sigh of relief and thanked that he didn’t have a hard on. Kara walked in and Ryan looked at her; she wore a white tank top, and pink pajama shorts that practically showed off her pussy and had her ass hanging out, her hair was down, and curled softly along her face. She was beautiful, and Ryan had to use every self of control to not throw her on the bed, or to not get a hard on.

“What’s up?” Ryan asked, as Kara sat on his bed.

“I just can’t sleep is all, guess I’m just really happy to have you home,” she said, “its been hell living here with mom, without you. You always used to protect me. I knew you had to get out, but I kind of resented you for leaving me here.”

“Well, I’m here now, and mom is gone, so lets try to make the most of it,” he said, pulling her in for a hug.

“I hope we can be close again, like before, I miss that,” Kara got closer to Ryan. He had to take a deep breath to restrain himself.

‘Does she want this too?’ he thought, ‘no man, you’re fucking crazy!’

Kara looked up at Ryan, and something in her eyes, the way she looked at him made him lose all self control. He pulled her face up to his, and kissed her. A deep, passionate kiss. And Kara didn’t resist. ‘She does want this!’ he thought. He wrapped her hair around his fingers, and pulled her under him as he got on top over her, never breaking their kiss. Ryan found himself kissing down her neck, and into her cleavage, as Kara moaned softly. Ryan’s hand slipped under her shirt and began to play with her boobs, still kissing her all around. Taking off her shirt, Ryan looked at Kara’s face, and seen lust in her eyes. She smiled softly, and Ryan kissed her, moving down her neck to her boobs, and then down her stomach to her shorts. He hooked his fingers around them and pulled them off, Kara lifting her hips, granting him. Ryan noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and was amazed at how wet her pussy was, clean and shaven. He parted her legs, and sniffed her delicious pussy. Ryan licked it softly, and Kara’s soft moan became louder; he smiled ravenously, and feasted himself on her pussy.

“Fuck! Ryan, it feels so good! I knew you would be good at eating my pussy, fuck Ryan, don’t stop!” she screamed in ecstasy. Ryan sucked and licked, using his tongue in every way he knew, and making up a few moves as he went. His sister tasted heavenly, and he couldn’t get enough. His finger found her hole, and it slid in, Kara arched her back, welcoming it.

“You taste so good, sis, holy fuck,” Ryan said is a husky voice.

“Fuck me Ryan, I want your cock inside me!” Kara said.

Ryan got up and took off his boxers and tshirt and tossed them aside. He was hard, all eight inches of him erect. Kara smiled devilishly, as Ryan placed himself over her. Moving his cock up and down her pussy, he gently slide himself inside her. ‘Holy fuck, you’re so tight, it feels so good!”

Kara pulled him down and kissed him, as Ryan pumped in and out of her. Her moans growing louder and louder, and Ryan’s thrusts going faster and faster.

“Deeper, get that cock inside me, I want to feel all of you, fill me up brother! Fuck me!” she yelled.

Ryan couldn’t take much more, the deeper and faster he went, the closer he got to the edge. “I’m going to cum.”

“I want to taste it, I want to taste you, and I want to taste me,” Kara said.

Ryan pulled out off her as Kara got on her knees. She held his cock to her mouth and licked the tip. Ryan almost came right there. Kara opened her mouth and he watched as his cock disappeared. “Holy fuck!” Kara sucked and stroked his cock, licking off all her pussy juices. Ryan was in amazement and ecstasy. Kara sucked on his cock, licking it clean, and then shoving it to the back of her throat, gagging on it. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Kara smiled, and opened her mouth wider as she stroked and tugged his cock. Ryan almost lost consciousness as he watched cum spray all over his sisters face and in her mouth. She used her finger to wipe the cum off her face, and licked it clean. Ryan couldn’t look away. She got up, and smiled at him. “I knew you would be a great fuck,” she said.

“We can’t say anything,” Ryan said, breathing heavily.

“Don’t worry. I’ve wanted this for a long time Ryan, you think I’ll tell someone to ruin it. I don’t think so, for the next four months, you are mine.” Kara smiled devilishly. She was no longer the innocent, sweet girl Ryan remembered his sister to be. No, she was a slut, embracing her sexuality, and doing it with him.

“I’m all yours,” Ryan said.

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